Monday, March 4, 2013

Nacht Moonlight and 40 Years Illegal U.S. Surveillance of my Family


Does anyone know which composer opens with this tune?


5th Symphony I guess.  At first I thought Mozart, but then I just caught that I think it's the opener for Beethoven's 5th symphony.

This is how I composed or described music I heard in my head, as a kid.  I used to try to write the words to the way I would go over a melody I made up in my mind or recalled from another composer.  I expected others to read my mind I guess.
To those who did not read my mind, it just looked like:


What a dum-dum.

I thought about this today when I went through a community center and a man started to play a song I know, and the title didn't come to mind, but it's one I know very well.  What came to my mind was German.  I don't know German.

I don't know German songs either, but the German came to my mind for the song.  It was, I thought, "Ach die..." and I said what is the title--he said "Moonlight Sonata" and I said, "What is it in German?"  He said what and I said, "I don't know, the song title was coming to me in German maybe...something like Acht..." and I only said as much as "Acht". 

Well, I just looked it up and "Nacht" is the German word for "Night".

So a moonlight sonata would be at night, at nacht, but I wasn't sure why it came to me that way.  I thought it was maybe something like Nacht die einstollen or something.  I am looking up what "die" and "einstollen" and "nienstollen" mean in German but the last part wasn't quite as clear. 

It was maybe like aufswietzen or something, I don't know.  The only part I knew for sure was "Acht" but it was for "Nacht."

Maybe it's because I used to have these Mozart tapes in high school, with some German writing for the songs?  I don't know.

I did recall our neighbors' last names, who lived behind our house after Springer's moved and I think it was the Lustigs.    I found the name when Nacht...lustig came up by Brahms.  Their last names were German but I don't know a lot about them.  I didn't play with them like I did with the Springers.   

My family has been under non-consensual, illegal U.S. government surveillance for 40 years.  An old man told me this, one year ago, and after he did, we were tortured worse and I couldn't leave.  The U.S. made sure I had no way of getting out until they drilled 2 holes into one tooth in my mouth, and drilled an identical hole into the lower part of one tooth of my mother's in the front.

They did it to both me and my Mom for sure, and probably others.  For me, they made a colon : into the side of one of my molars and for my mother, they went right into one of her front teeth at the bottom.  It was done by U.S. technology and it was torture in every definition.  The U.S. did this to me when they knew I was unable to leave the country and when they had blocked me every time I had tried to leave the U.S.

The United States is in serious trouble.  I mean, as a whole, as a country, they have gone to the dumps.

The U.S. isn't paying any of our medical bills.
They are not paying for our food.
They are not paying for housing.
They're not paying for the legal costs I incurred because of their obstruction of justice.

They have done the exact opposite.
They have denied reasonable medical care.
They have called us "drug-seeking" as they torture us beyond normal human capacity for pain.
They kicked me out of housing, even federal housing I qualified for, to force me to live with U.S. Army men who masturbated in a hall that I had to go by if I wanted to leave, and then be exposed to their fully exposed personnel. 
They have not paid for my food.  I paid for it, through the taxes I paid when I was working.

All of my medical and legal bills are 100% FBI responsibility.

The FBI is responsible for each and every penny incurred to me, through use of their agents and friends of agents, to obstruct me from justice and court, and travel, and knowingly allowing research and torture against me.

The Catholic people from my lawsuits thought I was psychic like my parents when I wasn't.  So they took it out on me and my parents too.
Last night someone tried to guess who it was that I saw snapping someone or calling someone to attention before my Grandma Rosella called.  He said "Donnie".

I don't even know a Donnie and I don't call anyone by the name Donnie or think of them in these terms.  Then I realized, oh yeah, there is an S.A.A. from California named Don, and maybe someone calls him "Donnie".  It wasn't the deeper man's voice, it was a different man.

And no, I am not saying I'm hearing voices.  I hear nothing audibly, like someone is in a room next to me.  Ever.  But any man who is thinking "Donnie" immediately, sounds like he knows him.  Calling someone "Donnie" is a term of familiarity.  You don't call "Don" "Donnie" unless you work with him or know him in another way.

And I never thought the man I saw was Don, but maybe the same manner or habit possibly.  Somewhere between Don, the man from Knoxville, TN who handprinted me and used me for research in a U.S. federal detention facility, and the man who drove me to the airport in the cop car who was Canadian.  He looked something like one of them.

Guess what?  If I get any better at picking up on your crap, you're all in more trouble than you were before because I will NOT keep my mouth shut.  This is the entire reason the U.S. has tried, my entire life, to find any possible way to set me up to go to jail or find a way to blackmail me.  They pretty much already knew I wasn't psychic, but if it ever sounded like I had one small thing come to mind, they FLIPPED OUT and went BALLISTIC thinking my parents and I had been keeping a big secret from them.

I wish to GOD that I had the ability to see, psychicly, who tortures us and who is at the controls.  I would rat you out in one split second.

None of this crap about "treason" and "national security".  I would RAT YOU OUT and I WILL rat you out.

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