Thursday, March 21, 2013

IRS Disconnected Me & Alvaro Pardo's Contacts: Obama

I called the IRS first thing this morning, and they made me hold for 25 minutes and disconnected my phone call at 10:10 a.m. (according to my computer time).

I was waiting for someone the entire time and then after they did another music switch, and had a recording play with an announcement, my call was disconnected and I wasn't holding the phone. It was on the table, and I could hear what was being said.

So now I am going to audio record this call because I've called them back again.

The IRS phone number I was given to call is 1-866-883-0235.

Now, at 10:19 a.m. I was disconnected and the phone said, "Out of Range" and it's not out of range. It is in the same place it always is. So my phone call to the IRS was obstructed again, and it is the federal government that is doing it. No one else does this kind of thing except for the U.S. federal government and this time, it is CIA.

That is what Alvaro is. And that is how he knows Kate Middleton. He worked for the FBI, yes, but the CIA wanted him to work for them and he did, the entire time he was with me, he fucked me, and he played games and did psychic government predictions on me while I was there.

All of the Colombians I met were in on it. Every single one of them.

He was most likely Arabic, and bisexual, and this is why he wanted to live in the U.S. The U.S. lied to me about everything. The Catholics even found out later he wasn't Catholic, some of them, but some of the Irish Catholic work with Middle Easterners anyway. They used him to try to put me in jail, for them.

Okay, now my mother's boss, Debbie Sweetwater-Burt, who is a bitch, just hung on me when I called to ask for my mother. Debbie Burt is involved in it. She is also a liar, because she was letting others know she was Catholic in about 2002, but after this, more recently, she's going with "Protestant". She works for the U.S. and she knows this Irish cop Sean and the Irish had a hand with what the Colombians were doing. The Irish were connected to Mark, who was the FBI truck driver from New Mexico, which is where Debbie Sweetwater-Burt, was raised and grew up. She knew the FBI there, and that is who I contacted before he showed up. The New Mexico FBI.

Collier was quick to assemble himself together on my case that was before Judge Nakata after I brought up Debbie Burt, whom he knows. He knows that if I was saying my mother was cut and/or poisoned by Debbie Burt, Kathy Hathaway, and Patty Otterbach. Debbie Burt and Cindy were worried enough that I might "know something" that when they saw me walking over (in the past, up to that point, I'd always been polite) Debbie and Cindy jumped into a room with a partition and glass wall and hid behind a huge copy machine...both of them. I hadn't ever written anything on my blog like I have more recently, and I hadn't ever been rude and there was no need for that reaction if they weren't guilty of something and they both looked guilty as hell. Debbie Burt is 100% involved. She is also connected to Justin Collier, or Nakata, who was my appointed Judge, and Alvaro slept with Nakata.

The Irish Catholics got Alvaro into the country, and then the U.S. was using him for translation of Middle Eastern materials and calls, is my guess. The Irish and Middle East or Muslims, have worked together recently, between black arms trade and drug trade and working for the CIA and U.S. The Irish Catholics were managing Alvaro and then later, I was being sent to have public defenders that were Irish Catholic (like Edward Shea) who had serious conflicts of interest.

Alvaro, Omar, Oscar,....all Middle Eastern names. Omar? That was Alvaro's cousin. The U.S. federal government lied to me. He is a Spanish-speaking Muslim who was being told what to do by Irish Catholics and the CIA and Army and he used me. Then this country tortured me and kidnapped my son when they couldn't find a way to put me in prison.

The reason why Kate Middleton's family wanted Northern Irish at her wedding, is because they were involved in setting me up with Alvaro and then killing Osama bin ladin the day after her wedding. They were doing her family favors while they made sure I was pushed down and my son was tortured. Then they wanted to rub it in my face later. Most of the Navy Seals that went in to attack Osama bin ladin were Irish Catholic. I believe it was reported, without using the man's identity, that the man who shot him was also Irish Catholic. I'm not totally sure about that part, but I do know it was reported that most of the Seals were Irish Catholic. So for whatever reason, the Irish Catholic military felt they were getting their "hey-day". So of course they are going to be invited to the wedding ahead of time, for getting rid of someone who has evidence that could have been used against the Middletons. He was Middle Eastern, afterall, Osama was, and he'd been around a very long time, and had worked with CIA a very long time, and it's not like some of those people didn't have good intelligence. Do we really think he had no contacts in Jordan? or other parts of the U.S.?

U.S. Army and CIA and continued MKUltra abuse. Where's my son.

The other group that got involved was, of course, Mormons who already were in the federal government and who worked with Irish Catholic in drug deals that supported the Middletons, "they know who Kate Middleton is, from Canada to the United States."

This country lied to me and used me, and they're still using me. They committed fraud against taxpayers for spending money on the CPS case to keep my son kidnapped from me as they used me. My mother could put Middleton in prison, in a minute.

So when I was calling up Washington D.C. FBI headquarters, and asking for Alvaro, this is why they freaked out. "Why do you want to know?" is what I was told. I said I was calling to find out if he was who he said he was because I believed he was giving me a false ID. So then this country blocked me from leaving the country, and assaulted me with Haldol at a psych ward with a bunch of Muslim Eastern Indians and FBI personnel.

This IRS man finally answered the phone and then hung up on me. I said nothing rude at all. Then I looked at my recorder and it was changed, not by me, or by my pressing this option, to "pause". The IRS man's name was Forsgen. His ID is 1000141708.

For all I know, the federal government, is still using me to publish information their employees want online for some other federal agent to see. I am not their spy. I am tired of being used by this country as a go-between for the federal government, so they can find a way to get their messages across to others.

This man lied to me and told me if I want to have a copy of a transcript for my 1040, which was stolen, I have to send a FOIA request, which is a lie, because I already talked to several other employees who said they could send a transcript without any problem and only needed to verify my information they had on record. If the IRS takes calls from people, to their hotline, about any matter, which they state on their recording they do, they can send out a transcript when I confirm who I am, which is the same standard they have for speaking to me over the phone to begin with. He didn't even ask to confirm who I was first on the phone, which he's supposed to do, but then he tells me he can't send me a transcript or copy of my tax form when it was stolen. Who stole it? The federal government.

This man wanted to answer my call as I was putting change into a different section, I guess because the U.S. federal government thought it would be "cool" to have the sound of clinking change on their recording to me. This country is guilty of exploitation and abuse, rape and torture, fraud, and use of a child and his mother for U.S. Army and CIA torture. THe whole "Revolution" theme and "Arab Spring" idea was over Alvaro and Kate Middleton. He was their idea of someone who was part of "Revolution" and she was their advocate for Arab Spring, and then she gets married in April of course. The same month my parents married.
The African-American woman who now took my call from the IRS, disconnected me.

So now, Ms. "Love" took my call and when I asked if she was the only "Love" there she said no, she wasn't. She gave me ID 1000142568. I told her politely that I had had problems every single time I called the IRS, and that I was constantly disconnected by them, and so I was letting her know "I am also, therefore, recording this conversation as well." She said, "That's illegal." I said, "No it's not. It's a state-by-state law and I live in Oregon. I have a right to record even if I don't have your consent." She said, "I'm disconnecting now, okay?" and hung up on me. I was polite the entire time and said, "You are recording me and I'm recording you so we will have everything on the record." What is their problem? If they have nothing to hide, they think they can record all calls but that cuatomers cannot? Not only that, it is legal in most states. She already knew this because she was a lawyer for the IRS. So she hung up, just to hang up to make a point for herself.

It obviously involves The President of the United States. You really think Obama doesn't know about it? I am going to cut out the parts about Alvaro and what the U.S. had him here for, after I am done dealing with the IRS today. Actually, I think I'm already done with them. They refuse to do what they're supposed to do. It is another excuse to harass me.

Many of the other nations and countries even knew about Alvaro Pardo and me and Obama. They knew about me and Alvaro because he was Middle Eastern and they knew Obama knew because James Cartright was the Pentagon man who knew Mark, Alvaro, and Chris Dabney. There is no possible way Obama didn't know about me and Alvaro and other countries knew and they were snubbing him, some of them, at a UN peace conference in 2009. The one where Obama says "Peace" a couple of times and sounds like he's trying not to cry or to not be nervous. This country has tortured me.

No, I have nothing good to say and yes, everything I ever say is negative, because I AM TORTURED. The Roman Catholics quit torturing me, along with Jews and others I guess, because they thought if they could get Alvaro in, they could get to Osama bin ladin and kill him and that would make Catholics happy who hated Osama for bombing a church (it's the only time they went after Osama, out of Catholic revenge) and Jews might be happy (unless they felt maybe Osama was not the worst of them--he wasn't exactly targeting Jews) and blood-thirsty Mormons who liked a "good roll" would be down for it.

All of these U.S. federal employees used me. The only time I was not being tortured by Catholics in military and NASA or Moromons, or anyone, was when I was being forced to accompany Alvaro.

Kate Middleton deliberately had her wedding date on April 29th, knowing I had a habit of sometimes adding numbers together for the sum (which, I found out, is not unique to me and others do it and it's even something people do in certain customs and I didn't know it). It makes 11. My Mom was married on the 15th which makes 6. Flip it and it's 9-11. Perfect for Arab Spring.

It is very possible Canada used Alvaro to coordinate with the U.S. too. I am still glad I voted for Obama and not Romney. I don't regret that at all. I haven't had one regret about it. There must be a reason for it, and I can only think who knows. There was too much sudden weird stuff coming up with Utah and Mormons I thought were so great. It freaked me out.

At any rate, I am still being tortured right now, and it's to my heart and I believe the black doctor who did my surgery inserted a metal stent to my heart because none of this kind of torture was even possible before, and when the U.S. did all other kinds of things, they would have tried this too, and they didn't. They waited until I was in a hospital, after they knew I had any sentiment about Princess Diana ever (which I never shared until I was in D.C. for the most part, not really) and they did this to me, through the groin and under my ribcage and into my heart.

This country has done horrific things to my heart, specifically, since June 2009, which is when Kate Middleton decided to get pregnant (in June, though later). Everything she has done has been as a marker of torture and abuse to me and my son and to rub it in to my parents. I do not mean "I had a broken heart" or I felt sorry Alvaro left after sexually using me, holding me hostage, and trying to put me in prison. I never had one single heart problem before either. The U.S. started torturing me, specifically to my heart, through the technology they inserted through my groin in Maryland's Seventh Day Adventist Hospital, 3 months after Alvaro was gone. All they waited for was to see if I wasn't pregnant, because if I was, they'd have used the kid. I don't think they thought it was possible anyway because they had Alvaro drugging and medicating me with birth control. The U.S. waited from the time he left, which was on April 29th (same day Kate wanted her wedding scheduled), until June, and then they tortured me, specifically targeting my heart.

Alvaro was present. He most likely wanted to break up with me then out of guilt. There is no way he didn't know what they were doing to me. If they had asked questions, he would have tried to take authority and consent to anything they did. I had my parents listed as emergency contacts, not him. What they did in that operating room, was illegal. Then they let it sit and didn't try to do anything by remote "surgery" or "medicine" applications, and they waited, and then they went after me. I also remember the smirks he exchanged with the surgeon (the woman) and I wondered what it was about.

This is something I would expect from Mafia-connected FBI more than anything, because who would think it's revenge for their religion but Catholics? They put a stent in my heart to then literally burn me as a joke to Raul Bujanda's "burning heart" saints card in the police car. This government is allowing torture of me, to my heart, literally, as a form of revenge for Roman Catholics who wanted revenge. Supposedly, there are also Roman Catholic priests involved with Alvaro.

I think the entire idea was that not only could they torture me in the future, to cause pain and suffering, they could kill me at any time. What would anyone do? I die of heart failure, and in the ER, they cut me open and secretly take out what they placed there and no one knows.

I have nothing good to say about this country because there is nothing good left except the weather. I know Granny is psychic, and this country tortured her over it and stole her children from her. She was writing me letters when I was a little girl, and they were always about nothing besides the weather. She knew. She knew what was ahead for us. I believe she was also letting me know, ahead of time, she was being tortured, even back then. I came to Oregon after Nashville and said to my parents one day, "You know you're being tortured when there's nothing good to talk about except for the weather." I later remembered all of the letters Granny sent me, were about the weather. She wasn't just writing about weather. She knew ahead of time, that I was going to describe living in torture as when there is nothing good left, but weather.

I hate this country.

This country rapes and then tries to entrap to cover up for their federal rapes. They steal, and then make false arrests against the victim to cover for their theft. They torture, and call someone "crazy" when the entire rest of the world knows that person is not crazy.

Everyone else in intelligence, CPS, and the justice community knew about Alvaro. They deliberately didn't tell me as they held my son hostage and tortured him. Then, worried about exposure, the blackmailed all federal employees to silence, threatening them with "treason" if they talked, because they were federal employees.

I am EXEMPT from such orders.

I have not signed documents or been a consensual federal employee and I am not under their rules and orders, which means, if I figure something out, they can't go after me for "treason". This country has committed crimes against my family and then tells any federal employee, they are bound to silence, for "national security" reasons, which is BULLSHIT. So they are threatened with "treason" if they talk, for breaking codes of national security or classified information.

I'm not under their supervision. They tried, yes, they have definitely tried. If it wasn't persuading me to go along or join, it was attempts to put me in jail.

So what does a country like the U.S. do with a liability like me, someone who can talk,who is under NO obligation to follow the rules for "national security", "breaches of confidence", or "classified information"? Torture. And call them "crazy" or "mentally ill". Threaten family. Torture family before my eyes so I don't talk.

I have nothing good to say about this country because they torture us. If I were in another country, with a baby, they cannot do this without that country's consent. And who would do that? Additionally, I need surgery from another country, to "undo" what these government hate groups have done.

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