Monday, March 4, 2013

Canadians Who Poisoned & Abused Oliver

Some of the individuals involved in harming Oliver include:
Linda and Crestin.

They were neighbors who lived next door, moved in and bought a house next to us, after I had moved there.  She works for Canada.

She is supposedly a U.S. citizen, but for whatever reason, I always had a feeling she was maybe from Canada or another country or possibly this is because she told me her Mom or Dad or someone was.  She ran daycares in the U.S. and I have zero doubt they moved there for proximity to me and my son.

I took my son there once or twice to be babysat for an hour and I started getting a very bad feeling about it.  She had 2 pomeranian dogs that my son liked, and he seemed to like her but I noticed his opinion changed in a short amount of time.

She is the one who stole my medical record from me on the way to Seattle, Washington for a doctor's appointment with my son.  I thought she had stolen the record for CPS, who wasn't involved then, but I thought this later, or for my social worker...someone in the U.S.

However, I believe she stole it for Canada.

I later had a really bad feeling about her.  Just some warning flags, but I still went to see her, with my son, and then later, one time without him.

She is one of two groups of people who stole medical records and documentation from me, with regard to Oliver.  The others who stole evidence and destroyed it, were Wenatchee police.

I should say, she is one of two groups of people who stole my personal records from me, while I was in the car with them.  One of them was Linda.  Linda stole my medical records and the name of the doctor I had gone to see in Seattle.  It was on an appointment form, and she stole it driving back from the doctor's appointment.

She said she ran a daycare in the past and that one time, she was under investigation, but the matter went away.  I started to wonder later if Crestin was a sex offender or why this happened.  He seemed to be nice enough, and started acting nicer to my son than her, and she started acting like she hated my son Oliver.  But it crossed my mind, what if he's a sex offender.

I know without any doubt, Linda works for Canada.  She may have worked with the U.S. too, and said or done things to harm me or my son, who are U.S. citizens, but her allegiance is Canadian.

She drove me and my son to one of our appointments in Seattle, WA and I got paperwork from them.  Then, she was driving us back.  I didn't get out of the car except when she pulled to the side of the road to smoke cigarettes.  She was highly nervous and agitated.  She was witness to things my son was saying and doing so early, at such a young age too.  She heard him talking and saying words.  After that, she pulled over to the side of the road and smoked.  Forever.

The first time I noticed bruises on my son's legs, before CPS was ever involved, was when I left him with her for one hour as I had a dental appointment.  I never allowed her to babysit again.  Right after I noticed bruises on his legs, my social worker Tina Thornton told me they were not going to reimburse me for any of the mileage I had for driving to and from medical appointments.

My appointment paper, that had the doctor's name, time and date of next appointment, was taken while I was out of her car, on the side of the road, with my son, stretching out.  I remembered wondering why she would steal my son's medical records.  Basically, any document I had, she stole.

Who knows.  Maybe she knew the doctor and the doctor had written a special note just for Linda, or so she thought.  What was she doing?  a drop?

There was no reason for her to want the handwritten appointment card and paper.  If she was driving me to that appointment, for one thing, if she was normal and just curious, she would have felt comfortable with the idea that she could ask me the question.  She didn't need to steal it.

Dear Linda,

Please have Crestin make the drop in Okanagan where our friends in Border Patrol will pick it up for you and take it to Blaine.


Oliver's University of Seattle Family Doctor

Or maybe it just said something like time and date.  Oh sure, for Oliver's appointment of course, not the drug and money drop in exchange for torture and poisoning of Oliver.

Everything that was done to my son, to ruin his mind and harm his ability to speak, was done after Linda saw he was a genius and she didn't like it.  She did a favor for someone.

The other time someone stole any kind of evidence or document from me, while we were in a car, was Julie Anderson's husband.  He was supposedly driving me to a neighbor's house out in Malaga, and I had a memory card on the floor where my seat was.  He took it.  He stayed in the car as I went to the house and knocked on the door.  He is the only one who had access to taking it, and I noticed it was gone as he was driving me back.  The only thing I know about him is that he served in the U.S. Army, he's married to lawyer Julie Anderson, and they're friends with some group of Mexicans (I don't know which ones).  Possibly they are friends with the same group of Mexicans that Linda and Crestin were friends with.

Oh, do they know Bujanda too?  Maybe the same group of Mexicans leads to the border patrol for Canada that worked with U.S. border patrol to have me sign a false statement, as they lied and said I was trying to go back to Canada when I wasn't.  Maybe someone like Sean Neil.  I think it's important to look at the Canadian and U.S. border patrol that colluded to do this to me because they know Linda and Crestin, and it matters, as to why she was stealing my son's medical records.  She didn't steal my record, she stole a "time and date" appointment card for my son Oliver.  (Oh but now weed is legal in Washington, so people like Linda, Bujanda, and Kate Middleton don't have to worry so much).

I think we can figure this out kids.

What is really puke-Clorox-worthy, is how many people already know.

Another Canadian that moved to Wenatchee, after my son and I were forced back, and after I came back from the East Coast, is a man whose name I don't have instantly.  He was blond, platinum blond as a man even, with very short hair, handsome broad face, white, and Canadian.  He was very polite and friendly until he was absolutely positive there was no one who was helping me or backing me up.  Then, he turned into a malicious and vindictive person, and didn't try to hide it at all.  He is the one who moved from the East Coast, working at a nuclear site out there, to work at Hanford.

He is dirty.

I would not put it past him to even be in possession of toxic chemicals and give it to others to carry  out professional hits.  On even kids like my son.

He looks clean cut, yuppie, and can he act.  He made himself out to be some kind of nice blond blue--eyed intellectual but athletic man.  He tried to gain my interest in him by telling me to write about Hanford.  He is the one, the Canadian, is the one who said, "You might want to investigate or write about where the money for Hanford's clean-up is going."  I said what do you mean and he said, "Some people think the Governor and the people at Hanford are taking the money fraudulently and then not cleaning things up."  He was pushing me to have an interest in nuclear war-making facilities.

Like that's not dangerous.

Then, I was poisoned in Seattle, WA the night after I was asked how I "knew about Hanford".  That blond Canadian East Coast asshole can pay for ALL of my bills and my son's medical costs before he goes directly to jail.

I never blogged about who was telling me things about Hanford--I didn't use his name or mention anything about Canada.  One day, he was picking up his bike from a bike shop, having it worked on, and I was there next to Julie Anderson's law offices and he said he'd give me a ride home.  I said okay because I'd already met him at the Cafe Mela coffee shop.  There on his center section of the car inbetween our seats were maples leaves.  Pictures.  One woman looked like Kate Middleton and he had all this maple leaf and Canada stuff everywhere.  The maple leaf next to the Kate Middleton look-a-like.  As I picked it up, he said, "Don't touch that" or something and I put them down.

Like that's not reminicent of Raul Bujanda with his Jesus and the burning heart card stuck in the dash of the Portland Police cop car he was borrowing.  "Don't touch that."

They touched and poisoned my son, but I'm not supposed to touch their "icons".

The memory card stolen from the car by Julie Anderson's husband, was a memory card from my videocam that had evidence of normal visits between me and my son, which disputed what was said.  He stole one and then Wenatchee cops stole another one when they arrested me after I was poisoned in Seattle, WA and set up by a U.S. woman Shannon Borg, and her Canadian partner.

Canada did not want me to have my son Oliver and they feared him.  I don't know why exactly, but it was not just the U.S. but Canada too. 

How nice for Washington State to have passed the "Marijuana trafficking is now legal" law.  What convenient timing.

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