Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Torture of Family & Holocaust book

My family continues to be tortured. My Dad's hand was crushed and knuckles cracked again and the one hand swelled up. I noticed yesterday.

When I mentioned something about 7, it was the sum of a number from a group that has participated in torture of my Dad. It's how I remembered the number--it was the tally of the numbers on her license plate or trailer.

We are being tortured and then I'm reading this IBM and the Holocaust book and how is the current U.S. state any different from an actualized Nazi-state.

It's somewhat surreal to be reading about torture and persecution and what led up to it and then walk down grocery aisles where everyone is including the new word "pure" on all their products. That's what Nazi's did. Everything was about the "pure race".

These local people use others in this town for research, and harass them and exploit them for their own reasons and then I am reading this book and thinking, this was published in 2002 and there is no difference. With what I have witnessed and experienced, there is zero difference between Nazi's of the holocaust and our situation in the U.S. and the weird thing is that now even Jews are involved. I mean, some of them are part of the problem too.

I identify with every single step and phase the Nazi's employed to gradually terrorize Jews and other "undesirables" in the U.S.

I know now that nothing is fair. There is not one running race or athletic event that cannot be tampered with. The same groups torturing us and trying to make it look "natural" or as if nothing is happening, can target any given athlete and trigger a headache for them, or any other number of health problems that they might even think themself is of a natural origin.

So basically, they can take anyone out of the running, or minimize what they are naturally capable of.

This extends to the Presidency.

Any presidential candidate can be targeted and thwarted and even a President in office could be tortured and by this torture, pressured to do what some unseen and less obvious group of controllers wants to do.

Anyone who thinks what is happening to my family is okay or not serious, is mistaken.

At this time in U.S. history, there is no free vote. Why vote or why be a judge when everything leading up to the election or hearing is tampered with?

People are torturing my family and I believe they have extended this power, unchecked, to bets and with regard to athletic events, entertainment, business, and elections.

It is dangerous and this is the current state of affairs in America.

What is Obama going to say, if he or his daughters are tortured if he doesn't make a certain decision? "My teeth are hurting?" or "My ear hurts" or "My daughter's back is really hurting" or "Michelle has been twitching at night and so have I."

If it's not them, it's any potential presidential candidate someone doesn't want in the running.

When people in the U.S. have absolute power to harm, there is no freedom.]

There is no true free vote, no free and natural election, no true justice, no true wins and losses.

This country kidnapped my son from me and people think it's no big deal. We are tortured and the U.S. has used my own son as a piece of property and as a rudder for steering my parents the way they want THEM to go.

I just got a letter from the WA Judicial committee claiming there are no grounds for finding anything wrong with Judge Gerald Warren. I had already sent something to them to let them know that I have had health problems and not been able to supplement my complaint.

This is extremely dangerous for my entire family, to have someone like Gerald Warren and his gang, on the loose and feeling free to assault and obstruct justice. It also shows something is wrong with the WA Judicial Commission, if they are only eager to let me know while they knew I could not receive PO Box mail as my parents were out of town.

It's not over.

That man and his supporters are criminals and I have evidence to back that up with.

Tomorrow, maybe, I will write about other things if I have time.

Illegal Surveillance at Coquille Library

I am at the Coquille library where they illegally surveil and harass patrons. Every single time I am here, almost, there is a computer problem and today is no different. They shut off my computer while I was working on something and then wouldn't let me get back onto it and their computer tech is sitting right here today. Then, he was sending out alerts to the main network administrator which was actually responsible for what was going on. I walked right to him and he said ask someone at the front desk and I said why should I ask the women when you're the computer person? Then, he walked over to the computer I was working on and typed into the bar where you enter the library card number: 666. He entered this into the computer I was working on.

This is after a different computer guy switched out my laptop cord and thinks I don't know. That was done yesterday and he tried to show me other cords to deflect from the fact that the one I have now is not the same one I had yesterday.

So that was at a computer shop and then I come to the library and computer problems again and this computer tech here walks over to my computer and types in 666 and then erases it and then when he wasn't even touching it, a number came up on its own: jkkhhy666.

He didn't type it in, it came up. And then I was forced to go to a different computer at the library and after I did, they just surveilled to see what typos I made in my text. I am not kidding.

Also, someone is using technology here to target metal in my neck while I'm here.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Tortured Now and All Weekend (my family)

My family continues to be tortured in the United States, with U.S. approval.

My parents showed up from their trip residing around various U.S. military bases and CIA portholes in California, looking thin and exhausted. As soon as they were back, the first night there was no problem.

Right now, at 4:55 p.m., I have had someone using technology that targets metal in my neck and also to the right side of my head. Someone has to know which computer I'm at in order to target. It's not random.

Not only that, someone went into my place again illegally, and it wasn't my parents. On that night, my fingers went numb after touching something in my house that must have been wiped over something I touched. This occured over 3 days ago and my fingers are still numb. Before I went to return bottles that evening, there was nothing wrong. I wore gloves as well. When I got to my house, within 20 minutes of my arrival, after touching something there, with my gloves off, my fingers went numb and they have not returned to normal either. Only on one hand.

Now I have a Google ad popping up that said, "Heart Attacks Happen."

What does anything I've written in this blog so far, have to do with heart attacks? nothing. It's like the same old Google ad crap I got in D.C., about death, and then after I split from Alvaro Pardo, all about death and kids dying.

When I first wrote about the laser mark all over my Dad's back, some of the people in this town backed off. That lasted until my parents got back and they got whatever assurance they felt they needed.

My guess is that one of the assurances they wanted, was something that was blowing off what I reported to police about Patty Otterbach, Debbie Sweetwater-Burt, and Kathy Hathaway.

The first night my parents were back there was nothing happening that night--not much torture by technology.

Then after this, on Saturday, it was all day and especially bad all night. I didn't sleep at all. I was unable to even try to go to church because of the severity of torture. It was unending and worse than when my parents were gone, almost driving me to go to the ER.

I think someone wanted to prompt me to the ER after they first did something to turn my fingers numb. It's like all they want to do is check out their dirty work. It was extremely bad.

Someone said it was going to be stormy. yeah. I agree, it was. Like "storm trooper" stormy.

I didn't go to the ER even though it was bad enough I almost did. I didn't go to my parent's door either, because this country is acting like crap and frankly, deserves no other recognition than that it is earning a reputation for torture.

The U.S. doesn't even try to make amends for torturing their own citizens--they've refused, supposedly, to even sign anything agreeing what torture of their own people is illegal. Instead, there are laws against assault and battery and torture, yeah, but at the same time, this government signed into law provisions for torturing anyone suspected of anything, and THEIR KIDS.

So basically, the U.S. official position is that torturing of U.S. children is legal.

They claim to have laws that protect us, but if anyone can come up with any excuse at all, for interrogating someone or putting them under suspicion for about anything, they get a card that allows them to torture the children of U.S. citizens, to pressure the parents.

I said last night, after 2 nights in a row of very strong and serious torture directed torwards my entire family,--I said to my mother, "What happened to Dad's back?" and she looked at me when my Dad was in the other room and said, "That's NOTHING."

She said it, as in, if you thought that was something, that was NOTHING.

I believe this is a great underestimation of what is going on and what kinds of assault the United States is allowing against my entire family, including my son. After my mother said this, my Dad came around the corner, having been in another room playing piano, and looked worried and I think he overheard. he looked afraid.

Why shouldn't he be afraid? look at what I have witnessed. What is being done to us is torture.

My parents are highly gifted and they've been tortured and exploited and I have been refused a decent existence at all. I tried to study math today after being tortured all night and for some time I had no problem, until I was then in the calculus book. About 5 minutes after reading calculus and doing some exercises/problems, I was being lasered.

So why would anyone in the U.S. not torture me when I'm reviewing fractions but torture the living daylights out of me when I get into the calculus book?

To me, that speaks of anti-competition and vicious excuses of "research" for hate crime and jealousy crimes. I am only threatening to them if I am educating myself?

They have been torturing me ever since someone decided I was "smart".

I guess being pretty was okay, as long as I kept to my church group. But the pretty and smart combination was too much of a threat. Pretty, smart, and single. SO dangerous.

I was also thinking today, after doing some calculus problems, how this book is one of 4, all of which have editing errors and typos. 4 out of 4 of my math books have errors and then I have found the same in my Bibles. In the calculus book, answers are missing, like someone forgot to write down for a, b, c, and d. In the VNR book, someone made a mistake which I noted. In the review book there are mistakes (an impossible answer and two impossibles on adjoining pages).

Just mistakes everywhere.

I'd like to know how many huge mistakes are in the FBI and international files about me and how many of the mistakes are known to be mistakes and have no been corrected.

I was thinking, while noting the calculus mistakes, how when I was a kid, reading literature in my math classes when I was one of few top students in math...I thought, you know, this is strange. I was ALLOWED to read literature in the middle of my math classes. Right out in the open. I have always had a memory of this but today I realized, "What kind of a teacher allows a kid to do that, without correcting them, unless they WANT them to fail?" It's not like adults, who have some measure of choice and independence.

I sat right there with my literature, reading away during math class. Sometimes, propping up my huge math book upright and having my literature on the inside, with the math book backing it. As if the teacher didn't know this was weird or that I was hiding something behind the math book. Often, I didn't hide at all. I read novel after novel, right there in math class, with the teacher watching and noticing and not once did they correct me.

Instead, they waited for me to fall behind and then put me in the second highest math class.

What a way to perch. I mean, it's sort of like, if you're a teacher, and you see a kid doing this, it's your JOB to say, "Put the other book away, this is math class." Before I did this, I sped through my take-home homework as in a race, trying to be the first one to finish all the assigned homework, and before class was over. I always finished and turned it in.

Then, I was suddenly reading novels and no one corrected me even though the teacher saw the entire thing unfold.

I just think this is odd. It's waiting and watching for failure.

So now, so many decades later, now it's torture.

Literally, torture to prevent any kind of success. This is supposed to be America, you know, the United States, and I've basically been dying alive here. Any excuse about research is so secondary to the intrusion into my privacy and torture of a group of people to prevent academic or social success.

They have "classified" hate crime.

Last night, I slept a little, but the two nights earlier, I did not sleep at all. I refused to go knock on my parent's door and bother them because what can they do? and I didn't go to ER because what would they do? ask about the numbness in my fingers? Try to inject me with more radioactive or non-radioactive iodine to follow me better with?

They are allowing full blown torture of my family. This country. The FBI, police, any respective persons--they are all involved bc they have to be in order to collude to cover such things up.

My Dad showed up from work this morning with face puffed up and huge circles around his eyes.

This mention I made of Patty, Kathy, and Debbie is this...On Saturday they came over and parked right there on our property. I couldn't believe the audacity.

It's like they came over to test out the grounds. Right after I made my one post that was NOT about torture but more about "things happening". It's like they used this small door as an excuse to put their feet in to do more of their harassment, torture, and voodoo crap. So they showed up. Like witches without brooms. I knocked on the door and no one answered and I then went for a walk because I had to file something for my son's case...I guess this was Friday, not Saturday then.

So it was Friday. I was walking up to the library and then my mom waved at me from the other side and cheerfully, while walking with ponytail swinging, with Patty and Kathy next to her. They were all wearing the same colors. They were wearing blue and white and I had been wearing a gray tanktop with a green shirt over that and a maroon sweater over the green and then a gray jacket. It was Friday, the day after I wrote about 2 different bags of things tipping over face down after I mentioned pondering prophets who prophesy for hours face down and have my parents ever seen such a thing? or heard of it. I walked past this one house that day and silver things were tipped face down in a similiar way but not sure why.

So my mother walks by smiling and waving, and I waved, and it was with my left hand, not thinking, just automatic. For whatever reason, Patty and Kathy's smiles disappeared. Then instead of running over to follow them and protect my mother, I had to keep walking to the library because what could I do in a town or country where they are covering up torture of us? I already reported them. Police did nothing.

So what was I to do? follow after them?

However, NOT following them and just smiling and waving, gives the appearance that all is right and okay when it's not. My whole family is being tortured. And then sure enough, after I waved off, that night, it was brutal torture with some group feeling assured no one would be held accountable for torture and battery and assault against others.

It was after this afternoon, that I did a bottle return at night and returned to my house and I moved some things but within a few minutes, after my gloves were off, the fingers on my left hand turned numb. I actually washed the door handles and other things, wondering if someone in the neighborhood had put cocaine on my door or something. I didn't know what it was.

I've been fumigated with the same chemicals again too. It didn't happen while my parents were away, I don't think, but either last night or this morning it did.

I have been sitting in front of this computer, number 8, at the library and had the suctioning feeling happen to my heart as well, after I blogged about it.

This town is full of criminals and I don't think the U.S. is allowing my family to go anywhere--we're hostages.

I also find it really strange to note other events when I know some things going on over here. I witnessed who is responsible for torturing my Dad and creating the mark of a cross or 3 leaf clover cross on his back (the bottom part was the least delineated but it was still a cross.).

Trailer Number Seven.

I'm sort of wondering about that number seven now.

And some people, some workers who have no money, where they are getting bracelets that are only found in higher end markets. It's like the poor getting bribed to do dirty work for the rich. That includes police.

The police here are corrupt and so is "ICE" or we wouldn't be suffering. Which means the FBI is also corrupt. Which means they are instrumental to the CIA and military because they allow continued torture and assault.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Sun Rises 5+ Times in One Day


I had something interesting happen today with a figure of the sun rising in 5 different shapes and forms, or more, in the space of one hour. I think more times than that though.

I had figures of apples above and then circles with orange and green and a orange one on top of a book with green. Then I got my laundry last night and a green dot of fuzz was tied into one strand of my hair and I found it, out of this huge tall stack of clean clothes my mother had just given me. I put my hand in, and raised up the other folded clothes and pulled it out and then put it across the table and the fuzz was more to the right but I held it in the center for awhile.

Then I had a bath and had taken off my clothing and noticed this red dot of fuzz, same size, on my socks. Not a big deal, but just strange that I noticed both of them and they were exactly the same size and one was attached to my hair and the other to my heel (figure of speech) and I had been thinking about this necklace I used to wear in high school which had both red and green in it and how it was stolen from me. I had once worn it with an olive green shirt I had.

Then I had this bottle of vanilla with a sun rising on it and this matched a bowl of fruit I had sitting on a towel, put randomly, with two sections, and then I had my circle already in the middle and then my blinds were burning against my toaster so I set up a book and when I sat, the reflection caught the colors in the fruit and made another sunrise and then I was taking this bag of rags out of the house to be washed this morning, after having my mother come in to look, and she said just wash them in the sink so I tossed the bag onto my porch and it landed and then I looked, and it had landed with a green sun rising. It was the same figure and it landed with it upright.

Several other things too and many more in the past weeks but I've not written about it. I drew a lot for myself last Saturday, after I burned my finger pulling cinnamon toast out of the toaster. I then opened at random to scripture and it was about rescuing people, as if pulling burning brands from the fire. So I was thinking about this and about my grandparents that night, on both my mother and father's side, having had something that looked like tomato slop earlier, like my Grandpa Garrett and then making cinnamon toast like Granny always made later. So I burned my finger and thought it was bad but then I read this verse about people rescuing others and being burned in the process. So I decided the next day I'd draw a lot and go to maybe some church and the next morning at 10:30 a.m. I tore off 3 white pieces of paper, thinking about churches I might try and put a letter on each: l, n, and a. I wrote n instead of m. Then since it was something that didn't matter that much, I then tossed them saying, "Whichever one is closest to me I'll go to this morning" and I looked and one went upper right, one upper left, and then one in the center close to me and it was "u". It was the n upside down to u. So this was the one I had marked for the methodist church (just for that day, not all eternity or anything). So I threw on make-up and put my hair up and walked into their service as this woman was talking about laughter and how they laughed when they were told they were going to have a child in older age. So I sat down and the whole service was about laughter and then a few people spoke and I didn't feel like laughing but then this man in my section, ahead of me, said out loud, "What thuh?" as if he was about to swear, and he was so old and I laughed out loud and no one else did. The pastor STARED at me. Then he said it again and I laughed. Then someone made a joke the entire church laughed at but I didn't think it was funny. The other thing made me laugh though.

(and I just laughed again, out loud, here in the library, just thinking about it).

This man didn't even know I was there, and he was sitting in front, and about 80 or something and it was just funny to me.

Last night after talking to my parents about how the Bible says some prophets fell face down and prophesied, I said have you ever seen such a thing? Then, I went to my place and brought something back for my mom and dad and set it on the counter and it fell over, face down. I thought it was weird and just left it there, not touching or moving it. Then I went to my place and decided to make cookies after making a lot of other things and it was right there and it fell over, face down, like the first thing at my parent's house fell.

Is that not strange? right after I was bringing up prophesying face down and pondering it. It happened within the same hour at least. I didn't do it, it happened.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My First Chapter of Calculus (and remedial math too)



I don't know why that arrow came up because I tried to mark this with a period.

I am being absolutely tortured with technology, literally, day and night. I had tried to get through one book in pre-algebra and it sort of slowed me down so then I used one that is first year algebra and has geometry, for review and it was still not exactly to my liking.

I liked this book published by a German guy, in Germany, the VNR Concise Encyclopedia of Math and again, it was so much better. I read the 4th chapter last night.

The thing is, I want the original. This one is a copy of the original or a different version. I'd like to see them side by side. I knew, because I actually did read this book, or part of it, the first time I picked it up and this other copy looks exactly the same on the outside, but the content is a little different. Even the illustrations are different. I don't think there is that big of a difference, but I'd still like to see what it is.

I also picked up an elementary math book with a pin-ball machine on it, to have fraction rules to review. And then I got calculus, just a book on calculus.

So I took the test for the one book of integrated algebra, which I am still using, and then I have added other books to fill in the gaps and apply as needed.

I got through 3/4 of a chapter of calculus last night and understood it all.

It's sort of the same problem--I understand the higher concepts but got stuck at some point, spacing out and daydreaming in school, with total lack of interest.

The way a book is written makes a difference. I really adore this VNR book, just for the way it's written, even if it's not the one I'd use for practice problems.

I have not given up, despite being tortured all night and all day. I could barely get out of bed this morning.

Which really means the United States is allowing others to obstruct me and my goals on so many different levels, I can hardly count.

A chapter in calculus that should have taken me less than a half hour to complete, took an hour. Between torture and the lights in my place and all electricity being shut down repeatedly, it was a challenge.

I didn't have too much electricity running to flip the breaker, but my electricity went out and in the timespan of maybe 2 or so hours, I had to go out and flip the breaker almost 1 dozen times. Probably at least 12 times. Maybe more like 12-24 times.

I thought about whether I should write about this, but the point is to show that I and my family are capable of doing a lot more, and we're being held back by torture and terrorists who have been given free reign. I even tried to study outside on my porch and someone was lasering me to the point that I could not focus or continue. I even had NSA, I believe, making a joke about things, with interference with my phone again. I will write about that later.

It's wrong and other countries should intervene, I feel. I have also kept Syria in mind and not sure what I think and haven't been able to follow the news, but it's hard to follow international news when you're tortured every day in your own house and you know your own country facilitated an abduction of your own child from his mother.

I've had some great things come up through scriptures too, really amazing insights lately, but I just wrote some things down and will maybe write about it later. Also, I have studied some art and art history, Shakespeare, Elizabeth Brownings Portugeuse Sonnets, and IBM and the Holocaust, a history book--I find it ironic to read about the same thing being written about as if it's all in the past, when it is occuring right now in this country, to my family.

For whatever reason, if I study English literature, at least when I tried, I am not tortured. The military and FBI, for whatever reason, start amping up the technology when I try to apply myself to math--maybe because some group doesn't want me to prove them wrong--they really turn up laser, sonic stuff to my ear, and all night last night, the metal in my neck and teeth were targeted, along with lasering the whole time. Also, if I read the Bible, they don't stop. While reading history, they didn't quit. Art, off-and-on. The only time they quit was when I was reading English Lit. which makes no sense. It's almost like, maybe they think it doesn't matter if I study this bc I already demonstrated aptitude for it. I feel they want to obstruct me from proving what I am capable of.

I even turned off all my heaters to see if it helped and the laser stuff is being done long-range and I am not even near my laptop or using it. Some things are facilitated by energy from electricity or heaters I have, which neighbors can control, but other things have nothing to do with this and it's full-on assault by the religious hate crime leaders in this country.

I wrote yesterday about the mark of the cross laser-dotted across my Dad's back. We are being physically assaulted, day and night, in the United States.

We truly need your help, whoever the good are, that are in this world, we need you. I have been praying for you, and please pray for us as well.

I wasn't having a problem at this public library at all until I looked up the address for the Committee on Judicial Fitness in Washington State. Then some group with access to technology targeted metal in my neck while I am sitting here.

I feel most of this is being driven by religious hate and then some of it accelerated by Protestant awe and wonder over mind control or psi and "gifts of the spirit". They are allowing torture of others because they are too over-awed with the idea that they can personally get something out of it, or profit from it.

I decided to add the other arrow, to round out my first one.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Laser Mark of Cross: Torture of my Family Continued

The torture of my family has continued.

It has not been as bad for me as it sometimes has been, but bad enough and both day and night and I suspect it has been the same for my family while they are traveling.

Even if I had migraines triggered through technology or military or an odd outcast CIA fringe-group,
which was working for its own interests (religious or not),there was never outright blatant torture until after 2004-2005, right after my report about Mexican mafia FBI employees. This was supposed to have not had anything to do with the religious hate crime, but the pattern seems to instead show that it was a kind of "stamp" by persons in U.S. government, who were then going to make outright exceptions to the entire hate crimes and torture laws.

Vandalisms and even isolated death threats and attempts on my life are different from being tortured day and night, through use of military and police technology.

I reported, over this last weekend, how I know the police cannot be good if my family has no one to turn to here, when we are tortured. It means the U.S. government is allowing this and acting as perps themselves. I walked in on one scene, and I wasn't supposed to see the evidence but I did.

My Dad's back was lasered with red dots, into the sign of the cross.

It really didn't look like a Star of David to me. Not to say there are not Jews who haven't known or participated, this was a religious mark of torture on my Dad's back.

It was a cross with equal sides, like the Red Cross.

Now why would my family be unable to get help from the FBI unless the FBI and CIA are immediately involved and protecting criminals in the military and mafia?

I have been witness to evidence of torture on my own son, an infant, and they WANTED me to see this and feel helpless. They lied in all the CPS visitation notes and the community stayed silent. I am witness to torture and assault on my own person and also my mother and father and people WANTED me to see this and know I didn't have evidence and then feel "helpless".

No one wanted me to see the sign of the cross lasered onto my Dad's back.

My Dad never shows me anything. I have seen and been present when we are tortured with technology because it can't be missed, and I feel it,and see the effects on my parents which some of the police here laugh off and cover up as "getting older."

My Dad did not show me and had no plan to show me or tell me. I never would have even thought such a horrific thing was being done, where the evidence was unseen, if I had not accidentally walked in and seen for myself this was happening to him. Then, because I saw it occuring, I wondered later what the effects were.

So, completely uncharacteristic of me, I knew he wouldn't show me and he was turned and walked by but sort of lifting up the back of the t-shirt. My Dad's back was COVERED with evidence of assault.

Not only was it covered, with so many dots, that you couldn't count them all (over 100 at least), they were done into the shape of a cross. Literally.

My Dad never indicated anything to me. My parents are being blackmailed into not talking or telling the international community or anyone who might help domestically.

This country then uses us, entraps us to perform and work for them, and then they lie and say it has nothing to do with religious hate crimes. Which is maybe why I have a huge list of times I tried to get help in this country, and people working for the U.S. blocked my ability to even report it. Then, apparently,they blackmail The United Nations into not doing anything.

I am able to give detailed information about forms of torture used against my family, and have some evidence and there is testimony of many, but when the cops are in on it, and the FBI shuts their doors to show you this is true, it means trying to report this is dangerous because it gets worse and we are already shown the U.S. doesn't care about its own citizens.

It means they are telling us that they know it's happening, and they have their criminal back-up working for and in the U.S., and that they're the ones controlling evidence and proof. So they let us know they'll do worse if we talk.

I still don't have my college transcript paid even. I have been documenting information about this as well.

These people have forced my parents to stall on even paying this to keep me out of college, and out of money for fighting for my son--they are using this to support their own terrorism and terrorists. I am prevented from having any kind of normal life.

I got math books to study on my own and I've been lasered and had so much technology used on me at my house, while I am there, day and night, it has made it almost impossible. I am forced to then get up, eat something or be otherwise distracted from anything productive, and then I try to go back, repeatedly, to my studies, and I am assaulted. Then, if I get a short break of NOT being assaulted, I am too tired to study because my energy is gone, from what I have endured all day and night.

That's nothing.

What is happening to my entire family is so bad it is almost impossible to believe. Many know, in respective communities, and they do nothing. But many others think there is just some kind of game and wouldn't ever imagine it is possible for such things to occur in this country.

I made a report about assault of my mother and the police did nothing. They didn't even contact me. We were retaliated against. Then, I have testimony about how is responsible for lasering my Dad's back and it's hard to believe.

So why didn't I say anything earlier? Because when victims are being held hostage by their tormentors and torturers, we don't want it to get worse. I reported one thing,and the police did nothing. So what would happen if I reported this other thing?

Maybe nothing or we get tortured worse. So I haven't said anything about this specific incident, for months. It occured before my Uncle Howard was killed in Idaho. Which was before my Dad's birthday of November 1, 2011.

I asked the FBI for FOIA after this and they refused to provide it.

Instead, since the United Nations has said the U.S. signed something claiming they don't support torture (but don't really mean it), all they've done is continue to engage in illegal exploitation of my family, torture all day and frequently most of the night, and mind control-psi-telekinesis research as a mask for outright assault and torture.

What is the research objective of lasering the mark of a Red Cross onto my Dad's back?

Is this something new the FBI and their buddies in military and CIA are getting into? Tattooing people with torture?

They never thought I would ever see this. Ever.

But do you know who they DID know would see it?

My mother.

They knew my mother would see this and that it would force her to feel helpless in the same way that they have done things to my mother and I and my son and wanted my Dad to feel helpless.

This country IS a monster.

How many times have I asked for help here?

This is what they are doing to us.

That is all I have to say.

Everything else, the predictive stuff, is irrelevant. I have made my own notes to document things and I don't need to document it for the same groups that allow and encourage daily physical assault against an entire family. My reports are that we are tortured. There is no "end means", or means which justifies the end, or results. It's torture and it is happening to my family and these hate crime groups are using the upper rungs of friends in U.S. government to continue this.

Friday, February 17, 2012

American Art Deco (& other things): landmines and atom bombs

I had to make so many separate requests for my medical records I was just back and forth, and while being tortured too.

I am wearing a shirt from Cambodia today because my body, "Cam's body" is a walking landmine. Which is almost like being a walking atom bomb, isn't it?

I was crying on the phone to my parents the other night, saying that what is being done to me, and the use of metal in my body to inflict torture, is no different from being like a field that was had a landmine planted in it, and then the person's responsible don't want to do anything but profit from it, rather than be accountable and remove the harm.

My computer is not working at all, and I was just being tortured and then the UN is sending confusing signals, so I have done what I can these last few days, to walk up and down a hill to the hospital and back just to fill out multiple requests for my records.

A couple of days ago I picked up math books from a school, but I am being tortured while I attempt to study. I was studying the wrong book too, and it was so slow, that I was slow--a pre-algebra one. So I went to the Algebra I book and it's much, much, better and more fluid, which then sped up my own time, even though I was still tortured, but there is a problem with the answer key in the back. I sent a note today, to ask if there is a teacher's copy key.

Also! there are 2 different books on homeopathic medicines and they contradict each other at one part. It can't be both, there is only one answer, so I have to contrast and find out which one is right for this particular section.

Finally, over a week ago, before I even got these math books, I found a scripture verse missing from one of my Bibles. It's not that big of a deal, but the only way you knew, is if you read the footnotes to confirm something is missing. I happened to be reading the footnotes to scripture and it was verse 11 that was not there. The footnote is there, for the verse, but not the verse.

Who removes a verse from a Holy Bible and then leaves the footnote?

I guess mistakes happen but there are so many bad editors and proof-readers.

I had this epiphany, while my parents were in Yuma, AZ, that, while gathering my records, I was like a landmine. And then I had this fusion thought of how it's like my shirt from Cambodia, and how Cam-body is planted with things the government is using to create harm and then actually refuses to take it out and do something, and is making money off of me instead. While I suffer.
I don't know why, but I started sobbing when I was saying this, leaving a message on their voice-mail.

Then I also found out, just yesterday, that the first atomic bomb was made in the U.S. and named "Trinity". Which is a discovery I made on the same day that I had a key in my pocket with a tri-sign on it.

In addition to coming to discoveries about missing notes and verses and mistakes, and having to compare and contrast things, I have so many horrible things happening and then some very good things happening at the same time.

I still have verses and things from scripture coming to me, in very strange coincidental timing. I mean, even things I do. I will do something and then open to my Bible or pray and something will come to me that matches what I did before and I wasn't planning to do. A lot of it is just coincidence, but I think for me it is helping to affirm more, or lay emphasis on what I read. So it helps as a reinforcement, like "trust" is with "truth".

After getting my math books I wanted to round out my self-education and loaded up with some books. One of them, I don't know why I picked it out, but it was an American book to hand-weaving. I don't do hand-weaving and I've never been interested except for when I was a kid, I wove pot holders on a loom for my parents, out of orange, white, and green and a little yellow. That was one of them but I made more and gave them as gifts. I didn't have this in mind at all when I took the book out, because I was more interesting in paintings and glass art, but I went to it, and when I opened it up, it said:

"Combine Trust With Truth".

It was a heraldy emblem from an ancient English hand-weavers' guild.

I have my arrow of "truth", and my graphic design arrow I made for this word "Truth" long ago, in 1998, and then this strange arrow rock coming into my house from my shoe, literally, and thought, what is this "trust"?


So I brought in my symbol of "trust" to my house last night when I first picked up this book and the woman said, "Doing some weaving?" and I said, "No, I had thought it would be a good adjunctive to my math studies." Which is true. I first saw the layout and thought, this might complement my algebra studies, so I decided to get it and then turned again, and BAM, right there.

Combine Trust With Truth.

Last night I listened to classical music, some Christian music, and made some notes, while looking at art books and doing some algebra.

I especially enjoyed the American Art Deco book, by Eva Weber. I went through this one very slowly, studying all the detail, and just, in awe. I had done some art studies of Art Nouveau and Art Deco back in the mid-late 90s when I found it, but I was revived last night, looking at this again. I also looked through some pre-raphaelite works by Rossetti and Waterhouse, which I had liked when I was younger. I still do like a lot of it, some of it is fantastic, for the color and imagery, but I am more into art deco/nouveau. I will be looking through them more so I didn't return them though I've gone through them already. I also got 2 books on glass, one on world glass art and one by felice mehlman. Some of it is horrible, some of the glass work is tolerable, and some of it is gorgeous. My tastes in glass art are particular.

Which then had me wondering what happened to all of my mother's "amber-ware". My mother had this enormous collection of glass, and since we moved to Sherwood, Oregon, at some point, it disappeared and I've not seen it.

She had amber glass, that was irridescent, like Tiffany's glass. A huge collection. Then she was also collecting, in Moses Lake, WA, some rose-colored pieces of glass.

Our house in Moses Lake, WA, which we moved from in 1990, had pink lace curtains at the window, antique furniture with copper-clad tacks to lock in the good upholstery, and then a rust colored carpet which made the rose accents not as "prissy". So to go with it, there was a HUGE collection of this irridescent amber glass, and it was all out for display. She had over 100 pieces and it wasn't cheap--it was an antique collection. Granny, Granny Baird, first had the amber glass, and then my mother got into it.

All of a sudden, it's just "gone"?

Suddenly, it was "fiesta" ware. I think that's what it is, this green glass and other glass she collects, along with my Aunt Holly. I like it as well, but where is her huge and expensive collection of amber and rose glass?

It was called "carnival glass", colloquially.

Did someone steal this from my family?

I found it and thought about it after first seeing the lotus vase by Tiffany.

I remembered it when I was looking at the glass book, and saw the irridescent pieces made by Tiffanys. It was the same thing. Higher quality, but that was the kind of glass collection. So this is what sparked my memory last night, of my mother's glass collection. I first looked at the glass book, by Equinox, Oxford press. Then I looked at the World Glass book by George Savage.

While I thought about these things, I also noticed this painting by Rosetti, I think, called "the empty purse", pink and red colors and other things and then this morning I found out that in addition to a few other things my parents bought in Mexico, she bought a purse with a flower embroidered on it. She said it was gaudy but she liked it.

I thought, yeah. Someone emptied my parent's pockets.

This stealing from my family has been going on for too long. I even first noticed my own jewelry and clothing being stolen from me after 1990, when we moved to Sherwood, Oregon. That was when I was wearing the skirt that had been my mother's in the 70s too, between 1990-1993 (I graduated from high school in 1993)--the one Kate Middleton is later photographed wearing a replica of?

I don't know. It's not normal. I had shirts and jewelry that had been my mother's in the 70s stolen from me, starting then. The next horrific events began when I had to sue to protect my good name and reputation. That's when it got very bad, but there were a few things happening earlier. After I was made Homecoming Queen, approximately, in 1992, or people imagined I was with a boyfriend or had offended his church by not wanting to be with a catholic, this is when they were stealing from me, but probably all groups did.

I got a key box the other day, that has a magnet on the back which looks just like the round shapes on the Art Deco Chrystler building. It's like a lip smuckers box, which slides at the tin top, like my lipglosses from grad school. On the back of it is a magnet that I thought, that matches this building and the little hospital magnets showing up in my CT radiology scans.

At the start of that morning I opened to Prov. 8, about Wisdom. I read the entire thing and just picked up some books, among them Hagia Sophia and then noticed the wisdom and knowledge art from the Art Deco book. I didn't know it would be in the book, but it was and thought it was nice to see.

This Jefferson Radio DJ, who is from New York I believe, named Bill McLaughlin, is somewhat sort of offensive, but he's had a few nice music selections. I turned to the station at Romeo & Juliet which is also what I got at the library. It was "Romeo & Juliet" with Suzanne Murphy and "Nazi, nazee? Yermi?" Then I turned it and listened to christian music. I heard a christian song about sleeper's awake which I sang to as I shot my turquoise rubberband out into the grass.

I was reading with a candle lit, and by lamp at my window, outside on my porch, with a heater at my feet, and making notes, drinking cocoa and having dinner. I felt like being outdoors. So I took my stereo out there too and listened to music while reading.

As soon as I shot out one turquoise band, I rediscovered a maroon band. There were other interesting synchronicities. A LOT of them, actually. I was thinking of David and Goliath when I shot it out into the night.

Then I opened my Bible at random and it was with Elijah saying, "Shoot your arrow!" and the archer shoots his arrow out into the night.

I am not kidding. Right to the spot, right after I shot out a rubberband like a sling-shot, into the night. Instead of one full circle from my finger to my other finger, I twisted it into a figure 8 and shot. I was thinking of my son, how I did this with him in our visits.

I just went to the counter to request another pass and said, "Is it okay to have another? I've used one time but..." and she gave me a pass for more time. (just happened at 3:51 p.m.)

So, many many things with doing something, or something to mind, and then all of a sudden, something happening from scripture.

I also directly (not randomly) turned to Psalm 1, after looking up another one. This one man had just named a composer of William Lawes and then I decided to look up, not at random, but on my own iniative, Psalm 1, which is about studying the law.

Before this however, there was the sleeper's awake song from christian music and then I changed it and it was "Annie Lauree"--a Scot's tune, being sung by the King Singers. After this, was another rendition of "sleepers awake" and it was from Bach Cantata #140, by Philip Bride (french instrumental).

I heard both.

There was this German piece I heard and loved, from Berlin symphony, late romantic, partino in E major (Bach) 1869, Hunts (huntz) Fitzner. With Max Stroop. Also, more Tchai, and then there were other pieces I wrote down and will write about later.

But it was after the christian music that I knew "He who dwells in the shadow of the Most High..." and I was looking this up (Psalm 91) and then knew to look up Psalm 1, and that followed William Lawes' piece and then I heard knew to look up Psalm 91 and did. Then, I prayed and closed my eyes and asked God to show me what to find and I landed, at random, on Psalm 91. The first time, I tried to find it. The second time, it found me.

The other thing with scripture, today, was that after my mother and I spoke, she said they were going to have more fig shakes today and I came across, at random, a verse about figs. This morning, late morning, I looked at random and found Zechariah 9:14-17 and then read further, right after I had set a candle into a container for enclosure which made me think about the section of jewels in the crown, in a religious sense.

So, as I was saying, sort of affirmative scripture things

Right after this, I turned at random to I King 10 about Queen of Sheba, and then Hebrews 2:5-18 and how he knows our suffering, and then "Figs!" I answered, "The good ones are very good." from Jeremiah 24:3-1. Then 2 Chron. 19:1-2 "Why help the wicked?" right after I had thought this aloud, why do they get help?

I also found many passages about dark cloud, and God in the dark cloud, which shadows us, and some temple stuff from last night. I wrote next to it, "Why, I'm a little black cloud!" and smiled thinking of my son.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Tortured Last Night & Today by U.S. Military Still

I am still being tortured by the DOD and CIA.

I looked up where my parents have been staying, and every place they've had to stop at is a military base or CIA joint. Every single location. Right now they are next to a HUGE Air Force base next to Yuma, AZ and before that it was another base and before that some church fronting for CIA telekinesis and psychic work for govt. research (mind control programs).

All of it is psychic/telekinesis (psi) work that involves the U.S. military and CIA.

For me, it's just plain religious hate crime and then they tried to sell me out and use me for other reasons to mask what has been going on.

I am at the public library and they're torturing me here, to my lower back and also to my heart. Outside there is construction and generators and it was the same thing yesterday, which facilitates some of the things they do.

I didn't have anything happening today past 12 p.m. until I got inside this library.

I have been tortured at this library numerous times. Yesterday I blogged about it and then a lot of people came in and the computers were all full and it quit. My guess is that at least 1 or 2 persons who came in were unknowns so someone decided to quit what they were doing in case they thought they were being checked on.

Last night they used MRI-microwave technology on me all night.

The aching stuff to my lower back is ultrasound from what I can tell, but I think it's microwave (?) from MRI that creates the constant twitching.

One man called up asking about a "Jered" and we have a Jered now because my cousin married one. However, I am thinking that is possibly the name of that one guy from Phoenix, AZ who went on a shooting spree after the U.S. military and FBI used him and tortured the living daylights out of him.

I THINK that guys' name was Jerod? and he is the one who was photographed with this terrible droopy eye like I've seen on multiple family members, and who says he worked with the CIA and military there but then they copped out on him. They're the ones responsible, and in fact, you could probably trace someone and find out they knew of all of his thoughts ahead of time, and his plans, and they just wanted to watch him do it.

He was writing in his blog about "lucid dreaming" which is something The Virginia based "700 Club", as supposed Protestants, support. I would never say most of them are working for CIA or DOD but many of them are. And there's my two cents about some of the "Protestants" who support torture in this country while trying to point an angle for the Catholic church to other countries.

I watched them directly refer to this idea, of "lucid dreaming" and for them, they're interest is that maybe if they can literally "plant dreams" or "ideas" they can control the actions of others. So they feature some poor woman from Aghanistan who is talking about having a "dream" she was to go to this one place and she did and it was a "U.S. christian" there and she became a christian.

(a way to dismantle countries, one person at a time, from the CIA perspective--it lessens the risk of war over religion if you start 'acquiring people as religious pieces of property).

What they know is that many people, of different religions and cultures, have sometimes been influenced by having a dream that was impressionable, so this is the DOD interest and the excuse the FBI uses to cover for torture of citizens while they try to work to work their kinks out.

Most people, use discernment with dreams, and try to know if it's possibly 1., symbolic and from God, 2. from the military and govt. torture research, or 3., is random and means nothing.

I can pretty much figure out which dreams I have are from the Devil, i.e., United States trying to be "God".

How do I know? Well, for one thing, when they are blasting me with microwaves to create constant muscle twitching they are using technology to put the brainwaves and dreamwaves into a condition that is more "conductive" to reception of thoughts.

And yes, crazy as it may sound, this is what the U.S. military is spending their money on. Torture of women, men, and children over some things that seem as insignificant as "dreams".

All of it falls under the category of "mind control".

This isn't why I was blocked out of my lawsuits and fair competition. This is just their latest excuse. They are ruining my son's life. MY SON is the one at risk of turning into a Jerod that is mind controlled and shoots people.

So when my mother said to me it's worse in some other countries, I said, "I know that, but this isn't the best country." I said something "like" that. Why? Here's what I said, and later thought, "This is like something out of Schindler's List, in the opening scenes were families are whispering to eachother about things they've "heard" but can't "confirm".

I said, "The UN talked to the US about my petition against torture and do you know the U.S.'s position is? The UN is telling me that even though the U.S. signed something saying they agree to the treaty, they don't believe in it. So essentially the U.S. is admitting to full support of TORTURE."

She lied for my sake and said it was just me and I said, "It's not a personal problem Mom--they are TORTURING and then they CUT OFF MY COMMUNICATIONS?!"

The people who are in charge are people like Mike Mullen. Panetta. Hayden. And the DOD tops and most of these people are R.C. church members and they have R.C. FBI backing them.

In response to my statement that "this is not a personal problem" she said, "I have to help your Dad."

Does anyone else in the international torture community understand that code?

It's a discreet way of agreeing that yes, she knows this is not MY personal problem anymore than it is HER personal problem or my Dad's "personal" problem and we were talking about "spiritual things and mental health" and THAT kind of "personal problem."

I countered with, "This is not a personal problem" and she basically attempted (to my way of thinking, to anyone possibly listening in that is not with the U.S.) to agree and confirm, yes, it is not a personal problem that I have.

This is affecting all of us.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Osama bin ladin's Assassins

(read my last post for insight into who is connected to killing Osama bin ladin)

My advice to the middle east is to not trust ANYONE connected to the Roman Catholic church or Logan's Roadhouse.

That same restaurant that tortured me in the workplace and forced me to work for them or go to jail, has "international" law firms hired who work "pro bono" for Muslim prisoners held by the U.S.

Well guess what?

Logan's is also OWNED by a Roman Catholic.

That Roman Catholic is the one who employs the law firm that represents Guantanamo Muslim prisoners. And they left out all these symbols about not only supporting the Middletons, but also about their intended "hit" on Osama bin ladin.

I am not making this up and this is part of the reason some of the U.S. is attempting to bribe members of the UN.

It is also why they are torturing me now and wanting me to say I'm "disabled".

The law firm that represents Guantanamo prisoners is based in the UK (England--Middleton territory) and the U.S. and this restaurant where I was tortured is run by a Roman Catholic businessman that employs them.

Anyone from the Middle East who is foolish enough to imagine the Middletons, or any of these "pro bono" lawyers from this law firm that also represents Logans, is on their side...if they care about torture victims, you have been deceived.

It is impossible to be "against" torture and "helping" prisoners and then torture U.S. citizens in restaurant chains you represent at the same time.

It is incongruous, impossible, not a match.

Do you trust someone who says with his right hand, "I am helping torture victims" and holds a device for torture while employing it at the same time?

No, they cannot be trusted.

I have no clue what they thought I had to do with Osama or why they wanted me to know, but they let me know. And these people have the Catholic church for their "boss".

Stay the HELL away from the Catholics.

"Ridiculous TN Catholic Terrorists"--Connected to Osama bin Ladin's death

I still have not addressed or talked about the kind of torture and forced labor I was subjected to in Nashville, TN.

Some of the same people who used me and tortured me there, came all the way over here to torture and harass my family.

I am not done with my UN report. There is a LOT more information and much worse, and damning information to be added. It proves U.S. govt. collusion too.

There was an Italian-American guy with dyed purple-maroon hair and eye contacts, who said he was gay (the one who also worked as a decorator for a Middleton hotel), several black guys, one who used the word "ridiculous" (in a gay-sounding way all the time), Marissa and Beth (Roman Catholic women who were hispanic and married hispanics and who had relatives working as Catholic Bishops in Nashville Archdiocese). There was "Matt",who was a white criminal and was my "boss" there. There was "Ernie" who was part Colombian and worked for the U.S. Army--former U.S. Army. Marissa assaulted me, in the workplace, and then got away with it because her relative was a high-ranking Catholic clergy member.

I was forced to work over there, next to employees that tortured me, literally, IN the workplace, while I was working. There was a large, tall, white cop by the name of Jordan. He sort of tried to flirt with me and as soon as those men realized I wasn't interested in any of them, they started torturing me. Every single time he saw a police officer coming through the door, he was routing them away from me, and taking their table. He was a cop himself and dirty.

There was this white woman with very kinky brown hair, named Sheila, and I left TN to come over here and find one of the Power FM DJS imitating her style, voice, mannerisms, everything.

The other person who routed me around all the police and never wanted me to serve any of them was a Bartender, Jen. She was a Marine brat. They all used me, almost all of them were Catholic, and they were not good people--that business, Logan's, had law firms employed that support torture. They use lawyers for "pro bono" work at Guantanamo while torturing U.S. citizens.

Guess what? They even killed Osama bin ladin after leaving little mememtos there, at THAT workplace, that this is what they were going to do.

Those people threw me into a psych ward, then hired me out of the psych ward to force me to work next to them while they tortured me, and then left a symbolic message about killing Osama bin ladin, right after they assaulted me again, then fired me after I called police to report it and police refused to make the report, and then the next day it was Kate Middleton's wedding. Day after, Osama bin ladin was dead.

No, I am not making this up and I am not kidding.

Someone there, possibly more than one of them, had immediate ties and connections to the hit on Osama and ALSO to the Middetons.

And then after I was fired, when I tried to report them to police and police wouldn't take my report, I looked them up. I was so STUPID not to look them up earlier. I found out that restaurant, "Logan's Roadhouse" is RUN by...


Guess who Middle East?

Your pal Panetta's church, the Roman Catholic church.

There are more names.

Jonathan. There was a guy there named Jonathan who tortured me as well. All of the employees there were Catholic, and most connected to government crap too. They have used us, used my family, and we are being tortured.

And just so you know--the Catholic connection sort of leads to Middleton, and to Panetta who is CIA, and these "pro bono" Logan's lawyers, and I am being tortured by people who have this kind of power.

Panetta, Italian-American bribes to UN, FBI, Catholic torture in the workplace, Middletons, assassinations, international lawyers who pose to get close to people who are being tortured while knowing they represent torturers...

It's the same bag. You pick up the bag, you get everything that goes along with it.

Rich and Famous Killed For Being Protestant

I would submit to the general public, to please notice who is dying lately.

The celebrities and rich who are "suddenly dying" under suspicious means, are almost all Protestant.

Michael Jackson.
Whitney Houston.
Steve Jobs.
Christopher Hitchens (somewhat suspicious cancer in my opinion but who knows).

By and large, the sudden deaths in both the UK (Britney Murphy) and US are Protestant.

This is happening across the spectrum, from torture of some Protestant families that are middle or lower-middle class, to sudden deaths of rich, famous, or well-known Protestants.

Children are being taken from Protestants who are rich as well, as are their fortunes being divided (Britney Spears).

I do not believe that the U.S. Protestants, whether they are very religious or "churched" or not, are not paying attention to what is going on.

How many Roman Catholics are dying sudden deaths by comparison? None.

None of them are dying of cancers that cropped up, none are denied treatment for illness and disease. They are not losing their children to U.S. government experimental research and torture.

Some Catholics, SOME, have lost their children to bishopricks. Men of the "cloth" who use their religious status and connections with the FBI to conceal sexual abuse of their own Catholic children.

The FBI is to blame for the sexual abuse of these children as much as the torture of my own son.

Whitney Houston did not die a natural death. Neither did Michael Jackson. These deaths are being made to look natural or like overdoses, or naturally occuring cancers when they are not.

And the people who are currently in power, behind the scenes and in the fore, are Roman Catholic, some Jews, and some hypocritical "protestant" UK/US people who hide behind The 700 Club covers while working for U.S. human experimentation.

Many of these "conversions" from Catholicism are not true conversions either. They look more like convenient ways to pretend people creating misinformation are Protestant and not working for the Holy See or criminals.

Britney Spears, for example, had some problems but people around her created those circumstances and the person who had an interest in money and the child was Roman Catholic.

The Roman Catholic Church is stealing fortunes by finding out who has money, and marrying into it. Not unlike some Jews I suppose, with interest in the UK.

They are using their friends who work in government who have access and ability to torture others and then prevent anyone from holding them accountable.

Yep. I knew it.

I had Demi Moore to mind the other day and thought, "I will bet you anything she is not Roman Catholic and Ashton Kutcher is."

Another religious-political device by the Roman Catholic Church.

Demi, you are much much better off without him and please do not console yourself at this time with either female or male Catholic-raised parties.

I can't explain how I "knew" or got this intuitive or instinctive idea, but I did, just last night, after seeing just a photo on the cover of a magazine. I walked home thinking, it was another Catholic set-up hump and dump.

True enough. I just now looked up Demi, and she was not raised Catholic. She is actually now even more "kabbalah" or whatever. Ashton, raised conservative Catholic.

Frankly, they are monsters.

My opinion is that they have become very slick and schooled in how to ruin families and infiltrate and get to the top rungs by using others and then shitting on them.

Look at what happened to Britney Murphy. She insults Ashton's small Catholic penis and she gets murdered.

They're charming, aren't they?

Just like snakes Demi.

Okay, and look at the Victoria Beckham U.S. Catholic influence on UK "protestant" royalty now.


Every single way you look at it or size it up, they are sizing up the fortunes and torturing and killing people to take over.

They have been using military connections to take Middle Eastern leaders who favor Protestants out of power, and then domestically, they have been like Leons ravaging and roaming the earth, seeking whom they should devour, by marriage, consort, business, disease, torture.

Of course it's Steve Jobs dying of cancer and not Bill Gates.

Of course it's me being tortured, and having a helicopter flown above my private house after I picked up on "funny business" happening with the Britney Spears and her Catholic Federloins' monastic Catholic connections.

Every single friend or family I had, about 7 years ago, that was single and rich, is now married and tied into subjection with a Roman Catholic, or has been forced to split their fortune with one of them.

STAY away from them. I am not kidding.

Hey, Christa was a "converted Catholic." Funny. Great friend. We really, truly hit it off. Made each other laugh hysterically. And she was stealing from me and using me the entire time, for several years.

They are charming as snakes. You are not destined to be a snake charmer or hypnotized by their seductive gaze. You are in control of you, your life, and your fortunes but some of you need to look past being "PC" and thinking I sound terrible and think about it.

Is it adding up? It really does make the equation I am trying to point out to you and I did NOT believe it myself until I was tortured for years and then started noticing who is covering it up, who is sidling up to the rich friends and family I have, and who is committing crimes and getting away with it while wanting to kill off anyone with money or a voice.

Hollywood and NY are very PC. No one wants to sound bigoted. It sort of sounds that way, but it's not. It's the choice of looking at the evidence and wising up. I'm not being very "gentle" but I've been tortured for years.

Wise as serpents, gentle as doves.

The Catholics have been making doves eyes at YOU while eyeing your fortunes.

Just take some cover, please.

If Protestants don't stop allowing themselves to be cooked (or koch-ed) and seduced, it's only going to get worse.

At any rate, this is something for Whitney's daughter, because last night I prayed and asked God to show me something in the Bible that was for her and would refer to Whitney Houston. I opened at random, to "The Greatest In The Kingdom." The impression I had from it, when I read it, is how it says whosoever should be great must be least and whoever receives a child in my name, receives me.

"I Believe The Children Are Our Future, teach them well and let them lead the way, show them all the beauty they possess inside, give them a sense of pride, to make it easier, let the children's laughter, remind how we used to be. I decided long ago, never to walk in anyone's shadow, if I fail, if I succeed, at least I live as I believe, no matter what they take from me, they can't take away my dignity, because...The Greatest Love Of All, is happening to me; I found the greatest love of all, inside of me...

Everyone is searching for a Hero, people need someone to look up to. I never found anyone who fulfilled my need--a lonely place to be, until I learned to depend on me/chorus."

So that is what I got for Bobby Christina Brown, her daughter. I sang it last night, took a ton of Advil before that because the U.S. is torturing me (literally) and stayed in the bathtub a long time. I then got out and found this in the Bible after I prayed, and sang this. Then I sang the refrain for "trouble the water". Trouble the water/trouble the water/trouble the water; my God will trouble the water. Stand in the water/stand in the water/I'm not afraid to wade in water/cause my God, he's troubling the water. Pools of Bethsada/Angel's on the water/moving on the water/my God he troubles the water. (I made up some lines)

And then I sang a chant, sort of a Freedom Chant, about God is taking up my fight. I made it up, clapping a freedom clap, and sang about, Taking up your fight. God is on my side, hands down, hands down, He's taking up the fight. The Holy Spirit's on your side, hands down, hands down, cause He's taking up your fight. Jesus is on your side, lean on him because He has the might. Hands down, hands down, he's taking up the fight.

Just hands down, hands down, believe He is on your side.

And then I got tortured more and had to take more Advil just to fall asleep.

(sort of impromptu singing for a short while and then that was it).

It's not mental illness. We are being tortured, literally. I am tired of it.

There were some other very interesting things that happened last night but I don't know how much I have time to write about it. I listened to some classical music and got a lot of visuals from it and then this morning I heard Leonard Bernstein's Westside story theme just before 11 and loved it!

My notes this morning from this, before I knew what song it was or who it was by:

"shouting then this violin @ 10:35 a.m. like misty silk nets falling and someone rising up, me, to be kissed.

cat burglar stealing diamonds and paintings, handing out bricks, passing money underground railroad paved with art and diamonds.

20s? french? or english on US Great Gatsby moonshine music?

sort of 50s noir but possibly going back as far as 20s? 10:42, there IS a beautiful romance...(tears) strings IIIII (5 big III (at 8 changing) IIII (fading at 12)--pause, then 13, 14, p., 15."

"symph. dances/westside story/leonard bernstein/1961" 10:47 a.m.

Music bach by perlman #4 D major. That's when I stepped out but I absolutely and thoroughly enjoyed the westside piece this morning. I had no idea it was from westside story but then I found out and thought my imagination sort of fit the music.

I counted the drums at the end for some reason. I wanted to know how many times. It changed up maybe 4 keys? at 8 beat and then fading, a little quieter and then longer pause after 12 and then 13, 14, longer pause, and 15. I marked my paper with straight lines, like prison scratches, marking days on a wall to remember.

My notes from last night, if I have time...

Well, maybe some other time. It was Norwegian music and this "posthumus" piece by Beethoven
which I loved, Opus #103 E flat, Zaveena maiers on clarinet. I saw it as a ballet.

I also like Mahler's Symph. 6 in A minor. (7:15 pm)

And then at about 8 p.m., for the Norwegian etude, Opus 5 of 1879 I thought the piano was an exquisite and felt it was the quality of the instrument itself in part. I wrote next to this one, "lots of sex...he wrote and had LOTS of sex" good piano--nice quality instrument.

I wanted to know what brand and model of piano it was actually.

And I liked the one by Roberto.

I wrote a lot of notes. Made a lot of descriptive notes about what I heard and scenes, but that's all.

We need to be torture-free and we need help from the UN and other international community.

I cannot live this way. In chains and tortured and knowing this is what my family endures. I can't live in a country that kidnaps children from innocent mothers.

Oh, and I saw a woman leading a horse in a circle, song 5 after 8 p.m. and then they played, for #6, Parker 1. "wearing of the green" and "cropping boy" just as I was pouring my green drink (from a green Silk soy milk carton, and with ginko, spirulina, and kelp) and wearing green (sort of funny). She was leading the horse in a circle with a little crop or whip to crack by not hitting the horse. I've done this before. I can't remember what it's called but I did this with horses. Bizarre? It's where you stand in the center and have the horse on a short leash, so-to-speak, and train it to go around you. And then I saw posting. I have never done posting myself, but that's what the song had in it.

I also heard about UN news and peacekeeping stuff and made notes about it. Anyway. I heard Laura Ingraham for a split second on a.m. radio and then switched and it was a protestant christian a.m. program talking about hard-hearted laura's. Hmm. Sounds about right.

Torture of children is hard. I thought to myself, "It sure hasn't hurt Laura any, to convert to Catholicism, has it? In fact, she got promoted in SUCH convincing ways."

Out of my entire weekend, the most I accomplished was writing a few notes about music (and christian hard edge music too), singing 3 songs and taking a short walk.

That's all I accomplished. Why?

Because it's "difficult" to do anything at all with ones time when one is being tortured and not "promoted" through membership in the Catholic church.

Continued Torture in U.S. Today & Last Night

I was in the bathtub for several hours last night because of torture by U.S. military and CIA.

They were targeting me with technology that made my entire body twitch unless I was underwater.

Then, after 3 or more hours in the bathtub they did something that made my body twitch even then but not hardly as badly.

For some reason, they quit, or were not able to do what they were doing as well if I was in the bathtub.

I am getting proper nutrition and there is nothing wrong with my blood labs. All of that work has been done and I have no nutritional or mineral deficiencies.

It is the U.S.

Today they have targeted the metal in my neck and my ear on the same side of my head, while I have been at the library working on trying to send out a signed statement to the UN CAT and OPCAT.

My laptop has been shut down by the U.S. military and I am unable to use it--this occured immediately after my submission of my petition to the UN on Saturday night, and follow up to the Office of the Inspector General for the Department of Justice in Washington D.C. (Cynthia Schnedar).

I have no way of checking my email now or making emergency communications and I had money stolen from me at the last hospital trip, which makes it impossible for me to send a fax internationally and be able to pay for it.

I was able to electronically sign a PDF form of my document through Xchange viewer, which I had downloaded on my personal laptop, but as soon as I sent notice to the UN and OIG Dept. of Justice, my laptop was forced down, to make it impossible for me to sign electronically.

I attempted to go to a neighbor's house that same night and they didn't have a computer. That was February 11, 2012 that I then went to a neighbor's house out of emergency.

Following this, I was subjected to worse, and more severe torture by U.S. military/police technology.

My laptop is not old and showed no signs of wear or tear. It was forced down to prevent me from electronically signing a document claiming torture by official U.S. and Canadian government officials.

There is no international investigation of me or pending investigation or use which justifies any of this, as this torture began as early as 1997 and increased to full-blown torture after I filed a report of FBI misconduct in 2005.

Certain U.S. officials colluded with certain Canadian officials to commit torture. Torture occurred to me in B.C. as well as within the U.S., against my son and I. We were also subjected to cruel and inhuman treatment by both "states" (U.S. and Canada), and illegal human trafficking.

The person who took my UN complaint wrote back that they were "refusing" it because the U.S. had not made a "declaration" in support of the Convention Against Torture, but this is a lie and an excuse to justify protecting persons and taking bribes.

I submitted back to the UN, links from their own website, which proves both the United States and Canada have signed and/or signed and ratified all sections of the CAT. Signatory parties are subject to treaties as if they had made a "declaration". Their signature IS a declaration of agreement to abide by these laws.

If they do not abide by these laws, this signature is their release to the UN, permitting the Convention to investigate them and hold them responsible for breaking their agreement to obey the international laws against torture and cruel and degrading treatment.

I have now, as of this date and time of 2:34 p.m., February 13, 2012, sent my petition in MS works format by attachment to, as well as to and

While I was doing this, one of the women librarians here, who is Roman Catholic and who had been viewing my computer activities in the back room, began talking loudly about mental illness programs and making reference to me.

This is what they have attempted to use against me to discredit my testimony, false claims of mental illness. The rest of my family is forced to lie about me and their own torture because of blackmail and involvement with government. I am the only one who is free enough to tell the truth, and I am tortured for doing so.

It was Roman Catholics in Catholics who colluded primarily with Roman Catholics in the U.S. and they are the ones responsible for using FBI and CIA and military contacts to deprive me of life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, and my own son. There is also a Jewish group, but it is mainly religious hate crime by Catholics.

103 pages of torture, not 90

I submitted a complaint that had over 103 pages related to torture. It wasn't 90. But now it's showing up as 90 pages when it was 103 pages when I sent it.

I just had it converted to PDF and my name wasn't even appearing in the heading like it was supposed to.

At any rate, it was at 103 when I submitted it to the UN, not 90.

Proof of CAT Submission Time and Date Below

This is a copy of an email I just got in my inbox. It was not there until this morning after I had already blogged about the response I got. Even though a different email from the UN was sent later, after this one, I did not receive this one in my inbox until after I'd opened the other one. So I suppose someone from the U.S. withheld it for some reason.

This is the transcript of msg, below:

I am out of the office until 12/25/2025.

Dear Madam/Sir,

Please be informed that the address will be discontinued.
Kindly address your communications or queries to

Yours sincerely,

Petitions and Inquiries Section
Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights
Palais des Nations
CH-1211 Genève 10

Fax: + 41 22 917 90 22

Chère Madame, Cher Monsieur,

Soyez informé, s'il vous plait, que l'adresse n'est plus en service.
Veuillez envoyer vos communications ou vos requêtes à

Nous vous prions d'agréer, Madame, Monsieur, l'expression de notre considération distinguée.
This is another email that just came into my box but was not there earlier. I checked my inbox and this was not there, even though the next msg from UN was sent after this one, according to time and date:

Section des requêtes et des enquêtes
Bureau du Haut-Commissariat aux droits de l'homme
Palais des Nations
CH-1211 Genève 10

Fax: + 41 22 917 90 22

Note: This is an automated response to your message "Emergency Petition To Convention Against Torture" sent on 12/02/2012 07:33:12.

This is the only notification you will receive while this person is away.

Email from Parents (forced to lie because of lack of control re. torture)

After the UN had someone with a clear conflict of interest try to reject my petition of torture and violations of CAT by government/religious officials in the U.S. and Canada, and respective collusion between members of these two states, I got an email from my mother.

It was basically after they were in Nevada, before forced to write things they don't believe.

I sent my CAT complaint to the UN on the evening of February 11, 2012. My mother sent an email to me the next morning, which was after my laptop shut down completely and wouldn't reboot, and I left phone msgs with both of my parents, telling them I was being tortured worse with U.S. technology since I emailed the UN and OIG.

The only reason my mother would then write and try to say not to send the CAT petition or deny any of us are tortured, or pretend I have spiritual "problems", is because they are unable to control what is being done to themselves, to their children, and their grandchildren.

They are forced to lie.

They have been writing this kind of thing to me, just lying for people, since I filed my lawsuits in 2001-2002.

They never did this before then. Ever.

They have been forced to lie because of criminals who are also working in the U.S. government and my parents were forced to "understand" that they and their family were going to be tortured and they had no control over it.

Sent Email To OPCAT

I sent another email separately to OPCAT just now, asking for intervention and telling them I was sending my signature by fax and that I had been blocked from electronically signing by PDF because my laptop was shut down after I sent my petition to the UN and U.S. OIG.

I just checked my sent box and it's not showing up that I sent the mail to OPCAT so I'm sending it again.

Sent Email To OPCAT

I sent another email separately to OPCAT just now, asking for intervention and telling them I was sending my signature by fax and that I had been blocked from electronically signing by PDF because my laptop was shut down after I sent my petition to the UN and U.S. OIG.

Evidence of U.S. Signatory to CAT & My Own Signature

RE: Emergency Petition To Convention Against Torture‏
To cam huegenot,
From: cam huegenot (
Sent: Mon 2/13/12 12:13 PM
To: cam huegenot (;

Please review your own UN website for evidence that proves the United States is a signatory to the Convention Against Torture.

A signature has the same effect as a "declaration". They signed it and they are bound to it. Please forward my emergency petition of torture to a non-Catholic member of the UN and note that my petition of harm is made against 2 "states", both which have either signed or signed/ratified the CAT: U.S.A. and Canada.

Thanks, and here's a link to your own evidence. I will be submitting my own electronic signature to my petition (which is still in draft form but needs immediate attention) as well as sending a signature by fax.

Subject: FW: Emergency Petition To Convention Against Torture
Date: Mon, 13 Feb 2012 11:57:03 -0800

Dear Madam or Sir,

First of all, my complaint was emailed to you on February 11th, 2012, not the 13th.

Secondly, my complaint is against TWO states: The United States of America and British Colombia (Canada).

Has Canada made the respective declaration?

Both states have government officials who have colluded to commit torture against my family.

Additionally, because the nature of my torture petition involves religious hate crime most particularly by members of the Roman Catholic Church, my petition should not be handled by any person who is a member of this church, from any nation.

Please let me know about Canada and also how you are refusing my emergency petition when the U.S. signed the Geneva Convention agreeing not to torture any of their own citizens.

Forward this to a non-Catholic party, and please, one which does not accept monetary bribes and favors from this church.

Thank You,

Ms. Cameo Loree Garrett
on behalf of an entire Protestant family tortured in the U.S.A.

Evidence of U.S. Signatory to Geneva Convention Against Torture

Here you will find a list of countries which signed and also signed and ratified The Geneva Convention treaty, which is a primary treaty against torture, which is enforced by the UN.

The U.S. signed and ratified all sections in 1955, and 2007 and then signed a couple of other sections as well.

Canada has fully signed and ratified all sections.
This site is from the United Nations official website and shows the United States has in fact signed the treaty for Convention Against Torture, and actually, even had OTHER countries sign it, in New York, U.S.A.

How clever to invite other nations to sign a treaty they later attempt to deny signing themselves.

What? The United States is unwilling to put their name to their own signature, and elevate their reputation by agreeing they do not subscribe to torture of their own citizens?

The U.S. is either a state that tortures its own citizens or is not. It has either signed the treaty or not.

This link is from 1997, but the other link shows they signed and ratified Geneva and other torture treaties from 2007 forward.

The U.S. is guilty of crimes in the name of religion.

UN CAT for U.S.A. and Canada (2 states, both signed Geneva Treaty)

Subject: FW: Emergency Petition To Convention Against Torture
Date: Mon, 13 Feb 2012 11:57:03 -0800

Dear Madam or Sir,

First of all, my complaint was emailed to you on February 11th, 2012, not the 13th.

Secondly, my complaint is against TWO states: The United States of America and British Colombia (Canada).

Has Canada made the respective declaration?

Both states have government officials who have colluded to commit torture against my family.

Additionally, because the nature of my torture petition involves religious hate crime most particularly by members of the Roman Catholic Church, my petition should not be handled by any person who is a member of this church, from any nation.

Please let me know about Canada and also how you are refusing my emergency petition when the U.S. signed the Geneva Convention agreeing not to torture any of their own citizens.

Forward this to a non-Catholic party, and please, one which does not accept monetary bribes and favors from this church.

Thank You,

Ms. Cameo Loree Garrett
on behalf of an entire Protestant family tortured in the U.S.A.

Subject: Re: Emergency Petition To Convention Against Torture
Date: Mon, 13 Feb 2012 10:19:44 +0100

REFERENCE: G/SO 229/31 USA(GEN) 13 February 2012

Dear Sir,

We hereby acknowledge receipt of your communication dated 13 February 2012.

After careful consideration of the contents of your communication, we sincerely regret having to inform you that the Petitions and Inquiries Section of the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) is not in a position to assist you in the matter you raise, for the following reason:

According to article 22, paragraph 1, of the Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment, the Committee against Torture shall not admit any communication concerning a State party which has not made the declaration recognizing the competence of the Committee to receive and consider communications from or on behalf of individuals subject to its jurisdiction claiming to be victims of a violation of a violation by this State party of their rights set forth in the Convention. United States of America has not made the respective declaration under article 22, paragraph 1, and therefore the Committee against Torture is not competent to receive and consider any individual communications concerning the United States of America.

Yours sincerely,

Petitions and Inquiries Section (Section des requêtes et des enquêtes)
Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights
Palais des Nations
CH-1211 Genève 10

Fax: + 41 22 917 90 22

From: cam huegenot
To: ,
Date: 12/02/2012 07:33
Subject: Emergency Petition To Convention Against Torture

Dear Convention Against Torture:

I have 103 pages of my report of torture of my family.

It is out of order but my father showed up with another knife cut to his throat and I cannot waste anymore time.

I have the information to contact us with on first 2 pages. My parents will answer their cell phones but will not admit to being tortured in this country because they have been repeatedly assaulted and it will be worse.

I continue to be assaulted by technology and this has made it impossible for me to continue to try to organize the rambling information I have so far, and put it into chronological timeframe and order.

I hope that by sending this it is enough to request the U.S. to immediately quit all torture against these listed family members or use of them for any kind of government research and work.

I will continue to organize what I have and there is more to add, and parts to edit which are redundant.

Please help us immediately. I will follow this report with an electronic signature after I find a PDF program but I don't have access to a fax machine to send a signature to, so I will have to use PDF signature.

Because I am worried and this is urgent, I am sending this unsigned copy first, and then will do my best under these conditions of continued torture, to find a program to sign this with. Then I will continue to work on this and organize it better for your reception.

Thank You very much for your time. My parents have been sent out on a trip that is coordinated by the U.S. which they did not want to go on. They are in California now and will be traveling to Arizona and I believe the stops are involving CIA in both locations. They are forced to work and forced to remain silent about torture.

I made an inquiry in Summer of this year and they were instantly retaliated against. My mother had a 2 inch scar on her face and I reported this to the UN and the next day she was taken out of town and returned in shock, glassy-eyed, and abused. For the next 3 weeks she was forced to apply 100% solution alpha-hydroxy acid to her face to peel off evidence of the knife scar to her cheek (it was not extremely deep but visible as a knife scar).

I have not been able to try to address your CAT earlier because of the severity of torture and being drugged as well. My Dad has shown up with knife cuts under his chin and to the side of his neck and recently showed up with this and was trying not to cry.

We are being tortured and the Red Cross here, the U.S. Red Cross, is a waste of time. They work with the CIA.

Please assist.


Cameo Loree Garrett
(this draft to be followed by PDF with electronic signature, and then completed copy to follow as soon as possible)

United Nations Complaint Submitted Feb. 11, not 13th

I submitted a UN complaint of over 103 pages.

I believe a man of Eastern Indian nationality took this complaint that I sent and reviewed it, because it was of someone who at least appeared (mind's eye) to be Eastern Indian.

I submitted my complaint on the 11th and they received it that same hour.

It went to the wrong person.

Subsequently, I and my family were tortured more severely.

My laptop which I privately owned was shut down completely.

Not only was I unable to sleep at all, due to severe torture, my parents were nearly in tears that next day that I spoke with them, I suppose because they already knew what the outcome was.

Someone who is corrupt at the United Nations took this complaint of torture. They are bribed.

Then, I got a response from someone from this organization just today, on the 13th, when they had received it on the 11th. They addressed me as "Sir" already knowing I am a woman as my complaint indicates rape of a woman (myself) by a man.

They are working with the United States mafia, FBI, and CIA.

It is true that an Italian-American man, via Leon Panetta, attempted to pressure the UN. immediately after I made an emergency petition and inquiry last summer regarding torture and forced labor of my family. He directed his bribe and reminder of who pays for poor country's to have food (the U.S., and alluding to the billion dollar with East India) to the director of the UN, who is Eastern Indian.

Panetta's entire move to travel to Eastern India and make a trade pact with them was done when he knew and anticipated I was going to contact them for assistance regarding torture being committed with collusion of the Holy See and CIA.

I knew it then, before later an Italian-American man even shot off his missile to the UN, to remind them of the deal and bribe.

The UN has received numerous allegations of abuse and torture and civil rights violations against the U.S.

They are attempting to negotiate around the delicate reputation of United States criminals.

By claiming the U.S. has not signed, and is not party to Convention Against Torture laws, they are attempting to force me to redesignate my petition.

I am not going to do that.

It is a torture claim, nothing less, and the United States signed the Geneva Convention treaty.

I find it strange that the person receiving my UN petition would first claim to have received it on Feb. 13th, when I sent it, and they got it, on the 11th.

Not only that, someone there knows that my family was punished further for my submission of this claim.

I sent a copy to the United States Office of the Inspector General on the same evening.

The person who is in charge of the OIG at present is Roman Catholic and nearly the entire staff is as well.

My computer/laptop will not work properly at all since I sent my petition to the UN. Immediately after I sent it, and copies to the OIG, someone was refusing to allow it to boot up, then they were hacking and obstructing my access to email. I am now at the library computer and had to wait through Sunday, after sending in my torture complaint on Saturday night. Sunday the library was closed, so I am now here first thing on Monday.

The only thing I did not do is electronically "sign" my complaint to the UN.

Which I still intend to do, because the grounds upon which my complaint was refused by someone at the UN are improper.

They cannot "receive" a complaint of torture if it is not properly signed. I believe, given the nature of the complaint, they can make efforts to treat a complaint as true, without signature, or electronic signature, but the grounds upon which they denied my complaint are as thin and flakey as the person who responded.

When someone who is more professional, who has more experience with United Nations, actually handles a complaint the way it should be handled, I might pay attention, but as it is, I feel that since the Italian-American man was worried enough to try to bribe the UN back last summer, they know I have grounds to file a petition against the United States AND Canada.

And my complaint was against both states, not just one.

The United States is guilty of torture and violation of rights and degrading treatment, as are Canadian officials who colluded to do the same.

Has Canada signed a treaty for Convention Against Torture?

They both signed the Geneva Treaty and are liable to be held accountable to Committee/Convention Against Torture.