Friday, March 15, 2013

Nuclear Warfare Welcomed In The U.S.--God Bless You

It is so bad here, that I would prefer all-out nuclear warfare from another country.

That is how bad the torture is.

It has been so bad, for so long, and I have seen my family and son tortured to such gross and hideous, unbelievable extremes, that I actually have been at the point of believing, for at least 1 full year now, nuclear war from another country would be better than this.

That is how bad it is.

When I think of nuclear war, I don't know of anyone who thinks it sounds good.  Of all the things to fear, I would guess this would be at the top of anyone's list.  Any normal, rational person would say nuclear warfare is the worst possible thing that could happen, and to have it occur to an entire nation would be much more frightening than just one small area.

However, I am not exaggerating when I say we are tortured every, single, day.

I am being tortured with U.S. technology, to my heart and chest, with the concentration causing a vibrating in my chest area.  They have been doing this for so long, it is affecting my lungs.

I would rather die, watching another take over the United States, than to live like this.  The United States has been torturing me since 1995, every single month.  That means, this is over 17 years of aggravated assault by torture.

I am not sure, but it is possible my parents have suffered longer than this and they never told me, or maybe it got bad for all of us about the same time.  I don't know. 

What I have seen the U.S. do to my child, is unspeakable. 

I was targeted for assault in 1993.  After this, I was not assaulted again until 1995 and.  From 1996 on, the U.S. assaulted me once a month for several days at a time.  Then they increased it.  They started out slow and tentatively, and then gradually increased their levels of torture, first by assaulting me to my head to cause swelling in the brain and migraines that they woke me up with in the middle of the night.  The first ones, however, were done under observation by Carl and Mary Del Balzo.  Both of them observed me being tortured--Carl specifically.  He was the one who came home from work to watch the girls when it happened, and he is the one who watched me.  One time it was Mary but I only remember one time with her.  Carl Del Balzo is Italian.

Louis Freeh got citizenship in Italy in 2009 for his participation in torture of me as Director of the FBI.  Leon Panetta, Italian, is involved.  Rob and Marty Fallon (Irish-Atheist) are involved. 

After testing it out in 2006, it was increased to be sporadic and random until I was the one to say maybe I thought they were close to my periods.  That isn't how they started.  They had NOTHING to do with my periods or menstrual cycle and the U.S. did not coordinate them to occur at that time, or around that time.

They never started as "menstrual period" migraines.

The U.S. began to coordinate them around that time, AFTER I said to a doctor I thought maybe that was when I had them, when he asked the question about my periods as a suggestion.  It was suggested to me.  Exactly the way the FBI suggested I was never sexually assaulted or harassed, in 2005.

The United States was assaulting me at random, not coordinating with my periods, but with Carl and Mary Del Balzos Intel microchip company work schedule.  I never had any migraines, not even after my car accident, until after I was working for them almost one year and they got mad at me for not agreeing to be their cook as well as their nanny.  I wouldn't cook for them, so they decided to cook me.  I was already working for them as a favor to the government.

When I worked at CTR Business Systems,  a job I got through a temp agency that is out of the same town that did the surgery, Salt Lake City, Utah, I was assaulted with migraine at work and in the middle of the night.  They were being triggered both while I was at work already, and then as the pain progressed, and then I was being woken up in the middle of the night with them, from sudden pain.

There were employees at CTR who monitored my reactions and reported back the U.S. federal Fuckers.  It had NOTHING to do with my periods or menstrual cycle.  That was in 1997.

The U.S. did not begin coordinating assault against me to coincide with my periods until after it was suggested by a doctor and I said I thought I agreed.  That wasn't until 1999.  Suddenly, that was the "cover".  The explanation for unexplained mysterious sudden onset of extreme and severe migraine was now "menstrual migraine".  Funny how that happened, when for 3 years, they had nothing to do with my menstrual cycle.  What an amazing "power of suggestion".

Afterall, at CTR, when they were coordinated to occur every single weekend, on a Monday or Friday, it wasn't because my periods were always starting with precision timing on weekends.  They were not being triggered by stress either, because I wasn't stressed out. 

I was being assaulted.

When I had 15 in a month, it wasn't from my period, it was after I'd reported a rape, by Josh Gatov.    Anyone would have known who it was because I didn't go to any other house alone and I had only made out with one person in my life, Bechtold, and not him or anyone else for 5-6 years. 

From there, it was suggested they were menstrual cycle related and I was told to go on birth control.  I didn't like the idea of it and I wasn't sexually active with anyone so I quit "Yasmin" after 2 months or less.  I only remember taking the pills one month actually.  It didn't work, and I wasn't having sex.  I'd been raped, not "introduced to sexuality for the single person".  I felt there was another motive behind having me take pills and I didn't like his idea of "continual birth control" where I had no periods at all, so I quit.  He was telling me some women took it year round, and had no period at all for a whole year.  He seemed excited about technology and I respect the fact he did not lie to me about my HPV test (it was negative, absolutely and thoroughly).  I don't have bad feelings torwards him at all.  If anything, his idea could have spared me from having my eggs illegally harvested if there had been a colposcopy as one doctor wanted, when it was unnecessary.  I mean, if I was on Yasmin for continual birth control, so I didn't bleed at all, doesn't that mean you don't release any eggs either?  I don't know.  Then again, I believe I saw him and he tried the bc thing and I quit and then I was going to a different clinic, not on birth control, and that's when they said they wanted to put me under for a colposcopy.  I felt something was not quite right about it, and went back to the other doctor, the man, and asked for a test.  It was a 2nd opinion.  He wasn't happy about it but he ordered it, which I'm thankful for.  Because of those results, I knew I was correct, and it turned out in the long-run, I was never wrong.  All next exams were normal.  So I saved myself from being a wild egg harvest.  I believe the reason my family is tortured now is because of IVF.  Now, instead of protecting my family, they steal our eggs and implant them into other families for power and control.  So they don't care about us, and torture us.  They steal eggs. 

All I know, is I've always been highly protective of my own fertility.  I have always wanted and planned to have children, and possibly several.  I have never wanted to introduce any drug, medication, or fertility control that could alter nature in any way, because there was nothing wrong with my natural fertility and I intended to keep it that way.  Common sense told me, the body does not like the idea of perpetual pregnancy.  Especially not by drugs and then never nursing or going through normal processes of pregnancy and perinatal states, with no break inbetween?

This country has attempted to thwart every single good thing God ever intended. 

I am not a firstborn sacrifice.  I am not one to be "destroyed" like some kind of Judaic offering of irrevocably ruining a person.  They already did that with the true firstborn, Gannon.  My son is also not an offering, or sacrifice, or piece of property.  I'm the middle child.  I had the position of firstborn because Gannon died, but I am not even the firstborn, and this country murdered him.

After designating my migraines with a cover, that looked natural, then I was assaulted over court and lawsuits.  I am still being assaulted to my heart and chest as I write and when I first wrote this, my heater at my feet was suddenly powered-down slower and the torture to my heart and chest went down at the same time. They don't have to use other electricity to do this, but they choose to.

I would be happy to see another country invade the United States.  My family lives in conditions of a concentration camp so any invasion would be deliverance to us.  For us, we would have something to hope for and be thankful to God to.  It would be liberation.  I am sorry the Taliban and Al Quada missed the Pentagon.  The best thing they could have done would have been to hit The Pentagon.  I'm sorry they missed.  I'm sorry some stupid idiot said "Let's roll" and ran the plane into Philadelphia instead.  Like that wasn't strategic or anything.  The best thing that could ever happen to this country is to have another country wipe out all of their satellites and The Pentagon.  Then I would feel proud of this country.  Take NASA and The Pentagon out, and we might have a cleaner slate.  If I were Commander-in-Chief, I would get the list of those responsible for assaulting and targeting U.S. citizens on U.S. soil, and have every single one of them lined up, and shot execution-style, I would photograph it and videotape it, and let it roll.

That would be a good day for "America".  That would be a God Day.

This country brought judgement upon itself and this country is going to see Judgement again.  9-11 happened in 2001, after I was tortured.  God bless the REAL Americans.  The Hijackers.  I didn't even know how my own country was targeting me for assassination, and I didn't know what they'd done to me and that this country's government was to blame.  I had no idea.  For those hijackers to do what they did...let me kiss you.  God bless you for killing all of those mother-fuckers.

After all of those assholes at The Twin Towers were burned alive, and smothered in smoke, and jumped to their deaths, to escape "one-time torture", I had 2 full years of not being tortured or having my cars broken into.  It was a nice break.  From 2001-2003 the U.S. hog-heads who run criminal circles with government, had their hands too full of dead bodies to pick on me specifically.

Let's do it again boys.  Next time, blast these mother-fuckers so hard a piece of the country breaks off and drifts into the ocean.

By 2003, the U.S. had assembled more individuals to torture me and obstruct my lawsuits and they redirected their attentions, with the dust settling in NYC, to me and their continued rape, exploitation, and targeted torture of me.

Then by 2005, when I reported the FBI, it was every single day and then they kidnapped and tortured my son.

Fucking blow this country off of the fucking map.

I have been tortured, to extremes unknown to most living persons in this world, since 2005, every single day.  That makes it 8 years of severe, constant pain, and degradation and rape.

Nuclear warfare against this country, as scary as I always thought it was before, for one year now, has been something I am not even afraid of for the whole country.  "But what if they come in and use gases?" 

Like I don't know what gas and chemical drugs are when this country used them on me.  "But what if they come in and rape women?"  Look at how much these fucking cops and FBI care about rapes.  They are the rapists, and they have incited others to rape me multiple times.   "But what if they put us in concentration camps?"

We are already in a concentration camp.

I have already experienced every single trauma of a prisoner of war, by my own country, as a U.S. citizen who has broken no laws.

This country has had 8 years of torturing me and I am ready for the Taliban to finish business.  I really don't care who invades this country, because any invasion will look like liberation to my family.

THAT is how horrific the crimes against my family are.

"Let's roll."

How hilarious.   After the FBI and Canada conspired to kill me by rolling my car in 1995.  "Further than the length of a football field" is how the federal government described it to me.  And suddenly, we have some guy on a hijacked plane saying, "Let's roll!" into a field in Pennsylvania.  Was it further than the length of a football field?

GOD BLESS these holy people who actually did me a favor.

Who was one of the FBI assholes that tried to put words in my mouth in 2005?  A Mormon U.S. military man who had worked in "The War Against Iraq and Afghanistan" by kidnapping them to take them somewhere for torture.  THAT is who the D.C. Headquarters thought was a "good match" for my report against their agents who picked up the sexual assault where it was left off in 2001.

I always wondered why the FBI chose such a person to interview me and now I know.  They had an idea that 9-11 was retaliation against this country for illegal, immoral, corrupt torture and rape against their own citizens, and how many attempts to kill me, along with breaking into my house.

I had nothing to do with it and neither did my family.  But maybe one person in the Middle East had some respect for me.  At least they knew the U.S. cops and FBI were liars.

This disgusting country has known this, and they have tortured me to get to them, the entire time knowing I was innocent and had not done anything wrong, ever.  The FBI obstructed me from all 3 of my lawsuits.  It was them.  It wasn't even the other side, it was the God damned FBI.  The FBI didn't want me to have money and neither did the military because they were already torturing me. 

I'm being told the Nigerian woman who assaulted me, whose son's friend worked at the CIA as a guard, is FBI too.  I don't know if that's true, but if it is, it is a lot of FBI dirty underwear (secrets).

I have always wondered, why did the migraines quit (for the most part) and the stalking and car break-ins quit in 2001-2 when I filed my lawsuits?  I thought it was the lawsuits, but no, I think it was that the criminals who worked for the U.S. government had to redirect their energies to The Twin Towers and most likely, Middleton was otherwise occupied as well.  What was his job after all?  Oh yeah, airline flight controller.  He directed and monitored air traffic.  Mr. Middleton, now you can make a lot of money as a consultant, and your wife has done the FBI and CIA tremendous favors in the past, and your daughter has been identified as a psychic since she was 9 or younger.  We greatly appreciate your assistance and would your daughter like to ______________?  What a trophy.

I will add to this later, but no, I'm not joking.  Of course I don't want nuclear war on just me, but after this many years of torture, where I was very afraid of the idea before, for the whole country, I'm not anymore.  I support it. 

I support whatever it takes to get rid of the criminals that are getting away with torture of my family, and others (though I don't know who) and who murder our family.  The level of torture, and the length of it, is that bad, that even though my parents would never agree, I think they feel the same.  I believe they would feel it is a liberation from concentration camp.  What is being done to us, is hard to believe.

They are using their predictive games as an excuse to torture us.  They even tortured my son Oliver, and forced him to learn his numbers backwards and wrong, after he had already demonstrated he knew them correctly and in order, and then after messing with him and his mind, they sat back and waited until I gave him a letter with 2 words in opposite order, along with paintbrushes with numbers on them, and then laughed about it and used that as an excuse for "see?  just as we predicted".  They are doing huge, unbelievable kinds of vicious harm to us, at great cost, risk, and pain and suffering to us, to then come up with the lamest excuse and reasoning, of claiming it was just done as a marker for their prediction of something very small that happened later.  So they'll pull skin out of my parents eyes, for example, and then if I cry one day, they'll say, "See, we pulled the skin out from their eyes as a marker to prove that then the daughter is going to cry."  Or they make up witchcraft excuses about how they must torture first to have something else happen.  And then the U.S. allows and encourages it.  The U.S. allows torture with the excuse that it's how they cast spells and get something to happen in the future, and they torture us just for fun.

The U.S., half of the time, or most of the time actually, tortures us when it doesn't have one single thing to do with even research.  They do it to hurt us and prevent us from doing anything productive.

I support nuclear war against the U.S. because the U.S. is engaged in war against innocent citizens.

I write this blog post now, and they still target my heart.  Nothing is enough for this country.  They can't get it through their heads anymore.  They don't feel threatened by anyone, and not by any country.  This country and its criminals feel they are immune and that there is no possible way another country will suddenly strike or kill them specifically.  They have no fear or concern about consequences.  I tried to sleep and they started targeting a spot on my head.  It wasn't severe, but it was enough to notice.

Every single day.  Every single day and every single night, every member of my family is tortured by United States employees.

I really don't care about the brunette woman with the hot and furious tears who thinks bitterly that at last she is getting what she wanted me to say.  With her hard lip line.  I really don't care that she thinks she can nod and feel satisfied as if now she can point at me and say, "See, I told you", or think something I say justifies her conclusions, or her hatred,  and feel better about herself.  Hot and furious tears of bitterness.  The tears fell so fast.  Jealousy.

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