Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Get Out Of Here! and forced work for the Department of Defense

I wondered why the porch light went out so I checked and I stood there on the porch and it smelled like burnt rubber, where the light was, like something charged it.  Then I knocked on the door and my Dad kept yelling to "get out of here!" and "Go!"  So I said, "Go where?" because I know he means my house but given our situation I am always hoping one day he or my Mom will name a country.  "Go where?"  "To ________" or whatever.

I left and then he said to turn the radio down.  I said I'd just turn it off.  There was one song on tonight that was sort of creepy.  I mean, not very good energy at all.  Someone with an accent or pretense of one singing, and singing things we all want to hear about on the radio, like "you're such a loser and you're getting desperate now."

Whatever.  Why would anyone even turn the radio on to listen to drivel.  People listen to songs to be inspired or uplifted or charged up with motivation, or to relax.  I don't know anyone who listens to music that speaks to their audience as though they are losers.  Writing, yes.  Blogs and articles, yes, if someone is venting.  Not music.  Not in my opinion.

Anyway, my Dad was not happy and kept shouting to get out of here.  My entire family is being used as a research project so if I could get all of us out of here, that would be great.  We would all like to go. 

It was pitch black and then on my way off the porch I hit some kind of chimes, windchimes that were hanging there.  Really great effect you know.  Rays of light and then "chimes".

I seriously think the U.S. needs to find a new occupation.

It is pretty much all 100% military.  All of this--what is being coordinated and done here, and with my family, is military.

The CIA backs it up, and the CIA is the group that specializes in trying to make threats to their confidentiality sound "crazy" or deluded.  This is their speciality.  It is the CIA that has the task of making operatives, or perceived threats to operatives, sound deluded or crazy.  That is the CIA.  The FBI is muscle, beaters, and users.  They are like the gangsters, and get police to go in with them when possible. 

What is being done in our area, is all 100% black operation U.S. military.  I think they are inviting other countries to participate though, because I have noticed some things and sometimes the U.S. does this--they coordinate "games" like Olympic games, but competitions and experiments of a psychic nature, between countries.  There is documentation that proves the U.S and other countries even sometimes agree to release hostages based on which country's psychics "win" a "competition".  The consequences of losing, which the U.S. military takes the risk to, without asking victims, is serious and permanent harm to citizens.  They also use military personnel for internal competitions, with incentives like "If you lose, your kids get tortured for 3 days" or "If you lose, you agree and sign a release to take this toxic chemical" (rather than the other team taking it).

They play games with safety, and with lives, and don't ask those who are not participants if they can opt out.  The Department of Defense excuse for all of this, is that if the incentive isn't "significant" it's nothing to really push their people to play over.  So they literally make torture part of the consequences of losing something.

The Department of Defense is basically using civilians for work they are supposed to pay for, by U.S. law.  I work for the military, and it's non-consensual.  It has always been non-consensual and amounts to rape and is work without pay, compensation, or benefits.  So all of the military that signs up to be in the military, they get paid.

What do I get?

Nothing.  I get tortured, and a stack of bills to go with it, that the United States blood is all over.  All of the "enlisted" military, they might be sent to some kind of Edgewood facility, where they are asked to be part of a chemical experiment.  Sometimes they get incentives to do it, and other times, they are ordered to do it. 

Me?  I never signed up.

I never signed up for any of this or for any kind of work or exploitation by the U.S., EVER.  That is not to say some are not coerced or forced into signing up.  I am sure some are forced into it and it looks "voluntary".  So I have sympathy for them.  But I am someone who never signed up for anything.  Ever.  I went to a U.S. Navy place once and took a test and I never signed up for a thing.  I was supposed to sing at an audition in Seattle, and then from there, they accepted me for music or not, and then I would sign documents.  It never got that far because I didn't go to the audition.  I heard stories about living on subs with a bunch of men and no privacy and decided, no, I couldn't do that.

The United States has never paid me military pay, not one time.  They have tortured me, used me, and exploited me, and not once have I received any kind of salary, payment or compensation for being forced to work for the military.  In the last several years, I have people bringing up the "do you work for the military" question a lot more forcefully, because everyone in the DOD knows they have illegally used me since I was born.  They are mother-fucking liars.  The U.S. Army and CIA have used me and lived next to me, wherever I have lived, my entire life.  Why?  Because I work for a mafia?

The U.S. military doesn't live next to me, and get into my house, because they think I'm mafia.  They forced me into one of the longest running torture and abuse programs the U.S. has ever operated and I got the hump and dump end of it.

I am the Marilyn Monroe that didn't commit suicide or die "accidentally" when planned.  So it hasn't been easy for them because then they just had to figure out how to make me sound crazy and use me anyway. They're first plan was jail for me.  When they couldn't do anything to make me commit any crime, then they wanted to kill me.  That didn't work, after several assassination attempts, BY the DOD.  Why?  It's the DOD that runs the program with NASA.  You think they want me talking about how the MKUltra Hearings with the Senate were a sham and a cover?

What did those hearings accomplish?  Nothing.  I have no idea why they even had them except that maybe one decent journalist, or two, like Deep Throat, tried to expose it because they knew about kids being tortured.  Deep Throat is dead. All of the Senate people involved, I don't know...they were already part of the Senate Intelligence committees so some of them were pre-chosen to keep their mouths shut.  So yeah yeah, there's this program and we won't do it anymore.  They brought up a sliver off of what was happening in the entire redwood forest.  See this sliver?  We've seen a few of these around and kids are getting hurt.  So they said no more slivers and sanded down a 2x4 that they claimed was the cause of all the slivers.  Nevermind the entire redwood forest and that people were hanging from the trees.  Oh yeah, the carcasses?  No one brought that up.

Look at the 2x4!  No more slivers now, because we sanded it all down!  Great.  Thanks for sanding your 2x4 as you don't tell us about all the kids you force around barefoot in the redwood forest, where you rape them, and skin them, and hang them up and torture them.  Picture the redwood forest, and bodies hanging from every single tree.  But the 2x4 looks smooth.

The United States is one of the most corrupt and criminal countries that even exists now.  I think there are a lot of decent people who live in the U.S. and who have no clue, but the intelligence and military and justice system, is fully corrupt.  Then they bring in more people from other countries who are corrupt too.  So it's turning out great. 

The evidence against this town and area is self-evident.  Why is EVERYONE military?  It's supposedly not a military base and has just as many military here as a military base.  I am not sure why Oregon is part of this, when Oregon is supposed to be a more progressive state.  It's better than some states, I'm sure.  But for being so progressive, they're allowing torture.  Oregon has a choice in that. 

Either it is true that the federal government is getting 30 days permission to states to torture me, and passing it secretly to governors or a Judge or FBI, or they just want me to think this, because every time I've moved, it takes the next state exactly 30 days or 1 month before I am being tortured.  So either the federal government is having to obtain permission from someone, on a state-by-state basis, to torture me, or they want me to think or believe this for some reason.

All but one pastor in this town is U.S. career military.  That's just the pastors, and the pastors are "leaders of the community".  So for a very small town, to have all of the pastors with 20 years military experience, in fields like "chemical warfare" is not normal.  Being a pastor is what every "biochemical terrorist" wants to do next.  "Well, I've been drugging soldiers and civilians for the DOD for the last 20 years and I think I'll be a pastor in Coquille now." 

No, that is not correct typing for a personality profile.  A DOD military biochemist that has been drugging people doesn't decide to "be a good shepherd of the people".  Someone like that, gets a U.S. military pastoral pass to train to be a pastor as a cover for then going into a community and torturing and experimenting on civilians.

All of these military "pastors" have their career experience in fields of science and technology that are for harming people.  They are killers.

This town is STOCKED with killers for "pastors". 

"I really like killing people.  I like it so much, I've stayed with the military for 20 years.  Now I think I want to be a PASTOR."

Right.  How about, "FORGET IT."

Look at what reality is.  Reality is that U.S. soldier Jessica Lynch, who features herself in family photos with herself and husband and child stacked in like 3 dolls in a russian wood doll, is a professional baby killer.  It's really cute to see how sweet she appears to be, and her little toddler.  How nice for a baby-killer like Lynch, to have her child with her, as my son Oliver is kidnapped from me, an actually GOOD mother.  Jessica Lynch whines about her medical care as a hostage when she eagerly signed up for the military and killed kids.  That woman is not killing war criminals.  She is torturing children and killing babies.  The U.S. arranged for a huge team to rescue her, and spent taxpayer money on it, to rescue HER, the baby-killer.  Then she runs around on a talk-show circuit with a photo she displays that shows her husband behind her and then her, sitting in a chair, with their kid in front and it is exactly representative of a russian wood stacking doll icon.  How Middleton.

Perspective is that she HAS killed babies.  That is accurate perspective.  She doesn't talk about it, or vent and say things some of us do when upset.  She goes out and has already literally killed babies.  But we're not supposed to think about that part as she smiles and talks softly about her "family" with bear-man and ape-baby.  We are supposed to feel sorry for her because she is young, white, pretty, and poor girl, had a metal rod attached to her leg after she was captured, in just terms of war, for killing that countries kids.  Shockingly, she still has a bitter tone when she brings it up.  She is bitter over the metal rod she got for a leg in another country.  What a whining bitch.  SHE signed up for it.  SHE killed kids.  SHE got caught, as anyone is liable to get caught, and she has the nerve to WHINE about the consequences. 

Meanwhile, I am a civilian nanny, who is smart and has been financially independent almost my entire life.  I get tortured by the U.S. and have my son tortured and kidnapped, by bitches like Jessica Lynch.  Whose kid should be dead?  The Lynch kid.  Has she practiced her aim at her own kid lately?

This woman even gets paid by the U.S. and we spent all this money on her, to then laud her as a hero when she is the exact opposite of a hero.  She is a whining, self-righteous, passive-aggressive baby-killing bitch that should have been shot on sight.  Let's save the beasts because we need more?

I would love to know what brought her and her husband together.  They even procreated.

These female "soldiers" and military men who kill babies and kids for a living and then want to look sweet and be pastors and housewives, have hoodwinked the entire country and robbed us of our money.

The priorities and task assignment of this country is SO bad it is a miraculous blessing we are NOT on-the-books "communist" because their insight is so poor, they have money spent to save self-signed eager baby-killers who whine saved, while they torture some of the gifted citizens who have good hearts and worked for kids, didn't KILL kids, almost their entire lives.  At this point, if any kids need to be killed, it's kids that never grew up like Jessica, and her brat.

Imagine the citizens' lives and job assignments in the hands of the U.S. DOD as a communist country.  It would be gone in a year because of the idiotic incapability of accurating assessing the skills of the people. 

It's putting pride and money into disposable and cruel whiners who do nothing but breed and kill and torture other civilians children.  She was just a teenager. While she was a teenager being 'rescued' and treated like a prima donna as a baby-killer, I was being tortured and implanted at Salt Lake City University Hospital and forced to work for microchip people.

All of these pastors and the people in this town, the majority of them, are baby-killers.  So when the FBI and police took my car to prevent me from driving over here, it was because they didn't want someone like me, with access to transportation, looking out for my parents when they were engaged in torture of my parents.  They separated all of the family members and tortured us.

When is the last time Jessica Lynch split or drilled into her own tooth with DOD and NASA technology?  Has her daughter had this done to her lately?  Or is Jessica being promised that if she lets her little dear suck someone's dick who works for the DOD, she will be the next Presidential 'consort'.  Whose dick was Jessica sucking when they decided to "rescue" her?  Pretty thing.  What a shame about the leg--makes it harder to perform on-the-knee blow jobs.

She is one of the most vicious U.S. female soldiers there is but her entire story is a lie and cover to make her sound kind.  She named her daughter "Dakota Ann" after, supposedly Lori Ann, her fellow soldier that died.  I would not be surprised if Jessica shot Lori Ann and took "Da Coat".  She is a Virginia bitch, a CIA bitch.

She had some former fiancee named Ruben Contreras.  I have no idea if they parted as friends or not but I am sure he knows she is not elementary school teacher material.  Wes Robinson is the man she had a baby with in 2006.  Her cover, for torture of children, was completed in 2011 when she got a degree in elementary ed.  I can look at her photo from her awards ceremony and tell she murdered her own people.  I see someone who is self-satisfied, keeps extremely dark and deep secrets, who murdered someone on her own team.  So if it was a CIA operative who supposedly "found her" it is also likely SHE was a joint U.S. Army-CIA operative when she went in to begin with, because that's how the CIA knew where she was.

She did a fucking hit for them.

Who was the lone "survivor"?  Her.

Fuck you Jessica.  You will get what you deserve.

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