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Dicksie-Dael Garrett Poisoned With Hexavalent Chromium Before 2001

My mother was poisoned with hexavalent chromium, like these U.S. Army National Guard men in this lawsuit, which was in Portland, Oregon, with the alleged incidence in 2003:

However, for my mother and all of our dogs (who all died), this was done to her before 2001.

I am sure the U.S. Army could have been involved, because it was Tony Roos who joined the U.S. Army and was involved in attempting to assassinate me.  Robin Bechtold's other friend, Holli Reverman, also joined the U.S. Army National Guard.

Kathleen Brown, a dermatologist in the Coos Bay area, who my mother was forced to see, told my mother to have the evidence removed from her hand.  Not only did my mother develop "chrome sores" later, on her feet, one of her hands developed a severe skin pigmentation change which was caused by the liver poisoning that occured when she was poisoned.

My mother not only developed evidence of liver damage and over-work on her hand, at the same time she displayed all of the signs of poisoning, which included dizziness, rash, and vertigo.

From what I remember, it was right after she was released from a hospital after she'd had plastic surgery.  My mother was put under anaesthesia for part of it and the nurse involved was our neighbor, 8.  8's husband is 8m.

My mother's face was already healing from the laser surgery and other surgery, so it was red, however, she was breaking out into an unnatural rash.  Shortly after, she began having dizzy spells and "vertigo" and was vomiting.  Our dogs all became dizzy and were falling off of the deck, and then they developed tumors and died within a year or so.

Hexavalent chromium is used in "research" to see it's effect on cholesterol levels, and my mother and father have had to go to Moses Lake, Washington every year to have their "cholesterol" checked.  Moses Lake is a U.S. military base.

My mother is now denying she had any such mark on her hand, and is calling it "an age spot" when it was a brown mark of irregular shape that took up over half of her hand.
My mother is denying this, the way the U.S. lied and called an excision of skin on my son's face, "a scratch".

My mother didn't have the brown mark on her hand before the plastic surgery or she would have asked them to laser it off then, when they were doing other things.  I was told he told her he was "trying out new things" and needed a "guinea pig" and my Mom said okay.  What I don't think she consented to, was being poisoned.

It was not for a U.S. Army project, but it was done by people who had access to the poisons necessary, who were friends of friends of those who had been attempting hits on my life.

Later, when chrome sores developed on my mother's feet, she went to a woman in Portland, who was Italian, and she dismissed them as "warts" when that was not what it was.

Another name for chromium, not the hexavalent kind, is chromium picolinate.  Another way to refer to it is GTF (glucose tolerance level).  Or, you could say, (sweet tolerance level) or "chrome" as in "rome" tolerance level.

8 and 8 have 2 children:  88 and 888.  88 married a Jewish man, and I don't know about Tom.  Her name is now 88 Greenstein and she has been working in San Francisco, where Robin Bechtold's "powerful family" (so he says) is.   8m has a telecommunications job and travels and 8 is a registered nurse.

It is possible, slightly, that my Mom's first poisoning of this was in 1998.

I was also home one day when 8 came to the house pretending to be drunk.  I heard something from my Mom, like my mother was in distress, and the house was dark and I don't know if anyone expected me to be there, and I walked down the hall to get a look at what was happening and 8 was standing there, at the bottom of the stairs and saying, "Don't look at me."  I remember I had a very bad feeling.  It was a kind of sinister feeling and bad feeling in my gut, like someone very bad was in our house and then I was shocked to see, "8?"  I'm sure she does get drunk, like anyone else who needs to cover for something and creates a "fault" for themselves.

8 was good friends with Shannon's mom.  Shannon Adams.  And it was Shannon and Alicia who made the wood sign to nail onto the tree announcing "Cameo's Tree".  Shannon was best friends with Alicia and Erica who by then were also best friends with Robin.  I am not positive, but it may have been Tony Roos's sister who had the epileptic seizure and who I thought needed a stick to bite on (I saw it in the movies).

So maybe they thought I was "intolerant" and didn't want to be with Robin since he wasn't Protestant, and Tony was mad, for some reason, about my thought to get a stick (at least I was the only one there trying to actively help), and they try to kill me, after a bet to rape me goes out from Canada first.  Also, it's not just England, Canada, and the U.S.  I say England, but it also includes the UK which covers more ground.  The UK has been involved in MKUltra as well as Canada and the U.S.

Tony Roos' profile for Cadno, the company he works for with U.S. Army and Australia, made a point about how he specializes in "cul-de-sacs" (transportation design).  Robin Bechtold's sister Eliza had endometriosis (so Janet or Robin told me after 1993) and this is a female disease concentrated in the "peritoneal" part of the pelvis, which is also refered to, in medical terms, as the "cul-de-sac".  I don't know whether they were using inside terms for symbolism about their crimes, but then I found out Christa Schneider was friends with the O'Neals, and she was with the DOJ and connected to the 3rd assassination attempt against me, with a hit-and-run in 2003.

GTF, the other term for chromium, came up in a reference about the same time Microsoft (?) or their designer wanted to give "chrome explorer" to the world.  If you look at it, it's designed like a multi-colored chrome sore.  This other reference I am talking about is when, in 1998 or 1999, Halea Myers told me, "Laura Rose-Lewis asked me today, "Is Cameo really as sweet as she seems to be?" and Halea told me she said, "No, I couldn't be friends with her if she was."  She said Laura kept going on about how "sweet" I seemed, and was I really that "sweet" and Halea said she told her it would annoy her if I was.  They had a conversation about GTF didn't they.  The "sweet tolerance factor".  This discussion was made after my mother was poisoned with chromium.  At the time I thought "What a weird thing to ask" and it hurt my feelings that Halea told me she'd answered that way, because I was, actually, as sweet or whatever as they thought I seemed to be.  I wasn't putting on an act.  If they interpreted my demeanor as "sweet", it wasn't something I was aiming for to impress them, but I was myself.  However, it was very likely a reference to GTF.  After Halea told me, I was asked to babysit Laura and Scott's kids, but not before.  It was only okay if I was near her kids, if I wasn't "too sweet" or sweet with GTF like they knew my mother was.  Halea is the one whose mother works for the DOJ at a prison, like Bechtold's brother Nathan (a cop) did.  Halea's grandmother was connected to Canada.

All of our dogs, my parent's dogs, died around the same time, of gross and rapid-onset tumors, before 2001.  My parents were told to move to Coquille, Oregon in 2001 and they did what they were told.  My mother loved her horse and somehow, Schneider's friends got their hands on her and my mother always regreted it.

It doesn't make sense how my mother got this huge brown pigment-change mark on one hand and not the other.  It was obviously a reaction to poison and overloaded liver and this is what happens when this occurs, as does with chromium poisoning.  However, to have most of her one hand covered, her right hand, with the brown mark, is almost like a nurse with a gloved hand, layed it over my mother's hand while she was waking up from anaesthesia, and had something on the glove, like chromium.  She didn't have a burn first though.  It developed into this weird blotchy sprawling thing. 

If you look at Loreena McKennit's cover for "The Visit" from 1991, it's sort of interesting.  She's covering one of her hands.

My mother reacted from the plastic surgery, too, like something was extremely wrong and it wasn't just that.    She looked at me and cried and cried and cried.  My mother is not the emotional type and for her to do this, it was highly unusual.  She sobbed, for hours, every single day.  She didn't even move around very much.  Just sat at a table, looking at me, and cried.  I had no idea what was going on and I thought she was getting worked up about the laser surgery.  I said, "Mom, it will heal and be fine!"  but she really wasn't okay.  It was not a normal surgery.  She would look at me, and say "Cameo..." and then just cry.  Then she said, "No, my whole face is red."  Her entire face was bright red like she had a rash all over, and I think the fact she's had a surgery was masking signs of poisoning.  Then she called them in front of me, saying, "My forehead is numb and I have no feeling at all from my eyebrows past my hair line to the back--is this going to change?"  It never did.  She had had a few spots lasered, not everything, but her entire neck and face were flushed with a bright red rash.

This is also a sign of chromium poisoning.

My mother even sat there and started screaming a few times.  Not at me, but in a state of panic, and looking back and forth, scanning, like she was psychicly picking up on something and/or the symptoms of poisoning were worsening. 

Then she was leaving the table to vomit.  For over a week. 

She had numbness all the way to the middle of the top of her head.

I said, "Mom, it's just from the surgery and it will go away.  Don't worry, it's just tingling and numbness from the surgery..." and she would look at me and shake her head back and forth slowly, "No", basically, a silent way to say "you're wrong" and as she looked at me, shaking her head in horror and grief, she cried.  Tears would come out of her eyes as she was trying to tell me it wasn't normal.  I remember because I kept thinking my mother was so rational and unemotional, and she would be the first person to shake it up, and feel confident that it was just surgery.  She is the type of person who is very reasonable and would think, "It will go away, or wear off" but she was telling me, no, there was more to it.

She also called them to ask why her entire face and neck were so red.  I kept telling my Mom, "Put on that ointment Mom, to protect your face while it heals" but that's not what all the red rash was about and she knew it.   She had woken up to a living nightmare.

I was first targeted with technology in 1992 and 1993, my Senior year.  It was after the 1st assassination attack, not before. 

Anyway, my Mom was sitting there, and seeing things, but not hallucinating, I mean, her eyes were going back and forth, side to side, and I knew she was thinking and then she would just scream. A few times she was screaming when I said don't worry but she wasn't mad at me--she kept trying to tell me it was more than that but I look back on it and know she couldn't.  She must have known that Iand the house were bugged (not with consent).  She shook her head and cried and then called up the phone, wanting me to be there when she did.

I remember Halea acting guilty, like she had a confession to make when she told me what she told Laura and I always thought why is she telling me like she needs to have it come from her instead of my finding out about it?  Or maybe she was testing me to see what my reaction was, with regard to GTF. 

Around that time I noticed my brother with a very bright red face one day and sweating.  He looked sick, not like he was hot.  I said, "What is wrong with your face?!" and he said "What?" and I said, "Your FACE.  It's all red and you look sick."  He told me, "I took a bunch of niacin."  I believe he was still in high school though, when he did.  My Mom's red face, years later, was not from that, but it does cross my mind about my brother.

My Mom has been trying to get help, medical treatment, for this, since effects showed up in Sherwood, before 2001.  Then, later, a group of U.S.Army said it was done to them in 2003.  So how did Tony Roos, who was with the U.S. Army, get ahold of chromium and pass it on to someone to poison my Mom?  in a surgery?  Was he friends not just with Shannon and Alicia but 888?  Was his sister Tiffany friends with 8?  It was just Bechtold?

88 worked for The Cobalt group.  I have her former boss's photo.  Patti Choby.  Funny how she looks like Anne Craine.

All of these individuals know about, or are involved in torture and assassination attempts against my family.  The Cobalt Group even has a photo with "chrome sores" marked into cement and this is who 88 was working for.  This is from their own website:

Remarking on Choby, the Bechtold's had a golden retriever named "Jobe", or "Choby", pronounced "JOE-bee" or "CHO-bee".

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