Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Kate Middleton is Going to Jail

Kate Middleton is definitely going to jail, along with dentist Dr. Fischer from Coos Bay, Oregon and his Mexican "pals".

She is caught, and I know without any doubt that she is personally involved in crimes against my family of torture, having full knowledge of these crimes.

My Dad's eyes, that were surgically altered, as I wrote about, were done by dentist Dr. Fischer. His secretary is "Jessica".

Kate Middleton is a U.S. runt and I hope all of her children die.

I wondered, after this was done to my Dad, why all the Mexicans at Walmart seemed to know about it.  I found out Fischer has done international work in Peru.  He knows Spanish.

He is oilier than snot.  He said he went there for "mission" work with his college:  Loma Linda.  The other dentist he works with is Dr. James Gronemyer.

My Dad had a dental appointment and when he got back, the next day or after he went back to Coos Bay to take me to Walmart.  This is where I noticed what his eyes looked like and I said, "That is a professional job."

I cannot WAIT to see Katie in prison stripes or whatever they wear in England.

These men are using a dental office as a place to conduct surgical torture.

Her mother and sister started wearing these necklaces with little dots in the center as a pendant after I had 2 holes drilled into one of my teeth and my mother had one hole drilled into one of her teeth by the U.S.  My guess is that Kate-Deadweight has one of those necklaces too.  They got them at the same time that this was done to me and my mother, to our teeth.

My Dad had a call for a tooth cleaning and the message was left telling him his appointment was at 7.  I happened to pick it up and I didn't confirm it for him so I let him know.  "They called at said you have a dental appointment at 7."

After my Dad was tortured, with skin removed surgically from the interior of his cornea and eyes, he was being observed by a couple of large black men (who only stood out because they were so huge), but mostly what I noticed, was the Mexicans.  They knew, and some of the white people there too, but I wondered how Mexicans would know about my Dad's eyes and what was done.

Oh that's right.  Lynda Carter is a Mexican like Kate.  I'm seriously wondering if anyone in Kate's own family has wanted to bump her off, or if now the money and perks are too nice.  How can they stand her.   That woman, is pure evil.  She does psychic work, and so what.  So do wizards and all kinds of bad people.  It means nothing.

How in the world does her own government not know about her and that she works for the United States?  I don't see how it's possible.  Something is getting moved around in a very tight manner, with certain people at every level to cover for her, because that's the only way it could be done. It is like what they did to me in Wenatchee, wanting me to stay there where they knew who was connected to who and could control everything. 

If she's working for England, it's only for "next-best" eggs job.  Her duties and intelligence work is for the United States.

Oh, and the water I was supposed to pick up at my local grocery store, is not sprouting seeds like normal.  So the other batches were fine in the past, but not this one, and this is not the first time I have had a problem with my water being tampered.

Guess who drove past looking happy about my purchase when I was forced to buy it?  The same guys that knew Kate Middleton was pregnant a month after it was confirmed, who lived next to my parent's house and moved after Kate was 2 or 3 months along.  Somehow, at least one of them knew there was something different about that water.

I have tried 4 different kinds and on 4 separate tests, this is the one that has a problem.  But I was supposed to be drinking it.

Did I say Kate Middleton is going to jail?

Because guess what.  Kate Middleton is going to jail.

At least on this batch, the seeds eventually sprout, after a longer time and are coiled up more tightly and don't want to branch out.  The other water I had, killed the seeds.  They shriveled and died.  And that's what I was drinking on my "fast" while Katie was being inseminated. 

One of the Mexican produce persons at Walmart who visibly hated me, and who my Dad had to check a sign on, and see, I guess to show him how his eyes "turned out" is a Mexican they're telling me is named Louis.  The person who manages him is Mondee Matzner.

My Dad's dental appointment was with Gronemyer, it said, and he works in Myrtle Point, Oregon.  He used to share offices with Dr. Fischer and then Fischer moved to Coos Bay, Oregon and bought out an office there.  However, he still goes to Myrtle Point once a week.

Both of these dentists had their DDS (something for "Dental Surgery") and went to University of Loma Linda in Southern California which is apparently where a lot of Katie's Gangsters are from.  This woman is one step away from the exact same position that a Nevada whorehouse dealer has but she managed to get greased with fish oil.

When I first said my Dad's eyes had pieces cut out of the insides that were shaped like tear drop shapes, now that they've healed more (but still look horrific and like more has been done), there is a perfect round spot that matches the little round pendant dots on the ends of the necklaces belonging to Carol, Kate, and whatever her name is MIddleton. 

It's professional.

The "dentists" are using their surgical skills to torture my Dad, and not to just his teeth but his eyes. It's like it's some kind of dirty interration place or a Middleton Torture chamber.

If you call them up, they sound normal and so do their secretaries/assistants.

The only thing is I don't know when it was done to my Mom's eye because one of her eyes was harmed but not as badly and cut into the way my Dad's are.  My Mom went to Bandon for a doctor appointment with "Kathleen Brown" and she was in Coos Bay for a real estate meeting and otherwise, she has been at her work offices or showing houses, or at church and they went to church here in town and also in Roseburg in the last 2 weeks.

I have also had a certain feeling someone has gone into their house late at night and left lights off and terrorized them more than once, but I don't see how this kind of surgical work could be done to their eyes in the dark.

As to Lynda Carter, you know what is so bizarre, is realizing later why some people freaked out or felt sensitive about some things that didn't make sense.  For example.  I bought my son "Baby Carter" clothing brand clothes when he was a baby.  I remember having some things I wanted taken and hidden from me, so I couldn't buy it for my son, or people not wanting me to buy Carter kids for my son.  I had no clue what the big deal was, if he wore Carter Baby clothes.  Who cares?  I still have no idea why anyone felt resentful about it, unless, in 2006, some group was worried that certain things or symbols should not be attached to me or my son.  It's all about Katie.  Everything.  Everything had to be about Katie, and representing her and her group, and if I accidentally and unknowingly picked something for myself or my son that I didn't know was "designated" for Katie, I was getting hate crime for it.

Has anyone tested her DNA?

I know mine has been tested and no one has shared the results with me.  But has anyone tested hers?  Something is just not normal.

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