Tuesday, March 19, 2013

(Updated) Ballingers & Man Who Terrorized My Parents and Our Dog

One of the men who has terrorized our dog and my parents is a man who has come over to work on the house.  I know he has shared information about our house with people at Google because the Google artist has come up with ideas for cartoons based on specific details to our house.  For example, the time they had a cartoon with saw-horses in it, it was right after he was over and had set one up outside of our house.  Possibly, someone outside saw it, but it was also possibly him.

He told me today he was Mormon.  I didn't think he was any practicing religion because he has a Native American mythology-mystic thing hanging from one of his cars and he drives at least 2-3 different cars. 

He hasn't done anything that I know of, recently, but in the past, I've seen my parents after he left and they were poisoned or something.  My mother was out of it, and the dog was terrified of him, and would start shaking when he came to the house.

It doesn't matter if someone says they're Mormon or not, if the dog is terrified, it's for a reason.  It means either he was cruel to the dog himself or the dog witnessed cruelty to my parents. Most of the violence was before Kate Middleton got pregnant, mostly before the Olympics.

He does psychic work, and he's very good I guess, at the psychic work.  His name is Gail, or Gale.  His license plate number to his truck is 589 CBJ.

I think it's another indicator of corrupt Mormon influence within the government, against my family.  Even Geoff Rasmussen, when I think about it, I'm pretty sure, teased the dog and I wasn't sure why Tinsel didn't like him.  I remember Topper going nuts about Bryan Parker, and vicious, like he knew he was a threat already.  He didn't act that way with other people.  Actually, I don't know for sure if Geoff was one of them, but Lenny was.  Lenny used to bolt torwards the dog. I remember being shocked and saying don't tease the dog, but the dog would go after him.  He was Filipino and lived nearby, about as close as Bryan Parker or a little further.    He went to Pepperdine University.  Robin was good friends with Lenny.  I think Geoff too, the dogs didn't like him and I wondered why.

I remember he was trying to try something with me about the same time Robin was, but I didn't let it go anywhere because he was definitely only a friend to me.  The idea was like hanging out with my brother, but he tried to kiss me and I just stayed away entirely.  He also wanted to have me get muddy and dirty one time, and it was one time I had a weird feeling about it, like something was "off".  We were running and then he had a football or something or just ran after me and he covered me in mud.  I thought it was all fun and games, and was laughing, but then I remember I had this weird feeling and saw an unusual expression from him, like he had degraded me for someone and felt smugly satisfied.  I thought, "Why is he acting like that, and looking like this now, if he's my friend and this was just fun?"  He was like literally, he wanted to dirty me up.  He had photos taken of it.  I did not know at that time, that his Uncle, who lived in town, was FBI.  So Geoff Rasmussen, who went out of his way to befriend me, had FBI connections.  My "friends" were not really my friends afterall, I don't think.  They were getting close to me for political and law enforcement reasons, nothing else.  Basically, it was Geoff's idea to try to run in practice with me and Monica.  That's how it started--our friendship.

Kinda cute, Snookims Katie, how my arm is crooked into an arrow just like Monica's is, with Geoff in the middle.  You probably owe a lot to him, DON'T YOU. 

We had this joint cross-country photo taken with Monica on one side  and her arm crooked at an angle to rest her hand on hips.  Basically, the hand on hips position, but she's leaning near Geoff, and then I'm going the same on the other side, with Geoff kneeling on one leg in the middle. 

The other person who is FBI connected is Erica Ballinger.  She had a half sister, Christie Ballinger.  Erica moved to the area, changing schools to go to our high school.  She sat in the back of me in Biology and kept trying to be friends.  I didn't actually have a lot of fun with her, I didn't think we clicked, but she kept bugging me so I tried to be nice.   She's the only friend I had that pushed that hard, as a woman, to be friends with me.  She went to Prom with Robin Bechtold one year, and she asked him and Janet loved her.  Robin was good friends with her and with Christie, and Christie was friends with Jason Potter.  Jason Potter is, I believe, connected to the Police Chief for Portland, and I was employed and badmouthed by Jason Potter.  He gave me a job and then fired me after I found out my work was being monitored online and asked him about it.  At this same time, I was living with Sharon Anderson (cop connection) in Tualatin.  She was directly related to Portland cops and never told me and my clothes first disappeared from her house, by her California friends.  This was about the time Erica asked me to move in with her, after Sharon ended the lease, and I said no I was getting an apartment alone, because I was in college and wanted quiet for studying.  They were trying to move me from Anderson (cop) to Ballinger (FBI).  What GREAT people I've had surrounding me my entire life.  I look around and wonder why I don't have any of these friends left. Oh, that's right!  ALL of them are connected or married to FBI or cop employees.  I am not joking. My "friends" were nothing but federal and state spies and snoops.  All of them, are doing just fine.  No problems.  No torture.  Nothing wrong, because all of them turned out to be Kate Kissers.

 I ended up being friends with her, and then we did have fun, and then she got pregnant in high school her senior year by James Bond.  Okay, I never thought of it back then, because I wasn't into the political crap all of my "friends" were involved in, but she named her kid "Jordan".  Like that's not a giveaway.  James Bond was really his name, a guy at our school.  I never thought about why she named her kid "Jordan" but now that I know where Kate Middleton grew up, in Jordan, it makes sense.  These "friends" of mine were already doing weird favors and promos for the Middletons by 1992.  So here is Erica, this woman who tried very very hard to be friends with me, and finally I just hung out with her and we were friends.  Well, all along, I thought it was sincere when apparently, it never was.  She wanted me to move in with her when she had Jordan but I didn't want to live around a kid at that time.  I was already working as a nanny all the time and I needed a break and Jordan was a screamer.  It was around this time, that she said she was "disappointed in" Robin for raping me.  The next thing I learned was she was going to work for the FBI as an accountant.  She said the FBI recruited at her school (George Fox) and they wanted her to work for them.  How fascinating, given I was one of Erica's closest friends and had been for years, at the time.  So then, here is how important and deep her friendship was...she told me our friendship was over forever when I went with Mike Tancer after going to a club.  It was not correct, but I was also intoxicated and she knew this and wasn't forgiving at all.   I told him I'd only go with him if he agreed we didn't have sex and he agreed.  Then we got there and we didn't but he did something else and it was sexual and he knew I was incapacitated.  By that time, federal agents did this so many times, I was in shock and even later I didn't want to acknowledge it.  I finally did say I wouldn't see him anymore.  Also, my menstrual migraines were occuring every single time I was with him, at his house, and I wasn't having my period every week.  So it wasn't menstrual migraine.  I was in extreme pain and looking back, it was like he knew I was being targeted and used the opportunity to play doctor.  I wouldn't need doctoring if I wasn't assaulted by the federal government, would I?  Maybe he thought I was part of a science observation experiment, or maybe he just wanted to play doctor for the Feds.  The U.S. was assaulting me with migraine every Saturday night-Sunday.  It was outside of the pattern for menstural migraine again, and always when I was with Mike, and it was severe.  I didn't have allergies to Vodka, if I drank, because that's all I ever drank and I didn't get headaches from it.  There wasn't any new food that would cause allergy either.  I was assaulted by the U.S. government.  One time I went over and hadn't been drinking or had anything to drink, and I brought my legal materials in a small briefcase-purse.  He said he was just watching t.v. so I was going to work on legal stuff while he watched.  I started getting a migraine and couldn't continue.  There was no legitimate reason for me to be getting migraines other than the government triggered them.

I had to work the next day (Sunday) at a coffee place while in pain.  He also ended up being part of the group that tried to pull me away from legal studies for my lawsuits.  Of course, someone who was interested in me, might do that--call me up all the time, trying to get me to quit what I was doing and go out with him or talk.  But I had a hunch it was more than that.  He was acting like Christa Schneider, and with the same kind of timing. I would be buried in law books at the law library, and reading all day to prepare a motion, and he always called when I was hitting on something significant.  He was not just playing doctor for the FBI, he was trying to sabotage my lawsuits, like other FBI agents.  I don't know what the incentive would have been for him, aside from money, because I don't know how it would have been important to him, except for his Middleton connection.  I think his connection was through his federal work.  Believe me, she's about as bright as a cloud in a smokestorm, so they weren't friends for intellectual reasons.  She's a psychic, but that's a gift, and it doesn't necessarily mean someone also has a high I.Q.  It can be like being autistic, where everything is normal or even not-normal, and then this one gift stands out.  That's her.  She's like a normal, average I.Q. woman with a gift of autism.  The U.S. feds would torture and assault me with migraine every time I was Mike for one of 3 reasons:  1.  Someone didn't want me to be with him, 2. they used Mike as their observational scientist on me, 3. they wanted to have it set-up so they assault me and then Mike could play "doctor" for the Feds.  Which would be gross conspiracy.

As for Erica,  I don't believe any honest friend does this.  The next thing I found out was she was going to buy a house with her Mom or something.  She basically threw away almost a decade of friendship away, that SHE had ardently pursued, over one thing, which looked like an excuse to me.

She was detaching for the FBI, and her job within the FBI.  I suppose she thought she was a witness for Kate Middleton.  Ms. "Jordan".  She didn't tell me our friendship was "over" until after I got home and called her later and she said so.  So it turns out Mike Tancer was working for the FBI.  So exactly what kind of a messed-up gig is that?  It didn't matter how I apologized, she refused to see me or be contacted and her mother too.  It was totally, 100% bizarre.  Mike Tancer said, "She sounds like a fair-weather friend."  Oh yeah, a Katie Kisser.  For all I know, he was complimenting the other friend that Erica had.  The fair-weather one who hasn't been forced into storms as I have.

She was a year older than me but we were in the same grade, because....??  that's how someone wanted it to be.  She was at a large school, and then transfered to Sherwood.  Her first mission, was to get close to me.   I find it rather strange that she was so close to the Bechtolds when she was also trying desperately to befriend me to get close.  I mean, she went to Prom with him.  Erica told me her Dad had been an opera singer but they didn't know him because it was a one-night stand and he left, and her sister's Dad worked in construction at a gravel pit, or her mother married someone who did, and her Dad was a cop.  Christie was originally from California I think, or moved there, and possibly Erica, but I don't remember.  This is her facebook page.  She had that flushed look-- in high school, now...she looks the same.  https://www.facebook.com/christyballinger.george.  Robin did more with her and her friends than I ever did.  Her favorite hobby in high school was photography and fashion design.  She made some of her own clothes, and did photography.  I wonder if she had any kids and named them.  What would she name them?  She was very sweet and bubbly and full of life and laughter, and she was vicious and cruel when she wanted to be.  Mean as a hornet.  Erica's facebook is here and her different eyes do not fool me for a minute, anymore than one photo of Kate Middleton's eyes looking different.  Erica was, apparently, always devious, but later she got very hard-hearted and manipulative.  https://www.facebook.com/erica.ballingerisaac.  I don't know what the point is of their added last names because to my knowledge, neither have married.  Chris Isaac was Erica's favorite singer to moon around to over James, and that's all I know.  Honestly, one time I think one of Lonnie's boyfriends tried to warn me about them.  I am not sure what he knew that I didn't know, but he looked like he felt sorry for me and said a few things that I didn't understand, because it sort of was like he was trying to tell me they weren't really my friends.  I think he was even living with Lonnie (Erica's mother) at the time.  Christy was a year older and Erica was my grade level, and I guess they wanted someone my grade level to have easier access to me.

The FBI has been a nuisance to me my entire life. 

One of Christa Schneiders good friends was "TJ".  Trevor.  Another is Kate Middleton.

The other thing about Christy Ballinger, was that aside from being friends with a guy who is possibly connected to cops (Potter) and her Dad being a cop (her Mom or step-Mom was Sandy) was that she smoked pot, like Robin, and they were all involved in the marijuana industry.  They were part of Katie's Krew because the Middletons were already involved in the drug industry.

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