Thursday, March 21, 2013

Forcing Entire Family To Be Out Of Shape & Criminal Doctors

Here is the other weird thing some group has tried to demand and force from my entire family when I wouldn't marry Alvaro:

We were all forced, literally, to be out of shape and punished if we lost weight or tried to work out or stay fit, which is our habit.

This has actually been going on, on a very small scale, since 1993, for me. My mother had something going on earlier than that. I thought it was all normal course-of-working out injuries, but it hasn't been. Some of the time, yes. Shin splints and callouses and blisters from breaking in new shoes while running--yes, all normal. Knee strain now and then or pulling something with overexerting in stretches,'s happened. But right now, the kind of thing that is occuring is horrific. I feel like I am not even living on a real earth, in a real country, and it's so start to think "which one is it: mafia or feds"?

My Mom was trim and fit when I arrived, and had muscle on her. So was my Dad, both sets of both my Mom and Dad (the twins). My brother was as well because I saw photos. A little less than before, but like me. Basically, like people who had all been working out and free to work out until they were put into the "ex-Pardo concentration camp" by the U.S. government.

For me, it is not just women. I had thought, you know, there are a lot of catty women, and at first, I think that was most of it. But when I last lost weight, and the time before, over here, it was affecting men who resented me and didn't want me to be in shape. Why should 20-something, 30-something men care whether my body is in shape or not? If I have sex with someone or I'm married, it's great, but if I'm not, then I'm a threat? to WHOM exactly. Whose attention is SO IMPORTANT. Not only did I get threats from men, I had my laptop fried and then I was being stuck with a laptop where something was really wrong with the camera.

It wasn't just me. This "group" did this with my entire family. It wasn't and hasn't been just torture. They degraded us and tried to have us out of shape, medically ill or sick, and scarred from skin color changes from ultraviolet lasers they used on my Mom's face, my Dad's face, and mine. If it's not that, on my parent's face, they were given arsenic to cause the skin color changes.

My Mom was being tortured while she ran. My Dad doesn't even try to work out anymore because of the same thing. I don't go to the gym and the last time the owner's son passed, he smirked at me, because he knows why I don't go, and I'm not in shape because of it. Then my brother showed up for Christmas, out of shape, which is not like him. My entire family is naturally lean and highly energetic. All of us are. None of us are lazy and all of us have enjoyed working out most of our lives, usually 3x/wk up to every day.

Instead of being able to stay healthy and in shape, we are being electrocuted at the gym (literally) for the last 2 years. It's been since 2010. If we try to run, we have someone also using technology to target our knees, to cause a sudden weakness in the knee, or a severe cramping that any athlete who knows their body and has trained most of their life, knows is not a natural cramp. No gets vibration feelings and then cramping while doing nothing but walking, just because they happen to be walking on a treadmill.

Someone was telling my Dad, each time I was losing weight and getting very trim, whenever my waist was tiny and my thighs were lean and looking good in jeans, they were telling my Dad to harass me repeatedly with "You look like a skeleton", "don't come around here looking like bones", "put some weight on", "have you looked at yourself in a MIRROR?" It's been cops. Military, and more than either of those. This is not like my Dad at all. My entire life I've been thin and fit and he never once thought it looked bad. He thinks chubby looks bad, not "fit". Ever since I broke up with Alvaro, I have been harassed to look disgusting. If I don't look like shit, someone is mad. Some of the guys, who I felt shocked by, who resented me when I was getting fit, were the same brothers I've mentioned before, who later smirked at me when Kate Middleton was pregnant. I could read them. I knew when Kate was pregnant because of them, and I also knew, before this, when I was getting in shape, they were malicious and scowling and staring at my thighs, always my thighs, looking resentful and like "how do we destroy that".

What? the line along the side of my thigh when I'm toned? This is when I realized, it's not just women. There are some men, who, for some reason, are guarding something they feel they've set up just right for themselves, or for some woman they know. It's not like they're jealous, the men, it's like they're wicked step-sisters who want to ruin a woman and how she looks and what she wears, because they are promoting some other woman: their sister, their friend with connections, politics, whatever. Who is this person that all these men feel so worried about, and think is so "frail" that he might "crack any minute" and break up with someone, get a divorce, call me, write me, whatever? This guy is that important that he needs to have huge groups of even men, trying to figure out how to keep me "grounded", as in, face to the dirt? What does it matter to some guy in his 20s, if my thighs look good? Normal people don't care, or they're appreciate but look and look past, and so what.

This is nuts. I am reliving all of the weird jealousies that Granny told me people had over HER legs. At least with her, when she was married, I don't think it was quite as bad. I have people acting like Kingdom Come is going to collapse if someone sees my legs when they're in shape. As if. But no, I'm not kidding. In high school I had a modeling agency tell me I had very good legs and what did I do to get them. I said, "I don't know, I just run." They made four comments to me: "you're very pretty", "you could be a petite model in California or NYC", "your measurements are tiny", and "what do you do to get your legs to look like that?"

Turns out, Granny told me she had horrid problems with jealousy over her legs too. Even her own mother-in-law. Everyone was always telling Granny to cover her legs because they didn't like the competition. Then her mother-in-law would expose her own legs to everyone and say, "I think my legs are pretty good, every bit as good as Beverly's". Her mother-in-law, and she used to make snide comments to Granny over it.

After I told this agency I run, and that's what I did for my legs, I remember this woman looked sort of miffed, like she wanted me to say, "60 leg lifts, 100 presses, bicycling, yoga, and I get lipo if I need it." She looked kind of mean, and stared at my legs all of a sudden like she wanted to eat one as a drumstick and leave me with only one.

The next thing that happened, is I was targeted at a cross-country meet in 1993. Seriously. I was eligible for a scholarship over my running and I am positive now, it was not a natural incidence. I also remember the smirks of some of the middle-aged men there when it happened. They were waiting for it. My mother was threatened not to consent to surgery for me so then I was a nanny instead of going to college on a scholarship. I was in New Jersey, and I walked fast, everywhere, to strengthen my legs and knee and hoped it would heal. It did. I was able to get up to about 15 miles in practice before something happened again, to my hip, in 1997 or 1998, but it was possibly my own fault for that. In 1998 I was then working for the Rose family and Laura Rose stopped me in the kitchen and said,"How do you legs like that?" I said, "What do you mean?" and she said, "What do you do for your legs?" and then she added, "You have a nice curve over your thigh and the line on the side is nice too." She pointed to, and touched, my thigh, where it rounded on the top front surface and then the crease in my thigh on the side. I remember what I was wearing because she made such a big deal about it. I had on a nylon and spandex, sort of shiny black snug (stretch) full-lenth skirt that went to my ankles, and a white shirt. It was the second time in my life someone asked the same question, the same way. I said, "I run." She said, "I do too" and I said, "I don't know. I run every day."

So then, out of the blue, I got this random illness where it felt like mono. I thought I had "lyme disease", seriously, because I had a weird mark on my body from something, and probably, it was a laser dot that was scaling off. I had looked up symptoms and thought it sort of matched, even though it sounded strange, and I also found ticks sometimes, because I ran trails and not just roads. More trails than anything.

Everything went downhill from there. I mean, everything was downhill from 1992. And it was a little improvement to move to the East Coast, but I can't say it would be now. At that time, it was. Maybe some people looked down on me or didn't like me, but no one tortured me. Not at that time at least.

The next time I noticed very serious obstruction of working out, and not just with me but my ENTIRE family, was in 2010. In Tennessee, at the gym, I was getting into excellent shape and my energy level was finally returning to normal and then I was being electrocuted while on the machines. Literally. So then I found out, coming to Oregon, the same thing happening to my parents and me at the gym here, and now, it's been 2 years and we're all tortured if we try to work out. I've had someone target my knee several times, from the exact same location off of Central since I've been here and it's only on one stretch. And then returning to my losing weight or running, "Why do some of these men care?" And what they were looking at, when they drove past looking pissed, is my thighs again. So I got home and every night, until I was sufficiently chubby for these people, so they feel they can smirk again, my Dad and Mom were coached to harass me. Basically, harassing me to be fat, encouraging me to be fat. Not totally fat, but out of shape and not trim and muscular. Every single day, my parents were told to harass me until I was too fat for a certain pair of jeans again, and then those same brothers looked smug and smirked as they looked at my jeans. I am NOT kidding. I cannot "read" all people who pass by, but for some reason, I pick up on stuff from those guys, or have in the past. There are other men though--they are not the only ones. A pharmacist at Fred Meyer in Coos Bay was the same way, until Katie was pregnant and then he was calm and normal. And others. Just really strange.

So now, seriously, my entire family is literally not even able to stay fit or keep in shape because we're tortured worse than we already are, if we even try.

So I don't know. Someone call it for me. Mafia? or Feds? What kind of mean and manipulative group tries to punish an entire family if they work out and exercise?

It's like we're suddenly supposed to be "the slow, inactive, non-social, out-of-shape, average family with crazy people". It's like the CIA trying to reshape what was normal for us, into something totally subterranean.

If I try to work out now, I am tortured. Literally. Targeted to have my knee injured. The other day, on that same stretch of road, I was running and someone broke a stick in half loudly and then a minute later, someone was targeting my knee to force me to quit running. It wasn't a magic trick, and yes, those do exist, and psychic and witchcraft stuff, though I never worry about it. It was like someone knew I was about to be targetted by military and they decided to snap a stick loudly so I could hear it first. Nothing like reinforcement in the concentration camp. My knee continued to be targeted as I ran forward until I turned to another direction suddenly and it quit. I was out of their range and it QUIT. I didn't think, "I'll run out of their range" and then imagine it quit. I turned, because I suddenly decided I might go a different way, and then it quit and I realized, "It's because they can't target the same spot anymore." If someone was mechancially wrong with my knee, it would have still hurt if I kept running on it but it didn't. They are torturing us.

I got home one day after my Mom went for a run and her eyes were wiped out from torture. However, it was more like someone came up and did something and then left.

I caught the workman today. Gale. I believe I caught him, because today when my mother showed up, her eyes were the same. I noticed her fingernails have no moons anymore, and they are solid white. Where they are pink, or supposed to be pink, they are opaque white. Her eyes looked pretty much the same. So Gale knows if I see my Mom or Dad, my habit has always been to check once, and then do my own thing and check when he leaves. This time, I checked, and then I went back to my place and in 10 minutes or less, I was walking back to their house to check again. All of a sudden, this neighbor behind our house started up a chainsaw that was loud enough for them and everyone to hear. I felt he started it to warn them I was going over. Basically, to warn Gale. I got to the house and they were both talking,him saying he was going to go do something and my Mom suddenly on the phone or pretending to be. I went over to her to ask a question, and sure enough, her one eye was newly stretched out, red, and the eyeball seemingly sunken in. Something had just been done to her eye.

After I saw that, I left, and went back to check every 5-10 minutes. And I then wanted the plates of the guy behind our house who tried to warn Gale I was going over there. That guy's address is 991 16th Street, and it intersects with Juniper. Katie got pregnant to have her kid in June, correct? She has had him spying on me for her. I've seen the evidence. And now, I think I have some reasonable suspicion about his involvement in coordinating torture of my parents, as the "lookout" and possibly in the past, he has personally committed crimes against them. The plates there this afternoon were: YGU 181, XTK 550, an 449 FTD.

I saw my mother's fingernails and said, "Look at your nails. You have no moons left and they're all white. What's wrong with your doctors??!!!" My Mom said, "You don't know my doctors" and I said, "Yes I do. That Kathleen Brown and that doctor from ROSEBURG." I said, "Your nails! and your feet! That's it. I'm turning them in." My Mom said stay out of it and I said, "They keep your eggs going like some kind of egg factory but they don't care about the rest of your body!"

Those doctors are criminals who need to lose their licenses.

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