Sunday, March 24, 2013

SOS SOS SOS: Follow My Parents NOW! They're Going to Winston

My parents are leaving to go to this horrid church in Winston.

Please, someone who is decent, follow them. Yesterday I got a kind of SOS from them about needing to warn someone and then last night I remembered, tomorrow is Sunday. Every Sunday they come back from a church looking beat up, tortured, or poisoned.

This church in Winston is really bad and full of mobsters and criminals. They are connected to California mobsters. The entire church is a forum for hate crimes and the only time I was there, I was fried alive while sitting there. They practice psychic government work there and a bunch of them collect there to do this.

It is CRAZY what these "church-people" do.

They're not christians at all, they put a church together as a non-profit to support government and mafia psychic work and who knows what else.

I cannot tell you how many 'non-profit' 'churches' are shell corporations for the United States federal government. The U.S. is committing fraud by claiming some of these newsletters and churches have a "christian" mission, because they don't.

This Winston church is another "site".

From what I witnessed, they use a religious theme, that sounds like normal church, as their medium for practicing psychic predictions and they also use the church as a site to torture and punish people into compliance. They are connected to, and get some of their financial support from California.

So basically, here's how a church service went when I was there, for a general idea. I was tortured the entire time. There were a bunch of people there who had appearances that looked like people from other churches I'd gone to in the past, so some weird mind trip idea going with that. Then, the music leaders got up and as they talked, they referenced predictive markers, but they make it sound like they're talking about God. They also touch their faces, bodies and position their bodies to predict or match ahead of time what someone they are targeting is going to do. Or if someone is about to sneeze 3 times, then one of them will fake a sneeze 3 times and then someone in the audience sneezes 3 times. They put on music trying to guess who will be affected, if someone will clap or sing to it. Then the speaker gives a sermon that isn't to focus on God, but to highlight whatever their latest psychic prediction is, and they couch it in religious terms.

It is really hard to describe but to someone who knows about this kind of government business, they will understand and believe me.

This is why Communist countries don't like "churches". Some "churches" are not about God and religion at all--they're covers for psychic work and other politics. The U.S. federal government is sponsoring a ton of them. Oh yeah, and they make the victims pay "dues".

When I went to that church, they were refering to the Vices, to people from New Song Church (had people copying their distinct mannerisms), Kate Middleton, William of Wales, Robin Bechtold, and a few others. It's a bunch of regular-looking people who are lower-middle class, who are funded by middle-upper class, feds, and Californians with a lot of money.

This church is located in a strip mall in the town of Winston, not far from a 76 gas station. It's a large parking lot, maybe the size of William of Wales' "soccer field".

They had people from California with British accents there when I was there, Italians connected to Bechtold, along with others.

I asked to go with my parents and they said no, so I can't watch them. I have been forced not to go to church with them as another tactic of winning christians over to Middleton. Kate Middleton. I am not kidding. They wanted me not to go to church, and have her regularly attending church services, to keep her appeal to christians.

NO, I AM NOT joking. I have not gone to church ever since. All the churches in this town are government-run, they're not normal churches, so if I'm forced out going with my family to church, so Kate Middleton can appear to be "good", that's fine. She can go with her "family" and pretend and I'll stay home while she's suddenly got a singing voice that isn't outshined by mine. Is that why my voice was targeted?

Seriously. There are some christian music groups that even chose female singers who sound like Kate Middleton to be featured on the radio. Actually, it's not just one, and it is stinks to high heaven.

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