Friday, March 8, 2013

License Plates & Reporters

Here are a few license plates of people lately, some things that stood out to me.  One of them was a man wearing a solid bright orange shirt and driving a Clean Cut Landscaping truck with Oregon plates 226 DNT.  I saw him and saw law enforcement.  Also, if that's a work shirt, our dog was sometimes terrified of solid orange.  My mother has nothing that is that color and neither does my Dad so I assumed maybe it was from an orange vest from a construction worker.  Just as easily, it could be this man.  He stopped into the coffee shop I was in at Coos Bay today.   I wore a long-sleeve solid orange sweater one day and the dog started shaking and got scared and terrified and thought I was going to hit him.

Smart dog.  Smarter than Clean Cut.  He's a Havanese by the way.  I highly highly recommend the Havanese as a pet.  I thought he was a shitzu, but I had it wrong, like the order of Granny's name.  It's Havanese, not Shitzu, and Granny's name is Constance Beverly, not Beverly Constance.

That man stood out to me.  It was 3 things.  Orange shirt like our dog was scared of at one point, intuition he was a cop or FBI, and another thing.

I got a ton of plates the other day when I knew someone was trying to break into my house again.  Sure enough, they were.  I wrote down plates from one side up to the other and at least one woman in a black truck didn't seem very happy about it.

Also, today, Oregon plates 597 FEC (man), and behind him someone who looked like Kate Middleton with a blond wig on in the passenger side of an SUV.  Also, XUZ 416, woman who was the 2nd car behind the cop (I think) that I most recently tried to give a report to about assault of my parents.  He drove past, dark hair almost black, with one side of his cheek sucked in to make a hollow on the side.  He appeared to be making fun of me.

Also, it appears the woman who owns the healthstore where I've bought some things and had an occasional problem with them, knows "BMSHLL" neighbors up the road as they nodded off at eachother and she turned up the road laughing.  I think it was her, but I would have to check.  She drove a silver Subaru stationwagon, which looke like the exact one being driven by a man recently who came at the house to look at a bike rack.  I'm sure it was his own car though.  This other woman, I'm not surprised, if it's the healthstore owner, not surprised at all about the Subaru.  I would guess it's symbolic for her and Katiekins.

Oh beleeeeve me, I can elaborate on that at a later time.
Separately, reporters I've noticed on KVAL news recently:

One is the man who looks like Josh Rose.  I am not sure what his angle is, but I think he's the one who had the special about a man carving chunks of wood into sculpture with chainsaws.  Another one following that was about hypodermic needles.  Today it was about stolen dogs from the point of someone looking through a knothole in a fence.  The woman was talking about her dogs and I saw the angle of him and said, "He looks real sympathetic.  Like he's never vicious or anything."

Then this other woman, the weather woman, I have liked but lately there is something I don't like.  I said, "I think someone's getting to her or something."  And I said, repeating her, "There's going to be a dry slot?"  Last week it was all about "spotty".  I said I thought it was some kind of boyfriend and then a cop came to mind.  My Dad said she's married (or probably married) and I said, "She doesn't act like she is."  The cop that actually came to mind was the same one driving past me today sucking in his cheek to make a hollow.

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