Friday, April 30, 2010

Computer Problems & Other

I continue to have windows explorer only opening up after it's on a certain number. Today it's been 7 all day and a ton of people using that number as well. For example, a guy walking by with a t-shirt that said, "Avenge Sevenfold" and the cups in the cannister with leaky one was 7 and just left and right. Maybe because I mentioned the Time magazine with the Prince William cover that was dated 7-22-10. Believe me, one small thing and the entire town will be doing "7" for a very long time.

I am pretty much positive I have been given different medications at some different points, without my consent. I have some indications that this is still occuring as well. I wouldn't say poisons, like what happened in Seattle/Bainbridge, but something else for sure.

I went to a legal place yesterday and the woman there, is horrid. She has been absolutely obstructive each and every time I've gone there, which is only twice. She lies about what services they offer, concealing information, and has just been generally condescending and obnoxious. One woman told me there was a clinic at the courthouse today for housing emergencies. So this other woman, with legal services, concealed this even though I kept hinting and giving her a chance to let me know about things. She didn't. When I finally said, "So you're not aware of any kind of CLINICS or anything regarding housing help that might be offered on a weekly basis?" and after I said this, then she admitted it. So then she says no one was going to be there today, and this was yesterday, but she said no one was scheduled so it was cancelled. So then I decided to go anyway, and it's supposed to be until at least lunch and I was told someone was there but left early. So I missed the clinic but I dropped my stuff off. I also asked if there was a list for filing fees for cases.

I cannot imagine ever trying to file a case in this area. But if the paperwork is done right, it's always something to appeal.

I have a few things to still line up with college, but I can't do that right now.

Images Today & Served Community Action

Around 11:30 a.m., sometime after writing about the Sarah thing, I got an image of a woman but I couldn't see her, on the knees, sitting on her knees holding up a shirt or sweater to her face and it was white or cream colored. At first I thought maybe crying but then I didn't think so and thought she was smelling it. It was an older woman, not a 20-something woman. Because it happened after I wrote about this Sarah thing I wondered if it was referring to that woman or it could have been something more random.

Then, the weirdest thing that happened today, probably, was...well, nothing is random in this town anymore because a ton of people are putting everything out in 2s and it doesn't matter where I go, it's sort of all the same. However, one thing that made me feel like I had a chip in my neck, was going to this one bank that I never, ever, go to, and I went there not knowing why and was going to use the restroom but then thought, I would just ask about banking accounts. It was a Washington Trust Bank.

So I walked in and the music or radio just so happened to be playing (I guess) "Heart of Worship" by Delirious (an English worship band), and the checker was wearing a necklace with two hearts on it and she had 2 kids and then I walked over to the water fountain and for all the coffee I drink, I never get water. Not usually. Very, very, rarely. So I took a cup and filled it and someone had poked 2 holes in it and I threw it out and took another one. I am positive no one did this with the coffee cups. So that was weird.

For all the weird stuff, the vibe feels fine in general. I've had a lot of harassment all day but for some reason, it didn't bother me. Some good support too. But people going out of their way to harass, leaning out of windows or making faces or doing a variety of weird things but it's not affecting my mood at all.

I went to the Community Action and they gave me something with one big drop of grease or oil on the folder. I basically went to drop off my request for public records and my notice of request for a Fair Hearing. I have to file for expedited request today elsewhere. So they made a big deal about not signing off on it or dating it so I wrote my name in with the date, on a big list of names of people who had signed in that day that was on the counter. It was a big sign-in sheet with the date so I wrote my info in and then I took it over to a copy machine where I've been allowed to use things and I made myself a copy.

No one was going to sign off for me--not until I did that. Then, they saw I had proof I'd been there and next to my name I had written: "dropped off public records request and notice for fair hearing."

This Morning--More "Magic"

I got some things done and then went to this place and sat at a table I've never sat at before. All of a sudden, I realized the t.v.s were all on different stations and I just happen to be sitting underneath the one that is "magic" episode. On TNT. With Alyssa Milano and everyone is wearing frickin' black and orange and then I noticed my cord is black and plugged into an orange outlet.

I am not a witch. But I think I need to pray because maybe someone bewitched me without my knowing.

Just kidding.

Actually, I haven't prayed yet today and need to do this.

Time & Energy (& Diana)

Last night I had time to kill.

I went to a library and was led to the stacks of old magazines. I didn't plan to go there and just ended up there.

I was thinking about looking some things up that I haven't read yet but instead, I ended up standing in front of Time. I was curious about what was published around Di's passing so I looked in the one marked 1997 since I was never in touch with news then. I found one with her on the cover, 11-22-97. Then I went back one year and there was a cover with William, 7-22-96. It was strange. Out of the two folders, just those covers and almost exactly a year apart.

I pulled out another which had The Most Influential People In America but then I realized Di wouldn't be featured in this one so I set it to the side. But I left those 2 cover there. The one of William and then Diana. It was sort of eerie. I read the article about him which also included Harry.

I wondered if Henry is ambidextrous, which I've never heard but I noted some things and wondered. There have been things written about William using his left hand but not Harry.
I also found a gaming store by accident. It's the only one in town and they play all kinds of games, mainly guys, and someone had a unicorn there (a drawing of one) and I recognized the drawing of the eye as being similiar to this one little girl I once knew, or met, rather, on the East Coast. I babysat her a few times when I was there and she was sort of into horses and unicorns and always made the eyes and another thing the same way.

I didn't know what to do when I was there. I didn't know if I should stay there or leave and I left because I sensed so much alternating and conflicting energy. Very strong and positive and then very sad and then positive and then very sad. Lots of posters of dragons and the game "magic" and medeival stuff and flags of Wales, England (I think bc of the dragons, which was a theme) and the U.S. There was something very good but also, I didn't know if I should stay because I didn't know what it was affecting. I was going to go back but needed to think first. So I will go back sometime, but in a little while.
Today, I sense good energy. It went down a little bit and I was very nervous last night, for a while but just fell asleep and felt better in the morning. Then, it was like walking out onto a gameboard all over again.

Bless your Day and God Bless The Good With Happiness and Peace today. Maybe circumstances cannot be altered the way we want but today I pray for a cheerfulness and peace regardless. They cannot get to your soul or your spirit and I won't let them.
Oh, and I forgot but a week ago, after I got this idea of Diana's Nemesis, a day or so later I got "Diana Divine" as some nickname.
This is new and I might be really wrong about it. I think maybe I'm wrong bc I prayed and didn't feel a strong connection when I prayed and like I needed to set aside a block of time rather than squeeze in a few minutes today. But I decided to see if God might answer a specific question if I asked but I think the answer was maybe my own imagination but I don't know.

I prayed about a few different men and then I asked, "Who is Diana's Avenger God? William or Harry?" and I don't know why it came to mind to pray this way but I was sort of thinking about the Nemesis thing and wondering if it applied to one or the other but I kept asking, "Which one? William or Harry?" and right in the middle of it, one word popped up, "Sarah". So I thought why did I get the name Sarah and thought about this sister of a guy I once dated whose name was Sarah and couldn't figure out why I would get her name and then it occured to me--One of Diana's sisters is named Sarah. And then, just now I was thinking, and Fergie was a Sarah.

(I just tried to post and someone deleted what I wrote). I had written, in addition to this, that when I got the impression I got it as having to do with me, but that it is exclusive of other ideas or persons or uses and this idea did come to mind. It could still apply to other people but for some reason. I can't say it's psychic because I have no confirmation and I would also say it's not an exclusive idea because many could apply. But in that moment when I asked the question in the way I did, the name that came to mind was Sarah.

The Big Pimp--Washington State

How Washington State screws people over and gets paid to do it. In fact, tries to extort monies out of the very victims they screw.

I was thinking this morning, just a small example...I am owed at least $1,000 by the State for back payment on reimbursement for car use and mileage I am owed.

I was also suppossed to have a private attorney and was refused one for over a year--a savings to the State and State employees, of over $70,000.

NOW, rather than be obligated to abide by a FEDERAL program, Washington State has been trying to force me onto General Assistance forever. At first, it was just to slander me and claim I was mentally ill. In the meantime, they stalled on each and every "service" they are supposed to "provide", by law.

Why? because they wanted me on a State program which would pay for everything.

My psychiatric evaluation was even postponed because the State workers anticipated that when I was evicted from my last place of residence, they were then going to coordinate so I didn't get into other housing, and to make sure I had no money and felt forced to accept GA. By the time they figured I'd be on GA, they could have anything else paid for, including the psychiatric evaluation, rather than have this money coming out of Chelan-Douglas and Wenatchee AG pockets, or costing more to the State to provide for the contract rather than insurance.

They stalled and refused to provide services when I was in Washington D.C. and ignored my attempts to get a psychological eval set up for over 4 months when I made every effort to have it done. First of all, they didn't want it done by someone they didn't know, and secondly, they didn't want it done over there because it would COST them more money.

THIS, as they're pocking all of the money which was supposed to be for my defense, to use AGAINST me in their offense.

In the meantime, by setting me up to be without either housing but plenty of "social service" insurance, they can have their psychiatric eval paid for and also, if they wanted, try to force me into the little "rehab" gig they've got going, which is nothing more than a psych ward.

I am not staying on GA. In fact, I believe my benefits are ending either today or before I am paid for next month.

I don't like the feeling of The State acting as a pimp to source out hookers who are basically performing tricks on adults who are coerced into being in a vulnerable position or are forced into non-consensual acts. I suppose that would be rape. I think, though, that if the State can claim you agreed to their services, you are agreeing to being screwed.

(I was also thinking about situations in Ireland and also in Canada, today, where entire groups of adults were forced, literally pushed, into moving out of an area by another large group, because they were frozen out of housing, work, and anything else which would sustain a family. It was over religion in most cases, but politics come into play. Entire populations, because of the widespread discrimination and collusion, were forced out. Somehow though, I think they were probably not able to go so far as to keep the kids from the families and then force them out. Because if you think about it, that is exactly what's happening here with me. I am being forced out in every imaginable way but they have my child and hold him hostage to try to trap me and pressure me into doing things I don't want to do. It wasn't the fault of those who were pushed out, for not looking "hard enough" for work, or housing or being "lazy". Those people HAD to move, because they were blacklisted and forced out and discriminated against.)

Listening to "Go On Take The Money And Run", by the Steve M. band.

Well, I have so much more I could talk about, but I have a few things to do, like setting back my psychiatric evaluation until I'm in a position to get documents to him that he needs to see before "evaluating" me, which I was prevented from getting by my own last public defender.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Safety Dance

I went to make appointment for an eye exam and to look at some frames. I found some on the wall that I liked. One was a pair of safety goggles and the others were normal frames. I liked the safety glasses because they had panache in their own, old-style Jackie-O way. I think I could wear them with my hair curled. They kept telling me, "These are safety glasses. The lens would be heavy and thick." I don't know, I liked them.

I also liked some glasses that were more legal style and they were dark brown but I also liked some gold framed glasses. I set aside a pair but I haven't made up my mind. I'll do that tomorrow.

I saw this cute photo of a girl and boy on the shelf and this rabbit with antler ears.

These women hated those safety glasses I could tell. I liked them. With non-reflective coating and a little thinner lens, they'd be great. Very stylish. Very nerdy/stylish.

I think I need 2 pairs of glasses and contacts too.

I think I had a chip planted in my neck when I had surgery on my broken neck. I am doing all these "2" things and not trying to either.

After I looked at the glasses, I went through the crop to the Chinese place and got an eggroll and it was $2. Then I sat down at a table with 2 people and realized I was sitting across from a huge sign that said "elephant ears" on the left and "big dogs" on the right. I don't know why, but it made me think of twos again and on the way to the glasses place I passed Dutch Brothers which made me think of 2 (I have 2 on the brain).

Then, the weirdest thing really, bc the rest isn't weird, was I went to the library to check email (and blog a minute) and I always go to the same table for computer except this day I went right to a different one. I have no idea why but I wanted that one. But there was a chair arm stuck under it. I said to a couple to the left, "I hope this isn't holding the table up" and they laughed. So I yanked on it and then I realized, as I was pushing the chair out of the way, it was the only table with 2 chairs stuck to it. I chose that one of all things.

Oh and at the glasses place I sat down and I was directly across, when I did, from a black car and an orange car.

I should have prayed more this morning...!!!!

I am still hungry. Oh, and my eye appointment tomorrow is at 2. I want to know what the deal is with 2. I think I'm stuck.

I need to find some 1s and 3s and 4s and 6s and I don't know, maybe some 108s and random stuff and hit all the colors. Make it one big Rainbow Day.

Just kidding.

This Morning & My Prayers From Day Before (updated)

I think my enemies are maybe so wicked themselves, with so much potential for hatred, that they imagine if I say one day I have prayed for several things to happen and hope it will be done.

That day, after I wrote this, I had people go out of their way to subvert whatever good they may have thought might come my way. Fear that I might pray for something they don't want to happen, when I have not been so bold as to ask for things that I feel may not be right for me to ask for, or in the Will of God.

I said I had made a list and that I would write about the successes or not, at the end of the day so as not to affect the outcome. So whatever I was praying for, specifically, was left to the imagination. This morning I'll write out what was on that very short list.

This morning after having no sleep, and after being harassed and humiliated further, I sat next to the television at the moment someone on "Bones" or something, was talking about "telekinesis". Of all things. As soon as I sat down, the first thing I heard was an actor in character giving the definition of telekinesis to some partner, "Telekinesis is the ability to move things..."

I got up and went to the computer and played something by a worship group, "Delirious" and didn't even look at what I was clicking on and ended up with "Majesty" which was a great reminder of how I am mocked and ridiculed by others who obviously must feel really good about themselves.

I have had people who have literally told me they are afraid of what I pray for, because it might happen. But the truth is, I do not pray with the idea of a blank check in mind. If anything, I am extremely conservative in what I pray and am afraid to pray for specific things because I don't know what is best.

Were my prayers answered? No, I don't think so. I think that someone or some group was probably actually praying that every single thing I tried to accomplish or pray for would backfire. Which, I don't know what might be going on behind the scenes, if there is anything, but I think it did.

Aside from praying others and different country's, I prayed for the following:

1. New apartment.
Result: not only did I not get into a new apartment, but I was wrongfully terminated from a housing program which is supposed to provide for stable housing situation.
2. Apology from Linda Price.
Result: Maybe I should have been more specific about what kind of apology. Because she did use the words "I'm sorry" that morning, a few minutes later, but it was, "I'm sorry I can't do magic for you." Sarcasm and no sincere apology for intentionally causing upset and distress.
3. Protection for Oliver.
Result: I have no idea.
4. No birds, bees, cats, failure of all these things.
Result: I prayed this not because I don't like it happening, but because I wanted to see if I could cause it to quit or continue with prayer. There was nothing out of the ordinary until that afternoon and then it was more birds. A pair of pigeons out the blue here and there and then when I was getting a ride with the Anglican pastor, as he took off a set of black crows flew down by the hood and then up and away.
5. Bad day for enemies.
Result: I have no idea. It ended up being a bad day for me but I don't know that it was for my enemies--probably not.
6. People who resist in helping, to want to help.
Result: I don't think so.
7. That the man God wants me to be with will not fail or be afraid or shirk but will forward and love me more and will have thoughts about me.
Result: Probably no success.
8. College.
Result: Got a few things sorted out for college but not that day but the next day and with more success and streamlined help than in the past--sort of answered prayer.
9. Someone to give me money (cash for no reason).
Result: No success. I thought, I wonder if I could pray for this and it would happen so I threw it out there but halfheartedly. I felt, given what has been withheld from me, it wasn't greedy or wrong to ask for a small gift, but I think that this is probably like a lotto prayer that seldom is answered. I also know of situations where someone has prayed for something small and it's happened. One time it happened with my parents and they told no one about what they needed and it just happened. Someone anonymously gave them an envelope with the exact amount of money they needed.
So those were my prayers. Really grand, aren't they? Probably, everyone should be really afraid of the the things I pray for, because they are so threatening and loaded with all kinds of political potential.
I deleted another thing because I got a bad vibe after posting it publicly. I didn't have a bad feeling from any of my prayers at all, just from posting about something else and it has to do with the feelings of someone else but I don't know who.

I prayed for one small specific thing last night but don't know if it will happen but it's not something I would make public.

The energy was good until about 7:10 a.m. after I posted about a certain prayer. So whatever is causing this, I pray it lifts and is corrected.

Some things I prayed for, I have no way of knowing if my prayer was answered. I guess some things take time, and then sometimes you just don't get what you pray for. The most important thing to me, though, is my son, so if there is one thing I care about, it's this and the other things are not as important at all.

I DID sense good energy, in general, around the day that I prayed. Because there was that horrible sad period and then something changed. So even if things weren't great for me, something had to be going right. I just don't know what it is.
Anyway, I feel my prayers maybe backfired.
I don't know. Today I sensed good energy and then it went dow. Maybe when things are getting better for me someone or some group wants to make it more difficult for me to prevent me from choosing what I would naturally, or someone else from choosing to be involved as well. I just know it's been strange.

I will pray again today when I find a place to pray.
I must have offended someone. Things changed again. Maybe not for the better.

Last night I listened to Metallica's "Unforgiven" on replay over and over. It helped me write the report against HPRP. Then I listened to one other Metallica song. But Unforgiven drove me almost all night.

I prayed a little bit. I had the image of someone dragging my son out by his legs and ankles and he's kicking and trying to get away.

I also prayed against someone trying to jinx or hex my prayers. I prayed that the boomerang would go back to them if they did.

I prayed that as the right person has me in mind, or thinks of me, that I will be thinking of them. I also prayed against some guy thinking he has a chance with me if he doesn't, to spare him from wasting his time or thinking about me at all. I get a lot of images of someone that I think I sort of confuse but I don't know if it's just that they are powerful psychics.

Then there are a couple who I find strange parallels with, and I'm realizing I never thought they would be the psychic type but some things seem to coordinate even though I don't think of this person in a romantic sense. The type of person who doesn't seem so serious and more go-lucky so I assume they're not very psychic but I've found a lot of connections.

They say with intelligence, usually siblings are pretty close, even if one seems much more ahead of another for some reason. I wonder if the same is true about psychic stuff.

I don't know if I notice a couple things of parallel because they are sort of psychic or because I am picking up on something and something I am getting just blends in. I don't know.

I also prayed for the break up of a relationship. I guess I'll see if that's a good prayer to pray or not. Probably not. I've never prayed that before, and I didn't pray that I was party to the matter in any way, or involved, or that I would become involved ever. I just prayed for it and it's not anything to do with my family. Just a sense that it would be better for some but if God agrees I guess it will happen and if not, it won't. I don't know why it only came to mind today.

Last night torward the end of the night, there was some of the burning sensation. And then just now it started, about a half hour ago.

I think the most obvious thing is that I need to pursue college all the way through and get in. I applied and am working some things out from a couple of different angles and it seems to be going more smoothly for some reason. The only thing that's really going in the right direction.

I also have to get glasses or contacts and talk to the dr. about anxiety today, from what is going on, and that's about it. I am not going on a long term medication though, I wouldn't take anything on a daily basis, no matter what is was.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My HPRP Complaint

Here is my beginning draft for a report against the CDCA. I will probably edit this to make it more professional:

Wenatchee, Washington has an organization called Chelan-Douglas Community Action (hereafter abbreviated as CDCA) which applied for an HPRP grant. I believe this organization is violating the heart and intent of the federal program monies and has committed fraud and abuse by withholding correct information from the public and holding a homeless program as leverage for retaliation.

1. I applied for HPRP money as I have been unable to secure work in this town and state, and also unable to secure unemployment as for 8 months I had people tampering with the weekly claims I tried to file. As a result, without work or employment, in the middle of a custody case involving the only thing I care about--my son--I was forced to apply to HPRP money for housing.

The first time I tried to secure an apartment I was told I could apply for only one place at a time, even though I had landlords telling me they would rent to me and then stringing me along and cancelling on me last minute. Because I could only apply for one place at a time, I was stuck in a cycle where I had to depend upon the integrity of someone claiming they were going to rent me and then getting screwed over, time and again, for over 3 months. As a result, because Wenatchee HPRP did not tell me that hotel vouchers were covered by HPRP, I was literally staying all night at restaurants and sleeping outside or in back corners of businesses open all night. I spent at least a total of 12-20 nights, getting zero sleep or staying in foreign places when the point of this program was to immediately prevent homelessness. It should also be noted that I have never been in a "homeless" position until I have had to live in the town of Wenatchee and be subjected to a hostile town used to leveraging its weight. This might be the only town that can sing "I am my own grandpa" with sincerity.

I submitted at least 15 applications for an apartment and in case, was told I was getting the place and then would be dropped last-minute, and told my references didn't check out. I called the persons I listed as references and they were not called once. In this kind of environment, I was not only out of housing, but in extremely dangerous situations as well. During the time I was prevented from obtaining housing, when HPRP was designed to intercept such a condition, I was threatened, followed, assaulted, and propositioned for sexual favors.

I have never, in my life, been in this position until I separated from a fiance and the town decided to go to work against me. I was pressured to get back together with him by some and told I was at the mercy of others without him by others. I have never been refused work to this degree, after making a determined and exhaustive search for over 4 months every day, to at least 10-30 businesses per day. My entire life I have either been employed or in college full-time.

After I found an apartment, it was not ideal and my premises was trespassed on a regular basis and my privacy invaded. I had this apartment for 3 months through HPRP. When I complained about the invastion of privacies and theft, among other things, I was penalized with an eviction and then my property was vandalized the last day I was there. All of this occured during a time where I was attempting to counter a custody case where my son (age 1 1/2 at the time) was wrongfully taken from me. The constant disruption and instability created by the tampering of my unemployment claim, inability to find work, and intimidation and retaliation by Wenatchee landlords in preventing me obtaining housing, immediately made it impossible to secure any kind of normalcy as I am accustomed to. It also proved detrimental to my custody case.

I allowed Wenatchee trustees of HPRP to then tell me I had to go to a home for severly mentally disabled persons and that they would pay for nothing else through HPRP. This, 12 hours after telling a landlord who was willing to rent to me that they could only pay for 3 more months and then backing out on it when they knew I was out of my former apartment and had nowhere else to go.

When I signed up for HPRP, CDCA told me it was for no more than 6 months total and that only the cheapest studio would be paid for, at no more than $400-$500/mo. I found out this was a lie and that HPRP covers up to 18 months and that there is no cap on the amount spent per month.

I actually made a diligent effort to even examine the one place the CDCA said they would pay for and found it unsuitable as I was harassed by one semi-normal person there, and then confronted with the other tenant who was was sweet and maybe had an I.Q. of 70 but was being manipulated by some kind of guardian who instructed her to make comments to me that were hurtful, and coming from this poor woman who was wearing a stuffed bear backpack for a child around her neck and shuffling through the halls in slippers. The manager told me to please divulge all of my concerns and woes to him as he was experienced with mentally ill people.

When I complained to CDCA and stated I wanted a hotel voucher until I was into another apartment, they refused, telling me to either stay at the mentally ill person's place, or live on the street.

At this point, with my custody case of my son in serious jeopardy, I had to resort to looking up the laws governing HPRP on a federal level, for myself. When I still had a phone to use, I was harassed by some of the workers at a federal level, in the Department for Housing. I was also unnnecessarily transferred to a grand variety of locations and mocked by some employees who told me to take it up with "The White House".

I was told by both Linda Price and her supervisor Julie, that hotels were not permitted when I knew this was not true. They instructed me, last minute, after I was out of housing, to live outside. I had to argue in my own defense, equipped with some information I read myself from the HPRP section on the HUD website, and asked them to sit down with me to conference-call the HPRP hotline for more clarity about the program provisions. They refused. I was told they got their directives about not paying for hotels through Seattle's Chamber of Commerce, and that an email was sent to Linda with directions on refusing hotels. I was told hotels were only an option if I had an apartment already lined up and I said I HAD had one lined up which they said they were paying for until I was out of my former apartment and then they backed out, leaving me with nothing. The excuse was that it was "too expensive" at $1,000 to $1,600/mo. I asked why they had reversed their decision overnight, from saying they were paying for it and assuring me housing, to telling me when I was out of my apartment, to sleep on a park bench.

At the last minute I was told they would pay for 7 nights in a hotel through a different program. I was given a name and number for a landlord but told there was no guarantee he would rent to me. This evoked the other occasion of 3 months where I was intentionally jerked around on housing and I didn't believe I would get this apartment but Linda continued to hound me about it.

I put in a search for at least 40 additional apartments as well as the one she recommended. Just as I was out of hotel through their "other" program, I was told I was being terminated from the HPRP program.

I was terminated from HPRP the day they knew I was out of a hotel with no place to go.

This also occured after I began to blog about their dishonesty and the day after I got a notary to certify a Public Records Request I made for information about who, at the Washington State level, told CDCA hotel vouchers or alternative forms of immediate housing placements could not be used.

The very same day that I was out of hotel housing and after I had made a statement for obtaining their public records, I received a letter from the Board of Directors, Robert Soule, copying both Linda and Julie, and telling me I was being cut off of all housing help.

They then knew my only alternatives would be to live in the home for mentally ill persons (which is not suitable for me and is an intentional attempt to degrade me and negatively affect my standing in this custody case) or to live on the street.

This was then the second time I was promised help with housing and then told to live on the streets at the last minute, when they knew I had no other options. Instead of using HPRP monies to PREVENT "homelessness" they abused their authority to mislead me and BLOCK me from having a stable place to live. And staying at a hotel until I got into an apartment would be the most stable situation and the most logical use of monies if they were going to claim they couldn't pay for more expensive housing.

I was lied to--told they couldn't pay for hotels and also lied to and told they couldn't pay for more expensive housing when it was the only other, and the best alternative. I said I chose to get into housing immediately, at any cost, and have the HPRP allowance used up in a shorter timeframe, than to be told to live on the streets or in housing which was degrading and harmful to both me and my case. I have not been diagnosed with any severe mental illness or illness of any kind.

When I was with Alvaro Pardo, from Colombia, as the U.S. well knows, I wasn't mentally ill by state or federal standards. But if I was separated from him, I was immediately, overnight, attacked as being mentally ill. My mental illness was apparently one of those "rapid onset" viruses. It worked to the advantage of those in this small community who get away with quite a lot of corruption, to keep me from getting onto my feet on my own.

I received this letter for termination of HPRP the day after I:
A. Was known to be out of hotel housing,
B. Was blogging about misconduct and dishonesty by Wenatchee CDCA,
C. Obtained a notarized statement requesting disclosure of public records,
D. Made it known I was going to see a doctor for short term anxiety due to the harassment and abuse of HPRP funds, and the intentional infliction of emotional distress that was caused by disrupting my housing by lying about the program and not taking action to remedy the problem for which HPRP monies are designated.
E. After I applied for General Assistance for migraine disability, which they knew would ensure my housing at the place for mentally ill persons to be paid for rather than through their HPRP program. They knew that cutting me off of their program would leave only this option and nothing else and coordinated their handling of my case with HPRP to benefit the objectives of the state to put me into housing which made me look more unstable and "homeless", which they knew would work to the advantage of the state in trying to prove there was something wrong with me. Having normal housing would work to my advantage in my custody case, which is not what they want in a town where collusion is commonplace and they are all inter-related, socially and biologically.

The letter from Mr. Robert Soule instructed me I was being terminated, without warning or advance notice, because I had not complied with some of the program requirements and because I had been evicted by my former landlord even though they knew about this situation. They are aware of my online documentation of problems with my former place of tenancy and of police reports I had to file regarding this same tenancy.

CDCA did not send me any notices of what I needed to do to follow requirements. In 3 months I was on the program, they told me they were waiving the requirements for the time being and when I was out of the first place, I was told if I wished to remain in the program, that I then had to come in and fill out an update of my financial status. I was told I didn't have to attend the financial classes or meet with an advisor every 2 weeks until later.

So I went in, and filled out an update of my status, and I was led on to believe I still qualified for the program until this day of April 28, 2010, where, after being told I was to get into an apartment they told me to call about, they backed out of everything on the same day they knew I was going to be homeless.

Instead of using HPRP funds to prevent homelessness, CDCA has used HPRP as leverage and wasted and abused the program and put me into severely dangerous situations which have threatened my life and safety and caused me to be unable to attend to legal matters involving my son. They have lied about what the program covers and have lied about what they will pay for, promising to have me into housing and then backing out last minute, knowing I would be put in a bad situation.

CDCA also has attempted to shift blame regarding their management of the program and what requirements they enforce, by telling me it was not necessary to comply with these requirements and allowing me to stay on the program for over 3 1/2 months and then suddenly reversing at the last minute, claiming I was being terminated for non-compliance rather than admit this is their problem and fault, not mine. The record shows that on more than one occasion, CDCA preferred to have me homeless by being misled up until the last minute, rather than preventing this.

The HPRP program is designed to immediately prevent homelessness which would occur "but for" HPRP.

The information I received from CDCA, and from the State of Washington (apparently) contradicts the information available online at the federal HUD/HPRP site. Through fraud, dishonesty, and mismanagement, CDCA abused the HPRP grant, knowing I would be put in a bad situation, and knowing how this endangered my safety in the past and caused distress.

2. I know because I am personally involved. I read the federal rules and they contradict what I'm being told.

3. This misconduct has been ongoing since December 2010.

4. $8,000 or more. I believe CDCA initially committed fraud by accepting me as a recipient of the grant monies and then claiming it was for only 6 months at $500 (at most). The truth was that it is allowed up to 18 months, or up to $8,000 or so. Six months at $500 comes to $3,000. What would were they going to do with the rest of the money?

5. The misconduct is ongoing and accruing. They know there are no other housing options for me in this town and therefore know that by cutting me off of HPRP I cannot afford to live anywhere other than the streets or at this place for mentally ill persons where they wanted me to go even if I had HPRP funding. Which is also, coincidentally, immediately next door to an adversarial law firm which I have legal claims pending against.

6. They lied about getting me into housing and what they would cover, and told me to sleep on the streets or to go into a situation which they knew already to be harmful and dangerous to me. Alternately, they lied to keep me out of stable housing to put me in a more unstable form of housing which would prejudice my custody case and reputation.

7. They attempted to cover for their misconduct by blaming me, and they did this to me in retaliation for what I was writing and publishing about them on my blog. They also did this in order to force me to rely upon General Assistance funds which I newly applied for on April 22, 2010, and which they knew would only cover the housing for extremely mentally ill persons which they knew I already found unsuitable and degrading and when they knew I was subjected to harassment on the first walk-through.
I submitted my complaint, which they wouldn't accept no matter how I entered the "time", until I used fucking military time.

Report Fraud, Waste, & Abuse
Complaint Form
Whistleblower Information
Complaint Form

Thank you for your submission. Your complaint has been received and will be reviewed by Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board personnel.

Wenatchee HPRP Fraud: Where To Make Report Of Fraud

I am looking up where to report HPRP fraud.

I believe the dishonesty regarding this program is fraudulent.

I also believe it's fraudulent to not comply with the federal guidelines and tell an applicant or recipient that these rules are being waived for them and then turn around and terminate, claiming that the recipient is the one at fault.

If it was against the rules to go without making appointments every 2 weeks, or not taking a financial class, or whatever, I shouldn't have been told I didn't have to do this. I was told I didn't have to do this and that it was being waived for time-being and then they turned around and cut me off for something they told me to do. Something which is on the record as having been allowed up until I blogged about their irresponsibility and dishonesty regarding this program.

It is not correct to misuse monies and misguide people, for better or worse, and then blame the recipient for the program director's fault.

It's bad enough to be arbitrarily doing whatever one wants with federal money and then it's worse to then try to turn on the recipient who is not the one who is responsible or accountable for following the intention of the program.

As for "eviction", they already knew about the reasons why I was evicted and what problems I was having with the housemates and landlord. I have documentation that I had problems with them long before I was "evicted".

I have people trying to create an appearance of "helping" when they are doing anything but helping someone and actually attempting to set an individual back dramatically. Just like my last lawyer and that firm--holding onto my case and then claiming they were working on things when really they were doing nothing but wanted to make an appearance of my receiving normal legal aid.

Creating an appearance of help while screwing someone over is a good way to try to make that person look like they are getting "breaks" or being treated with respect, and then making excuses to blame the individual.

Oh, here it is: Report Fraud, Waste, and Abuse with programs or monies from The Recovery Act. It's on page for "Accountability". See this link:, to read about Accountability and then if you go to the "Contact Us" tab, you will find the link for making a report electronically or otherwise: Then if you click on the electronic report link you will get the link for the online form. To go straight to the form and make your complaint:

It appears reports of fraud, waste, and abuse--related to the Recovery Act--are up for March. Any report goes to the Offices of the Inspectors General.

Want Outside Help & Ready To Apply For Political Asylum

Given what is going on in this town, I don't want to live in the U.S. anymore.

I don't feel what is happening to me and my son, in this case and with people kicking me out of things and uprooting me constantly, is appropriate or should be tolerated.

The guy who gave me a place to stay also played this Johnny Cash song, turning it up loud, about "How high is the water now, Mama?" and then I go to a hotel to check email and things and people know ahead of time where I'm going and there's a car parked there with Florida plates that say "ROW CAT". I don't know if this is in reference to "water" again and more of the "keep swimming" and wading crap, or if this is a nod to the motion I made in the bar last night when I said I could see him doing this, and made sort of a rowing movement (I tried out my psychic stuff). I'm tired of having my every move reported and followed and I am beginning to be doubtful this even happens to celebrities or royalty. The different is that they have money and guards to protect themselves with, and I and my son don't, and yet we have become targets in the same way.

I'm not breaking down crying but all this has been, is a set up to uproot me constantly and degrade me. I don't believe my son and I should be degraded. I also don't believe it's okay for what amounts to crime to continue with no one from the U.S. holding people accountable or putting a stop to it.

My visits with my son are not private at all and I have already found out the content is all over town and probably farther than that.

My son and I want to be together and we want to be left alone, and we have every qualifier for political asylum that you can come up with.

I have people in this town so trying to degrade me that they refuse to allow me to even have a normal place to live. The housing group terminated the program unlawfully but they know it's wrong yet they did this just to force me to be homeless. They want to force me to live with other people so people can continue to harass me, steal from me, and keep reporting my actions to others.

Every single person that I've stayed with in this town has been a rat. When I say rat, I don't mean I'm doing anything wrong that others are "snitching" about but they have been rats in the sense that people have stolen from me and allowed others to have access to private moments through even hidden cameras in not just my room at an apartment, but more than one bathroom, and a hotel room as well.

That's on top of allowing others into my "private" spaces, and taking photos and making reports about things.

And I have someone very sick in the head setting up these visitation rooms. I would like to know who was responsible for things today.

My son and I have been treated like objects and my son has really suffered and continues to suffer. He wants to be with his mother and we want out.

There is no lawful excuse for any of it and yet the police here think it's funny and don't even try to hide it half the time anymore. Others in government positions think it's funny too. I don't think it's funny.

I wasn't going to get into an apartment anyway I don't think. Because it seems to me that Linda and the housing people wanted me out on the street over 10 days ago. The only thing they wanted, was to force me into a homeless shelter for disabled people, next to a law office that is an adversary. She told one guy they'd pay for 3months and then backed out of it.

These people want me in the most unstable looking position possible, in anticipation of a psychiatric evaluation which was rescheduled for the 13th. Just as my last doctor's appointment was rescheduled for the 13th.

I don't want to be in ANY country that allows this kind of thing to happen to people and just allows it to continue. Some groups should have stepped in a long time ago and instead they think it's cute to try out remote viewing and other experiments rather than doing anything practical to fix corruption.

Robert Soule and the people with Community Action, Linda and Julie, should be fired. But so should a lot of other people who take bribes.

About Today and Hearing

I checked and was told I didn't miss anything important. A hearing date was set. No mention made of any parental anything so I'm not sure what the CASA guy was referring to.

One thing I know is that I have had a lot of harassment today again and just some weird looks.

I was thinking, because the CASA guy said something and then later someone saying I missed something important, maybe a guy showed up claiming to be the father or something but I don't think so.

I've been with very few people in my life, and celibate much of the time too, by choice, when I had a good selection to choose from if I wanted. At that time though, that I was pregnant, I was going through a lot and think I was drugged possibly some of the time, if lab results were not just tampered with. This was during the time I tested "positive" for weed when I never touched it in my life at that point, and never tried it once (knowingly) until I was already without my son and in Blaine, Washington. So I remember some things from that time period, but not everything and it was very short though--a period of maybe a month that things were very bad. If Tony showed up I wouldn't even know what he looked like, because there were only a few times even then, that I was with anyone, but it was just a more random period of my life.

I don't know. I've already written about this in my blog. It's nothing new. It was a very brief time in my life, and when I had my one suicide attempt but I found out later that this was when I tested positive for weed, so I don't even believe it was a full-on suicide attempt. But then again, I had initially thought that maybe someone at the hospital tampered with my labs because at that time I was threatening to sue for defamation about being a drug user because I had never in my life, at that time, used any drugs of any kind. I've no idea.

Hearing Missed

I am confused because someone posted they saw I missed a hearing date and I know I did, but the CASA guy came in to tell me it wasn't about me and was about the father and not concerning me.

So if it was about the father, it would be about parental right notice and termination through publication of notice.

He said he wanted to talk to me for "2 minutes" but my son was right there and it was cutting into the visit and if it wasn't concerning me it has nothing to do with me.

If it DOES, and I wasn't informed about it, or I was supposed to be there when I have NO transportation (my bus passes are not with me because of trespass and eviction and vandalism of my property by former landlord), and when I have no calendar or legal papers with me, and no housing, I don't believe it is justified that I be expected to even be there when I have these things going on.

I am dealing directly with crime, and being terminated from housing without cause, and anxiety, and there is no way whatsoever that I could be there.

The last time I talked to a lawyer, there was a termination trial to be set for off in the future to give time to prepare and no termination can be done without providing services first.

So I really don't know what I would have missed, if I WAS supposed to be there, that would affect me.

3 Sets of 2 Birds In 1/2 Block (pigeon, quail, robins)

I just walked over to this house to document something because the weirdest thing happened with birds.

I crossed from the Art Store, where I used a key that had orange and black ties on it, to go across the street and then this happened...

Within a very short alley of a 1/2 block's distance, I was met by 3 pairs of birds, equally spaced apart and not moving until I was upon them.

First, it was 2 pigeon at the entrance. I turned and held up 2 fingers to this man driving by who saw and he nodded and laughed. Then, a few paces more, there were 2 QUAIL. QUAIL? THEN! I am NOT kidding, then there was a pair of robins, the same equal distance as the pigeons and then quail and then robins.

Right after this, I looked to the side and there was a black bike and an orange bike right next to eachother and then no more birds.

With the quail, they were more to the side, but equally spaced together like the pigeon were, in a pair.

Then I thought there was only 1 robin but they flew together, evenly apart and just 2. What was weird was it was like 6 steps forward, hit pigeon. 6 more steps, hit quail. 6 more steps, robins. Then, the bikes.

So I looked to the side and saw people outside and asked if I could document this and she said yes and she said she believed me because she'd once watched a tabby cat passed back and forth about 4-8 times before.

Wenatchee Retaliates With Termination of Housing

I just got notice of retaliation an discrimination from Linda Price from the HPRP program. They just sent me a letter kicking me out of the housing assistance, claiming I didn't go to their financial classes which they TOLD me they were giving me flexibility on and making me exempt from.

I was told after I found my next place I would then need to start participating in this. But, they didn't have me do this for 3 months at the other place even though I was available. They also had me come back in to RE-APPLY for the program by updating them on my financial status, which I did, as they said would be needed to keep me in the program.

So I did this 3 weeks ago and everything was fine. In fact, I have email from Linda about how I am still eligible until I began blogging about them, and now Linda and HPRP in Wenatchee are claiming that I am being terminated for not following their program when everyone can see it's retaliation and discrimination for blogging about their misuse of the program monies and dishonesty.

So, this guy I stayed with last night, said something about "7" and a few other things, which I find interesting, in combination with use of police showing up at his place and then Linda sending me this letter just this morning.

They specifically told me I was not required to do any financial classes right now and then just now, have reversed out of nothing more than retaliation because they know I got a public records request notorized yesterday.

I think they also don't like how I am having to see a doctor here for anxiety because of what they've done.

They are telling me I have to request a Fair Hearings Trial, which they know I cannot manage with all these other things going on. They know I will win a trial, but they also know that they are putting me in a bad position by forcing me to do this.

This is going to be one more hearing where I will be able to prove harassment, retaliation, and discrimination with regard to housing.

These people, once I am on my feet, are getting the shit sued out of them.

And they are losing their funding too.

They claimed I was supposed to meet with Linda every 2 weeks when they never set up any appointments with me and I asked them about this and they it was fine and I just had to reapply to update my status a few weeks ago. Then they also waived the financial aid classes while I was getting custody things situated. The final excuse they give in their letter is that they don't have to continue me if I was "evicted" by a landlord, and they know why I was evicted from the last place and that I was looking for something else and had trespassing issues before I was ever evicted by him.

It's retaliation and intentional infliction of emotional distress and that's obvious to anyone.

The man who signed this was Robert Soule, a director for the Board for Community Action.

I wonder if he or someone from HPRP knows "Megan" from last night.

Visit With My Son

My visit with my son went really well. He looked good too, better than last time. He still did a few things I don't get but I had a lot of fun with him.

I bought some balloons and they were smiley face balloons but then when I couldn't coax him out from doing his "hiding things and himself grouchy" game, I decided to spark his interest in something that went BOOM!

Animals distract him from wanting to act out a little bit or play the mad game or game where he takes things and hides them (which I'm sure someone taught him to do). Or if I come up with a good and interesting idea.

So I said, "Oliver, there's going to be a reeaaaally loud noise because I'm going to pop a balloon!" and that got him curious enough to come out and after the first big BOOM he wanted to do it with all the balloons except one. I think I might buy a whole huge bag and let him do this. I let him pop them with the end of a safety pin, under my supervision and instruction.

Casa Guy About Hearing? Cops, and The Guy From Last Night

I was told, with no formal notice or no notice in papers from the state at least, that there is some kind of hearing regarding the notice for the "father" termination.

He said it didn't have to do with me so I am not sure why he wanted me to know, because I already knew about this a month or two ago. They were putting a notice in the paper and that was it.

I did not have a place to stay last night and the person I stayed with, although "safe" did some strange things. Like making this repeated coughing thing where he "coughed" in a morse code. I was like, weird. After several times of this, weird. So I started counting what he was doing and he was coughing 7 times. Then he had some guitar strings with him that had cost $5 and which said "5 wound".

He took me to his place where I saw 3 police officers standing outside and acted surprised but he wasn't. He claimed he had no idea but he had given these officers information about things I was talking to him about and then they passed us on the way and got ahead and were purposefully staging a scene to harass me.

It was 2 Wenatchee police officers and 1 E. Wenatchee officer. I will explain what they did, and I think it's concerning that there were actual figures of government and law enforcement, staging this. I would think someone could investigate to find out who was on duty that night. I'll write more about that very soon.

The only time this guy I was with flinched, was when he said he knew I wasn't undercover and I said, "Well if I was I certaintly wouldn't tell you I was." He once briefly looked like he didn't like that idea.

But at any rate, he didn't have any demeaning things in his car or anything. Nothing weird and I'd met his sister first so it wasn't like I stayed with a totally unknown random stranger. His sister I met more than once.

I was glad I had a safe place to stay for the night.

We were going to his place and then there were the cops so then he was going to the hotel or to meet his mom and dad. I said why don't we just get a hotel because it was too far to drive. So we went in but he wanted to pay for one bed and I said I'd sleep on the floor and he didn't want to do that so we went back and the cops were gone. He slept on the floor and I slept on the couch.

Bad Vibes

I have not had a good feeling about things for at least a week.

Things sort of got better a day ago maybe or at some point, and then back down.

More gaming and insincerity.

Really, people trying to smooth things over or cover for stuff--sort of laying down more layers to muddle things.

I feel I have lost my soulmate out there in the chaos.

I am also very concerned about this custody case with the deliberate upheaval going on here. I have so many things to report, which are affecting my case with my son.

I stayed with someone last night because I had no place to stay, but I didn't want to stay with him at all. I didn't do anything and he didn't try anything, but this situation is not good, and no, it's not my fault either. I cannot control this much corruption that has affected me.

I also saw some fear, a guilty look of fear, on someone's face yesterday which sort of surprised me and I wondered what the game was then. This person looked at me like someone who had been caught, or thought I was onto them in some way.

Comment From Woman About HPRP (Inaccurate)

I had someone send me a comment with a publication she got somewhere from online without stating the source.

I read it, and it's not correct.

It sounds professional, but it is not accurate. What she sent states hotel vouchers are not used and this directly contradicts information available online at the federal site for HUD on HPRP.

It totally contradicts the provisions which were signed into law.

So wherever this woman got that slick sounding memo, it is wrong and contradicts the federal provisions.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Gauntlet & Harassment from Megan at Comfort Inn

I suppose since others love my writing so much, this is how I should spend my time if I haven't a place to stay. True to my word, I will write some things which I would never say behind ones back (even if I might think these thoughts privately now and then):

I will admit. Tonight I feel entitled to be a bitch. But tit for tat bitchy. Not just bitchy without any reason to be bitchy. I was supposed to meet a doctor for anxiety today and I was actually so anxious I forgot about my appointment so forgive me if I don't have the Valium I could use now.

But really, with what I put up with, bitchy is my God given right.

As I was passing the millionth person mocking and stalking today, she was very smirking and smug as she came my way and I had just had it. I said to the man who deliberately turned his back on me before her, I passed and said, "Nice back". Then this woman was watching and noting with glee and as she was closing her lips together after a smug grin and typing or texting my response into her cell, I said out loud, "You would be so much prettier with braces."

I didn't even look back to find out her response.

So I am at this hotel and this woman who is at the counter is really a problem and set down a paper with "Virginia" on it next to the computer and then told me to leave. I really think some of these people could see more of "Virginia" as in, real-live-CIA shit. Like really cool spook-ya shit. Because they sure think they're hot shit.

I think "Virginia" is simply a harassment effort by a low level hotel receptionist who has lived in this town her entire life and has nothing better to do than anticipate harassing others. When I said I would like to speak to the owner of the hotel, she then picked up her "Virginia" note from the desk beside the computer I'm on.

The woman's name is Megan and she is at the Comfort Inn. She didn't want to call the owner, who is Indian or something and whom I've had no problem with in the past, and preferred instead to call a manager she was sure would cause problems. I asked for the name of the manager and she told me it was "Kelly". So I told her if she could not reach the owner, then I would leave (but not before documenting this shit).

I also noticed Megan was following some directions given by a couple of guests here, one who looks familiar, from Oregon I think.

I asked God, "God, give me something on her." And I got "Say something to her about 'karma'" and I also got that she is a frequent user of marijuana and sleeps around. Typically, I wouldn't publicly spread private things about someone, which I may get, on my blog. But, seeing as I have a lot of time to spare, being without a normal housing situation, and without a Valium, I am just a bitch tonight.

And tonight, the bitch bites back.

SO! I went up to her, given the information I was given and I said very nicely and calmly, after she'd harassed me and been so rude, "I have a few things to say before I go if you don't mind." She said, "Okay." And I said to her, "First of all, look up the definition of karma." She looked very amused and said okay. I got karma specifically and I think it refers to what some were really using around me in the past. But I sort of think her "karma" was that I got information about her that was revealed to me, which I shouldn't know, and I was right and she inadvertently confirmed it herself.

So after I brought up karma, I said, "The next thing, is marijuana, and you should lay off of it before you get in trouble." She said, "That's funny, seeing as I have never smoked it before." I said, "Oh really? that's not what I'VE heard (from God of course)" and added, "and of course you would admit it." She said, "Well, I've heard that YOU use it too or things about YOU." and went on to self admit she was a marijuana user. I then laid out the third thing, saying, "The other thing is that I have heard you sleep around a lot" and she didn't deny it and I added as I was leaving, "One is more than enough."

So, God got back.

Then, this woman called the next place, irate and wanted me to leave.

Copy Of My Public Records Request To Chelan-Douglas Community Action

Cameo L. Garrett
General Delivery
Wenatchee, WA

April 27, 2010

The Chelan-Douglas Community Action Council
620 Lewis St.
Wenatchee, WA 98801

To Whom It May Concern:

This is my request for any and all records you have on your local rules for the HPRP program that you manage. I am also requesting information on which agency or department it is that governs how you manage the program locally.

I was told by Linda Price, that a memo or email came from Seattle or Olympia? Chamber of Commerce or some organization and that they instructed Community Action not to use monies from HPRP for hotels. I would like to know who has this information in writing so I can request these public records on what is allowed or not allowed by both your local program and at the state level. I am also requesting the name of the person who sent the email or who is in charge of HPRP allocations and directives at the state level, whom you've stated you must obey.

I am in receipt of the federal provisions for HPRP so I only need the records which pertain to HPRP with the your local and state governments.

I am making my request pursuant Washington State Law, Chapter 42.56 RCW.

Thank You,

Cameo L. Garrett


I hope things are going to get better.

My aunt finally wrote to me too, and let me know some things about what pets he could have right now. I didn't even know he had a fish that died. I guess he's been playing with the chickens which is sad to me.

I guess all the animals are outside and I want him to have his own puppy and keep it indoors and out.

I want him to have: a pony, a dog, a cat, a turtle, bunny, and fish. And maybe some other things too. I think he's lonely without them.

But I'm going to get him a bunny, a turtle, and a fish. I think he should have an indoor dog that will curl up next to him and be with him in his room. Oh, I think my aunt said they were hoping to get a new fish for him. How sad. His fish was named Dory and she died and I didn't even know he had a fish to begin with. It makes me very sad because I could have talked with him about things.

It was a positive note from my aunt but I guess I feel a little sad and maybe someone else feels my sadness too.

I think my son somehow lost some protection that he had with someone or some group and then was at the mercy of a bunch of really horrible horrible people. I think some have been good to him but others come in to undo things. He's doing better in some ways but I can tell when he's not okay. He has been at the mercy of technology and someone even using bacterial and viral strains on him and brainwashing and other stuff and I don't know when it's happened but I know it's real.

I need real fighters right now. My son needs real fighters.

He has good people around him sometimes, I know, but I want more for him and for my family in general too.

State Law For Public Records Disclosure

The HPRP program is federal, but if Community Action is getting directives from the State, that information is State-based and then goes by state law not federal even if the program is originally coming from a federal source.

Washington State Public Records Request RCW 42.56.

This is the law to cite when making a request to a state controlled or governed program or agency.

If you want information about HUD, or HPRP and the federal government guidelines, that would be a federal disclosure an it would show what kind of funds are allowed and granted to states.

However, once that money changes from federal hands to state hands, the state is responsible for keeping within the guidelines and disseminating any information they are using to direct others about how the money is used.

So, Linda claimed they cannot use money for a hotel. This isn't true, if you look at federal provisions for HPRP. And if a State is receiving monies from a federal sources and not using that grant money in keeping with the objectives, the State is subject to penalties.

With HPRP, the states have flexibility in how they use the money, but it cannot contradict the goals and intentions of the federal government. It's not state money, given to states, to use and design however they want. It is federal money, given to states, to be used in keeping with federal objectives.

Community Action is an agency that applied for this money and they are a local, city-run organization. A variety of organizations can or could have applied for the HPRP money and they don't have to be government agencies per se.

If you're listening Linda, I'm reading you your rights.

If an organization applies for the money, they have some flexibility in how they use the money, but it has to be in keeping with both state and federal guidelines.

I asked Linda for that information she said she had and she told me she had this information and now claims she can refuse to give any information to me, even though this is public money intended for public use, for which the public has the right to supervise.

Making a request is worth nothing if it's not documented and backed up with a law. I could send email to Linda all day and get nothing and because I haven't cited a law and made a formal request, pursuant to that law, I can ask and ask until I'm blue in the face.

You have to put the request in writing and use the appropriate law as their "reminder" and then keep copies.

Some people will mail a request and send it certified, to prove it was received. That doesn't prove what was received though. It only proves some document was received. So if you have your request notorized, for free at your bank, you have documentation that someone has witnessed the contents of your request and then you can mail it certified and prove that it was received and signed for. If you don't want to mail it, you could try to go in person and ask them to stamp it and then you have proof it someone took your request.

If you're a lawyer, most agencies and courts will take you at your word as to what you mailed and the notary isn't really necessary. But if you are a regular citizen who may be fighting an uphill battle to prove exactly what is going on, it is best to get something notorized and then stamped or certified.

You are not filing anything for court. So you're not making the record there. But you are building evidence for a potential case and in giving notice to an agency or persons that you are carefully collecting evidence, they are on notice that they have a choice to either "behave" or potentially be sued.

Maybe what Linda says is true and maybe it's no violation. If that's the case, you want to see it in writing for yourself, especially when a worker has repeatedly lied or distorted what the truth is. If you got false or incorrect information the first time, and they refuse to give you the documentation you request, you have no way of checking up on them to see if it's true.

It's funny how stories change. I was under the impression HPRP was for only 6 months and provided only $500-$600/mo. until I started asking hard questions about where I could find federal information. After I found the site and mentioned this to my lawyer, all of a sudden, WOW! the program is actually for 18 months and there is no cap to the amount of money used.

The story changed.

So either someone was lying, or someone was misinformed about their own program.

So as a citizen who may not be getting the whole truth, you have the right to check on what they doing with this public money and how it is really supposed to be used.

And this right to public information and public disclosure is the same for all programs, whether it's HPRP or not. If it's not private money, it's your business, as a matter of law.

This is the link for the webpage which explains the law on the site for Washington State Laws, so you can review details of what the public records disclosure law covers:

It may be that since Linda told me she had an intergovernmental email (an email between two parties even if her agency is not strictly government--interagency is probably a better term), this email is excluded from public disclosure. However, if she is claiming that she is following orders from a certain agency, and she told me it was the Chamber of Commerce, then a citizen can request this information from the state agency she claimed was making the rules and one can also make a request to the local agency for what their program design is.

Community Action does not, by law, have a right to withhold the details of their program from the public.

Another note: In making a public records request, if you are not using a form, be sure to include the agency address and contact information as well as your own. This makes it absolutely clear which agency the notice is directed to.

If you get a stamp if you go in in person, be sure to get the signature of the person claiming responsibility for receiving your request so you have a name.

If you mail it certified, you get their name but don't assume a generic stamp is good enough. You need to prove that the document was received by someone who works at the agency.

This is why the State wants to keep me out of resources and money. Because this is what I know and what I can do off the top of my head, and given a law book and a little money, some people know they are in for a major battle with me. I can do it on my own and I can make the people running this town think twice about messing with me. Wenatchee couldn't even handle me on their own initially. They had to get outside help from some of my former adversaries.

They know what I am capable of, and this is the reason why they don't want me to have even a dime to my name, and to keep me in the most unstable circumstances.

If my enemies are not cowards and worth a fraction of my brainpower all put together, why does it take so many of them and only one of me? You people are all half assed cowards. You don't fight fair because you CAN'T, because you would lose. And you would lose

To a GURL.

Have A Nice Day.

Music: Livin' On A Prayer (tons)

I was in the hotel room, thinking about some of this shit and figuring things out. I talked to some woman who was all about "wow" every other word too after she knew who I was. So I was going to pay her $5 for a notory stamp and decided instead to call my bank and see if they have notories. They do and it's free there so I'm getting my request for public information disclosure notorized.

I should be doing this with all of my CPS and other requests, so there is a witness and record of what documents I am making and who that they are witnessed.

So I am in the hotel room, getting screwed over and my peacock feather broke so I had in my bag and I took it out and put it on the outside of my bag again.

Then, I didn't have a bowl and wanted my eggs, mushrooms, and cheese, so I threw it in the icebox thing and microwaved it.

As I was microwaving my ice container eggs, I grabbed my Bible and flipped open randomly. Ha. Esther. It starts on the left page and then goes to the right. Basically smack on Esther, from the first verse.

That was when the song "Livin' On A Prayer" by Bon Jovi came to mind. As I'm taking my microwaved eggs out and stirring them up in the ice container.

I had set Esther off to the side. Then I grabbed it and decided okay fine, I'll read the first chapter. So I read it and have no idea how it would apply to my personal life. Earlier today I read Ecclesiastes, parts of it, and skipped around.

I do have to say, the very horrible of horrible sadness and down feeling is not there like it was. I don't know what the hell was going on but something really not so good and something is a little better. I really think it must have something to do with my son maybe. I don't know, but the empty and vacant and sad feeling lifted.

I can't say I'm a fan of the burning feeling which is back off and on though. Not a fan people--not a fan.

I called the college and figured out how to get back in. Even for summer term. I finally figured out what to do even if I don't have total direction, how to make it work best and fastest.

I have vans going by that are saying "Morse" and "Future Electric". It is 11:48 p.m. and then the "transport" vans and "viper" snake buses and trucks went by.

The burning stopped a few minutes ago so this is either something from a distance that is done through proximity to a window or something or it's just satellite. I do not believe it's the "psychic" thing because I've seen my son's fingernails and I cut them because I was saving the parts which were warping the way mine were when he was going through the worst of it again. They've since been better--his nails I mean. But I had right hand and left hand for him, identified and in my bag and someone stole them.

The guy here moved the computer from one wall to the other so it's not something directly from the building here I don't believe.

Anyway, I figured out how to slam right into college by summer and I checked and they still have money and can get me in fast and they also said they don't need my transcript from PSU either, so this will not hold me back.

There are a couple of default for medical reason things but I don't think it's a problem. I somehow think it is not going to be as hard as it might be, to get back in, and that I just have to knock on the right doors and make the right and fastest, most accessible choices. I don't even have to know what I'm doing, other than to sign up for classes and I'm going to start out with what I love, to transition back in and acclimate again. I'm going to take painting and creative writing. Just art and things I love like poetry, so it's easy on me to get used to it again. Then the next term I'll include more practical things. I want to take a drawing class, an oils class, maybe poetry and maybe creative writing and possibly a creative movement class. Maybe an art appreciation class. Just things that come naturally and easy to me to start with and then figure it out.

I lost the number for a woman who said I could stay with her. I don't have any other way to get ahold of her but I am not going to a homeless shelter because this Linda and her group can't get things done. I am not totally down on her because she's been polite and nice most of the time but not very forthcoming (like others too) with information.

She is aware that this housing upheaval affects my custody case. Just like the others know, who have done this to me intentionally.

I cannot find either the phone number for this woman I was going to stay with, or the email address for the guy who I was sending information to. I looked through my bags and it's not there. I think I left them in my room but they may have fallen out of my back pocket.

I guess, I just found out, maybe the landlord did try to call me back. I just talked to the front counter guy and he said my phone was busy and said the guy said he'd call back. So good.

I think I might be serious about starting up at least one non-profit while I'm in college because I could apply for grant money like anyone else to provide services. I've looked into starting one up before and it's not too hard.

I have played this song, over and over--livin' on a prayer.

Linda Price (and Julie?) with HPRP--Should Be Fired

I talked to her again this morning, asking why she lied to me yesterday and she contradicted herself.

Now, it is looking like I'm not even getting an apartment at all, just as I thought.

She said she called the landlord and he said he needed an application. I called him twice and haven't heard back and the nice townspeople here parked out a bunch of camper trucks next to me. One in green and white like the pens that were left at this apartment I was or am trying to get into.

I have no other options.

Linda felt very confident in herself, in being able to harass me. She said to me, flippantly, "I can't make MAGIC for you."

This woman, Linda, and the people at Community Action, who get their orders from a Wenatchee "Board of Directors", have taken money from a federal government source and lied about how it is used and deliberately PREVENTED me from getting into housing.

Linda was telling me a week ago, that she wanted to put me on the streets altogether, claiming they could do nothing when just the night before she had talked to a landlord and told him they would only pay for 3 months.

She also lied to me in the beginning, telling me the program was for only 6 months and that only $400-$500 could be used per month. I found out from my lawyer that this was not true and that the program was for up to 18 months and paid any amount of money for rent.

Then, she tells me to apply for this apartment and basically assures me I'm getting in but lied about doing a walk through yesterday, knowing I'd be out of a place. Then she lied about her contacts with this guy.

What concerns me most is that I specifically asked her for a copy of what she said were guidelines from Seattle, or "the state" and she refuses to give them to me.

I told her this was severely and negatively affecting my custody case and my ability to take care of things and put me in a very bad position and she said she didn't care.

She also was originally telling me that they could only give me a studio and then she said she talked to my lawyer and he said a 2 bedroom was better but the minute my lawyer decided he wasn't going to do anything on my case, she backed out.

I am having to make a notorized statement or request for public disclosure today and at the same time, going in for anxiety to document intentional infliction of emotional distress.

It looks like someone else should be managing HPRP monies and I might have to look into it because if it's not too late to apply for the money, I should start up my own non-profit and make sure Community Action never touches another dime of federal funds. At least I wouldn't discriminate against people or lie to them to keep them out of housing. I also don't need a fucking Board of Directors or anyone at all telling me to screw over this person or that person.

Duck & Fingernail Samples Missing From My Bag

This morning and yesterday, I had a duck passing overhead.

Lots of Canada stuff and then some red Colombia references by the end of the night. SO I did wonder what was going on and with some of the different things I noticed I figured something happened with my hearing or case in some way.

I prayed today for a couple of things and made a list.

I also discovered that the nail clippings I took of my son, which I saved in my bag, were stolen. I believe it was done while I lived at the last place still. But why would anyone steal these nail clippings, and leave other things, unless they were concerned about something? If nothing is wrong and nothing happening with me and my son, I really fail to see why it would be important to anyone to STEAL those nail clippings. I didn't accidentally throw them out. They were wrapped in tissue and put in my bag and marked with a marker on the outside of the tissue.

The other pieces of kleenex that were in my bag were still there.

I woke around 2 a.m. and then later at 4 a.m. but fell back asleep easily.

I prayed for specific things and for people specifically.

I am sure the fingernails were stolen while I lived at the other house, or possibly one day while I was at this hotel and left the bag behind if someone entered but I don't think that happened. I remember people passing by with shirts that had "F" on it and hats and I had marked the samples this way and then I had people walking around with this and staring at me so I thought about the samples. In hindsight, I think someone figured I'd noticed they were missing already and wanted to rub it in.

I also noticed that someone has been monitoring exactly how much money and where I spend it and how much I have left. When I counted out my money and had a certain amount on me, I had people wearing t-shirts here with that same number and standing right in front of me with their back to me so I could see the number. When I had a $20 on me, this person stood right in front of me, I think more than one person did, with $20 on their shirts. Then when I had $40 left, same thing with 40. It wasn't coincidence and there was more than one person with the shirt with that number and going out of their way to be in a location where people wouldn't usually be, but I would see them.

I've also had several mock-ups done about "King" and kingdom stuff, and making fun of a "kate-carole" thing. Three different locations and groups here, within one week. This morning I was wondering what this one woman meant too, when she kept saying that she prayed "who your real father is" was revealed to me or that I would learn about my father but she didn't say it like heavenly father.

I will reveal what some of my prayers were this morning, by the end of the day, so it doesn't affect what really plays out. Sometimes prayers aren't answered instantly.

I didn't pray for earthquakes. Not last night or today either. But I did pray for other things.

My problem is, that I always pray "in general". I don't know, half the time, what I want or feel insecure about choosing for myself and try to leave it up to God. But then I think maybe I'm supposed to be more specific sometimes. Figure out what it is I want to ask for, specifically, and pray for that, specifically.

I haven't had any images and last night, I don't remember dreaming at all.

Yesterday the only flash of an image that I got was of Queen Elizabeth biting Philip on the arm or shoulder. I am probably totally wrong and it's probably some imaginative thing but it was strange--it just flashed up to my mind unprovoked or asked for, and I threw it out half joking, but sort of really believing too. Who would know this? I guess only the two of them. That was the only unprovoked image that came to me in any way. Oh, and this morning for some reason, I had a very brief image of Philip leaning back laughing or something, joking around or laughing at something in a very comfortable way with just family or some very close intimate group, much more like any normal family kind of scene than anything else. But I don't know if that would be past or present.

I don't really picture the Queen biting anyone. It looked like a hard bite.

And last night, something about "she sounds like Margaret" in reference to the Queen's sister Margaret but I don't know who sounded like her.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Missed Hearing

I think that possibly I missed a hearing today for custody of my son.

I don't have any of my legal papers with me since my landlord abused my rights and then evicted me after vandalizing my property.

I don't have housing and have been focused on getting this together because I cannot do anything, even legally, if I don't have a place to live and I'm being dumped on.

What I DID notice today, was that a lot of people from Canada came into town and made some off comments. And this is why I think I missed a hearing. I don't have hearings on Mondays usually, and I don't have a lawyer either.

I don't have a lawyer, my legal papers or belongings and no housing. All of this, not due to fault of my own but on account of landlords and housemates stealing from me, trespassing, vandalizing my property and then the failure of my last lawyer and his firm to do their job and the failure of the courts to reassign new legal counsel.

It was so busy tonight, like a major holiday or weekend, when it's only a Monday, and so many people all over me, that I know something is wrong.

I wrote down some numbers of people who were very smug in passing. One short-haired blond woman in a red SUV with the last set of numbers or letters as WDA. Washington plates but I couldn't see the first part.

One group that has stayed at my hotel has been nice all along and then today one of the guys told me if I needed a place to sleep tonight I could sleep in his truck in the parking lot of Wal-Mart.

That tells me someone is trying to mock how my son was taken from me at a Wal-Mart parking lot and how he wants to revisit the location as some kind of sick joke. He doesn't sleep in his truck but claimed he did when he hasn't for over a week. He has some tatoo with 4 dots in a line on one of his forearms.

I also realized some of the ruckus over my setting the bunny free might not have been over that but over the fact that some of these people knew I had a hearing to go to and were glad I wasn't showing up because I can't even remember the date without a lawyer, my legal papers and calendar and having to fight for basic housing which I NEVER should have had to do.

There is no practical way for me to do anything but remember my visits with my son and to make him happy at this time. Not with this kind of distress and with police refusing to take MY reports of wrongdoing and the hospital individuals refusing to treat me with normal respect.

I really wouldn't be cheering hard if I were party to screwing me and my son over, because it is at this time that I see true colors and am able to better decipher who I need to report the shit out of.

Even if something was done today in a hearing, I can appeal that and have ample grounds to do so and you really don't want to fuck with me on appeal of any kind.

I would think it's not even appropriate to terminate or have a trial before I've had "services" which are "required" so I'll have to find out what happened, but I cannot do this when I'm constantly and intentionally being uprooted.

This afternoon, someone from Canada drove in and parked in front of my door with plates 780 LMD. I think it's supposed to stand for "7" for "8" if I'm correct. There's a little Canadian flag waving above. I might be wrong, but if this is the car of the woman who came in talking about dimes and quarters I'll know later. Another guy came in and kept saying "eh" a lot, looking at me, saying he wanted mashed potatoes. L5 2491, Canada, motorcycle. Not sure that there's anything up though--the only thing which made me think something went down and that I missed a hearing and some were glad, was how this one guy tried to have me sleep out in the Wal-Mart parking lot in a "Grand Cherokee" SUV. I have never seen this SUV until today even though I've seen him and others for a week. You'd think you're talking to nice people and their kids are really cute no matter what, but then I get this. I'm not sleeping in the SUV with him. I'm at the hotel another night.

What is really shocking, is how this woman, Linda, has been screwing me over about the housing and how am I supposed to do anything normal if this is being tampered with?

I would bet, if anything, I might be diagnosed with at least a transient but acute (for now) form of PTSD from this kind of harassment and corruption and that it will not be medicated. I would also guess this is grounds for overturning anything that happened today. No normal person could keep up with things with this kind of stress and trauma.

I noticed a whole bunch of people who are Jewish in town today as well. Not from this town but out of area. Don't ask me how I know--I just do. God told me. Why? I don't know completely. And I say "completely" because I might have a small idea but not positive yet, ? I'm not sure? Shock about something with the bunny? I don't know. Symbolic for something else?

There is no way I can get anything done with all of these things going on. Not possible. And also, not my fault and this is where, after my custody case is fixed, I am going after these people with a civil suit. And when it comes, which may take awhile, it will hit hard.

I honestly do not think taking things as far as they've been taken, and hurting my son, has done anyone any good. If you think what you've done is "good" you're wrong. And it wasn't just one landlord and housemates last apartment--it was also a guy who came in on New Years who could have put anything in my room or apartment and then a man just as I was leaving, who also came in and had access to my place. I just don't know how much I want to say about ANYTHING though. I want to say only the right things.

I definitely know I missed something because of the vibe here and the smug attitudes of some, and then...Just a lot.

The vibe today was totally depressing again and more bad feeling. I haven't felt this awful for a long time, but it's been about 4-5 days of misery and low level vibes of sadness and knowing my son needs me and that the right people are not there to protect him. When I looked at this book with him again, the french book about the puppy, there were new prints all over the pages. The book about "One Scary Night". I don't know what was wrong, but the book was in perfect shape and when I got it back today, it was like, tons and tons of deeply impressed little fingerprints. Down at the bottom like he was lying on his stomach reading this book and turning the pages over and over or something else that is just weird. If you look at those pages, you can see it. It looks like he turned those pages by himself over 60 times. But it's like fingerprint sets, a whole bunch of them, like some sicko (not my aunt or uncle) forced him to do this. It looks strange and made me sad to see it because either he's reading books to himself a LOT, on his own, which is sad, or he is being forced to do weird things and on top of that, now he has eczema which someone decided to add to his list of problems, just like both my son and I had other strange skin problems and illness and then would have a "cure" at the same time too. How can you even give someone eczema unless you have access to bacterial strains and viruses? My son wouldn't get this from contact with someone just once. He got this from the moment after I told someone about these asshole doctors who did nothing about another condition and SHE guess eczema and I said no it was something else. So I told her, a social worker at DSHS, no, but then my son shows up with this. It isn't "witchcraft"--it's someone who is very sick in the head using my son and getting to him to torment us both. My aunt and uncle would NEVER have access to anything that causes eczema. I am not even sure it was this or the other laser burn thing he once experienced which scaled over and peeled. Slightly caloused over. Someone is doing this to hurt my son, and me and keep my family intimidated until their friends at the state level can try to turn it on my family and blame them. When I asked my son about the mark near his lip he didn't want to say anything. Someone was brainwashing and scaring him into not saying a word about people again.

I don't believe the way those pages in that book are now, is natural. It isn't the way my son lies down and reads books and most kids do not use their entire hand of fingerprints to turn a page unless maybe he's putting his whole hand there and sliding the page over but there should be some fold to the page then. It just looked different and not natural for him.

If someone has been "in prison" (figuratively) and not able to help my son, he needs their help now. And so do I. Because both my son and I are being screwed over.

In his lunch today all he had was grape juice and yogurt.

This whole week I had bad, bad, feelings and sadness and maybe it has only changed, despite the problems and harassment, this evening, because one thing might be going better for him.

I would say one other strange thing that happened was when I got the bunny, the feedstore guy was trying to get me to go for one of 3 "Dutch" bunnies. They were more expensive and it didn't make sense. He tried to tell me one of them had been "hypnotized" and just laid on its back and they had a photo of it but then he said he couldn't find it.

This was a day in Sodom & Gommorah and I just thought, "earthquake please" but didn't really pray it. I don't have enough faith yet. One day I started to sense it was actually going to happen, seriously, and then I prayed against it because I started getting a bad feeling and the next day I had my visit with my son and they were doing their "earthquake" drill. But really, when there are just so many very sick games being played, I truly, truly, PRAY (though I haven't in earnest yet) it happens. I also need to pray that other places where things are originating are hit. I've never prayed for personal harm to come to anyone, except once or twice, I did pray for cancer for a couple people who were really truly bad. And it took a lot to get me to that point. But I feel comfortable praying for mass destruction to property because when these people are going to such lengths to mess with me and my son, there is a thing as anger for a good cause.

I really did get this impression something was on its way, for Washington State, but I actually prayed the opposite because I had a bad feeling from it for some reason. I didn't pray for it, but I sensed it and then it didn't happen. I think this town and state needs a real wake up call. But then, I have these people coming in from other countries and other areas, and it does make you wonder about that too.