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Mike Tancer, Chris Dabney, Mark, and Alvaro are FBI

The FBI had me drugged and tortured because more of their agents who raped me were their employees.  "Here's another one in the hole" was an FBI agents statement about another agent or federal worker, sexually assaulting me.

From all of these assaults, these men have attempted to exert influence and power as if they had some kind of permanent claim to me.  They've made gangster statements over it.  Alvaro did not rape me but he exploited me, and the other two knew eachother (Mark and Chris) and they both sexually assaulted me knowing I was incapacitated and they weren't.  All of them were U.S. government psychics and all of them abused their positions to make predictions about me for the government and to get points.

They assaulted me as an act of war.  The FBI is liable for a lawsuit that is almost without limit in the amount of damages.

Chris Dabney worked with FBI and DEA both, which is why the DEA was then lecherous and threatening and intimidating my family.

I had no friends.  They were all attempting to put me into federal prison after I had been tortured, because they knew crimes were committed with the kidnapping of my son and obstruction of justice to my lawsuits.

All of Dabney's friends that came into the Post Pub were U.S. Department of Justice employees.  They stole most of my cell phones from me.  The only reason the WA state AG finally gave me discovery for my case was because they knew Dabney was FBI.  So when I told him a box was supposed to arrive, and they knew I lived there, they knew I could link non-delivery of that information to a federal agent who was witness.  Instead, they delivered it to me, through him, over a month late, when they knew it was too late for me to appeal, and when I was being medicated and drugged at The Post Pub.

Dabney was trying to have me put in prison, along with the rest of the corrupt FBI.  The first time I was with him, he raped me, and he was another U.S. federal employee.  He didn't rape me after that, but he had a motive to try to set me up.

 They set me up with Alvaro, hoping I would have a wedding and then try to accuse me of marriage fraud.  It wasn't, on my end, because there was nothing I did that broke the law, but the fact they were exploiting me and setting me up, means they were trying to push me to marry him so that then they had an excuse to attempt to put me in jail.  He was recording me, Alvaro was.  The U.S. also tortured me at his house, to try to force me into staying with him, so they could entrap me.

The Nigerian woman who was a police officer for Nigeria, one of the head officers, I always thought was CIA.  It makes more sense to me, and her son's best friend worked at the CIA.  It is possible that she was FBI though.  She was a cop, and shared that commonality with FBI.  If she was FBI, and did counter-intelligence in Nigeria, or worked in Nigeria with FBI as Alvaro worked in Colombia with FBI, then the U.S. FBI knew I was illegally thrown out of her house and they set me up to have no one to call except for Henry and Alvaro.   When I tried to have the false restraining order against me corrected at Maryland court, it was Alvaro who got necessary information from me about when I'd be there and then they had a U.S. government employee waiting for me there, who distracted me from filing what I had to file to have the restraining order appealed. 

First, Alvaro and Henry tried to keep me hostage so I couldn't appeal it.  He wouldn't take me to the courthouse, and I told him what it was for, and then they had been letting me use the car and when they found out I was going to try to go there, they kept me from using the car, saying it broke down.  It wasn't broken down, because I finally went out there with the keys to check and it was running. I had no money for a bus to get there.  This was why he had given me something to buy food with one day, and then when that was gone, and they found out I was trying to appeal the restraining order, they obstructed my travel.  Alvaro went out of his way to make sure I couldn't drive anywhere and I believe he got instructions from someone else about it. I was literally trapped at that house, with no ability to get to court to reverse a horrendous legal document that anyone would know was going to be something the FBI would want to use, with CPS, and AG, against me to keep my son and to defame me.  I was held hostage more than one time with Alvaro, who worked for the FBI.  I was held hostage to keep me from getting to court to appeal a restraining order in time, and to allow the U.S. time to figure out how to set me up and medicate me, and I was held hostage when he dumped me off at a Motel 6, and had police meeting me at the only place next to it, a bar, and he made sure I had no money to leave with.   I never had any liquid cash the entire time I was with Alvaro, because he made sure I couldn't leave the country or go away.  The FBI deliberately held me hostage and had him fucking me as a favor to their offices.

In this condition, of being held hostage, I was given only one option:  marry him.  And then the FBI tried to set me up further.  They asked me about marrying him and then helping with my legal matters with my son, which is normal, but they wanted to feel that out first and then set me up better, with an offer for more money to help with the legal matters, as a way to put me into prison.  Alvaro was a rat for the FBI.  Dabney was a rat, and Mark was a rat and all of them knew eachother. 

The FBI not only had been taking my cars, through police and Judges that worked for them, to prevent me from traveling anywhere, they were obstructing my travel through false arrests and orders not to leave the state, and refusing to process my passport.  In addition, they kept me from having any money and had people steal from me so I had nothing.  It is because of the FBI that I was virtually unemployable and unable to rent an apartment on my own.  The FBI was responsible for obstructing me from my lawsuits in Portland, Oregon and colluding with lawyers who worked against me; they had a personal interest in the Archdiocese lawsuits because it involved state-to-state matters and child molestation.  The FBI was part of investigation and litigation even though they never prosecuted anyone.  They were also directly connected to my 3rd lawsuit, which I filed about Judges and cops.

When I finally got to the courthouse, to contest a smear against my name that the FBI knew would harm my case for getting my son, ("She held a knife against me and was psychotic"--was a lie, and a damaging lie for child cases) the FBI had a man there who they hoped would convince me to take a more clear-cut kind of set up for marriage fraud.  If they put me in jail, I could never contest what they did with my son, or international collusion, or torture and obstruction of justice, or assault by FBI agents.

I got there and some man in a brown suit who worked for the FBI and Maryland, was waiting for me.  He even wore the brown suit as a joke.  He got me to have lunch with him and propositioned me with marrying a doctor who would "give you money".  He did a sting there, trying to get me to say something compromising and I never did because I hadn't done anything wrong.  He wanted it recorded, not just with him, but another party to make it sound real, and for recording purposes.  How would that man even think to offer me something like marriage and then money ahead of time, and no sex involved?  The FBI did this to me, after THEY were responsible for an illegal kidnapping of my son when I twice went to embassies and left the country for political asylum, and was forced back.  The U.S. is responsible for the most disgusting forms of hostage-taking, exploitation, torture, and rape.  This man said, "So you're engaged?" and I said yes and he said, "I have someone who you could marry and you don't even have to have sex with him, just live with him, and he'll give you money every month to pay for a lawyer for your son's case."

This is the kind of position this country put me in, to then make an offer like that, hoping to entrap me and then take my son and have me in prison so they didn't have to deal with their legal ISSUES.

I said, "Why would I do that?" and told him I was married.  He said, just a minute, and then called up someone and handed me the phone saying,  "He wants to talk to you."  I didn't tell him to make the call, he made it and acted like he was just talking about business and then he gave it to me.  So I said hello and was curious as to what this person was going to say, and he said, "I have a friend who wants to live in the United States and he'll give you money every month and you don't even have to have sex with him."  They got all of this recorded.  I said, "I don't know why you're asking me this because I'm engaged" and then he started to interrogate me over the phone with FBI questions.  The other man took the phone from me, the "man in the brown suit", and said "Do you have a way to make calls?" and I didn't. I had no money and no minutes for my cell phone.  He said, "I want to give you a calling card" so he bought one, marked it, saved half of it for himself (how quaint, like taking the other half of the locket....Cranberry Christmas Assholes) and gave it to me. He'd saved the ID part for himself so he could trace my calls.  All of the police there knew him, just like all the guards and police knew Alvaro.

I was forced out of housing by Chris Dabney and his Morrocan FBI friend.  It was raining and cold and I was pregnant, and I was forced to stay with FBI Nigerians who then kicked me out to line me up with Alvaro, who knew Dabney and they all tried to put me in prison.  I was told I would have my own room at Alvaro's house and when I got there, they said it was "locked" and then he smirked and said I'd have to stay in his room, in his bed.  The bed took up the entire room.  I said why can't I sleep on the couch downstairs and he said no.  Later, after he humped me for the FBI, the FBI then tried to dump me into a prison by entrapment.  They had him sexually use me, knowing they were going to next try to set me up to go to jail and Alvaro would have nothing to do with me.  Alvaro was about to rape me initially, and the FBI knew it and had Henry call him up on the phone to interrupt.  They still proceeded to sexually exploit me and both of them held me hostage.  There was nothing fun, good, or wonderful about anything in D.C.  I didn't ask to be fucked by the FBI while my son was being tortured.

I expected, as a citizen, to be protected.  Not fucked by the FBI and CIA. 

I called him later, to ask why he'd approached me, and Chris Dabney was in the background.  I guess they threw Chris into the background, hoping that if I had a sentimental attachment, from having just had my babies by him murdered, they, the FBI could use him to entrap me or gain my trust.  I just thought it was weird.  Why did they have Chris Dabney involved in an attempt to put me into prison.  He was reluctant to pay for hospital bills associated with my maternity? or he was mostly concerned about the fact he'd raped me on the first night and called it putting "another one in the hole".  Not to mention, all of these people are FBI and connected to James Cartright, who was Obama's right-hand man.  Cartright, who supports Kate Middleton.

After this, when I didn't go for the set up of marriage fraud, the U.S. was holding me hostage and trying to trap me to marry Alvaro, I guess because they thought if I actually got married with a license and ceremony and it was official, then they could attempt to still go after me by claiming I was letting an illegal into the country through a marriage, or that it was for money for a lawyer.  They needed a license or a document signed to do anything.  So they tried to force it from me.  They tortured me, held me hostage, prevented me from traveling, and then had me out in the dirt, to make it so bad, they hoped to squeeze a signature from me.

I never signed a thing and I voided a license within 5 minutes of application.  What was Alvaro doing?  Happily taking his copy to the FBI to show them he was doing a good job and was valuable to them?  Look, I got it!  I had a feeling he went straight to a cop's house or the FBI with it.  Maybe the reason he disclosed he worked for the FBI, later, was to make me think he was trustworthy or that if he was fucking me, and was FBI, and was engaged to me, they were all on my side.

They were not on my side and I believe they used him to put all of the Russian spies back in Russia.  I also think he was involved with Middle East matters.  He made my parents think, when he came over to visit, that he was a good person and they looked distraught when he suggested, happily, "She is going to have to do it on her own."  He never cared.  Alvaro was already an FBI agent.  He didn't need to marry me.  He was trying to put me in prison.  The FBI gang-raped me.

The DEA was always working with them.  Kate Middleton is the person they tortured me for, and colluded with FBI to have me assaulted in a psych ward.  Chris had weed, and there was weed used at The Post Pub, and it's run by the federal government.  He was Kate Middleton's friend afterall, so what do you expect.  His housemates all had weed and all of them worked for the federal government.  He told me I had to move (Chris did) so I looked for a place and they recommended Craigslist to me, which is how I found the only room that I could afford, that was decent.  Any of them would have known where I was going.  Arlington, Virginia.  There, the FBI-connected Morrocan (who knows Middleton) got rid of his apartment after I was being tortured there and the Pentagon had a military helicopter flown up to my window.  I was being treated with hostility by the apartment management as well.  All of the hostility and stealing of my work shirts there, began after I talked to the Italian attorney who supervised all of CPS in Washington D.C.  They were screwing me over and trying to keep me from getting my son back and when I blogged about it, all the Catholics came to my workplace and began messing me, and the ones I worked with messed with me (while I was pregnant) and then the management at the apartment messed with me.  At the same time, my telecommunications were tampered with, and I was refused prenatal care, and all of this was done to provoke stress when I was pregnant.

They were hoping to induce a miscarriage.  When that didn't happen, tortured both of us and they murdered him by technology in a hospital in Maryland.  People ask me why I am not open to carrying an unborn child in the U.S. as a gestational surrogate and why I will only do this outside of this country.  Do you really have to ask why.  You need to ask why as much as I need to put a question mark at the end of the last sentence rather than a period.  My statement to you, is do you really have to ask why.

The Morrocan man was also involved with drugs, just like Dabney's workplace, telling me he could get heroin if I wanted it or hashish.  Like I would want anything when I'm pregnant.   Or ever. 

The FBI was using these people with the DEA.  It was also connected to U.S. Military, and, I believe, Canada.  Canada had as much to cover up and motive to put me in prison as the U.S. did.

Mike Tancer.

He is also FBI.  He is Diane Harsha's connection and why Eastern Indians wanted to harm me.  The only other person who knows Eastern Indians are Carl and Mary Del Balzo, that I've had anything to do with.

Mike's dad worked for the Peace Corp, which is the CIA's favorite medium for recruiting officers.  These are the men who were U.S. federal agents:

Chris Rozollo
Chris Dabney
Mike Tancer
Robin Bechtold
Alvaro Pardo
Mark (will get the last name later)
Mike Tancer's parents (federal employees, not sure if FBI or CIA)
Robin Bechtold's parents (federal employees, not sure if FBI or CIA)
Beau Blixseth (connected to Christa Schneider, whose family is U.S. Department of Justice--didn't rape me but connected to people who did)
Josh Gatov
David (Cynthia's son in Birch Bay, Washington)
Jonathan (informant, but I don't believe he was literally employed by a federal agent--he knew them, he was connected to Schneiders and to Dylan, Ryan Barnes best friend)
Geoff Rasmussen (not romantically connected, but I've realized, has been involved)
Raul Bujanda
Armando Garza

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