Wednesday, March 20, 2013

U.S. Concentration Camp & Who Killed Osama

The U.S. has had my entire family in a concentration camp.

I wrote about this in another post and what I want to add, is that there is nothing I've done, that has made a difference with regard to my treatment and U.S. torture.

It is federal.  It has always been federal.  It will always be federal.

I want NO part of the U.S. because nothing in this country is going to change.  They have tortured me and held me hostage for over a decade, and only quit if I'm having sex with one of their federal agents.  The ONLY time this country has ever acknowledged I'm normal and that there is nothing wrong with me, is if I am having sex with one of their agents or not complaining about being assaulted.  I'm "suddenly" not mentally ill if I have sex with federal employees.  Otherwise, I'm tortured and called mentally ill.  I guess what I really need then, is a sex therapist right?  Because I'm supposedly only "mentally ill" if I'm not having fucking sex.

If I'm suddenly paranoid and schitzophrenic, because I'm not having sex with U.S. federal government employees, then this is really about sex and nothing else. 

Have sex with federal employee=no torture and no mental illness
Don't have sex with federal employee=torture and sudden rapid onset of psychosis and mental illness.

Right.  So basically, the logic is as follows:  Either A.  Cameo needs a sex therapist, or B.  Cameo is being targeted by the U.S. and exploited to fulfil U.S. federal employee demands.

This country is illegally trafficking humans in their own country for sexual abuse, exploitation, and torture.

When my mother said today, "I will admit, things have not been good for you for about 10 years, but if you change your attitude..."

She knows it's a line and she doesn't believe it.  She is forced to say this.  I said, "No, it has nothing to do with my attitude.  This country is torturing me unless I have sex with one of their agents."  They didn't want me to have my own son for this reason, because they wanted to abuse me and assault me for sex for their employees, without a kid around. 

I said, "What do they do?  Fill out a little slip and send it to the military, that says, "Don't torture Cameo now because she's having sex with one of our federal agents?"  They must get some kind of a special slip that then gets a signature.  Okay, we won't torture her now that she's putting out for you.  We respect your needs.

This country is not going to "turn around."  It is ruined, and it is not going to recover.  Let's "turn the tide" or "turn this around" is not possible.  This country is too corrupt to recover.  It's impossible and it's not going to happen and it doesn't matter what kind of an "attitude" I have.  I have always been sane--this country is criminal and has criminally tortured, raped, and kidnapped my family members.

I'm not changing what I wrote about listing my son as property because that is how the U.S. legally considers persons to be:  property.  Wives were the property of their husbands until they got suffrage.  Citizens are considered to be property of the U.S.  Moreso, military is considered property of the U.S.  Children are technically considered to be property of their parents, unless the government takes them and then they are considered to be property of the U.S. 

The U.S. committed fraud against all taxpayers.  They perpetuated a fraudulent case over my son, when they had no legal authority over him.  They even admitted that they spent more money on that case than any case in CPS history, but it wasn't just for the state, it was nationwide.  There is no other case they spent more money on, and it was all taxpayer's money.  For fraud.

This country will not turn around.  It will not pull itself together.  It will not get rid of its corruption.  It will not change.  It will not turn a new corner.  It will not improve.  This country is not going to make it.

It's on its last leg.

I don't intend to be tortured in this country, while this country hobbles around trying to find snatch.  This country's priorities are messed up and there will be no spring cleaning.  It is a dump.

Abandon Ship.


This SHIP, Ship U.S.A.,  is DOWN.

No one stays on a sinking ship unless they want to be sucked into a wohrpool.

The good people need to leave as soon as possible, then the Taliban needs to come in and take care of business.  After the Taliban and Al Quaeda have cleaned it up, then they can leave, and take their peacekeeping troops with them, and let the good people move back in.

You're right.  The U.S. is corrupt.  We are infidels.  The U.S. is immoral.  The U.S. is an enemy to all things good and right for children and the unborn.  The U.S. sacrifices children to the gods of science.  Molech.  The U.S. doesn't know how to keep their hands off of what doesn't belong to them.

If Israel wants to jump in, that's great.  Clean it out however it needs to be cleaned out.  In the meantime, I'm not staying on a ship for the Torture Parade.  That is what NYC needs now.  A new parade.  A reality parade called the Torture Parade that depicts the kind of torture the U.S. is using against citizens.  Get creative!

I would not be surprised if there is an increase in U.S. refugees who are fleeing the U.S.   Why is the U.S. extending support to Israel when the U.S. is not even supporting itself anymore.  The U.S. is being supported by Israel, not the other way around.

If North Korea wants to come over with the Taliban, I'll leave a U.S. flag for you to wipe your feet on after I'm out of here.  I think that's what I need to buy next.  A U.S. flag.  For my feet.  I could use it to go over the carpeting or maybe in the kitchen and put little rubber grips on it.  Maybe I'll write names of U.S. federal rapists on it and corrupt cops, Judges, and lawyers.

Some other countries might want to start planning for the U.S. refugees.  Not Canada.  Canada is as corrupt as the U.S.  Some other countries might be thinking about where they're going to put all the U.S. refugees.

We can do it!

We'll take the U.S. spirit of innovation OUT of the U.S. until it's wiped out.  This NASA needs to be bombed, nuked, obliterated, NOW.

Some people in the Middle East were jumping and rejoicing when the hijackers took out U.S. property.  Can I jump and cheer too?!

I'll jump. I'll  jump all over the ugly U.S. flag, in my house until I am out of here.  I'm out of sympathy for this country.  It's gone.  Over.  DONE.  FINISHED.  Blow this country to bits.


I need a t shirt that says NUKE THE U.S.!




Someone might get rich off of Nuke the U.S. t-shirts.  Maybe Canada.

I want a "Rape the U.S.!" shirt too.  RAPE THE U.S.!  Anyone have any U.S. hostages they can rape?  I want revenge on this country, for me, my son, and my family.   Rape the U.S. hostages and send them back to the U.S. with nothing on except their socks, and make sure there are holes in the heels of each sock.  Maybe they can bomb more U.S. embassies too.  That would be great.

Rape the U.S. hostages in other countries, all of the soldiers, anyone.  All of them.  If you have their kids, rape them too.  Then send them back to the Pentagon with a note that says,

"Cameo Cares"

This country has raped me with multiple federal agents, deliberately.  They have tortured me every single day and night.  They kidnapped my son and obstructed political asylum.  They tortured my parents in front of my eyes, wanting me to witness this.  They tortured my son in front of me, wanting me to witness this and feel helpless.  Jessica Lynch should have been shot on sight and I hope she is still shot.  It will be a good day when that CIA traitor is shot. She deliberately killed U.S. military on an assignment to assassinate them and make it look like an accident of war.  She is a criminal and she works for the CIA.  She then went on to torture kids.  The U.S. military has had other women of theirs, at the Avila's house, torturing my son.


We WANT it nuked.  I am not alone.  Nuking this country would be like a liberation of the people the U.S. is holding as prisoners, who are citizens and who never comitted any crimes. 

What was my crime?  It was to have been BORN in this country.  There are many, many, people in the U.S. who want the U.S. nuked.  Take Katie out too.  I'm sorry Osama was killed because he would have killed her.  That is the entire reason the U.S. killed him.  He wanted to kill Kate Middleton and he knew all about her fucking family.  The U.S. and UK planned an attack for the day after her wedding, as a present to her family because Osama was going to kill her.

He knew she was a piece of shit.  He knew about her entire family.

The person who shot him or confronted him, is someone I am psychicly connected to, because I saw his face, Osama's face, when they went in to attack.  I saw him and I saw his reaction.  Supposedly, The White House staff was watching it happen on a camera, just like some of them have watched me through illegal surveillance.  That is not how I saw it.  I did not see Osama through the eyes of the President, or a Pentagon member, or Hilary.  I saw it through the eyes of the man who was face to face with him.  There was no screen inbetween us.  I saw him as through the eyes of the man who stood in front of him.  That is how I saw Osama, and I didn't know he was being attacked, just like everyone else in the U.S., none of us knew until later.  But I saw his face, in real-time, through the eyes of the man in front of him.  There is no reason he would look so shocked unless he was facing someone who betrayed him or that he didn't expect.

So I am, somehow, psychically connected to the man who stood in front of Osama bin ladin right before he was killed.  I thought he was sitting down when I saw him.  But maybe he was standing. I saw him lean back and his eyes widened and he looked shocked.  He wasn't combative at all.  He did not make one violent move.  I saw him as if I was across a table from him, only a couple of feet away from him.  That is how close, and it was NOT through the eyes of anyone in the White House.  It was someone who was there in person.   Did he try to surrender?  YES.

YES.  He was not violent or combative at all, at least not at first.  So the U.S. killed someone who surrendured, after they USED him for decades for the CIA.  This country is corrupt. 

This is the kind of "friend" we have in this country.


The U.S. violates every single rule there is, for everything.  They went in to kill him, over a bombing of Catholic churches.  Panetta went after him. It was for religion, to avenge the Catholic church (but who cares about other people because the Catholics and others can torture us all they want, in the U.S.) and it was for Middleton.  It was like their little party favor.  Their "after-party".  Do you want to go to the "After Party"?

Osama bin Ladins family could bring a lawsuit against the United States.  The lawsuit would be for violation of treaties and illegally killing someone against terms of war.

It was probably William of Wales.  Who else's eyes was I seeing him through?  I've seen things through William's eyes before, so it was probably him.  I don't know who shot him though. I didn't see him shot. I only saw him being confronted, and

What I saw was Osama bin Ladin, suddenly flash up in front of me, his face, and he was wearing white.  I think, actually, I don't remember.  Whatever I said I saw before, was what it was.  The face I still remember and he leaned back like someone raising his hands up.   He had the look on his face like someone whose best friend suddenly pulled the mask off and revealed who he was.

I think this is why the White House wanted to watch it.  They wanted to see his reaction.  It wasn't about verifying his death but about getting a kick out of his reaction.

We want to see the video.  The world has a right to see it.

(Now this guy, Chris Martin or whatever, from Coldplay is singing and the dog is afraid suddenly--he is definitely afraid of British accents.)

This is me right now. 11:30 a.m. I am not nuts. I'm leaving this country. I'm not leaving until I have things arranged so it's safe. The U.S. has already tried to threaten people and keep them from leaving, in some ways, by claiming they can and will kill anyone, any of their U.S. citizens, if they think they have anything to do with "terrorists".

So how GOOD is the U.S.'s judgement? They have NO JUDGMENT. They lied and called me mentally ill. They also lied and put me in jail. They lied and said I was never raped and had issues with 'rejection' and suggested I had Borderline Personality Disorder. Right. Is that why they thought it was funny to bring Raul Bujanda around? Bring around a former Border patrol, do something deliberately that they knew any normal person would report, and then make a joke out of it, and called me "Borderline".

THE FBI has issues. They have not faced them. FACE IT. FACE YOUR ISSUES. When YOU face your issues, you will write out a check.

I'm dealing with the FBI.

They were dealing to me.

They are dealers.

The FBI can deal me the compensation check for rapes. Figure out how much it's going to be, because I'm tired of federal shit, where they rape me first and try to entrap me second.

I sort of look like "her" there, don't I? In this photo. Uncanny isn't it. She was sitting right next to you but you thought you were looking for someone else. It's a good thing you didn't get it right the first time, isn't it. You are a federal government dealer. That's why I'm dealing with the federal government. They were trying to deal to me, and entrap me, and tortured me to try to create a need, through pain. After this country had federal employees rape me, they tried to entrap me.

NUKE THIS COUNTRY. I can't tell you how many people like this idea, literally. I was a little shocked that it wasn't just funny I wrote this awhile ago, but to realize, honestly, there are normal U.S. citizens who are very smart, who would be happy if this happened, because nothing is worse than what the U.S. is doing to us. The U.S. is torturing us to the furthest limits they can without killing us. Try being tortured to this degree, for 8 years, and then have some respect for the people doing this to you. I'm supposed to like this country? This country has committed treason against it's citizens, and tried to turn innocent people into criminal so they can get away with aggravated assault.

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