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England, Canada, FBI-Mafia Pre-Meditated Rapes Against Dicksie and Cameo Garrett

I remembered something this morning that proves the rapes against me and my mother were pre-meditated and the FBI is responsible. It involves people of different religions including Jews and Catholics and others.

I woke up this morning after a dream and remembered something which is why Josh Gatov chose the flowered print dixie cups and red wine, with a red apple and a knife.

This is extremely sick, and now I know without any doubt that he was connected to people who not only already knew me, but who had been through my personal belongings in my house. It is possible Robin Bechtold raped my mother as well, or someone from my high school, which is why our dogs got so upset when some of them were around. I also think the FBI neighbor Krouger had something to do with being a peeping Tom on me and my Mom.

For 5th grade, "5" being some kind of holy number to the Jewish, I went to a "mother-daughter tea" and their theme was red. It was about menstrual periods, basically, an introduction to "What To Expect When You're Growing Up" which is what their little brochures said. They had sliced red apples there, red jell-o, and red tropical punch or kool-aid. Mr. Anderson, the 5th grade teacher, degraded me in class when I asked a question about the event, and said "Why would YOU need to go?" He was the teacher with Sidney Sheldon, Stephen King, and DLancy espionage novels on his desk. He basically said Stacey might want to go, but I had no need. It was open to anyone. Basically, Stacey was budding breasts and I wasn't, at that time, but that didn't mean I wasn't going to. Most of my classmates weren't, in the 5th grade. Stacey was probably eating tofu and estrogren-laded foods. She lived in an octogon-shaped house out of wood. Stacey Peterson. She was fine--I remember her Mom and Dad and all were generally nice to me, though Stacey could be mean to anyone when she wanted to. For whatever reason, in that class, she and I were closer friends than I was with anyone else. Mr. Anderson was probably already working for the FBI.

The "What To Expect When You're Growing Up" brochures, which I saved under my bed in a suitcase with other mememtos my entire life (I had them until Shannon Borg and her Canadian husband stole them in 2011) were solid white, with a colored drawing of different colored daisy-like flowers. Since I don't have the brochure anymore, I'll see if I can find a copy or I'll draw the idea.

Josh Gatov, on the night I was raped, first talked to 2 police officers who were laughing and encouraging him about something, and then he wanted to go to the store. No, I take that back. We went to the store first, because after he talked to cops, he wanted to go to his house. At the store, he looked around and said, "I want some Dixie cups." He didn't want any of the solid colored ones, and there was a cute selection. He saw white dixie cups with different colored daisies on them, like the flowers on my 5th grade brochure, and he smirked and said, "Yeah, this is what I want." And then he bought red wine. The last thing he looked for, with me holding the wine bottle, was a red apple and he spent time looking for just the right apple. Then he bought a knife. He bought a short, sharp knife so the entire time he was with me, he had a knife with him.

Then he poured red wine into a flowered Dixie cup. He was basically repeating what the "mother-daughter tea" was about, which was over what to expect with your first period. He was premeditating my rape and he knew that I was a virgin which is why he bought that assortment to begin with, and I had told him I was.

He also knew there would be no immediate blood, possibly, if he did rape me, because my hymen had just been punctured by the doctor in St. Johns, for my first OBGYN visit, in 1997. With a knife, he knew he could force me and that there would be no evidence of blood against him for it. He would force me into compliance.

Just as I did not have a period when I went to the mother-daughter tea, in 5th grade, until I was in 7th grade, he knew I would not have blood from the rape, so he poured red wine into a cup to mock me and imitate the red kool-aid in the cup. All that I had at that mother-daughter tea was kool-aid and maybe a cookie. They had fruit salad or apple slices and other things, and jell-o and mostly I remember the red kool-aid in Dixie cups.

This country pre-meditated my rape.

Then Detective Gross covered it up for him. I believe Detective Gross knew the person that gave information to Josh Gatov about the mother-daughter tea and what I had saved from it. I believe my mother was raped around the same time. I showed Robin Bechtold that information and told him about it.

The first time Robin was at my house, we were in my room and I pulled out the suitcase, which was a faded light blue color, solid light blue, that I'd had since Moses Lake, and I showed him some keepsakes I had in it (it had a silky polyester lining and that was torn out). I told him about the mother-daughter tea when he was looking at the brochure. That was in 1990 or 1991. I also showed him a pencil drawing I had made of a woman whose face you couldn't see because I hadn't decided how I was going to finish it. It had a form of a woman in a long dress standing on a hill, with her dress sort of blowing in the wind a little, and he made a big deal about it, repeatedly asking me if I'd drawn it and I said yes.

Then when I had to work for Mary and Carl Del Balzo, they had a large Monet painting on their livingroom wall with the same kind of woman, the one where she's standing on a hill but wearing a straw hat and you can't see her face.

Robin Bechtold and Josh Gatov colluded on my rape by Josh Gatov.

It is also possible that there was a federal-Mafia bet over my virginity that involved pay-out of money. Robin was determined to claim, or wanted to claim, he'd done something about my virginity when he made a phone call to that effect,and it was when Bryan Mulroney and the "Tories" being incited to rape. It was over me, not Mulroneys daughter. Mulroney was born and raised in "Baie Comeau." My name, Cameo, is "Cameau" in another language. Cameau means "Cameo". Then, to try to "prove" Robin did it, it is possible this is why the OBGYN deliberately broke my hymen in 1997 in her offices, even when I said stop, I changed my mind about the exam. She wiped up a huge pool of blood on the floor. Next they had Josh Gatov rape me, knowing there would not be as much blood if he did, and that he could force me to not protest eventually, by threat of a knife. Then, either someone could say he didn't rape me, or they could attempt to claim I wasn't a virgin at all, and the only way that would be done is if the rape was videotaped. The actual rape. Then, the pay-out of money followed, and was ensured.

It was a bet. It wasn't just a bet, it was a pre-meditated "hit" against me, and act of violence that was going to be paid for in cash.

If money was involved the first time around, when Robin was attempting to put in a "claim" for the cash, and it was disputed by me and my Dad (who I told, "Dad, I've done some things, but I'm still a virgin."), then later when I was raped, someone might attempt to try to "verify" otherwise.

Thus ensuring the money was paid out by a lie, with fraudulent evidence over a violent crime.

The people involved are most likely all of them: Robin Bechtold, the OBGYN who broke my hymen, and Josh Gatov. There was no reason for her to proceed with an exam when I told her I was virgin and she could see this for herself. She also made no note of my being a virgin in her medical record, even though I told her I was and marked boxes of never having had sex in the form for the visit.

Why videotape a rape? Federal-Mafia pay-out and security. Then he most likely videotaped the next times, to make it look like it was never a rape and I participated, when actually, I was in shock and I thought now I had to marry him and stay with him.

He could videotape a rape and no one would know what kind of force he was using against me with his body weight and how he was pinning me down.

Canada, England, and United States were involved in my pre-meditated rape, and so were some Jews.

It was a paid bet. Money was paid out.

As to my rape, he had the knife with him but no one would know from the videotape. He didn't pull it out on me and threaten me with it, he had it with me and forced me down and yelled at me, even though I said, "No", and "Stop" several times. What did he do? mute the audio? He heard me.

The U.S. FBI heard me. Israel heard me. Mormons heard me. I said NO.

Anyone who knew about the knife could have known a knife would scare me, combined with being forcibly pinned down and aggression levels rising in his voice. I have scars from cuts on my face from when I was a kid, from what? A knife? and rape that went with it?

So then, if there wasn't a bunch of virginal blood, I guess that was to try to claim I lied about being a virgin. So supposedly, if I lied about that, I lied about anything.

I did not lie.

And Robin Bechtold is the only person who is a male, who saw the contents of that blue suitcase that I had under my bed and he is the only one who could have passed that information along to Josh Gatov and people he knew. Which means, cops, FBI, and international Mafia were involved in the violence against me by rape.

I had even said, in school one time, and to others, I found out another way to say my name was "Cameau". Madam Kashi, the French language teacher at Sherwood High School, told me this. SHe asked me to be in her class. I was taking Spanish but she went out of her way to be friendly and said she'd like to have me in her class. Maybe because the government knew I'd tried to study French on my own when I was a girl in Moses Lake. She didn't say my name was Camee. She said it was Cameau. That was in 1990.

And they paid money for it.

Detective "Brian Gross" was selected, out of a tribute to the bet made against "Bryan Muhlroney" which was disguise for a bet against Comeau-Cameau. Cameo. Me. This country thought of everything. It is from the Old French: Camaieu.

I wrote all of my papers and stories with "By Cameo". "Beyond the Coral Reef": By Cameo. I even made out my school homework papers with "By Cameo". I didn't write just "Cameo Garett". I always wrote "By Cameo Garrett" even for my homework.

Who was asking for "reefer"? FBI Armando Garza. These assholes knew everything about me.

So in 1990-1991 (my sophomore year) Madame Kashi, French teacher, with the large jaw like Bryan Mulroney, was asking me to join her French class even though I was already signed up for Spanish, and told me my French name was "Cameau". Look at her photo and then look at Bryan Muhlroneys.

Then we have an international advertisement and incitement for rape against me, disguised as an incitement against Muhlroney's daughter when it wasn't, it was against me, the only person who put "By Cameo" on her homework papers. Teachers told me to put my last name down and I said, "Why? I'm the only Cameo in the class." So I only put "by Cameo" on my homework. A few times, if they insisted I added my last name, but not usually. It was "By Cameo". So the Baie-Comeau incitement was real. That incitement was made in 1992 when I was 16-17 years old. Even in high school, at Sherwood High, I wrote papers with only my first name on them, "Cameo". Sometimes I added my last name, but I did this all the way through high school. "I'm the only one".

For such a "feat", of course there is money involved. And the prize goes to the person who successfully attempts to prove they were the one that did it, or tries to prove a lie.

Later, Lorraine Rose was calling me "Cammy" or "Camee" all the tim, in the 1998, but the French version of my name according to the Sherwood High School teacher, in 1991, was Cameau. Robin Bechtold and Erica Wiltbank were in that class. I was in Spanish, with Stacey Darling.

The FBI owes ME money. They have helped coordinate the rapes against me and provided covers for those involved, who took cash for it. They owe me money for obstructing my 3 lawsuits as well, and for torture, which left me with medical bills I am not responsible for. I didn't create the migraines or have them naturally, and the FBI owes me billions for what they've done.

Which is, of course, a good reason for them to want to call me mentally ill and put me in a psych ward isn't it.

Government-sponsored rape. For England. For the U.S. For Canada. for Italy-Spain. And for Israel. For Middleton.

This is the painting Mary Del Balzo had in her house. Notice the little tiara effect over the woman's head. Just like Katie-kins little tiara. Maybe money for my rapes helped pay for her dress and headgear.

I just knew too much...does that make me crazy?

I was first "the man who knew too little" and then I knew too much. My transformation to the government's lie of "mental illness" occured when they were afraid of what I would figure out or already knew.

Homework for English
by Cameo

Homework for Math
by Cameo

History Homework
by Cameo

Homework for Science
by Cameo

Oh, Baie Comeau! Let's rape "Baie-Comeau".

You GOT something Fowler? Hello Agent Fowler. What you got? What you got? What you got for Oliver?

You are going to return my son if you know what's good for you. What you got? You got some money for Oliver?

How connected is "Karin" to the Canadians that helped plot my rape.

Nice movie, too, "The Man Who Knew Too Little", looking for "Lori's letters" and a red-headed doll with a bomb planted inside of her. Let's see, that movie came out in 1997.

That's after FBI-Canadian conspirator Mike Nichols tried to assassinate me and killed himself in the attempt, in 1995. Both Canada and the U.S. wanted me dead before I figured out about their plots.

Here's the rest of the message for the bet to rape me. Madame Kashi looks like Muhlroney and her name is Kashi. Like Cash-i. It's pronounced not like cash though, it's this (KAW-shee). I am trying to find her name and photo and no internet search is pulling it up. She's in the yearbook though. You can see for yourself. She was friends with Robin and Geoff, and after 1991 she didn't like me anymore. She still checked me out now and then. I went to Homecoming or Prom with a "Bryan" in 1992, the same time of this incitement to rape, but I knew him before and I was hanging out with Robin. My black and blue dress that Kate Middleton tried to match with her little runway get-up.

Get up Katie! Ride the SSssssssssssssssssssssssnake. Hump the camel.

So in the meantime, my mother was being raped, just like I was. I guess it was part of the federal-Mafia "mother-daughter tea" joke.

Also, someone must feel threatened by my awareness of the Caroline Mulroney newspaper article because now it's nowhere to be found in reference on wiki or anywhere online, last time I looked. Wiki refered to it as having been taken as an "incitement for the Tories to rape". Kate Middleton was only 10 so it wasn't about her. It was a disguised effort to get out a message to rape me, in 1992, with a promise of reward. What's a "torie"? It's someone who sides with English government. We had a dog once, named Tory, and it was a sable, with reddish hair. I asked my Mom why she had named him Tory and she said it was because of his "Red Coat". So I know what a "Tory" is.

Tory disappeared when the Canadian-born Karin moved to Moses Lake, Washington, probably via Sharon McGuire. Tory had Robin Bechtold's color of hair. We had Tory when we lived in Moses Lake, Washington and then he was given to someone or stolen by someone. He was a sable with white markings. As far as I remember, the only dog we had for a long time and then was given away or stolen. That means any U.S. citizen or Canadian citizen or anyone who would support the England-born Kate Middleton. It doesn't mean she's English government, because they're U.S. which is why the U.S. had a joint motive.

Here's Kashi cereals, founded by the "Tauber" family:

Tory was basically like our dog Topper, just sable instead. Same size and quality. Let's toast to the Jewish and Catholic conspirary to rape me. Funny how Madame Kashi's photo and bio is nowhere to be found. For the Kashi cereal company, the name is supposedly a combination of "kashruth" and the Japanese "kushi". The last part is a dubious cover for "kashruth".

I believe Madame Kashi lived in Lake Oswego, Oregon when she was a teacher at Sherwood High School but someone would have to confirm that. I think Laura and Scott Rose-Lewis lived in Lake Oswego about the same time but then they moved.

I think Chris Dabney and Alvaro Pardo tried to blackmail my family. Possibly, probably, John.

I'm not saying Madame Kashi had anything to do with things, but I remember she was telling Robin Bechtold to get together with me. She told me I should be with him. I didn't know why she was encouraging it. It was 1990-1991 and 1992. My sophomore and junior year. She didn't approach me anymore, my Senior year. She acted hostile to me.

The "bet" was to for the tories to "de-flower" 'Mulroneys' daughter, the Mulroney from "Baie-Comeau", Quebec. That's pronounced "QUEH-BECK" like "Bechtold" is "BECK-told". Bend it Beckham, go ahead, bend it. Bend it like "BECK-um". So who had the flowers on the Dixie cup when she was raped? Me. Like the brochure from "What To Expect When You're Growing Up" and the "Growing Up" brochures with pink, green, and yellow, and orange flowers across the top. What did Robin Bechtold say to me later, "You're just growing up." I took it as an insult and there was nothing good about what he said. It was like an inside comment. Bechtold and Gatov knew eachother and both of them raped me.

Not only that, the FBI concealed these rapes with Portland police, and knew my virginity had been made into an international bet in 1992. So the FBI has a lot to account for.

It's really interesting how all these "prenatals" and pregnancy sites are using little daisy flowers as their emblem. The same kind of flower on the brochure and dixie cups. I'm sure it's just coincidence. They've only been doing it since Kate Middleton has been trying to get pregnant. Sort of a celebratory idea, of how multiple rapes of one woman leads to a cash flow for another woman. The Middleton's basically owe restitution to me and my son. It's something Katie and Gary would cut over, and William too, because now they're sharing money and he's joined himself to a criminal family that has profited off of rape and torture of others.

What you got? What you got Fowler? What you got Laughlin? What you got for Oliver?

The Crown owes me money. And so does the FBI.

Oh, and a tangent. Just wanted to let everyone know I just made my first "jelly" candle. I mixed some things together and they hardned like wax and had a waxy taste and texture when I chewed it, so I tried making a candle and then the goo had turned to jelly, so I poured it in to see if it will burn as a jelly candle.

I think my Grandpa knew the Crown and the FBI owed me money. It was a clever idea to marry Middletons because then Middletons got the Crown on their side for all of rapes against me. Which means the Crown has had a motive to put me in prison and blackmail my family just like the Middletons and CIA. It means Harry or William, Gary, Kate, any of them are suspected slashers.

Pay up Katie. Paper bags is fine, if that's how you want to give your gifts. No problem. I take paper, and I take cash.

It SUCKS to be stuck with criminals doesn't it? that's whatcha get for marrying into the Mafia. You assume their liabilities and I'm collecting from YOU. So you can make arrangments to pay me and my son restitution, or suffer the consequences.

I love how Katie got a cocker spaniel. Dogs of the Spainiards. Larry Galizio. Who knew Josh Gatov.

You're going down bitch.

Larry Galizio is the Italian-American Jew who helped set up my rape by Josh Gatov and his contacts are in Spain. I then found out this man from Spain who went to my house later, was connected to them. My mother hates Spain. She and William got a dog and named him "Otto" after the Omar, and Oscar, and Middle-Eastern British Colombians who colluded with the FBI to try to entrap me to go to prison. There were some Russians involved as well.

Larry Galizio's wife is Jewish and one of his students was Eastern-Indian and used me for making predictions at the time, and I didn't know it. Larry Galizio followed me around everywhere at that time. He was definitely part of setting up a rape against me.

Every single rape against me was coordinated by Middleton. All of them.

All of the men who raped me are connected to eachother and they are all connected to Middleton. So she is responsible and her family is responsible, as well as the FBI and the "Crown". This is why Canada had an interest in first trying to assassinate me, and next, premeditating rapes against me.

They literally owe me money, according to the law and she should be in prison for crimes against my family. Also, according to Jewish law she owes me restitution and she owes my son restitution for torturing him and overseeing an incident of assault.

I love how signing up for this "Jewish Culture" class has suddenly enlightened me to so many things. I haven't even had one day yet and already I'm brimming with new revelations.

Wouldn't it be weird to find out something like, you wouldn't believe it, where one of the sets of twins (Bob and Dicksie) gave an embryo to the Middleton family in 1981 and then considered Kate Middleton to be their kid all along, while she's raised by other parents? and then one of the sets plots to kill me? like, they go along with pushing me down or trying to force me into low-level work and help steal my homework, all to help Katie look good? and then they plot to assassinate me to ENSURE! Kate's success? That would be a great fiction story. Basically, like the character finds out if was all a crafted CIA idea. And then they go along with stealing the kid of the character too, for CIA purposes.

Russia isn't the only country with "spies" born into other countries for their intelligence. SMILE. And then if Katie is an embryo created by my parents, or even part of her is, it's a security and way for many people to blackmail others, and to ENSURE! secrecy. This is why I also say I'm sure a DNA will be the only evidence of whether this public baby of Middleton's is actually hers and William's DNA at all. Anything is possible. It wasn't just possible beginning in 1981 to do IVF. That's when it was announced to the public, but like all scientific and government work, things like that occur much earlier and we never hear about it. How far back would you place it? IVF I mean? Possible since the 60's? 70s? Possible but not "morally acceptable" or "good timing for the public to accept this and know about it"? She doesn't look like Carol and Mike at all. Only Pippa does.

Karin Whittemore is from Quebec. This is the same place where the message to incite rape against me was made. Robin knew Stephanie Maiers and Stephanie was best friends with Karin. Stephanie got mad at me, and upset, when she went to visit me in 1991 in the summer. The incitement to rape me was made after this visit. Karin was Canadian and also became good friends with Katie Fallon and Rob and Marty Fallon, who were Irish and moved to Boston, MA. Karin's family lived next door to them. Stephanie moved to NYC after a couple of years at Eastern Oregon University and Karin was there, and married a Whittemore. Dick Whittemore was the lawyer on my cases in 2002-2004. Christa Schneider was part of Department of Justice and friends with Whittemore. They were all connected to my rapes and to federal-Mafia obstruction of justice that included England, Canada, and the United States as well as a few others.

Gregory Fowler, who is now the Agent in Charge here, is from NYC where Whittemore, Karin's FBI contact is. There is Richard Whittemore in Portland, Oregon who is connected to France and who speaks French, and there is an FBI Whittemore in NYC that is married to Karin.

They all had motive to conceal crimes and motive to have me and my son tortured. All of them. Even Stephanie. They also had Philip Thebault involved, and his friends from Brown University, because Bailey, one of the partners for the Bullivant Houser Bailey firm, is related to Thebault's by marriage. Dick Whittemore worked at that firm.

Raul Bujanda and Armando Garza worked for Middleton. He ran the "wolf pack" that tortured my son, involving hispanics in Wenatchee, WA. He did it for Middleton.

Also, when Tony Roos was involved in forcing me off of the road, it was with a "wolf-pack" tactic. It wasn't just the sedan with bright lights, it was tailed by Tony and they stayed right next to eachother to force me into the ditch. Back to back basically. It wasn't like he drove along some distance behind and happened to pass by. He was involved in forcing me off of the road, and I was shocked to see who it was.

This black man with a sedan, who ran into me in Wenatchee and said "Get out of the way" was, as I found out, connected to U.S. Navy. Either he did it to harm me, and the police refused to take a report, or he was indicating the assassination attempt in 1992 involved U.S. military and someone who was part of it.

This is who Katie and William's black lab is named after:
German Wolf Pack WWII U Boat U 99 Submarine Otto Kretschmer

The man who had the so-called "wolf packs" which meant all grouped together so the person they targeted couldn't escape. Which is what Tony Roos did. Mike Middleton is a hitman for the U.S. and he works with military.

(We can talk about some of your American-Russian friends too, if you want to Katie.)

I think people figured if I hadn't brought up Tony Roos for 2 decades, I never would. They thought I'd never track his name to who he then glorified his actions with, and who he publicly got work for. There were even teenagers glorifying what he'd done, at Mt. Angel Abbey, 8 years later, imitating him as if he was their hero, and running me off of the sidewalk where I protested, with a jeep that sounded like his truck had that night.

Tony Roos has a sister named Tiffany. So the Tiffany 1 cent light stamp, with most of the left side in the picture and the right side dropping off, is sort of like Roos on the road and me in the ditch. Very clever. Bright lights oh yes. I love how the design is of a tree branch because that's where I ended up.

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