Sunday, March 24, 2013

New Assault: My Mother "Cut" Again

My Mom got back from this church they went to and she has a bright red bruise on the right cheek of her face, under her eye, on her cheekbone.

I said, "Who did that to your face?" She said, "I cut myself". I said, "That's not a cut. That's something else." There is no cut that broke the skin, it's like a thick burn across her face and bright red and looks like someone pushed against it with something for a long time.

She didn't cut herself, so now she has a major mark on her face, and there is no explanation for it other than assault.

They went to church in Winston and to Costco in Roseburg and came home. My mother had this horrible cut on her face. Then she said to me, "You look like a skeleton." Which is what this horrid group tells my mother to say to me to discourage me from ever losing weight or getting in shape at all.

I said, "No I don't." She said "You need to eat something." I said, "I've been eating all day and I need to lose weight, not gain weight." She said, "For the last week you've been looking like a skeleton" and I said, "I've been eating every single day and I'm gaining weight, not losing it. I'm GOING to be losing it though and I don't care if anyone says I look like a skeleton to try to discourage me from it."

I had an impression of a woman holding a cutting knife to her own vagina today but I didn't her cut anything. What I do know is that this country is secretly torturing my parents along with the open-torture. I would never be surprised by what the FBI and their accomplices are capable of. Not really an impression. I saw it.

I also saw this woman from her right side.

My mother has a doctor in Roseburg, by the way, that is responsible for some of the torture against my Mom. It's her and Dr. Kathleen Brown. They have both concealed evidence of torture by medical means, and they've used their offices to commit acts of torture.

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