Thursday, March 14, 2013

Microchip inside of tooth filling

The United States also blasted holes into one of my teeth and it's the tooth that something happened to in 2004, after this country tried to kill me by draining power from my car batteries from 2003.

I was forced to go to a dentist in Portland, Oregon, the only one who would do my teeth, and I knew something was wrong because of his demeanor--it was sadistic and vengeful.

After the U.S. drilled holes into my tooth, by excruciating pain for over 1 1/2 years here, it broke off and the outline of a microchip was left.  It looked exactly like the same approximate size of the little round dots hanging on the end of Carole and Pippa (and probably Kate) Middletons necklace.

The tooth bone doesn't even calcify in that shape but it had formed around the shape of a round microchip.  It was basically a transparent sheath of bone that formed into a circle shape inside the tooth, where the microchip was that was destructed by torture and drilling 2 separate holes into my tooth to force it to break apart.  They drilled them in a colon shape, a : , and the round shealth of bone that calcified was in the center of those holes where the U.S. tortured me and drilled.

Do you know WHY the U.S. has illegally blocked me from leaving the country?  They didn't want their fucking evidence to be found by another country.

This country is damned to Hell.

That tooth filling was put into my tooth during my litigation when I still had litigation pending in Oregon, with 3 lawsuits.  The United States illegally tampered with all 3 of my cases, on a national state/government-sponsored basis.

The U.S. blocked me from leaving the country and finding medical care in Canada, and for my son, and then they blocked me from leaving the country with my passport by stalling and holding up the passport processing.  They drained all of my money and prevented me from having work or a way to leave the country, forcing me to stay in Washington state by an illegal court order for a false arrest they all knew was false.

All of it, was to buy time for this country's illegal government sluts and pimps who were too excited about their agent being in a "Royal Wedding" than they cared about self-respect for an entire nation.

This is why my dental records were "disappearing" from dental offices and I was repeatedly asking for the records, of the x-rays and films and they were withheld from me.

This disgusting country, was ruining every single thing that was good in my life, and they proved to me they are the #1 most Corrupt Country.  They implanted me with microchips and tortured me, to win cases for themselves and their own friends, and to ruin my life, and that is after they tried to kill me.  They have sold out every single good thing that was ever "good" about America.  There is nothing good left.

I do not believe in the U.S.

The United States damned themselves and they are going down.  It's already sinking, and it will continue to go under.  It is done with.  They chose to engage in this kind of disgusting and unnecessary torture and surveillance games against me and then tortured my son, an innocent baby, and kidnapped us as they colluded with their other international interests.

Canada is corrupt, the U.S. is corrupt, and some of England is corrupt, and some of the Italians are working with Eastern Indians who are corrupt, and the Italians and Irish will work together on religious basis alone.  Not only that, the U.S. was hoping to push me into doing a study-abroad in London, England when I got back from Tennesee, after they hand-printed me and broke my hand.  They hadn't put holes into my tooth yet so they and the Middletons knew all along if I went over there, it would be with a microchip, at least one that I've caught, in one of my dental fillings.

They figured I might stay here to try to get my son back, but felt confident that Middleton's interests would keep me down and humiliate me however they felt would be satisfying to them.  The U.S. started drilling into my tooth when I said I might go to Iran.

They didn't like the idea of some other country that was further outside of their negotations, finding something, and telling the entire world about it.

I like how Kate's earrings, given to her by her mother Carol, supposedly, have the shape of seahorses.

Just like the seahorses on a pair of underwear I wore that Alvaro commented about.  Like he doesn't know who Kate is.  Like he doesn't do Colombian drug work with the FBI and "others".  Fabulous earrings.  Have you had a killed unborn child sandwich yet Kate?  She is a cannibal. 

This country tortured me all through the winter in 2011 to 2012, and prevented me from having my son returned as they tortured us and held me hostage.  I filed a petition for habeas corpus and they gave it to a Magistrate, as another disgusting bow and nod to Kate the Royals Fuck.  They couldn't give me a normal Judge as I asked, they had to make it look nice and "English" for Kate-Sucks- William-of-Wales-Dick-for-Money-at- Mom-and-Dad's-House-with-Mormons-Eagerly-Laundering-Money-To-Them.

While this conflict of interest "Magistrate" lied about my petition, which is the only thing left in the U.S., the U.S. blew out holes from my teeth, to get rid of evidence of their corrupt methods of obstructing justice.

Sibel from Wenatchee, Washington, "Mormon" CPS state worker--

Later, Judge Nakata slept with Alvaro and then presided over my case to trap me in Washington.  Between the Commissioner Jill and Nakata and Michelle and Mykal, he pretty much covered some government territory.  What did he do?  Bring bags of cocaine to them for the sporting event?  How many law offices were used a cover for liasons with Judges and government employees.  Of course they cut off my visits with my son when he left, and called me psychotic. 

They were government whores.

I saw Judge Nakata pulling out from a law office that Alvaro went to, which he came back from looking like he'd been making out.  Thanks Nakata, for doing our little Katie such nice favors.  I later went to that same office and the lawyer was as high as a kite, on speed of some kind.  Nice Katie.  Good Katie.  Down girl.

You BITCHES had better figure out how to work with your fucking "2 & 2 together" man and return my son or you are ALL going to jail.

This country conspired against me to conceal torture and evidence of obstruction of justice so they could play "spy games" with the DEA, FBI, and CIA and use military intell to torture people for drugs and rich corporate bosses.

All of those women were government employees who were part of conspiring of ways to keep my son from me. Nakata, the Japanese-American Judge, met up with Alvaro at the same law firm where a lawyer there was getting high as a kite from cocaine or speed or meth or crack cocaine.  I have never seen anyone as doped up as she was.  She could hardly find anything and talked a million words a minute, while doing weird mannerisms consistent with drug use.  It was NOT weed.  No one acts like that on weed.  Nakata smirked at me, with bright red lips as she drove past me and then Alvaro came up to get into the car.  The woman who approached me in a coffee shop and wanted to hang out with me all of a sudden, had  a bunch of Japanese boyfriends in Seattle.  She showed me their photos.  So while she was getting together with me to talk, Alvaro was fucking Nakata.  And Mykal Holt, and Commissioner Jill, and I guess whoever else Paul Cassel, Judge Hotchkisses best friend, brought to the table.  Maybe Hotchkiss and Nakata fuck on a regular basis.

Paul Cassel is the "swinger" who organizes sex orgies in the area.  I was told them have them everywhere, on houseboats, off of sand bars next to Lake Chelan mostly in the summer.

How nice to have a stripper like Kate Middleton on their side.  They can all get sand in their pants together and scoop it out for cool body rubs. 

I was told, by a U.S. sniper, that the reason for his marriage breaking up, was Paul Cassels orgies.  It's not Kate Middleton by the way, it's Kate MiddleCassel.  That is how she likes her sandwich.  So this U.S. sniper who told me this had photos to prove it.

The cops in Wenatchee, who are in on it, and who don't care about anything but pussy, pussy, pussy, and blow jobs and more pussy, tried to punish me for not marrying-in to their disgusting troupe.  They put pussy ahead of an innocent child who was tortured.  Japanese Pussy.  Middleton Pussy (whatever that means).  Erickson Pussy.  CPS and cute blond Social Services Pussy.  Elementary School Teacher Pussy. 

Paul Cassel was Pussy Patrol.  Oh yeah, and he so-happened to get a job as a public defender and manager of other public defenders.  Pussy-Man Cassel felt he had the high hand by the time he got Alvaro out of there and was moving on to his slush fund.  So guess who his bff is?  Judge Hotchkiss and Judge Hotchkiss was my Judge for this case, so it basically means Paul knows Hotchkiss knows Nakata knows Alvaro and fucks him.  Maybe she got a piece of cocaine to snort when she was there at the same office where I later met the other lawyer who is a crackhead.  Chris Rozollo stole my coat and gave it to Middleton and he was working with the DEA.  He wasn't just U.S. Army.  He was Number 9 man, telling me he called himself the 9-ball, before I knew Kate Middleton's birthday was on the 9th.

The reason a Japanese-American young man and doctor were mocking me and laughing at me when I was at the psych ward to be "evaluated" and instead, drugged, is because they know Nakata.  I was trying to appeal what she had done, and Nakata works with the FBI and the mafia. 

Theo Keyes and Michelle Erickson did favors for Kate Middleton.

I knew Nakata had slept with Alvaro when I saw her walking to court one day, getting out of her car in a nice dress, right before, knowing her timing was going to have me seeing her.  She walked proudly, with the aura of a woman whose body language says, "I fucked your fiance and he fucked me and now you're getting fucked in court."

Either William of Wales was embarrassed of me, or he was embarrassed of me because of his Dad and resented my presence.  The only name my son mentioned before being further tortured was "Peter".  He said the name like he liked the person he thought of, but I thought maybe it was a fake name someone gave him.  Then "Peter" was gone.  Later, it was "April" while he was being tortured, before Kate decided to have her jubilee in April.

How embarrassing for Kate if it was William and not Charles.  It's enough to torture someone into silence over.  How embarrassing for William if it was Charles.  It's enough to make sons and their ugly fiancees cut throats over.

Someone in the U.S. was worried someone who was Japanese, from Japan, was going to talk.  They knew someone knew something and might talk and most Japanese are not Roman Catholic.  I sensed it, over the phone when I made a bunch of calls to different embassies and I know that U.S. interests have tried to pick up on what they think I am thinking, as if it is right or makes a difference.  I know it's because they think I am like my Mom or Dad, who are both profoundly gifted and psychic.  I'm not psychic.  Still, it's enough to trigger an earthquake over.

It is a huge deal.  Not many people understand how much money has been made off of my family and pushing us down as they use us and then claim it's all their idea.  The kind of crime that has gone into it, also, is enough to bring down major corporations and huge names in business and politics.  That is not counting the music industry either.  Very few individuals fully grasp the amount of money that has come into play.

Giving Katie a few million is nothing. 

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