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U.S. Stealing Eggs, Sperm, & DNA from my family; Kidnapping by U.S.

I should clarify, even though I had an impression of someone saying the name "Donnie", it wasn't my Dad because I've never picked up on anything from him and he doesn't even know him or the name of the guys I talked to.  The man I saw looked whiter.  He had the manner of Don maybe, but he had brown hair and a face that looked like the cop from Canada or the man who handprinted me in Knoxville. 

Someone else was talking about things earlier, about "limited time only" and I disregarded it.  It wasn't the same person.  None of these people have accents, like british or other accents.  If it's someone british or that kind of accent, ever, then they fake a non-accent.  I think that's unlikely.

If anyone cares about me or is sniffing something out, stay away from me in case I accidentally sniff you out.  I don't think it's likely, but I hit and miss and if I see something or think so and accidentally say the wrong thing, or see something, I might accidentally say something.  So pretty much, if you're a good person who is investigating and going to expose torturers, don't come around me.  I'd like to know who the few are, but it's not possible until the people torturing us are dead or in prison.  And for your own protection.  I hope some bounties get put up against the U.S. assholes.

Not last night but the night before I saw a woman reacting to some kind of rays but I thought maybe I saw a movie because I saw it happening like visible rays, thin rays of different colors, in straight lines, going to her body.  I saw her as someone seeing a woman's profile facing left and saw her from at least the torso-up as if she was standing and all these needle-thin long rays of light were hitting her body.  You could see all of the lines and they were all straight, and super long, and she started reacting to it.  At first it was really weird, like was it supposed to be from a movie about a religious experience? or was it torture by technology?  I don't know.  I haven't seen anything like it before.  All of the rays were coming from the right and sky and in front and then hitting her in the front and there were so many of them.  She had long hair and it was down.  I will put the sketch at the bottom of this paragragh.  It is horrible, but just shows the angle and how thin and how many of them I saw.  I saw different colors too, not super bright, but slight graduation or difference in a color or few colors.  I just drew a blob to mainly show how the rays were hitting her.  First she drew in her breath and then she was making some noise and I wasn't sure if it was ecstasy or torture.  At first it looked like she was trying to withstand something or was dealing with it while this happened.  There were at least this many rays and they were sort of see-through but all of them enough to see color of that they were these extremely fine rays in straight lines.  I only saw her facing to the left.  I thought she had brown hair and it was long but I am not positive about color.  It could have been another color.  The part that stood out most was her intake of breath and expressions as this happened to her and the odd array of light and rays hitting her.  They were all in an arch like this, I mean, like hands of a clock around a clock, but all these rays.  I didn't know if she was being used for an experiment or if it was from a movie someone was watching.  They seemed to be maybe pink or rose colored. It wasn't dark like blue or bright red or anything.  It was like a white background and then all these extremely fine rays maybe sort of rose or pink and white light colored.  I didn't see anyone else at all.  Just her and how she was moving and reacting.  She bent down and forward a little and braced up.  I just added a photo I ended up with, of myself from today (taken today), because it shows the colors of the rays of light I saw, but they were longer and in the direction as shown below.  Also, the rays weren't going all the way around like in the candle photo, but coming from one side, as shown below.  The rays, in proximity to the body or measurement were, from my view, if her torso was 3 feet, 6 inches high, the rays from the side I could see extending for about 3-5 feet from the side.  So they were sort of like light rays like from the candle, but thinner, and all the same size, no different thicknesses, and they were all very long and I couldn't see the source.  Just the woman and her reaction.  I am not sure what she was wearing because I was too distracted wondering what the rays were and why she was reacting.  I think it was torture maybe.  It was sort of like she stood there and then said oh no or something and braced herself and at some point I heard screaming or something like pain.  It was like a scream and pain first, and then the rays continued and she stopped screaming as much.  She reacted like someone who, maybe as an epileptic would sense an attack coming on, and then it happens, but it wasn't that kind of attack and I could see everything.  The reason I wonder if it was a movie is because it was so spectacular.  Now my parent's porch light just went out completely.  It's pitch black over there.


Someone who speaks another language was trying to say my last name 2 days ago and they enunciated the last part of Garrett so it sounded like "Gar-ette".  Someone new, trying it out with their own accent.  A man.  A somewhat tentative and shy try.  Gar-ette.  Like someone had just said, "Say Garrett".  And they tried, or repeated or tried on their own.  GarETTE.

2-3 days ago, someone karate chopping all day.  I had no idea why I felt like I should be kicking and chopping at things all day.  All frickin' day.  I didn't do anything of course, but I thought, you know, someone must be practicing karate or something, for like HOURS today.  I mean, I had the physical impulse to kick out with my legs and to chop with my hands and arms.  By night, I finally realized, "Someone must be practicing karate all day for me to have felt this all day".  It was from afternoon to night.  Several hours, as I walked downtown and back to my house.  It was so constant that it was like I was picking up on the vibes of someone practicing for hours like they were in a session for a long time or really working out.  I felt it like some kind of martial arts with kicking and chopping.  I wanted to do side kicks and front kicks and jump, and chop with my hands and make sharp turns with my body.  I didn't know if it was my son playing but it felt professional, but who would I pick up energy for this from?  A lot of people know karate but I don't know who I would be feeling it from.  It was not slow-moving martial arts.  It was high intensity.

Oh yeah, and during the Olympics in London, I felt the impulse to lift up my shirt too, just like Katie Middleton did, and thank God I had enough reserve NOT to.  So why, exactly, did I sense this impulse to raise my shirt up half-way on the exact same day and at the same time SHE did, literally.  I found out about it because it was on a headline that night when I went to my computer.  It said, "She bares her midriff lifting her shirt"--something like that.

I didn't do it.  It was a  hot day, but thank goodness I thought about it, felt it, and told myself, no, I'm not doing that.

So what's that?  MKUltra crap?

If someone needed a "sign", I keep my belly button under wraps. 

My stomach was looking good too.  Very flat, and toned.  It was blazing hot.  So what.  I never have that impulse and that day I did, and did Kate Middleton.  So is she following me, or what.  Like the day I was making rivers into the dirt in my garden and then someone put up a photo of her doing something with the side of her hand as if she was doing the same thing.  But she is the one that the U.S. gives all of my personal information too as they torture me and my son and kidnapped my son from me.  She's the "Special K" I've been hearing about since 1981 when she became, what?  one of the first embryo transfers?  I seriously feel her DNA should be compared to her parents.  Something is "up" if you ask me.

Yes, I sense this bizarre impulse to just raise up my shirt, halfway, and expose my belly, at my house, in my yard, and NOT EVEN IN MY YARD where all the military and CIA has their cameras I'm sure, to watch what I do and compare it to others.

But what a weird thing, to then find out the person who had the same impulse, and did it, was Kate Middleton.  NO frickin' way.

I said to myself, "I think this is a set-up".  My impulse was to do it and then I thought, "I think someone is watching and wants this".  Sure enough, I had this feeling I was being watched, somehow, like there are cameras even on our private property and I wasn't going to do it for their amusement and entertainment.   My "feeling" was, I believe, correct.  The U.S. Army or intelligence is comparing my stats with hers.  All the time.  Even though they hump and dumped me, and used me my entire life. 

Just like someone wanted me to pick the yellow daffodils.  No.  It's not that I didn't think of adding yellow daffodils to my bouquet last year.  I chose not to, and it seemed to disappoint some.  But I thought, "They are too pretty where they are." I didn't want to pick them because I liked looking at them across from my window.  I thought about it all day, that one day, but I decided not to pick them even though I picked all the other ones.  I wanted them to live longer so I left them where they were.  I might change my mind this year.  I am always changing, just not the way some like.

I wondered why there was any publicity that Kate wanted noticed, about her dog supposedly eating her pearl necklace.  All of it, all of her crap, is U.S. intelligence and psychic-government work motivated.  She wants credit for everything she does and it doesn't matter how she degrades others or uses them, she wants to be sure she is noticed.

The United States kidnapped my son and abused him for their government programs.  They did not make a mistake or an accident.  They plotted out what they did after I refused to agree to adopt him out to some other family that would allow the U.S. to use him.

I don't want my son marrying anyone who is a U.S. citizen or a Canada citizen.  Someone in the U.S. was trying to do things to him to instill ideas of being gay too, when he was very little and I wondered who was trying to do this to my son because it wasn't the Avilas. 

He is not a United States citizen and I'm beginning to wonder about my own birth certificate.  Why would U.S. government people act weird about it unless there was something not normal about it?  I was born before there was invitro fertilization (unlike Kate Middleton).  I look like my parents, and have the same traits, but something is wrong with it.

Why would my mother act spooked and weirded out when I said, over a year, "My birth certificate isn't worth the paper its printed on".  I meant something else but she thought I meant it wasn't real or for me, or authentic.

The U.S. made an "ID" matter out of things, just to keep me in the U.S. so they could blast my teeth and torture me.  This is a GOD DAMNED country. 

Even the fucking man from Canada.  He knew something was wrong with my birth certificate.  That fucker knew.  There is no other reason he would act the way he did, and look at me with the intensity that he looked at me with, if he didn't already know something was up.  He had all my documents, my birth certificate, and my son's birth certificate, and custody papers, and every single thing that was a government document which proved who I was.

And after all that, and knowing they all knew I was from the U.S. and a U.S. citizen, he stared at me and said, "So.  Are you a U.S. citizen."

Are you a U.S. citizen???

This Canada Immigration man had every single document with a U.S. government stamp and seal on it, and my name, and my photo ID attached to it, and my son's ID, and he stopped, got totally quiet, after he'd been already dealing with me for hours.  He came back to me with:

"So, are you a U.S. citizen?"

He was fucking testing me.  It was like a test question, when someone asks you to see if "does she know". 

I had talked to him for hours, about getting political asylum.  I told him I was a U.S. citizen.  My son had a birth certificate from the U.S.  He had my U.S. government social security card, my original sealed/government stamped birth certificate, my papers from Washington state about how I was the only legal guardian of my son.  I had turned over all of this to them when they had me go to their offices the 1st time.

The first time I was there.  The RCMP woman took me back to my car and I got all my documents to prove who I was and I turned it over to them.  He had reviewed everything.  He'd talked to U.S. officials and Canadians.  And he asks me, after all of that:

"Are you a U.S. citizen?"

When I said yes, he said, "So you believe you are a U.S. citizen?"

Do I BELIEVE I'm a U.S. citizen???

What else am I?

I was, I thought, a U.S. citizen but I have my doubts now.  I arrived and my parents said to me, "What if you were told your entire life is a lie."

"What if you were told your entire life is a lie."

Like I'm one of those Russian kids, born secretly to U.S. citizens or something.  What if you were told your entire life a lie?

That's what I was asked, how would I feel or react to this?  And then later, after we were all being tortured, I said, "My birth certificate isn't worth the paper it's printed on".  I said this, meaning the U.S. doesn't respect even ONE of the rights that a U.S. citizen supposedly has, so what's the worth or value of a birth certificate?

My mother took my statement differently.  She thought I was saying it wasn't legitimate, that it wasn't real, like, I was someone else than whose name is on the birth certificate.

My parents were tortured again today.  My Dad's eyes were newly blasted because they are all puffy all the way around and this is what happens and then they bruise over and turn dark.  That's the pattern.  That's what the U.S. does to him and they've done it so many times, I know how it unfolds.  My mother was wearing a ton of concealer today because after she took off her make-up, I saw her eyes were almost solid black or dark brown on the inside skin corners.

I don't want my son raised in the U.S.  I don't want him marrying anyone who is a U.S. citizen, and I don't want him marrying anyone who is a Canadian citizen.  Canada threw him out like a piece of trash, to be tortured, and they knew.  The U.S. literally allowed torture and still does.  NO NO NO.


My son is not your property.

When the Canadian man said, "So you believe you're a U.S. citizen?" and I said "Yes" I added, "But I don't have a problem renouncing it."  He said, "So you want to be a Canadian citizen?" and I said, "Yes."  What else was I supposed to say when I said I revoke the U.S. completely.  I didn't really want to be a Canadian citizen specifically, but if that's what I had to say to be given political asylum, that's what I said.  I was forced into Canada, to the closest border and it was set up ahead of time.  I had a couple of other countries in mind, but with the level of torture, if that's what it took, then yes, I agreed with him.  He knew from the start I was revoking the U.S. for both me and my son.

I think now, was he FBI and the RCMP allowed him in to talk to me and then he just wanted to feel out what I was saying. 

I didn't forget how he looked, though, when he said, "Do you believe you are a U.S. citizen?" and "Is your son a U.S. citizen". I said, "Yes, I'm a U.S. citizen but I don't believe my son is, he was just born there and I had his social security number revoked."

The U.S. tortured us worse after I revoked his social security number because they already knew I was going out and taking my son with me.

I haven't even talked to my son.

I have zero communication with my own son because of this GOD DAMNED United States of "America".  It's the United States of Amway.  This country doesn't even fit it's own name anymore. 

My Mom and Dad sometimes hear from my son, but hardly ever.  Anyone in Wenatchee sees my son and views him at church, in public, and at school.  All of those FUCKERS who did NOTHING but try to take my son from me, and left me to sleep OUTSIDE in the dirt, literally, THEY have access to Oliver.

GOD DAMN Wenatchee.  I hope blood pours through CPS and the justice system and their cops.  What justice looks like, would show up as slashes across the face and knocked out teeth of every single CPS worker, Judge, and cop.  The Angel of Death, sweeping throughout Seattle and Wenatchee, would be small satisfaction.  Marie Scanlon, Michelle, Jennifer Godfrey, Russ, Tony--all of them should have bloodied faces from the sharp edge of a knife for what they did to Oliver.  My son should be able to sit there and watch them, lined up as they drink permanent hair solution.  They could sit behind a counter, like American Idol judges, with their glasses of poison, and my son could stand there, as the "contestant", and watch them DRINK WHAT THEY GAVE HIM.

My brother has access to my son too.  My opinion is that it's only because he's connected to the U.S. Army.

I showed up in Oregon, with my parents, and the FBI suddenly pretending to "help".  My parents wouldn't have brought up the idea that my entire life was a lie if they hadn't felt something was going to be done.  The FBI made all kinds of promises and broke all of them.

The FBI has chosen to foster the lie and torture us.
This is a photo I took last Spring, which I cropped yesterday for something.  I titled it "unicorns".  I did my hair this way after reading that morning, the verse, "you have stolen my heart with one necklace."  I wasn't brave enough to go out publicly like this but I tried it.  It's two braids, one on the right and one on the left and crossing in the back and then wrapping around my neck twice in a choker and I was able to tie it this way.  No pins required.  I can't remember how it happened.  I either thought of unicorns and did it and then the verse came up and I was shocked by the random occurance right after I did my hair that way, or it was the other way around. 
We are prisoners.  We smile.  Like that means anything.
I didn't put it up because I thought it looked sort of like a collar someone wears for dark ideas, but to me it was a form of artistic expression.  I thought about not putting it up and then thought, I can say I'm an artist or I can show "I am an artist".  Of course, I know, artists are sometimes undercover and express themselves through their art and not hair or clothing.  I don't have a place to paint right now, so this is what I work with basically.
I think the U.S. is stealing eggs and sperm from my parents and family.  Ever since it became a public fact that IVF was possible, the CIA and military intelligence have been all over it. 
I'm positive.
Since it became public in 1981 or so, we can assume the government has not declassified information on the ones before the public announcements.  So we could put IVF back to possibly 7 years or even as old as I am.  My parents are gifted psychically and it's genetic.  It's not something you learn.  It's passed on by generations and the U.S. has demasculinized my Dad by forcing him to give them sperm and they've been stealing eggs from my Mom.  They don't want us raising our own kids--they're stealing our DNA so they have it available for their own political agendas.  I am dead serious.  I thought my Mom was just wanting to keep her hormones up too, for health, but her doctors are keeping her ovulating to steal eggs from her.  They've been taking my mother's eggs. 
The United States blackmailed and forced my parents to give them eggs and sperm for their corrupt projects, so they assumed I wouldn't put up too much of a fight.  This country is going straight to Hell.  First they were attempting to have me go under anasthesia all the way back in 2002 with an excuse but I sniffed it out.  I don't know what happened when I was under in 2009 in Maryland, but I wouldn't doubt it.  I know for sure, this country put me under extraordinary pressure to give up eggs in 2010 when I was back in Washington state.  Then I found my Mom's medical records, after already having this "feeling" this was happening to my Mom.  For all I know, Kate Middleton is my mother's kid--my mother's egg, and no one even knows except my Mom and Carol.  I have no idea how many eggs have been stolen from my Mom, but it's been going on for awhile and the United States is still forcing extractions from both my Mom and Dad.
So imagine how this is for us.  We are tortured and they have their eggs and sperm and DNA being forcibly taken to be given away to other people.  But the U.S. has a problem with my being a gestational surrogate, because that is money for me and doesn't give them anything, like eggs.  I wouldn't typically share my mother's personal information, but they have her in a state of ovulation.  She is now 60 years old and they have her ovulating.  They've been stealing our eggs.
This is what the eggs are about.
It's one thing for a woman who feels it's no big deal, and doesn't mind giving up eggs.  Some people feel that way.  Others are opposed in every way, and are being coerced and forced by the United States FUCKING Government.  FUCK YOU.
They've had my Mom meeting up with new OBGyns and fertility specialists even since I've been here, for the last two years.  It crossed my mind, after the U.S. did what they did to me.  If they wanted MY eggs that badly, they definitely would do this to my Mom and Dad.
I guess the U.S. decided if China or some other countries, were doing whatever they wanted with reproductive science, they would too, and DAMN the U.S. "citizens" who said they had "rights". 
So if you have a gift, as a psychic, you're probably already known.  I have no idea how anyone can hide it anymore.  This is where the U.S. is investing all of their money and interest.  If you were an Indian shaman or from such a family, they know you.  If you are from Africa and part of a a medicine or healer family, they know you.  If you were from a family descended from Native Americans in Mexico or South America, they've sniffed you out.  If you're Jewish and have a gift of prophecy or priests or history of seers, they know who you are.  If you're Irish and from a family of "second sight" they are pouring your tea, strong, the way you like it, as they figure out how to get your buttered eggs.  Where did you hide them?  Under the floorboard in the barn?  If you're from a family in Europe that has a history of this, or any relatives known to have been tried as "witches" or having a gift of "psychic royal bloodline", they know who you are.  If you're in the Middle East and your family displayed any kind of unusual prophetic gift, like Mohammed or someone else, or shocked someone, they're starting to realize, it's a gift from God and even they are known.  Why do you think the CIA wanted to attach to them?  If the military or CIA sniffs out any psychic ability in anyone, they are suddenly "friends".  It is not "taught".  People can be "attuned" to it, or recognize and test it more, but it's not a learned trait.  It's inherited or rarely, a sudden miraculous gift, which is why sometimes history records people like Saul as astonishing prophets and seers who said, "Is he also a prophet?" as if to say, "Since when?" because he was never that way before.  Gypsies, or anyone practing arts of fortune-telling, are tested for whether it's crockery or actually a gift, and they are then slaughtered or utilized.
The United States is trafficking humans in their own country, and stealing eggs and sperm from their own citizens.  FUCK YOU.  They are KIDNAPPING the children already known to have some connection to psychic families, and forcing them to work for the U.S.  So who would push down someone like me and my family, in order to be able to extort and steal DNA from us?  Those who have money and who want themselves to be rich or powerful or have the advantage of psychic gifting in their own families.  FUCK YOU.   Some of these "Mormons" who I had thought all my life were so pious, are in on the cash crop of psychic babies.
Why is Christina Maiers so flat-chested anyway?  Is she also part of my family's DNA?  Maybe that's why Joy acted so pissed just because I showed kindness to her Dad when he was in the Seattle hospital, as if she had something to worry about.  What.  What was she so worried and jealous about?  She perched there anxiously as if she was worried I was about to share something with her Dad or steal his affections.  Why would JOY care.  He was always friendly to me when I was a kid and she was sitting there looking jealous when he took my hand and asked how I was doing.  JOY.  He isn't even HER Dad.  I wonder how much she would be saying, "He's the one I call Dad" if he had no money.  Joy would be the daughter for the richest Dad.  She has no loyalty.  For all I know, Christina Maiers has OUR DNA.  She had a boob job.  She is flatter than I am and not one women related to their family is.
It's like all of these people knew all these things about me and about my family that even I didn't know.  The puppies! where are the puppies.  Is Christina a dalmation?  What's my Mom?  The spotted breeder for others? 
I would love to know who I'm related to that knows we are tortured and does nothing about it or is even secretly happy about it.
I know whenever I've written about the U.S. stealing eggs from women and forcing them out of some women, I always start to cry or almost cry.  There is something in my spirit that knows there are serious crimes being committed in this country, of this nature, and it must be personal if I feel it this way.  It is like I can feel some other woman or women crying.  I guess it's about my Mom too.  I just found the medical records a few weeks ago but I've been suspecting this for awhile.  That's not to mention men who are forced to give up sperm, when it's against their wishes.
And God damn Attorney Mary Anne McIntosh, whose fucking face I see ALL THE TIME.  Go fucking find a LIFE Mary.

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