Friday, August 31, 2012

Sent Letter to Google Tonight (copy)

(It's not going to format correctly in letter form but this is cut and paste from the letter I sent their headquarters) Cameo L. Garrett August 31, 2012 P.O. Box 505 Coquille, OR 97423 Google Inc. 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway Mountain View, CA 94043 To Whom It May Concern: I believe someone is impersonating me as an authorized user on my Blogger account or that one of the Blogger/Google employees is maliciously altering my blog. I have sent several requests for help through the forum and to corporate headquarters through an investor’s email contact and nothing has changed—it’s gotten worse. I’ve had this Blog since 2007 and I rely upon it for dispensing accurate information and evidence. In the last month or more, my Compose function was disabled, forcing me to write only in HTML. It will not allow me to upload through Compose and the toolbar is partially missing and invisible. Then the HTML function was disabled, making my text appear normal and with normal indentation and spacing on draft, but showing up in one large block of text in publication. I need to have this corrected and I would like to have someone look into who has ruined the normal functions of my Blog. As stated before, I am in the process of uploading important evidence and that is when the serious malfunctions occurred and they’ve only gotten worse. Will you please look into this and have someone address the matter. I would appreciate your assistance in this area. Additionally, when I was on the Google reporting site and it asked me to “check the required field to confirm” there was no box showing for me to check. I had to click on the end of the “required field” line and then the box showed up. So this is occurring not only on my personal blog but also on other sites that I am trying to access on your site. Thank You, Cameo L. Garrett Email: Ph. 1-541-396-6632

Blogger Mis-formatting All My Text

I just noticed all my text for my posts is running into a large block. It's not me. When I see the page that I compose on, which I can edit, it shows correct spacing and indentation. Because I was seeing it correctly on my composition page, I didn't realize it was being transfered to a large block that looks crazy and that no one can read. I've written to Google about the other problem I mentioned too, and they've never fixed it. I guess I have to send a formal letter to their corporate headquarters.

Govt. In Town & Arizona/CA license plates

A lot of government vehicles were in town today. Tons. All with govt. plates. I also noticed a blond woman with California plates of 5TH135 or 5FH135 (white SUV), who was following. Also, a woman driving an SUV with Arizona plates AT23089 and a Marines sticker on the bumper. I'm starting to think maybe James Cartwright has something to do with this. It was right before I was thrown into a psych ward for "evaluation" and assaulted that I was starting to talk about him. Also, I wonder if he is a Middleton supporter. He didn't seem very supportive when he was couching his words at the hotel and I'm sure he knew I had microchip implants by what he said out loud. He was almost trying to catch me at something bad too. Then, I found out he fly a plane for Marines called "The Phantom" and is there a correlation between this and the "Phantom" car that Mike Middleton drove on his daughter's wedding to William?

Torture NOW &Dallas, TX "Mental Health" Evaluation

(UPDATE: as of 8:40 p.m. I have military/NASA doing the jabbing in the head, on the top of the head, left side, center to lower section.) (UPDATED: I was cleared as not being mentally ill or physically ill. However, he said now I'm on their "radar". I am being tortured to the section under my sternum though, tonight, and now I know for sure it is because of another metal part or implant that is being remotely accessed. It isn't just in front of the computer. I walked from my house across the property to my parents house and my heart and this section above my heart was being targeted by technology. It's remote access. This has also been done while I am walking from my house all the way to the store downtown. There is no reason why it would be this specific part and no other part of my body. They put a metal stent into my chest region and the military is remotely targeting me and torturing me. This was done in Maryland. Whether it's a burning sensation or a vibrating pain or a pressured pain that vibrates, it's a specific spot. In front of the computer they use something that causes more vibrating. If I hold my hand in front of my chest and don't even touch my chest, it quits. This would explain why the doctors over here wanted to take CTs that went down to my heart when all they were supposed to check was my neck and head. No one looks at the heart with a CT (dangerously risky and delivering the equivalent of 100 x-rays) without a reason. Doctors here are in on it.) My parents called a mental health person from Coos County to "evaluate" me, the day before I stated I was making a youtube video about my attempt to reports rapes to police, my treatment, and the FBI. I asked who they called and my mother said she didn't know, someone by the name of "Ross". She said my Dad called him but she's been talking to someone for awhile too. So I looked for a "Ross" with Coos County and what do you know? Someone from Texas. This man was in Dallas, TX from 2009-2010. Here's the link: Robin Bechtold, 1st degree rapist #2 lives in Dallas, TX as a lawyer. I was just about to put up a youtube clip about him and Josh Gatov and what happened when I attempted to report rape. And then all of a sudden, I am being pressured to speak to someone who is coming from the same town the rapist lives in. He worked in the Juvenile Department for Dallas, TX and since Robin is a lawyer working at a law firm, there is no way they do not have mutual friends. Ross Acker has been working in Coos Couny now since 2010, and if he was first working with Juvenile Department (police), he is also connected to police in this area as well, and Nathan Bechtold, Robin's brother, is an Oregon cop. Ross was educated at University of North Texas. I am putting up youtube clip for today before he shows up, but it's about this and is taking a tangent from going right into the state-sponsored crimes by police and FBI. I will make another post today about those things, as long as I am not "carted away". If my eye looks droopy in a section of this clip, it's because I tried this other water I had and I had a bad reaction to it so I'm returning the rest of it. With the other water, there was no problem and then right after drinking the other brand, there was a problem with droopy eye and that was the reaction. So I'm returning the brand. Why would I have a droopy eye with only one brand and none of the others? So it might be a day until it's out of my system. Overall, I feel great.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Torture & Communication Hacking of Family Computers

There is still a great amount of torture occuring. Not only that, some group is hacking each of my family members laptops and ruining communications. I am still being tortured by technology means, and for the last week, I've had a group shutting down my communications entirely several times to force me to go to the library computer and out of my house. They are disconnecting my connection when the connection to the main wifi is fine. Even if it shows there is a connection, this party is disconnecting it. I have college employees I'm writing to telling me they are not getting my emails and then they're getting them very late. I am writing email to my mother and then going to the house to find she hasn't received my email. So we wait, and wait, and then a half hour later, it shows up. Half of my emails going out to my son and family were being sent to the draft folder instead of going out when I clicked "send" as it said it was sending. Then last night, I tried to upload video evidence that Elsevier (the online student source that's connected to a bunch of British), was changing my answers when I was taking tests and scoring them wrong, and I was severely tortured with the burning sensation technology to my chest all night last night. I kept trying to upload it, and had all the correct information and it was bouncing back to me and not accepting it. So basically, someone has been obstructing me from uploading evidence of malicious conduct and interference with my college. THe severe torture last night began after I started trying to upload this evidence. Additionally, one day this week I went to the library and I wasn't tortured there by technology means, but today I went and this particular form was being directed somehow by a person there. It wasn't coming "from the sky". It was the same Catholic woman that I've mentioned before, with dark hair. I stood at the desk to request a book and I had technology aimed at me that created literal vibration under my sternum by my heart. So I didn't know where it was from of course. I stepped back and it lessened about 80%. Then I stepped back even further to look at a bookcase of books and it was strong again. I then realized that when it wasn't as strong is when an enormous metal printer was inbetween me and this woman. If I stepped forward, in front of it, I was in her line of fire and my sternum was vibrating. If I stepped behind it, it almost quit completely. If I stepped back from it, and it wasn't inbetween me and her, it was just as strong. I've had a problem before when she has been there and half the time it's just been her in the early morning and no one else. So not all of the technology torture is coming from "satellites" and remote access somewhere. Some of it is being used by persons who have some form of technology that triggers it, and they've been given this by someone who explained what it does. So they are willingly colluding to torture. I wouldn't have even known it was her if I hadn't stepped forward and then back. When I realized what the difference was, it was this huge printer that is several feet wide and taller than I am or over the chest-high, and it's made of metal. That is what blocked what was being aimed at me to cause pain to my heart-sternum. I also had someone suggest to me that the metal in my chest or near the sternum is brushed metal or covered with a substance so it's not picked up easily on CT and x-rays. I don't know why they think this. One other person said I was definitely "fitted" with a metal stent of some kind, that is near my heart and by my sternum, during my surgery for miscarriage. This would make sense, because if a stent is only placed near the heart through the groin, the only access someone had to my groin was in the surgery for miscarriage. Not only that, I never experienced any of the odd "heart burning", vibrating, laser like feeling to this specific part of my body, this part and this part alone, until after that surgery in Maryland. There is no reason why this part of my body would be affected and no other part in the same way, unless some group is targeting and utilizing a metal access that was placed there. It's the same thing with the dental filling with the implant I had in 2006. I had this done and then it's an area that is specific to that side of my mouth, and it's not normal "dental pain". So what is this? I get implanted with microchips in 1995 and the hospital wins big money for telesurgery and cooperation from DOD and NASA. Then I got another implant in 2006 and suddenly, new clinics are being built and renovated. Other monies were being given to those initially responsible for some of the first implants. Then, I had a surgery in Marland after Alvaro already knew I had not signed the papers for marriage license. So he knew I went back and voided it and he never told me he knew. Then I was in a surgery where he and a doctor got revenge. After this, he wanted to dump me. Right after the surgery was done. The doctor was a black woman who, I remember, had a lot of winks and nods for Alvaro and I thought something was up then, but I didn't know what. So they put metal near my sternum to facilitate eventual new torture, and then I'm getting metal silverware for an "engagement" gift. Of course it's only recent that I see from a CT there is something metal in my chest that looks like a fork sticking out of something. I have been able to press on my chest and literally FEEL something vibrating under the skin. One night I did this and then when I discovered this, and pressed down, it stopped all of a sudden. I asked for my medical records from there after I split from Alvaro and they wouldn't give them to me. They waited 3 months to see if I was pregnant after he left and then they began experimenting with their new form of torture against me. Has anyone watched the video preview for ""? It's actually Love (star symbol) Com. It was made in 2006 by the same Japanese man who made Milo & Otis, one of my son's favorite movies. In the preview the woman says, "The only thing standing between us is something the length of a fork". Then she holds up a metal fork and looks at it. They put a metal fork inside my chest. The Cam-bridge. Whether it's a stent that splits or it's the fork image I saw on the CT that reacts like metal on the film, it's there. This country is still torturing me. They almost quit completely for a couple of days, and then after I blogged about the Abbey, they started all of the same things up again. It's not just that. All of my family members email and communications are being tampered with and hacked.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I'm Voting For Obama

. I think I'm voting for Obama. I signed up for my renewal voter's packet through "Young Voters" but haven't received it yet. I had so many problems signing in and being hacked I think I have to send for it again. I don't like the zionist idea or Ryan's brand of Catholism. While I have respected Mormons in the past, I think there is something to the fact that I was literally implanted with microchips by persons connected to Bain/Bane, which is a business Romney is connected to and this makes me hesistant. I've never had a problem with Mormons, to my own thinking or my own mind. However, some of the Mormons are not really Mormons. It's too easy for some of them to use the 2 yr. abroad missions trip as a cover for intelligence and hiding what their actual religious affiliation or beliefs are. Also, I have witnessed some shocking conduct by a few Mormons that I don't agree with and it's mainly been wrapped up with business deals that are personally lucrative to them. Like the whole Wiltbank-Bechtold-Cordova-Kate Middleton thing. I have known some excellent Mormons and have the highest opinion of many of their values and principles. I still feel that I can think of them in this regard, in general. However, I was implanted with microchips at a Mormon-dominant University in Utah. I do still have to find out who was responsible aside from Arthur K. Smith and his wife. The shocking things to me by Mormons have been: 1. Being defamed in FBI records to give other Mormons a business advantage, by a U.S. military Mormon S.S.A. from D.C. Headquarters; 2. The shock of going to Wenatchee police officers, one who was Mormon, about abuse of my son and evidence of severe bruising and having them blow me off and ask me "Ms. Garrett--have you had your PSYCH eval yet?" I was stunned that one of these men was saying he was Mormon; 3. Being dropped by Mormon Roger Harris on a personal injury claim and then refused my legal file, and then finding out he has business deals with Bechtolds and Wiltbanks (who are connected to Middletons); 4. Having Sible, a Mormon with DHS in Wenatchee, seek me out at the Wenatchee public library to pressure me to give my child up for adoption before he was even born, and then smirking at me from offices after he was taken away from me; 5. Going to Wes, who was the FBI rep for Wenatchee, about legitimate public corruption by Judge Gerald Warren and having him blow me off saying it doesn't matter, he's retiring anyway. It doesn't matter? I wasn't retiring. My life was not over, I was not retiring, and what he did caused grave and serious harm to me and my future and my son's future; 6. Having a computer man, Andy Panda, an FBI contractor, as such a good and reliable computer specialist for me, charging me very little to work on my laptop, and then finding out he read my email to discover I had talked to a fertility clinic in Seattle about donating eggs (wondering what the process was and cost, and about surrogacy without my eggs). I was told they wanted me for this, and it would pay $4,000. I was then contacted by a Mormon lawyer in Wenatchee who told me if I wanted my housing back (my federal housing that was illegally taken from me), they could do it for exactly $4,000 retainer. I was being pressured to donate eggs for the FBI in Seattle, and then give the $4,000 to a lawyer just to get my housing back. It was housing or my ovarian eggs. I chose to refuse this and they allowed me to be on the "streets" literally, degraded and tortured. It was extortion; 7. Being ogled in the offices of the Mormon lawyer who was telling me he's help for $4,000. I have never blogged about this before but he was suggestive torwards me, which was shocking and made me feel like he thought I was some kind of call girl. I noticed this same look and treatment by a different Mormon at the Wenatchee Mormon church as well, when it was just me in his office. It didn't happen at other offices, but in Wenatchee, I was viewed like a potential sexual plaything and this was shocking to me; 8. Having all of my personal belongings stolen and given away to a Canadian partner by a self-described "Jack-Mormon" who first acted as a hostess and took me out for dinner and gave me a place to stay and then when I wasn't marrying Alvaro, wanted to dump off all of my things when she knew I was in an unstable situation in TN. Then I asked her to hold off on sending my belongings because I had no storage yet, and without telling me, warning me, or giving me any further email, she stole all of these belongings she'd promised to keep until I needed them, to strangers. These are the disappointments I've had, and it's affected my life. I don't see why they would be involved in harming me, when I have nothing against them on a religious level, other than that they are connected through business (and military/FBI) deals and profits with those who implanted me and then tried to cozy up to the biggest financial rewards. I cannot condone this, nor can I forget how they dismissed physical abuse of my own son. 9. I feel the Romney campaign has demonstrated an exclusive willingness to align with Israel to the detriment of other Middle Eastern relationships. One CIA Director, a few decades ago, shared the same concern when suddenly the U.S. shifted from a fairly neutral position to "alienating" other Middle Eastern and Arab/Persian nations. I don't think this has done a lot of good for U.S.-Middle East relations and probably none of the terrorism and wars would occur had this not been done. I believe Israel should have their own country, but I do not believe in excluding the rights and concerns of those who are not Israeli or Jewish. 10. I am suspicious of Ryan. My first thought when I saw his photo was that he was Jewish. It said he was Catholic but I thought Jewish. Then I read his bio and he has Jewish ancestry so I wasn't off the mark. I am not sure what brand of philosophy he actually carries because I don't feel he's forthright with what he really thinks. I believe it is possible my son and I could be in worse danger with this team in position, despite what's already occured, because of the desire that would be there to protect those who committed the original crimes of implanting me and using me for research, and torturing me to ruin my life for decades. 11. I am not sure who is running for office, Mitt or his wife. She has a very hard and calculating appearance. Appearance doesn't mean everything, and I have photos and moments where I appear to be one way or have a demeanor that's not true to reality, but the impression I have is she's a Kate Middleton fan. Anyone who is a Kate Middleton fan is a concern to me, given the crimes and corruption that's surrounded the Middleton family. 12. I was implanted and violated under Clinton and Freeh (FBI). However, the worst torture of my life was under Bush Jr. My son and I almost died and we suffered the most horrendous and excruciating pain that anyone could imagine. It concerns me that some of these people have no problem sacrificing U.S. citizen's rights as long as they or their friends get huge payoffs from it. My son and I have also suffered under Obama and Biden and their group, however, I feel there is potential for this to be exposed and resolved and put to an end. It cannot continue and I feel the case is beginning to crack and that evidence is coming forth to the public to show what has happened. 13. I am Republican in the sense of having some similiar values. However, I think it's wrong to criticize food stamps for others when they need them and that's why they worked so hard and what their tax dollars should give them in a return for their work, in hard times. I also feel it's not a bad idea to remove the demand for mothers who just had babies, on welfare, to go to work. Forcing poor mothers to work and put their babies in daycares and orphanages (basically) is not good for the children and does lead to a healthy child development. It doesn't mean these mothers sit around like couch potatoes--they could have other requirements that involve bringing their children with them. 14. The economy is bad because it's the economy. This is a complaint against every single President we've had. Gripes directed to the President and blaming him for the economy. One man cannot control the entire economy. 15. I don't like what has happened under Obama, but I don't necessarily believe it will improve or get better under Romney-Ryan. I consider myself to be independent. Not "independent" as in, part of that political group, but truly independent, and I think for me it's case by case. I believe in less government and more free economy and in privacy, but I also believe in respecting the rights of all citizens. This, to me, means calling Republican welfare to corporations and the rich "welfare" just as "welfare" is given to the poor. Why denigrate the poor who take a few hundred from welfare every month, who are just down on their luck for awhile (usually) and treat the richer with welfare and yet pretend it's not a hand-out? The biggest welfare recipients are people like the Middletons and other large U.S. corporations. I support small business. Probably, if the U.S. was going to do a one-time cash return for people to spur the economy after the banks and Wall Street fell, giving the money to those that were responsible for the failure was not the #1 option. The best solution, to keep people from losing their homes and to stimulate the economy, would have been to put that money into the U.S. citizens' bank accounts. They were the victims and they were the ones who could have been compensated with more, and in return, that middle and lower income sector would have gained confidence which would have increased sales, market, and the economy. It's not always "trickle down effect". Sometimes, it's building up your base. 16. I also read the Romney-Ryan platform wants to cut off and reduce more Pell Grants when they've already been reduced and minimized. Students hardly have enough to live on while going to college as it is, even when struggling with a job too. This would put education into the hands of the rich. I had to wait until I was 24 just to go to college because I needed the financial aid. There are enough burdens and barriers already and this country doesn't need more obstacles for the average citizen and their kid.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Avila's & My Mother's Family: Zero Contact With My Own Son

I have to make a post about the Avilas. I have had zero contact with my son since my "rights were terminated" which was an illegal act by the United States federal fuckers. The federal government of the U.S. is responsible for torturing both me and my son and they are responsible for kidnapping him from me, using a fraudulent claim of mental illness as an excuse. The Avilas never should have been the family my son was placed with. He never should have been taken from me to start, but when he was, it was a conflict of interest to the parental bond and rights of the mother and child, from the start. Since the Avila's have "legally adopted" my son (an adoption which is a fraud), they have provided me with zero information about him. Since my aunt complained to CPS about me when I was in D.C., after I said I was going to report her for arguing with me over the phone while my son could hear, she and Michelle Erickson colluded to have my rights to even speak to my son over the phone terminated. I have had zero phone calls with my son, zero interaction, for years now. This country has broken every law there is, allowed my son to be assaulted, cut up, punched in the face, and denied medical care he needs to correct damages that were done to him in Wenatchee, and adopted him out to family members that hated me from the start. Holly Avila was never on my side and we have never gotten along--ever. At the time my son and I left for Canada, she was hateful and hostile torwards me because she felt I was the reason my Dad was considering a split from my Mother. Since my mother is her best friend, and since my mother had already sent me a letter with Barb Greenman's encouragement (Barb is FBI) to "cut me off", and saying she "didn't love me anymore", they both treated me disdainfully at that time. My entire family hated me so much, when I returned from Canada, I was told spitefully that if I wanted to get back to Wenatchee to see my son, to hitchhike. They knew I had about $30 on me and told me it my problem if I didn't have a hotel to stay at, after being dumped over the border. My parents work for the military and either the FBI or CIA. I am not sure whether it's FBI or CIA, but they work for one of them and I am positive part of it is with military intelligence programs. Today was my son's first day at school and I asked how it was, and was there any information and I was told yes, but I don't get to hear about it until I "start eating". Today is the 13th day of my fast, and this has nothing to do with them. After being pressured all night tonight about it, I said, "This is not your fast. When it's your fast, you can make decisions for yourself about that. This is my fast and I will decide for myself when to quit." She then informed me that she called a "mental health" person yesterday or a day before and she was out for a walk when he called and she missed it. So then she said he tried again and it was something else, or she tried calling him and left a message. She said if I did not start eating, they would commit me. I said, "I already turned marriage down." She said what are you talking about, I said we'd commit you. I said, "Yeah, and I already said no to marriage." She said they would take me away to a little small room and I cut in to say, "--to what? put a ring on my finger?" My Dad said I wasn't making any sense and I said, "Let's see, if I'm not committed I get committed. Yes, it makes sense." The Department of State was involved in recruiting Alvaro Pardo and he was already an FBI agent. You don't have to be a U.S. citizen to be an agent. They just wanted him to work over here in the U.S. with U.S. citizenship. It was "too late" when he and I had passed our 36th birthdays, because the FBI doesn't hire anyone over 36 years old. They were hoping to drag me into their rat's nest and when I refused, they committed me. The FBI and military (it was a military man who made the call in TN) injected me with Haldol and assaulted me, and did innumerable things to me, all because if I didn't commit to their man and do them a favor with the asset they wanted here, they were going to commit me and keep calling me mentally ill. They are the enemy. This country and this government is not my friend in any way, shape, or form. After they committed gross crimes against me, out of fear that I'd report them or had made contact with internationals who might assist me (or expose them) they then tried to get me to join them. The only reason the FBI wanted me to join them was to sidle up next to me and act like we were on the same team. If we were on the same team, and I was married to their man, then they felt sure I would not report them or expose them for their crimes in allowing torture of me and my son. They hoped I'd never then sue them for defamation or expose what any of them are responsible for and the Department of State, since they were involved, hoped it would cover their own liabilities. I don't believe my parents have always been on my side either. When they haven't been, they've used their influence and value with the Department of Defense to work against me. They don't care that my son was taken from me. They don't care that we were tortured in Wenatchee either. They knew about it and knew who was responsible and said nothing. If they had cared, they would have talked. They talk about how can I "prove it"--that I'm tortured and tell me to "cope with it" when it's close to murder what has been done to me and my son. They are the ones with information, they are the ones who have the ability to overturn everything with the knowledge that they have of who is responsible, and they choose not to do so for who? For the United States of America. Their employer. My mother, when angry with me over my Dad separating from her, told me if I reported her brother Loren for anything, she would make sure that I was out on the streets. She let me know she had influence to do this to me. And then that's what happened. My Dad, when I said people were asking why they didn't even visit and how come they were only in town for a day to see my son...when I insulted his ego, after this, all of the resources in the town of Wenatchee dried up and I was punished. When I was about to write about how the man who put a dental filling into my mouth in 2006 was a U.S. military man, my Dad didn't want me to write about it. Why not? Why not unless he's U.S. military intelligence himself. My own family has had knowledge of who is involved in torturing me and they said nothing. My mother's entire Wenatchee family wasn't speaking to me before I ever left the country. They hated my guts because they blamed me for my Dad's separation from my Mother and the distress it caused her. They hated me. After they had my son, they deliberately held my son against me in revenge. Holly was jealous of me after having my son for 3 months and they stated an intention of adopting him almost right away. I found even Ivory, the cousin I'd formerly done things with, mocking me with her sister while driving with Holly and my son out of a CPS parking lot. They never called, wrote, and when Dahlia drove by as I carried heavy groceries to my place, she smirked at me and drove past. If my parents are blackmailed into not talking, it's because the U.S. already knows some of the horrific things they've done to their own child and they threaten to expose them over this. My parents are likely afraid that if they say anything about torture to even themselves, someone will expose them for the things they allowed to happen to me and my son, and think I will then act upon this information. Which is another reason the lawyers kept discovery out of court. My mother doesn't want me to know who assisted in defaming me and my son and hauling us out of Canada into the Land of The Devil. It makes me question everything. I wonder now and then if it is even possible a family member put a hit on me at some point, worried that I knew something they didn't want me to know. I literally cannot rule out, with 100% certaintly, the possibility that someone at some time, ordered a hit on me. I am told, like a child, that if I am "nice", Holly and the Avila's will share information and I'm told I don't get to talk to him because "of your actions". I have no actions that are wrong or harmful. I never got along with Holly, ever. I don't share her religious views which are extreme and she is extremeley condescending and has a superiority issue over how she is a christian and I'm not. She is short-tempered and jealous and petty. She puts a cleaning obsession over playing with my son. She and the Avila's allowed grave danger to come to my son in their care and lied and kept their mouths shut along with CPS workers and military and police in that town. I would never do this to my son. I would never keep my mouth shut over such harm. This is why the feds made sure it was the Avila's who got custody of my son. They kept their mouths shut. Alvaro Pardo is a dog. He took off from Wenatchee and went straight to Seattle FBI offices to hook up with a blond woman, after first trimming all of his pubic hair. He never did it when he was with me, just when he was leaving after I asked him to go, in order to be presentable to Seattle FBI. He didn't get a regular hair-cut, for his head hair. No, he manicured his little pubic hair region so precisely it looked like he'd been to a salon. He sent me a recent email claiming he went back to Colombia and I don't believe it. I think he's in the U.S. If he did go back, it was only because he had to for Visa reasons after marrying her or someone else or planning this. Possibly, he went back and then flew someone there to marry. That's what he said he'd have to do with me. Either he went back to Colombia for awhile and then got back to the U.S., or we would go together and I would have to marry him in Colombia. I know his entire game, and he's a filthy fraud and a coward who allowed a child to be tortured and his "ex-fiance" to be tortured and dragged through the mud. The Seattle FBI in the meantime, left me out in the open to be assaulted and poisoned and degraded. They are responsible for allowing torture of me and my son and then conniving a set-up and negotiation with D.C. Why is it I was only "stable" and "not mentally ill" if I was with the government man? The things they did to me are unforgivable. Alvaro is unforgivable. He has full knowledge of who is responsible and has said nothing publicly to defend a tortured child, my son, or me. What has he said to the public, to clear us? nothing. He is in it for himself. He doesn't care who is tortured, and all he wanted out of it, was something for himself. And why is it I was the "social butterfly" only if I was with him, but I'm accused of being a recluse or "schizo" if I'm not with him? That man worked with the DEA as well as being an FBI agent. I hate him. I hate him for being a genuine fraud. I curse him. I curse him with a curse for what he did to Oliver Garrett and I curse the Seattle FBI and D.C./NY FBI. The DEA can go to hell as well. His cousin Oscar, who brought him to the U.S., worked in a U.S. Army building. Alvaro was willing to marry me publicly, for his own benefit, but he has never been willing to expose torture of me and my son publicly. God damn him to hell. FBI promises broken: "We'll increase your visitation with your son Ms. Garrett" "We'll give you 14 hours psychological evaluation to clear your name Ms. Garrett" "I promise not to have sex with others while engaged to you and in marriage Cameo" "I promise to be faithful and to not humiliate you Cameo" "We'll keep your property safe here Cameo" Oh yeah, and "hurray" for 'revolution' that allowed my son and I to be tortured. What an incredible revolution we witnessed with Alvaro the FBI agent. They refused to give me a normal psychological evaluation when it would have helped with return of my son after they committed crimes. All they had to do was make a way and they deliberately withheld evidence and my ability to have him returned. Then after they terminated my rights with corrupt Judges obstructing justice, NOW they want me to have a psychiatric evaluation. Why now? What happened to all the other promises years ago? What happened to my independent psychological evaluation then and why try to evaluate me now? Why? Because the FBI is a corrupt organization that is WORSE than any mafia in this country. Now all they want is another psychiatric evaluation to try to defame me worse, because they know it's over for them. They know I don't want to be on their team, and they know I know about their collusion and about Alvaro being an FBI agent. Since they allowed crimes, all they care about, including Fowler, who was flown over here just to cover for Freeh and NY, is ruining my name further to protect themselves. I don't think they'll change. "Change" "change" change, is all I ever heard from Alvaro, and where was his change? where is the change from the FBI? I've seen nothing but crime from law enforcement. Nothing but crime. And THAT is our "protection" and THAT is what my son and I were leaving this country over. I haven't heard my son's voice for years, because of these criminals. My other family members have visited him, perfect strangers do, and his own mother is cut off from him like she's dead. I am dead to my son because of the God Damned FBI. GOD DAMN this country and God Damn the FBI. When my son was first kidnapped by this country, through a set-up of false arrest of me, in collusion with Department of State, FBI, AG, and local police and corrupt Judge and CPS liars (who wrote a false report), I spent 3 months writing to hundreds, HUNDREDS of lawyers looking for a private attorney. All that I did was spend time on the computer searching for help. Email after email. The only time the FBI wanted to "help" was when they thought they were going to get caught. They have allowed me to do nothing but struggle and fight in vain, for my son, who they illegally tortured and kidnapped. I have accomplished zero, nothing, in 5 years time because of the FBI. Absolutely nothing. All I've done is run around trying to find someone to help my son and trying to find work in Wenatchee to be blacklisted out of everything including housing and then victim of an extortion attempt for my ovarian eggs. They've degraded me, humiliated me, blocked my freedom of movement, experimented on me, and then punished me for not marrying their FBI agent. Is that what I really needed? That was the cure for torture huh? Being with an FBI agent? Because NASA and DOD just quit torturing citizens if they're with an FBI agent? That's really what my son needed too, right? An FBI agent rat. Because you can see how much the FBI cares about kids. If I am having sex with their agent, they'll make demands to have torture against me and my son quit, but if I'm not having sex with their agent, they do not even speak up in my son's defense, much less mine. My son MUST be returned. I will expose every FBI asshole there is if he is not returned to me, and every military asshole that has been involved as well. *********************************************** I am also being tortured tonight while writing. It started over an hour ago and they are targeting the metal stent under my sternum, with vibrating/suctioning. Alvaro knew what was done to me. As an FBI agent, he went out of his way to keep me from court, to cut my hair off to eliminate evidence that proved the FBI defamed me as a drug addict or marijuana user when I stated I could prove this was a lie with my hair. He was a rat, like the rest of the FBI and DEA, and they are criminal rats who don't even have the decency to speak up about torture of a child. They just quit the torture and negotiated this, if they felt I was doing them a favor or joining their team. All they cared about was covering their own liabilities. After I wrote this, the targeting under my sternum quit but for several hours there has been use of technology to cause the fasciculations in my legs and feet, which is distinctly military/technology and not a natural "tired legs" kind of fasciculation. You can feel it and know the difference.

Monday, August 27, 2012

DVDs or CDs in auto collision

I was just thinking about the hijacking by Mike, with me and Monica in the car, and the only things we knew he had brought with him were some clothes, one book, and a huge case of DVDs and CDs. We asked what this enormous black folder with a zipper was and he said it was his DVD collection and it was huge. He didn't bring anything else. I found out after the wreck he played guitar but he never mentioned this or brought it. He brought nothing but a few clothes, a huge DVD/CD collection, and one book called "The Rise and Fall of the 3rd Reich". That was it. So I was then wondering if the CDs mentioned that Diana had with her in the car crash were CDs or DVDs and what was on them.

Vandalism of Multiple Computers

My current laptop which is only a couple months old, is being vandalized just like my last laptop was vandalized and ruined. And that's not mentioning the desktop I had prior to this that was fried, or the printers and faxes that were brand new which were fried and jammed. Since I uploaded my youtube clip about my son, Oliver, and demanding his return, the "O" key on my keyboard has been sticking and not working without pressing it several times. I have not spilled anything on this laptop. My last laptop was ruined and vandalized after I filed a UN complaint against the U.S., and they made the the "L" and "K" keys stick and then not work, and shut everything down. My communications were totally shut down and then the keys were never restored to normal. So now it's happened again, out of revenge for my putting up a post about the horrific things done to me and my son. The only reason they'd choose the "O" key is because I used to show my son how to write his name and see it, and would say, "O is for Oliver!" (mainly because I had an alphabet chart across the wall with different things for different letters...i.e, "c" is for cat, etc). So now my next laptop is being vandalized and ruined. All of my property is being destroyed by the Department of Justice computer people and their military friends.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Torture NOW & Break and Entry (more theft): UPDATED

I am being tortured again, with technology to my heart, as of about 7 p.m. Not only that, we have uninvited "guests" in the area. It is not just a suctioning feeling to the heart, there is a high frequency or high speed vibration that I can feel, under my sternum, that occurs. From my CTs you can see there is metal inside of my chest. I was told some kind of "stent" was put in, up to my chest, and basically doing my surgery for miscarriage. They place stents to the heart through the groin. I am on my 10th day of fasting, and this country continues to commit crime. I have had this "vibrating and suctioning" feeling occur at my house, near my parent's house and while walking to the store, so it's triggered from a remote location and directly targeting me. Once I left my house and went up the road and it stopped. It was a field of energy positioned over my house only, and not anywhere near the neighbors that live up from us. I am making this post because someone needs to get rid of those in charge, and I might start looking at Panetta. He knows about all of this. He is the one who has had both CIA and Pentagon access to all top secret operations, and basically, his buddies have targeted me with torture for over 17 years. Panetta should be in jail, for life. *************************************** Someone has been breaking into my house after I tie the door with string and retying it in the most similiar way that they can, after stealing from me and booby trapping my house and putting crazy marks all over. The only people who do this kind of tying crap are military. This last time, someone let a ton of ants into my house and I had zero ants. The house is not even ground level. There were no ants until today. They put a blob of blackberry in my tub which was clean. I just took a bath last night, and I took a shower this morning and the tub was clean but someone broke into my house and put a blob of blackberry in the middle of my tub. They turn around my vitamin bottles, they turn around my shampoo bottles, and they've stolen a bunch of lids for bottles that I had recycled and saved for use. Someone stole all of the black caps for all of my bottles. Any bottle that I had with a black lid, was stolen, making reuse of the bottle for storage useless. Yesterday they stole my black hair comb. I had to use a different comb for my hair because the other one was stolen from my bathroom sink counter. I don't take the comb anywhere else--I do my hair in the bathroom and I brush it out in the bathroom. They stole one of my hair combs. So yesterday they stole from me, (because I had the hair comb yesterday), and today they broke in and stole from me, unleashed a swarm of ants, and put a blob of blackberry in my tub. They also stole $5 from me recently, in the last week. I knew exactly how much cash I had, and someone stole $5. ***************************************** UPDATED 8/26/2012 After I wrote about the vibration and suctioning effect to my sternum, almost immediately it lessened and then quit within a half hour. The torture has diminished in the last couple of days. I said on my videoclips that I hadn't been sleeping due to insomnia from fasting and not torture, but there are still some things going on. For example, early this morning, it was technology causing the rapid benign fasciculations mainly at my legs and going through my feet. I have noticed that the military has used this against me typically in the early waking hours, about the time I might be dreaming naturally. It's not natural, you can literally feel a kind of electrical current through the legs. This is what was done to both me and my son starting at our house on Methow St., in Wenatchee, WA, when he was only about 1 year old; it was 2007. It was in the summer when it began. It was done to both of us at an extremely high level, so high that you could see all the muscles in my son's body twitching just looking at him. It happened to him at Methow and also in East Wenatchee on the orchard later. It had nothing to do with our diet, or pesticide exposure or anything. Methow St. wasn't an orchard, it was in town. So they still do this to me in the early morning. I would say almost every single day and sometimes skipping a few days, but pretty much, 28 days out of a month at least. Last night they also jabbed me in the head with long-range technology that caused swelling to both me and my brother's heads in the past. It was lower level, but it was done for about 20 minutes last night and this still occurs almost every day. The excruciating and severe tooth pain that I described has pretty much quit. They chiseled a whole section out of one tooth with technology, and then were targeting my teeth, neck and jaw, with high level technology and they totally quit this. It wasn't 'cavities' or another problem, it was military. The ear pain that was being used and almost causing deafness in one ear has almost quit entirely. I am still occasionally having a weird effect to the ear, but not like before. Maybe putting up some CTs helped, but I probably need to put up more for further evidence of microchip implantation. Torture level has dropped about 80% but it's not enough. They're still doing things. I want my son returned to me. There has been no possible way to even appeal for him while being tortured every day and with increased intensity whenever I try to do something productive. 2:55 a.m. As of about 2 a.m. (insomnia is normal for fasters) I have now had U.S. torturing me to my OTHER ear. Piercing pain and the opposite ear, which is not surprising because I actually had several people it's not just the one ear, that I have implants in my OTHER ear too. I guess someone just didn't target that one for some reason. So they're still torturing me.

Friday, August 24, 2012

U.S. In Violation of National Sovereignty: Pakistan

The U.S. is in absolute violation of national sovereignty. There are no Pakistanis invading the U.S. So why is the U.S. using money and giving massive pay-outs to those who kill "militants"? So what if they're militants--they're living in their own country. It's more like the CIA Director who is now Pentagon director, took all his info about those the CIA trained over there, and then moved into his warhead position to kill them all off so none of them could talk. Panetta has abused his position with the CIA and then used top secret information he gained there, to direct his own personal vendetta against the Middle East. He is waging his own private war and killing people that have never set foot over here. I don't see how this isn't a holocaust. Panetta has targeted a specific group and is bent on assassinating and killing all of them. He is trying to eliminate an entire group of people with whose views he disagrees. They are not a threat to the U.S. They are a group interested in protecting their own borders and have more stringent religious beliefs--they are not "American citizen" haters, they want to be able to live in their own land and have their own views of things. It's none of Panetta's business. He went after them after one group targeted a Catholic church and he's been hell-bent ever since, to make them pay for that. It's his own private vendetta. He refuses to quit. It's not enough for him to target a few people, he's going after killing off and eliminating an entire group. He is exterminating Pakistanis. It's illegal. Oh yeah, but why should he care? He tortures U.S. citizens too, in their own country. He was advisor to Clinton at the time I was implanted with microchips and there is no possible way that man, with all of his knowledge from both CIA and Presidential advising and Pentagon, doesn't know about it. It's a huge deal, that they did this to me and my son in our own country. I think the U.S. military and soldiers should rebel against him, but he probably has so many of them brainwashed they don't know what to think. And the "twin earthquakes" in Iran? Like that was an accident. Someone got upset over the idea someone might try to expose what was done at highest levels of government. Got nervous over photos and the idea that Iran might be trying to highlight things from my CT photos and then they suddenly get hit with earthquakes? The U.S. is not only in violation and defiance of national sovereignty, they are in violation of domestic human rights laws.

Mom Pressured To "Commit Me" for Fasting (UPDATE)

This is really getting bizarre. My mother said today she was going to "commit me" for fasting. She said she was contacting people about it today. Whether she did or not I don't know. There is nothing illegal about fasting and nothing mentally ill about fasting. In fact, I worked outside in the garden today, and weeded out a section I hadn't gotten to, and I went for a 2 mile walk. Earlier today she said this and said I looked too skinny and then later tonight she opened the door with horribly blackened eyes and deep impressions around them and then she told me to quit fasting, saying "You're too skinny; you look like a skeleton." Then she added, "You don't even look like you." Yes I do, I look like me. What do you all want? Curly hair? You look like a skeleton. I said this to Chris Dabney one night when I woke up and he was lying in bed in the dark with moonlight across his face and jagged breathing and the hollows of his cheekbones and everything standing out. In that moment, he really suddenly looked skeletal. I said to him, "you look like a skeleton." He woke up and I said this. I am not skeletal. I've fasted longer than this before, and I've been thinner and weighed less than this before. The only thing negative I noticed, is that I'm still bleeding from the D&C and it was obviously never done right. Not lots of bleeding, but mild and minor bleeding that is not from my menstrual cycle and is the same kind of bleeding I had after the surgery which never quit. I had my period anyway, the full thing, and I'm not in "perimenopause"--I was checked for horomone levels only a few years ago and told they were at the same level as someone in their 20s. I'll ask my Mom tonight if I can weigh on her scale. I am probably 110. I've been 100 lbs before and looked great. I have very small bone structure and I'm 5'4". I could be at 75 lbs and it's inhuman. People need to leave me alone as I say what I have to say. If you don't like it, you shouldn't have done the horrible things you've done to me and my son, and it shouldn't be continuing. ******************************* UPDATE: I checked online to see what is normal for my height, 5'4". I was actually 5'4" 1/2, almost 5'5", prior to my auto accident, or maybe it after my accident. I was measured by several docs and that's what it was without shoes. Then I shrunk a little, somehow, ? maybe with my neck repair settling but I also remember this one doctor getting literally mad that I claimed I was 5'4" and a half and called me a liar and said smugly, "You're NOT 5'4", you're 5'4"!!" and he was then the first doc to record me that way (sort of strange, no?). He acted so strangely about it, like he WANTED me to measure shorter for some reason, and I thought it was very odd. It was maybe when I first got to Wenatchee or just before. So, actually, if you want to be technical about my weight, you can throw that extra 1/2 inch back into my frame. I checked online and women of even 5'4" weigh as low as 75 lbs healthfully (teenagers). I found several. Of course, I think they could gain at least 10 lbs, but there was a whole range of what is healthy. So I weighed myself today and I was 99 lbs. Today is August 25, 2012. This is not abnormal for me at a healthy weight. I weighed this much after my auto accident and I weight about 75-85 at this approximate height as a teenager.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Continued Assault & Torture While Fasting (UPDDATE)

The U.S. has continued to torture and assault me while I'm fasting. I didn't notice anything last night but I woken up with jolts to one ear and then after I got up, it was the suctioning of my heart technology. I went up the road the other day and this effect stopped immediately. It's only being used over our property. If I walk between my house and my parents house, it's present. If I go up the road where all the military and FBI neighbors live, it stops and there is no effect or use of technology there at all. Someone needs to kill the persons who are responsible for this. I don't care how they die, they are violating domestic and international laws and are commiting crimes of torture. I feel it's the end of the road for them. They have had how many requests, how many warnings, how many negotiations, and they still commit these atrocious crimes. They need to be killed as soon as possible. It has something to do with ionizing technology at least a little because when I took the lithium battery out of my laptop, the level of intensity dropped, but it was still there, and I still have the area around my chest suctioning out. I feel this is a favor to Bechtolds again. If you track who is responsible, you will find they are connected in some way to the Becthold (Bechtel) family. This is a form of torture they came up with, to mock me over something I used to show Robin Bechtold. While in a bathing suit in high school, I sucked in the area under my ribs and told him, "Look, you can see my heart beating." You could see the movement of my heart, and outline of the shape. I remember it made an impression on him. Anyone else I showed this to was when I was in jr. high and they have nothing to do with people connected to technology. It's Robin. So whether it's Robin's "aerospace industry" friends and contacts, or Department of Justice/Defense contacts, this is a newer form of technology that's been used to assault me for the last month. They are still using this and it has to stop. Kill them. ******************* UPDATED: 7:42 P.M. 8/23/2012 I had someone write a comment around 12:45 p.m., which is after I left my house for a walk in public. Tons of people driving by. They said this post was "inappropropriate" and used other disparaging remarks and said if it continued they'd call police and have them force me to take meds. I find it very interesting that then the news wants to put up a huge story about, specifically, "Holmes" and how he made threats and was "banned" from something. This is more spin, used by media that supports federal government and their shitty criminal friends. Do you know how many powerful individuals are behind what's been done to me? What they don't like is that in my last post on youtube, I said I was going to give further facts and "name names" later. They don't like this idea because they committed crimes and don't want to be incriminated. I am nothing like Holmes or any other mass murderer. I am vegan because I respect animal rights, and I am anti-abortion even in the case of rape, because I believe the child is an actual human being and doesn't deserve to be killed. Why kill innocent life? However, last night, in a response to an email I got from Obama's people, from a woman talking about rape and those who call women sluts over it and discredit them, I wrote back. I said I also respected women's rights and I respect her views and consider myself to be a feminist. I added I do not believe in abortion because I believe the fetus is a living human being and is innocent and doesn't deserve to be killed, and then I said, as for those who torture others? Kill away if it ends the suffering of innocent people. How hypocritical would it be to say this is "inappropriate" when our country wages war on masses of people in other countries and tortures their own citizens? I am for peace, but when it comes to repeated torture of others? What kind of a peaceful person would I be to say, "Oh, it's okay, you go ahead and keep torturing all these people. I won't kill you even though we've asked you to stop and given you warnings to stop, for years." Anyone who tortures citizens in this country is a criminal and the worst kind. They deserve death. Yes, they should be killed. Are you going to say other torturers, in other countries, deserve death, but not a U.S. citizen? If that U.S. citizen is defying the laws, they need to be killed. Period. I do not retract my statement. Do I have power to kill, myself? No, I do not. If I found out exactly who was doing this, under U.S. law, I would have a right to defend myself if they came near me, however, in self-defense. I'm tired of the hypocrisy and now, it's more of the same from the Pentagon and Leon Panetta, using media to create his own fear factor for others, trying to link me with Holmes, just as he and some others were trying to link me to Iran. As if I'm a mass murderer, mentally ill, or a terrorist or enemy. They are the enemy. They don't like the fact that my videos prove I'm a normal, sane, person, and they don't like what this is going to lead up to. This person that made a comment then posted again after 7 p.m. or so, after news on Fox News and other media was made, about Holmes, and warnings and bannings. This person said now they were calling police. Why? Because they are too tired to think for themselves and are paranoid over the fact that I am a victim of torture and I'm speaking about it? By the way, Chris Rozollo, is a terrorist, home-grown. He has harmed me and my family and my son. There is a reason I mention him but I'm not going to get into it now. Kill them. Definitely. Whoever knows who is responsible for torturing me and my son, who continues to do this, I am absolutely in my right mind when I make a statement world-wide to anyone who is capable, to kill them. Sooner than later. By the way, my being banned from a medical clinic had nothing to do with me--I was asking them about my son's health and they had committed malpractice in the birth of my son. Then they vaccinated my son and gave him a double dose of one vaccine and refused to give me his records, even when I went to VAERS over it. So no, it had nothing to do with me or how I acted, they didn't like the fact that I kept asking for my son's medical records and he was sick and THEY refused to give me his records! Don't assume anything. Oh. I get it. It was a hint. Sorry, I thought it was an insult but at least it's good I address the media thing a little (just in case). I think the person that wrote was reminding me of what happened when I was being harassed by a law firm and then said, "That's it, I'm filing for anti-harassement" after they then involved my Grandparents and threatened THEM (my poor grandparents, who had NOTHING to do with my lawsuits at all, got this plain, no address on the front manilla envelope containing a letter from John Kaempf with the Bullivant firm, and I was stunned. It was more like mafia than law firm. Sort of like that John Grisham movie The Rainmaker, where they're getting harassing mail.). And he...? or Dick Whittemore, I think it was Dick, not John, used condescending language when addressing me all the time...Maybe it was John (would have to think) about "behavior" and "inappropriate" as if I were a child...just law firm psychological demeaning tactics. They basically try to freak you out or ruin your self esteem like WWF wrestlers and boxers sometimes at a match. Snarling, picking at you, laughing at you to make you believe they are superior and you are worthless...the same thing happens with legal stuff. What I didn't appreciate, was that they involved my grandparents and threatened them. I thought that was a little strange and out of place too.) Will touch on that later. ************************* My Dad looks tortured again tonight after being away today. He wasn't earlier today, because I saw him and his face was normal. Then I left to pick up something from the grocery store and when I got back his car was gone. The next time I saw him, tonight, both of his eyes are impressed and blackened. The military is doing something horrible to him and I wouldn't doubt it if Chris Rozollo is involved somehow. Also, Patty Otterbach's car was in our driveway all day and she was out with my mother the whole time.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Torture of my Dad: Agent Fowler and Agent Louis Freeh

When my Dad got home today, I saw him and his face looked okay. An hour and a half later, he had extremely deep impressions around his eyes and they were purple, pink, and black. Then he asked me to give him the phone saying, "You lost your phone privileges for 3 days" and said not to use "fowl" oops, foul language. I said, "I'm not a kid. You want me to give you my phone and be in more danger than I already am?" and he said, "Keep it up and you'll lose your computer privileges." They're threatening my Dad. Fowler is a major problem here. He is in charge of FBI in this state and he has a military background. Also, we're still being tortured with a technology that causes a suctioning feeling of the heart. It was going on for days, even while I fasted, and then I walked up the road where "Big Boobs" lives and it wasn't happening there at all. It was only on our property. Big Boobs is the blond who has come onto our property, who my mother was afraid of the first time I observed her approaching, and she's been in my house without my permission. She goes to the Methodist church. I think my Dad was telling me that the U.S. government was about to shut down all my communications again to prevent me from putting anything up online. They are literally criminals. What is frightening is that we live in the same state where I was first assaulted and it's not a small deal. They use my parents for research, along with me, here, and it is not a small thing. They have this town swarming with intel and government employees, and then today for some reason, it was tons of hispanics. Why a bunch of hispanics are in town today I don't know. There is a very low hispanic population here and I took a short walk inside of town and they were all inside of the town, not passing through on the highway. According to my blogger stats right now (I don't know if they're accurate or not), the main population reading my blog isn't even hispanics, or at least not ones from out of the area. I know they like Debbie Sweetwater-Burt because she launders money with her business and then takes vacations to Mexico. Since Katie Middleton is connected to a Mexican mother, and Debbie is involved with that group, and with Bechtolds, it makes sense possibly that they want to drive over from Coos Bay whenever they think I offended one of their little breadwinners. Hardly anyone from Mexico, at least through obvious channels, is reading my blog. I am sure government has more secretive ways of monitoring, or private individuals do, of going to sites and not being detected somehow. The stats say it's US, UK, Japan, Germany, and a few other countries. I'm going to put up the post about Kate Middleton again for tonight and then I'll reserve it to draft again. I don't think they'd put Fowler over here from New York if they didn't think he could be a threat to my family and a "safety" to those who have participated in assaulting me. Since I've lived here in Coquille, I've been watched and experimented on. I've been horribly tortured and then I can't even leave my house without a bunch of people following me around or watching to see which side of the road I walk on, where I cross the road, if I talk to someone or not, and what I do. They lay out their "markers" for this crap just like my parents do (they're forced to do this for the US) and like the woman did with me in TN when they locked me in a federal facility to put me in a glass room and have a woman trying out her predictive abilities on me. I said then, "This is degrading treatment and in violation of Geneva Convention" and then I move over here and it's the exact same thing, except they don't have me in a glass room. They're still ignoring thelaw, and now they use me for research with the idea that I'm out in public so they can do what they want. It's true I'm in public, however, the fact that I'm being tortured while this is going on, is illegal. It's 100% military and Agent Fowler was moved over here to be 100% involved in it. He is contributing to felony crime. HE is the "FBI" and yet they break the law and allow research and torture of citizens and think they are above the law. Patrick Donovan. This is a name I haven't mentioned much before. He was in charge of "Diplomatic Services" until 2009 and this is a division of the Department of State which was/is headed by Hilary Clinton. Whenever there is an international dispute involving a child (I was in Canada asking for political asylum and instead of giving me a hearing for this, I was arrested and Canadian officials negotiated with U.S. officials on how to return us with an appearance of authority), the Department of State is involved. Patrick Donovan was in charge of DSS. I was implanted with microchips until Bill Clinton. Bill Clinton was President, with ties to Kerry; Louis Freeh was FBI Director (oh just let me guess...Fowler and Freeh once worked together right?!); and Leon Panetta was an advisor to Bill Clinton. A Catholic man I believe, was leading some area of Defense and then there was the British man in charge of Directorate of Intelligence. I think we should look into Fowler and Freeh's connections because I'll put money on it, before I even check, that they know eachother and are connected to this. He was sent here to back up crimes committed under Freeh. Okay, first preliminary search: The wiki does not include the fact Mr. Louis Freeh was a U.S. Army Reserve. Wiki on Freeh excludes any military connection. This page does not: He was a 1st Lieutenant in the U.S. Army Reserves. He's connected to New Jersey people (including his father moved the family to Hudson, where current military director Dempsey is from) and to New York people. He was close to Joe Biden, Daniel Monyhan, and Sam Nunn. His bio proves the FBI often works double jobs, taking work outside of the FBI offices as well as working for the FBI. He worked as an FBI attorney while he also taught as a professor at Fordham University (I'm sure he mentioned his FBI job was mentioned in class). Yup. I'm right. They worked together. Neener neener? He's U.S. Marine Corps--Fowler is: Wow. It looks like I would have won the money doesn't it? They worked together, intimately. Both Agent Fowler and Agent Louis Freeh worked for NY FBI offices, in the exact same division (Organized Crime), at the same time. They worked together, for years. Agent Louis Freeh joined FBI in 1975, then Washington D.C. He then went back to New York and worked as a U.S. attorney for Organized Crime cases and also was the Chief of Organized Crime, from 1981-1993. Agent Gregory Fowler joined FBI in 1988, and was in the New York division for Organized Crime from 1988-1998. He first worked in Organized Crime in New York with Freeh, then in Organized Crime with Freeh in D.C., and then later he was involved in "counterterrorism". They worked in the same group at the same time, for over 10 years together. Both were in the military, with Freeh a U.S. Army Reserve and Fowler a Marine. Agent Fowler was sent over here to cover for Freeh's dirty work and those who helped to torture me in this state first, and then Washington. He was sent over here to be reinforcement for continued crimes against my family and to be back-up for those who intimidate and torture us. Fowler is also connected to Seattle's Laura Laughlin (aka "Julie Thornton") and specialized in "counterterrorism" at the same time. Then I make a report about a couple of Portland agents in 2004 and who interviews me? A man from Palo Alto/San Francisco, CA and a man from D.C. Headquarters who is, of COURSE, U.S. military again. He wrote up a report to make me sound crazy and then I was tortured worse. Why did torture against me stop when I dated Alvaro Pardo? Um...does anyone have the phone number for Agent Louis Freeh? Because you could give him a call, Mr. Fucking Bank of America-maybe-this-will-cover-for-my-shitty-sins. Where Freeh is now. In October of 2009 Freeh went to Italy to get Italian citizenship. When I tried to get the attention of the UN, Fowler broke out his torture-and-assault crew to beat up my parents and we were all brutally tortured by military technology last winter. Then an Italian guy is sending a letter to the UN, warning them and asking them "who is giving money to the UN?" knowing they knew the U.S. was the largest contributor to funds for the poor, including trade deals going to Eastern India. Panetta was certaintly thinking ahead. He didn't bother thinking up a trade deal of billions for India until after I started blogging about how I might have to go to the UN. He knew the head of the UN at the time was from Eastern India. They are bribing anyone and everyone. Agent Fowler also got promoted to Washington D.C. to work in Organized Crime from 1998-2000, which is during the time Freeh was Director of the FBI (from 1993-2001). They worked together, in the same departments and locations and locations, about 12 years. Must be real unfriendly to eachother. According to this site, Freeh was a U.S. Army Reserve from 1985 up until at least 2000-something. So he was active duty or a member, and not retired at the time I was implanted with microchips. He was a JAG member. They both worked out of New York where the bitch Mary Del Balzo is from, who then observed me, along with Carl, for effects of torture after I was implanted. These people worked in "Organized Crime" and yet they destabilized my entire life in an act of organized crime. Karin's relative also worked out of New York. Here is the part about his being in JAG and how long he's been U.S. Army Reserve. The last time I saw someone from JAG, it was a woman Chris Dabney was hooking up with and buying her multiple drinks at The Post Pub in D.C. After I blogged about her, and about the Italian AG or head for CPS in D.C., I was treated like crap and my work was being interfered with. I was then fired and then my unborn baby was murdered, by U.S. military. So from here, skipping over this a moment, I went to Diplomatic Security Services, which is the part of law enforcement within the Department of State that interferes with mother-and-child attempts to get political asylum. Hillary was not yet head of Department of State, it was Condoleeza Rice. The DSS is the group that goes international and defames people as "fugitives" or gets involved in child kidnappings abroad. I did not kidnap my child and they all knew this, but it was an excuse made to interfere. The person in charge of DSS at that time was "Gregory B. Starr". I think there may be a possible connection between him and our lovely Mr. Kenneth Starr. I won't put money on it, but it's a good guess. Gregory B. Starr was in charge from March of 2007 until 2008. Then it was Patrick Donovan, and after this, right after my son's face was cut open at a visit at a state office, Jeffrey "Cutler" was then assigned. Jeffrey is the pseudo-name I gave my son while we were in Canada. I haven't found that much on Gregory B. Starr yet. However, if this man with DSS is connected to Kenneth Starr, we have a political question here. Kenneth Starr was the one who decided Vince Foster's death was a "suicide", and before I went to Canada, I blogged about Vince Foster and how I believed it was NOT a "suicide". I didn't know Kenneth Starr led the inquiry, it's just something I felt was right, intuitively and looking at the background. So then Kenneth is working for a D.C. branch of an L.A. law firm, and then he's in California in 2004 as dean of Pepperdine. After this, he gets a job offer from Marjorie Scardino's alma mater, Baylor University. (side note, Gregory B. Starr, Kenneth Starr, and Scardino all went to George Washington University before getting involved with L.A.). They are all about the same age too. Did they all sit next to eachother in class and pass notes? Kenneth Starr was presiding as president at Baylor and the College of Medicine when I was there, getting x-rays of my hand after federal detention for experimentaton. Threats were made from there, about giving me a "spinal tap". K. Starr's inauguration as president of Baylor was on September 17, 2010, with a Stephen L. Carter speaking (from Ithaca, NY, where Cornell is). I think having someone with the name Stephen "Carter" is symbolic and interesting don't you? This man is black, so he's not related to Lynda Carter, but it's still fascinating. Kenneth Starr also defended Blackwater, a U.S. military group, so he is involved with military and in pay outs from them rather than the average citizen like me. Gregory B. Starr was born in New York and worked at the New York field office in security detail. He also worked in Zaire (now Democratic Republic of Congo) among other places, and spent the most time abroad working security for the U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv, Israel. Oh, by the way! Kenneth Starr's wife is Jewish. She supposedly converted to christianity but they never really convert. It's like believing a Catholic converted to Protestantism. The genuine case of this is extraordinarily rare. Usually a conversion of this nature, esp where politics are involved, is political. (oh and by the way, after a lull in torture that suctions my chest, while writing about FBI, as of about 9:30 p.m., since writing about DSS, the torture is on again--pretty much starting at the point where I wrote Jeffrey Cutler took office with DSS around the same time my son's face was chopped into with a knife)

Friday, August 17, 2012

Videoclips During My Hunger Strike (UPDATE)

UPDATE: I will be uploading links to videoclips of each day during my hunger strike. I'll include the first clip I made and then they will be in order. There is one from today, the 18th, and it is the third one. 1. 2. 3. I cry in these, but crying is a sign of distress, not of depression or mental illness. 4. Part 1. (I have two parts for today to give a longer clip.) Part 2. 5. There are 3 parts of one clip today, totalling about 41 minutes. I will make shorter ones, but for someone looking for consistency, here it is. In the second one I make an accidental comment and say "university of Washington" but I meant University of Utah. I think I've still been doped up with something possibly, too, because my body hair quit growing like normal and my eye is droopy (left eye). Not only has this country assaulted and tortured me, and kidnapped my son, they have illegally medicated me without my consent multiple times, and drugged me as well. They tortured me to keep me from being able to appeal the case for my son and they torture me now so why would I go to college? Have this country torture me while I'm in college and try to prove that if I'm even so-so in college, why didn't I appeal for my son? They are torturing me, that's why. They are criminals. This country is full of criminals. Also, I found out, you can go on a fast for 60 days. I found several sites last night, and I had thought 30 days was the maximum and that 40 was pushing it, but according to several health sites, with nurses included, you can go up to 60 days fasting with only water. Some people go for 90 days: (this made me cry) 6. August 21, 2012. 4 parts totalling 50 minutes (very long and dull to me, but describing migraines and how I discovered they were triggered by U.S. Department of Defense, and this also includes Portland Police treatment of my rape as a virgin at age 24). 7. August 22, 2012. I thought I would have 3 parts and possibly 4 but for now I'm putting up 2 parts, totaling 17 minutes or so. I describe corruption and what "clean torture" is, and touch on the motives of the FBI. I don't look tortured here, but I am still being tortured. I slept better than usual last night, but all day today...they know I'm fasting and they still used technology to create a suction on my heart and after maybe 5 days of not doing anything to affect my ear, they started that again. It's military. I live around military, I have been forced to work for military, and the CIA is involved in this kind of thing. The FBI just covers for them. Look at who has been covering things up? FBI employees that worked for the U.S. military. My Dad said last night, "Nothing is happening" and he knows it's a lie. Then today I picked up the phone and my mother's employer, Debbie Sweetwater-Burt, was on the other line and she knew when I picked up the phone bc I noticed her change in tone. She pretended not to know, just like the time she pretended not to know I was in the back of my mother's car on the way to a conference. Suddenly, she didn't want to ride with my mother to the Casino where their conference was, because she didn't like the idea of me hiding in the back of the car behind her. Hmmm...wonder why? When my own mother didn't know I was there, how did Debbie know? I got in on our own property and only if someone was spying on me, or if there was a hidden camera, they'd have seen me. So today, she heard the phone pick up but pretended not to and then she deliberately provoked me. She knew I was on the other line. I had picked it up because I had thought maybe it was the grocery man calling me about a special order I made--I was trying to snoop but then I stayed on. So she is talking about one person and the next and then says, "Oh you know how she is, Susan is bipolar like Cameo." (I guess, Susan Hayes). I then piped up, told her to "fuck off" (despite my fast) and hung up the phone. I thought I had hung it up but it ended up instead on "conference call" and I overheard both of them laughing at me. So first I'm "paranoid schizophrenic" and then Debbie, who talks to my Mom almost every day, is stating something she thinks is an accepted fact with my mother, that I'm "bipolar". So what is it? I have one group (FBI) that discredited me, along with Patrick Donovan with the Department of State, to Canada as "paranoid schizophrenic". Also, in TN, the FBI discredited me, when I had zero diagnosis of this, as such. So I get to Oregon and the FBI is initially I think making all these bogus promises to my parents. Now I'm "bipolar"? Paranoid schizophrenic works for those who want to totally discredit me and what the military is doing. It's the nuttiest of the nuts. Bipolar works for those who want an excuse for how I have no creativity anymore because I've been non-consensually medicated at various times, and I normally have high energy until I'm drugged or tortured. So it's another excuse to cover up the effects of torture. I have zero personality or psychiatric disorder other than some PTSD. How about that? I wonder why Debbie never wants to call it PTSD. The reason no one wants to admit to PTSD is because they refuse to take responsibility for their actions and the fact that THEIR "behavior" is what has created any anxiety or distress in my life. And aside from anxiety or distress, I have no disorder. I am tortured, almost daily. It is assault. I have never had any professional evaluation of ANY disorder and the two "quickies" I had that worked against me, were only 2 against 8 others that said I was normal. The court never allowed that evidence, and I never got anywhere because this country allowed torture of me during all court processes. So why exactly, did they quit only for the Colombian "Alvaro Pardo"? Really interesting, don't you think? Later tonight I randomly found a clip of this Virginia Tech shooter from 2007. This is the wiki, and the photo looks normal but in his self-made video, one of his eyes is droopy, indicating he is possibly a torture victim in the U.S. This might explain at least some of his unusual behaviors. You can find the video for him online if you want. You will see, his left eye is droopy compared to the right. It occurs during his speech of, "Thanks to you, I die like Jesus Christ, to defend..." 8. Here are posts from today, which discuss the first incident of obstruction of freedom of movement and also goes into how migraines were again used against me to keep me out of court next in Wenatchee. This demonstrates that what started in Oregon was carried over to Washington and then worse happened, but I haven't approached that topic yet, nor have I explained what form of torture is occuring while I've been fasting. There are 2 parts totaling about 19 minutes. 9. Posts for today, 3 totaling about 40 minutes. Description is with the first post. (topics: diamond theft, employment, car vandalisms, assault and vandalisms against good friend and others I knew, felony intimidation, date-rape). I may actually address date rape and the difference between having a drink with someone and agreeing to intimacy, and what date rape is. I think there are a lot of men that seem to need the education, as this DJ on the radio just made a joke about it and then imitated Josh Gatov's laugh. Again, Bowers (the DJ). I also think many women could use the validation. So possibly, I will discuss this and then move on past the part where my grandparents were threatened. 10. 2 clips totaling about 20 minutes. Description is with the first Part for August 25, 2012. 11. 4 clips totaling about 50 minutes. Description is with the first Part for August 26, 2012. I will clarify that I state I have not slept much because of insomnia from fasting and not torture, but there still has been torture at night. See most recent (updated) post about "Torture NOW" for further information. 12. Here are clips for August 27, 2012. I took a tangent to describe the frustration of invalidation of actual torture, and briefly touched on some of the military surroundings (I left out about 50% of the rest of the info on it, like the military moving in with me, renting from me, moving in next door to me after I'm in a new neighborhood, but maybe later...). 13. This clip made me laugh watching it over. I was still trying to position my head into the frame of the camera. The hair...well no, I didn't wear it this way downtown of course, I put it back up in my wreath braiding across the head. I wore it this way because it was my son's first day of school and I had something similiar done to my hair as a kid for my first day of school. It wasn't loopy though--it was tight braided buns on either side of my head. I mention what brought me to the Abbey, in case some wondered, but I'm not going to go into a lot of detail about it. I wanted to add this, along with my explanation of what my character was and my celibacy history, to preface why the Willamette Week article was defamatory and portrayed me as someone 100% different than reality. My fast is going okay, and I don't feel ill or anything. I've done a lot of educated research on it. I read about long fasts and signs of when to stop (some people vomit after day 18, to release toxins and the meds say if it lasts past 7 days, to quit), and how to safely break a long fast (no solids, 50/50 juice/water but not fruit juice bc it will give you a blood sugar spike...diluted green drinks are okay). I've noticed some healing inn my body already. Although I look skinnier, other things are correcting. My thrust infection showed up exactly where it was after I nursed my son but it's improving--they say you have to starve the yeast. I really don't think it's tinea versicolor. It's a systemic thrush. The marks are in only the exact same spots as when I nursed my son and we got it. I don't feel any temptation with food. I think it helps being a disciplined vegan. As a vegan I like the smell and sight of meat and dairy dishes, but having learned to control myself, I am not tempted and with fasting it's feeling the same way. I can be around food and smell it and think of it, and not crave it or be tempted. Slight hunger pangs here and there but nothing big. Sore throat cleared up and old cigarette tar from lungs came up in phlegm yesterday. I only smoked 2 months and lightly, and it was 2 years ago, and this brought some residue up. Yesterday, lots of energy. Today, I was very drained but not staggering or light-headed or ill. 14. 2 part videoclip for today, describing initial origin of defamation to law enforcement and 1st suggestion (and desire) to have me designated as mentally ill. 14th day of my fast. One correction is that I said I didn't remember if I had returned a book or it was stolen, but I remembered it was returned in person and then after I returned it, they said it was missing. I told them this at the time it happened as well. I am 100% positive I had returned it. So, someone had it "missing" after it was back in Abbey property. I will try to speed it up to the torture and obstruction of justice from this point forward. I don't need to rehash everything I've already blogged about and I want to get straight to the state-sponsored torture more immediately. I've been dragging this out. This more detailed description in the beginning however, will make it easier to understand the other things I bring up that are more shocking and to the point. 15. I wanted to speed it up and again, a little less than 20 minutes! I am working towards concise clips of 1 part so let's try again tomorrow. These clips describe unlawful use of police against me and what the citations were that were issued and why they were unlawful (Section 1983). 15th day of my fast. Boy do I look better with maskara. I don't think I'll do another clip without it. I am really being tortured again, as of last night. Burning to my chest, which quits only if I hold my hand up against my chest, and all day and all night, the microwave technology that causes benign fasciculations in legs and feet. 16. Today is August 31, 2012. "Zack" with put on the song "Paradise" by Coldplay just as I was calling my mother. I noticed for the first time, that this song includes a little quick "clapping" rhythm that I did at a party with British and a bunch of Jewish assholes. I clapped to this beat and this couple next to me was Jewish and mocking me. There were African-Americans, latinos, British, and others there. It was for my fiance's birthday and I went out and danced and clapped to this beat even after I had just witnessed the asshole kissing a woman behind my back (Jennie). I saw him kiss her when I was walking away and he didn't think I was watching. I turned my head for some reason and caught him. Instead of crying or being upset, I ignored him, went out to the dance floor, and partied without him and then there was this clapping in one section and everyone was staring at me like they were shocked. Then I danced with the British man with a British accent after a man who was African-American and I think a musician. Alvaro Pardo medicated me without my consent. I forgot to add that to my clip today but I can address that later. I hate him. He also worked to hold me hostage and keep me from reporting CIA employees that whacked my back. I took footage of the damage to my back today and will upload this. I have an enormous lump on my back from where she struck me with a military blow. She was a head police officer for Nigeria and her sons were CIA employees. Alvaro prevented me from going to court to challenge her petition for "restraining" order against ME, after she broke bones in my back. I developed a huge bone lump from raised bone after it, the size of a golf ball. It's very obvious, and you can compare the two sides and see the difference. Alvaro was a 1st class FRAUD. He protected people working for the CIA who physically assaulted and caused damages, he tried to set me up to go to prison for marriage fraud, and he worked for the FBI. Most likely he was also connected to Middletons. The FBI gives my information to Kate Middleton, but not me. So today my parents told me they'd called "mental health". The man saw that clearly there was nothing wrong with me and said he'd check back in 2 weeks to see if I was eating and how I was, and that if my health declined before this, they'd have a nurse come out to do vitals. I was cleared of any mental illness or physical illness. This threw me off-track from discussing the things I had prepared to discuss so that will be tomorrow. (clip after mental health eval) I am being tortured tonight starting about 7 p.m. and when I left my house and it was only targeting my heart and under my sternum, all the way to my parents house, I realized something was put in my chest that is another thing that is being accessed by remote means. There is no reason for it to be just my chest and that specific part unless they put something there specifically. I am trying to look up classes at SWOCC and I wrote down my ID and password in a notebook and it's not accepting it. So I guess I have to wait 3 days to call and find out what's wrong. This is the 2nd time I've had this problem with login at SWOCC. The last time they confirmed I knew the correct ID but it wasn't accepting it and saying it was wrong. Yeah. I just tried the user name I had with the right password and it wouldn't work and then I found my number ID and it's not taking that either. No problem. I will check in a few days. I looked at Will Wagler's facebook profile tonight. I didn't think first or focus at all and just thought, "I think the photo has changed and I think he looks tired." It's a cartoon. New photo, but no actual photo of him. Maybe he's tired in reality. About the physical aspects of is day 16. I felt very good today. A couple of days ago I felt depressed like something was wrong and then sure enough, I was then being assaulted and couldn't upload some evidence I had. I had a really dry mouth the last couple of days but it was better today. I made sure I was hydrated and returned water that had a weird effect on my eye. I had sort of sagging skin around my stomach and thought, "Oh my gosh, that is horrible" and it was this way until this morning. ? Very strange. It was like overnight my skin quit sagging. I mean, for several days, it looked the same and was from weight loss and then this morning I looked and only a couple of wrinkles. I didn't think it was even possible for skin to shrink back like that. I think this is good for my stomach bc I had a stomach muscle separation from getting so fat in pregnancy and I think this encourages it to go back together. I am wearing size 10 girls jeans. That sounds horrible too, but it's not as bad as it sounds. (I guess I should take a photo to prove I'm not skeletal)
They're very stretchy and comfortable. They're too short so I roll them up, but they feel good. I was bothered by the eye drooping so I took 6 capsules of charcoal. I did it with care because that could be extremely dangerous when fasting. Charcoal absorbs nutrients as well as chemicals. But after I did, I felt better, no more droopy eye, and no more dry mouth either. I'm not taking vitamins. It's a 100% water fast except for 6 capsules of charcoal today to correct the chemical imbalance. 17. Today is Day 17 of my fast. Whew! I put this shirt on today that my mother gave me, with a large O in the front and then did my hair. Sort of messy today, and after I braided it, I looked at the back and there was a large O loop of hair in the middle at the nape of my neck. 7:22 p.m. I had 1 cup diluted juice with water after I was manipulated and lied to. I was thinking of going back to the fast in that case, but actually, I had already thought about quitting it today so I guess I am stopping the fast because of my already-low weight. If I weighed more I'd keep going. Also, I'm being tortured tonight with the suctioning pressure to my heart and for the last several days it's been non-stop microwaving. The one form they have continued is microwaves or MRI. It's what has caused the benign fasciculations and what the military is doing to people to research and torture. This has been happening all day and all night which might be why my energy level is so low--it's not the fast. I'm being tortured still, by the DOD/DOE. The Department of Energy is involved because they work with NASA and the DOD. The man at the top is Chinese. Robin Bechtold's wife is also Chinese and not that I can prove anything, but the torture has been worse recently, even while I'm fasting. Here's the killer: He was at Berkeley in California the same time Scardino was in the area (June Smith as well, the later wife of Arthur Smith who secured a nice Church of England job after they moved to Texas once they had overseen an illegal microchip implantation of me in 1995). June stepped down from her Anglican job after I filed a Writ of Habeas Corpus naming the FBI and others for torture. She's always known who has been involved. He also went to Stanford where "Sandy" went to college, the one with the British contacts and ex-British wife, and Chu's second man is another British kiss-ass who went to Oxford and is Catholic (Daniel Poneman). Also, Chu has connections with Cornell, which is where most of the "discreet" observers of torture against me from remote locations have been from. Cornell. These people are so inter-connected it's not even funny. It's like a bunch of clams packed into a can. Sort of like the "Little Rock, AK" phenomenon where all these President's and Presidential wives are coming out of Little Rock and still paying tithes to England at the same time. I need my strength for uploading the rest of the CTs and exposing the military/DOD and FBI more effectively on youtube. (what follows below is text from something I wrote that went with the second videoclip, from the 17th) Here is the video clip of me from today, for today. I say, in the clip, it's August 18th, but it was accidental. It's the 17th. I will upload more CTs as soon as possible. Today I have a bunch of things to do, but I will get to more of it, and more research, hopefully this weekend. I will be 38 years old in October. I have better looking weeks, but I am sure I will only look much older and less attractive esp. with the hunger strike. My son's right to damages for medical malpractice are expired by his 7th year. He is now 6. I have been saying I've been tortured for almost a decade. That's not even true. It's closer to 2 decades. It was since 1995. And people have tried to kill me since 1992. In 1992 I was run off the road in extremely dangerous settings. Then I was being targeted while at my high school. This is also the first time I remember any reference of Kate Middleton coming up. I had no idea who he was, er, she was. But she was first figuring in, with people I knew, in the U.S., in 1992. Then I was being run off the road to be killed. In 1995 I had my car hijacked by Mike Nichols and he tried to kill me. When you are 21 years old, you don't realize what the definition of "hijacking" is. I didn't realize even that it was a crime but I know I was shocked. My friend Monica is still alive. She would agree with me about how many times I asked him to pull over, and let one of us drive. I finally said, after a half hour of this, pull over now, it's my car. I even had to say, "It's MY car" and he refused. I then told Monica, "I think we need to pray." I had a bad feeling and now I realize, I wouldn't have had that intuitive bad feeling, if it wasn't coming from Mike and I wasn't picking up on bad intentions. He hijacked my car and then only when my seatbelt was off, did he jerk the car around to have it roll. If my seatbelt had been off, I would have died. It's not as though there are some unwilling to die for a "cause" or a pay-out to their family or some other group. When I did not die, the opportunity was then taken to implant me with microchips in 1995. From that point on, I was tortured by the U.S. It is now 2012. It has been 17 years. For 17 years the U.S. has used microchips to track me and target me for torture. They have stolen the best years of my life. 17 years. First it was migraines being triggered, in 1996, with Del Balzo's observing. I remember what the example was that she gave me, of what kind of work she did, by the way...She gave more than one. Then the migraines were escalated to obstruct me from court and it was state-sponsored (U.S. sponsored) obstruction of justice. There were several other assassination attempts. Then, beginning with defamation of me by FBI, people felt free to torture me full time, after another implant was added by a military dentist. Then, in 2006, it was full blown torture. Most of the stalking and obstruction came in 2002. This is the same year Kate Middleton began dating William of Wales. I can think of one other possible attempt on my life, when I was in junior high, before we moved from Moses Lake to Sherwood, Oregon. It was in Moses Lake and I believe it was a car that was running Barbara Maiers off the road. I was in the van with her kids. It was icy or snowy but we all know how to drive in that weather over there. That was in 1990 or a little earlier. She started screaming. It wasn't just a slick road, we were being run off the road. She screamed and said, "Kids, get your pants on!" Put your clothes on. Put your pants on. She was run off the road by an oncoming vehicle and it was slick so she went down a slope into the field below the road. When Mike started to steer in the same direction, off the shoulder of the road, I thought he was going to drive down into the field like Barbara had done, because it's what I'd have done. But it was intentional. I remember the look on Mike Nichol's face before he jerked the wheel back to flip the car. He looked back at me. The Canadians moved in. Middletons friends moved to Moses Lake, next to Katie Fallon's parents, across the street from the Maiers. We moved to Sherwood, Oregon. It was fine for about 2 years until Janet Bechtold felt offended. Then in 1992, I had people trying to kill me again. By 1995, after I hadn't been killed, the U.S. took the opportunity to implant me so they could torture me. And that's what they did. For 17 years. I prayed last night before bed that God would help me remember what examples Mary Del Balzo gave me for projects she was working on. She had told me some of them were "top secret" and she couldn't share with anyone. We didn't have this conversation until close to the time I was targeted at their house and they were there to observe me. This morning I woke up and remembered. She said Intel was working on a program where the internet could be remotely accessed by the t.v. Then, she mentioned other remote control ideas, carefully. She was testing me. When she found out I had mentioned the internet-t.v. idea, she freaked out and got mad at me, telling me it was "Corporate SECRETS". It was nothing. The real "secret" was that she was a criminal. She knew I was implanted. I am listening to "power FM" right now and the current radio DJ, Jason Bowers, just commented about a man saying, "he...can barely speak a clear sentence". Which could be a great "sequeway" into how my son has been tortured and some have enjoyed rubbing this in my face. After I was tortured, my son was tortured. This country has a major criminal problem that is not going to go away until someone else is in charge in every way, in the departments responsible, and they begin routing out those using state protection to torture citizens. Mary Del Balzo was talking to me about remote controlled programs for Intel in 1996, at the same time she observed how "teletorture" or remote controlled triggers worked to target and torture me. The University Hospital that did it, in 1995, got multi-millions of dollars in combined private grants and government grants, after they implanted me, in 1996. They became certified to be a "telesurgery" (remote location operated surgery) in 1996, which is programs run by the Department of Defense and NASA. This was when I was getting a little card from "Katie" with her "sympathies", which had more to do with adults getting in their triumphant joke, than the Katie that actually sent it to me (who I didn't even know).