Friday, March 15, 2013

Embassy Cable: Ilegal Experimentation Using My House (teleportation)

I can mark this as an "embassy cable" if I want, because these people have their own intelligence who do some of the same thing, even if they don't all torture citizens and kids for decades.

Yesterday the United States illegally used my house and me, for experimentation.  They have been doing this every day, and my feeling is that the U.S. has a hidden camera in my house.  Otherwise, they wouldn't bother.

I already reported Theo Keyes (I think) being in this area again, as of last weekend.  He is a Satanist who is friends with Michelle Erickson and who worked for her when I was forced to live with him when I was trying to find out how to get my son back from the United States fuck-offs.

Do you even know how many Mormons, Catholics, and Jews, and cops, and FBI and military, and CIA, tried to get sexual favors from me? 

I know for a fact that Mike Tancer is connected to the new Department of State person, Kerry.  If he is involved in anything to do with harming my son or parents, he has a cover.

Yesterday someone in the U.S. used my house for a teleportation experiment and this is not the first and only time.  They have done this many times.

Someone teleported a safety pin from the floor of my house.  I am also positive I have hidden cameras everywhere in my house, also, including my bathroom.  I know because I "psychicly" see the expressions on faces sometimes after they've done something and it is as if they are grouped aroun to watch something and then make comments with eachother.  I noticed this after I had our dog over at my house a few days ago. 

This is nothing "big" or new.  The U.S. and other countries have been teleporting small objects for years, even a decade now. I'm not impressed and I don't care.  I care about raising my son, not stupid government projects where they torture citizens in return for exploitation.  It's not fascinating to me, it doesn't give me thrills, I don't feel spooked, and I really could care less.

You TORTURE people (I am speaking to U.S. government employees and Michael Middleon when I say this).

Anyone who is anybody cares about THAT, not "teleportation" experiments.  If you want to do your teleportation, it is not necessary to torture someone at the same time.  Not unless you're holding them hostage.

So, so what.  There was a safety pin that dropped to the floor, and I saw it there, and then it was gone.  So it was there and then it wasn't, and it wasn't on the floor anymore.  There is only a little floor space and it was nowhere on the floor, and the floor was clean and picked up at that time.  I didn't touch it and no one was in my house or outside of my house.

It is permanently gone.  That one safety pin.  So I got a different one out and used it and then OSU called me after I'd been waiting to hear from them for 3 days.  Was someone hoping I'd sound "different"?  Nervous, or flustered? 


My son and I are tortured and then I'm supposed to think I should feel privileged to see this happen?

Quit fucking torturing my family and I'll be impressed your fuckers.

I don't want any part of U.S. government work and I am sick of being used by a bunch of assholes who have nothing to do but think THEY are special as they do NOTHING to confirm anything I say, or support me in any way other than to medicate me and lie to everyone and try to FORCE me into your SHITTY BLACK HOLE.

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