Wednesday, June 30, 2010

images & hitchens

I just read christopher hitchens has a cancer. I had thought about him several times in the last few weeks when I sort of forgot about him for awhile. I hope he makes a good recovery. I guess I can't say what the image was or coincidence, but there was a small one.

Lucky call on penny. I called out a penny twice just now. This guy threw it and it was tails. Then I threw it back to him and told him to catch and mid-air I called "heads" and it was. Then I told him to throw it back to me and he did and I called tails before it hit the ground, and I told him to come look and he did, and it was tails.

I don't do that a lot, but I knew somehow. I also knew, a different time, when I had a penny, with my debate teacher, or a quarter, and he told me to call it, larry galizio, and I did and with sure confidence and nonchalance. I knew it. And it was. It was heads and I think he was more surprised by my assurance than the actual odds.

These teens asked if I wanted to keep it and I told them they could have it for good luck and I said "how would I bless a penny?" and I said, "keep these people safe in their cars" and that was it.
i had some harassment today, by some driving by, but it wasn't horrible. I met a woman who looks super young, won't say any of their names, but had 8 kids and looks amazing.

Harm to my Son and Hearing Today

This hearing today, with Michelle, was just lies.

They knew ahead of time that there wouldn't be time to get everything in, and I do not feel able to represent myself, and they are still trying to claim that I am BOTH mentally ill as to be delusional and severely mentally ill to not have my child, and competent enough to be pro se when I haven't been.

Anne McIntosh pushed the hearing out, next one, until next Tuesday, and they totally terminated my son's visitation with me, even though I advocated for him and his right to see me. They said nothing could be made up this week and that next week was a federal holiday on Monday.

So the state said no visits could be made up for my son and they wanted to "break" and not continue tomorrow so I could continue my questioning of Michelle Erickson. Then, after they said not until next week, I walked back upstairs and the Judge was telling the AG that he might "drop by and see her" tomorrow, where they were going.

She didn't have trial tomorrow. Anne McIntosh could have rescheduled and she said, on the record, that she could not and had a trial she couldn't miss.

She also claimed it "harmed" my son for him to see me, which is absolutely horrendous.

I knew they were breaking so they could do a pow-wow over what Michelle said and how to anticipate my cross-examination. They bought a week's worth of time and kept my son from seeing his mother in the meantime.

Michelle said no one could arrange visits and this was a lie, they could, on Thursday and Friday and when I tried to say this wasn't true, that's when the AG said it was a "harm".

They forced me to continue in this hearing when I had no notice and admitted evidence that I didn't have notice of.

They had their prosecuting attorney come in and sit a few times and I have no idea why.

I was refused copies of the audio recordings from the hearings in the meantime and I was told my last lawyer got copies. They didn't give me any copies and told me they never had any.

I put another request in writing and I am being refused discovery that I am requesting which I never received.

They don't care about my son.

Parnell Is Running WVC Says Doctor

I forgot to mention, this female doctor I saw last night, who has been argumentative every time I've seen her and tried to refuse to treat me, she told me that I was no longer going to receive Vicodin at "this institution" on the orders of Dr. Parnell. I said, "So Dr. Parnell is the one in charge of this 'institution'?"

I said, "Dr. Parnell was one of the individuals who made a false claim to CPS about my son and he knew it was false." He was also one of the very first, or the first doctor, to repeatedly try to submit slanderous information into my medical chart. He was the one claiming I was drug seeking and that I rambled about being "raped by the FBI". He didn't just put that information into the record once, but twice, after other doctors sort of were dismissing it after awhile and it was getting buried, he brought it up a second time and put it on the top of the chart so no one would miss anything.

One of his nurses made one complaint, and it was thrown out, but she reference HIM and he was part of it and made comments too.

He claimed I went to ER without my son with me, and wondered where my son was. That was the whole complaint. And so I was harassed when my son HAD been with me and I never left him to be babysat by anyone and even if I had, why would that be of concern to him? So I had actually gone to Wenatchee police to see about making a report of a knowing false claim, because I felt it was harassment. CPS threw it out. When the police refused to investigate and said they were going to allow false complaints against me to continue, I realized I would get nowhere here and left for Canada. My son and I were being refused objective medical treatment, refused normal law enforcement protection and due process to protect our rights, and then someone had a gang of some kind get involved to cause problems which affected my and my sons health. That was after we first had witnesses see all of the vandalism and break ins and harassment on my property.

It sort of first began, vandalism, in Oregon, but then a few people in Wenatchee were key contributors with connections to people in Oregon and I think wanted to keep running me into the ground so that I didn't have a chance with the rest of the community, who might have given us a fair shake, and were doing so, until all the defamation increased and the refusal to treat my migraines and pain caused me so much distress I was either in tears or irritable.
The other

My Sympathies

I wanted to say I noticed some people, with tinted windows, who I know are distraught by what has and is happening to me and my son and others lately.

I didn't take down the plates but saw you were from Seattle and a college and I wondered because I've had so many problems with some from the University of Washington, but maybe there are a few good people over there.

Images & Technology Used To Induce Migraines

It has come to my attention that there have been some using technology to induce or trigger migraine. I had someone tell me about it and I decided to keep records myself, of the incidents.

Last night I went to ER and got this female doctor who is really argumentative and I told her, "I am not going to allow you to try to provoke me. I came here to be treated."

She was trying to get a rise out of me and then was trying to tell me she didn't know who I was and had never seen me before, when she did, and I knew she recognized me. She even tried to backtrack on what she was saying later.

When she tried to deny knowing who I was I called her on it, saying, you know who I am and you're lying to me and when you tried to lie, you looked down and then you looked to the left. She said, "I didn't look down" and she had. People do that when they don't want you to see their eyes because they are trying to conceal something and unless they are very practiced, they subconsciously do this. Usually, I might see someone's eyes darting around or to the left and not very often, looking down, but looking down or away, is a sign of avoidance.

One could look down if they are shy, or are avoiding confrontation, and I do this, but if someone is being direct and confrontational themselves and looking at you and then suddenly does this when you are questioning whether they're being truthful or not, there is a strong LIKLIHOOD that they're lying.
There was something going on in that room too. I didn't have the heating or benign twitching all day until I was in that specific medical room and it really makes me wonder. I left, and no more twitching.

When I was there, after she left, this woman, I closed my eyes and had an image of something mechanical or some kind of machinery. I don't know what it was. I first saw sort of a trianglular shape at the top maybe but it was more like the top half of a diamond than a triangle. It seemed thin and metallic like an embossment or sort of like a car symbol, but maybe flush against something.

Then, I don't know if this is connected or not, but after this, I closed my eyes again and saw some kind of a ball, that rolled back and forth quickly, like a metronome. The ball was somehow fixed or held in place and just rolled back and forth and then it sped up but in a perfect rhythm. I had the impression that the ball was black and maybe had writing on it or around it but I don't know, and it was hard.

It was some kind of medical, car, or other mechanical equipment.

For one minute I thought it was part of some kind of a dashboard to something so I wondered if it is part of controls or something on a plane or a helicopter or something, maybe even some kind of car, but I figured it might be anything.

It had the rhythm back and forth of a metronome sort of but then it went faster and faster after staying at one pace for a bit and then really fast, sort of, I wish I could remember how to describe musical time because that would help explain the exact timing of this object that I saw.

It wasn't a hallucination but it wasn't really an impression either. It was more of an image bc it was unprovoked and I had seen nothing like it or read anything about it so it came to mind as a mysterious thing, not something that came to mind bc I was thinking about things and my imagination was triggered.

That was the main image I remember getting. Otherwise, I had a few others, and more faces of people, but I don't remember enough.

I don't remember any dreams last night. I slept fairly well.


In all, although I missed testimony, I am going to see if I can get her back in there so I am able to hear what was said and defend myself or cross-examine.

They don't have grounds to terminate my rights and it was very clear they didn't have grounds to have ever taken my son, by the testimony and evidence yesterday.

They didn't have and have not yet even acquired probable cause. They also didn't exhaust their remedies.

If they terminate my rights, I will be surprised in the sense that it will not look very good, or be proper.

I realized, that while I felt beaten down by the attacks from the Judge and the AG, when they kept cutting off my questioning, they made themselves look bad. In doing this, they proved my point, that they were more experienced in the law and had deliberately put me to disadvantage and then relished doing so.

Obsessive Commenters

Back to normal again.

This woman wrote in again, who has been totally obsessive. Someone who has nothing better to do than sit on the sidelines and come up with totally pointless comments.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Praying Still & Hotchkiss Homie

I need to delete those last posts. They're rude and I had a beer because no one would treat me with Valium, which was more appropriate. So I drank a fast beer and shouldn't have blogged. One of those Tilt 8% beers. All I ate all day was a few almonds, a couple of chocolate raisins, and sesame seed crackers.

I sat around forever, waiting for a bus and then I don't know that what happened was good or not. Maybe I should have just gone with the Officer because maybe she knew there were no more buses. The poster for the schedule was outdated.

I question, because instead this guy calls me a loser and I'm calling him a garden boy and then I'm wanting to sing "yo mama don't dance and yo daddy don't rock and roll" after I'd had that beer. I walked away and that song kept coming to my mind. Terrible. Like "Yo mama's got thighs like the hills of montana" (Not funny) and then "YO mama makes fried chicken like..." I swear, that guy started it and was really rude and I just lost it. But understandable after what literally happened, and while I laugh about things and joke, I was sobbing in the bathroom because I knew God alone knows what we have been through and it's not anything to laugh at. My son has suffered immensely and I have as well and it's not funny, at all. The things that I have had to see and my son has been through are things no child should go through. And it was out of this heart, and despair, that I prayed to God.

I don't think this is funny either. I bought a Car Wash toy for my son and this woman with a group of boys came over and stood across the street (now), holding up a Car Wash sign when there is no car wash. (7:55 p.m.) Now they've left. I don't and didn't, think it was funny.

So I was waiting around for the bus and then had to call someone and ended up at, of all places, the Judge's homies house.

I didn't knock on different doors. I went up to the courthouse because I thought I had to wait at a bus station over THERE maybe, to get back, and so I was sitting there and thought, "This schedule is from 2008 and there is no bus." So I had to find out and get back and I walked past some houses and mainly went to the one that had the most cars in front so it looked like someone was home.

I knocked, and their Dad answered, after their kid did first, and I was sitting there and using the phone when the mother came around the corner and almost dropped a pan and eyes bugged out. I thought to myself, "I guess she knows me somehow and is surprised I'm here." So then I am in the car and he gave me a ride and is waving peace to all these police officers (after saying he was worried bc police were behind him ?) and then he tells me, in the car, that his wife is a clerk next to the Judge's offices. I said, finally, "So which Judge?" and he said, "Hotchkiss".

I said, "Are you serious? No wonder why your wife looked at me like that! He said, yeah she works next door to him." I said, "I got the impression he's on anti-depressants but not bc he mentioned it, it just came to mind." And then I said, "And I would also like to know if he had a steak for dinner last night because I saw him eating a steak." Here I was praying during the hearing and I get an image of Hotchkiss eating steak.

Thanks God. That really helps my case.

When I was in the bathroom, this young man's face came to mind. It wasn't a usual one. He sort of looked like a young Philip Thebeau. I am not sure how old, but I saw the face. At least teens, but maybe up to age 30, but younger somehow and I saw this shocked or disappointed look, something like on my side and shocked about what was happening. The man's (or boys) mouth was open slightly and I saw this brown hair, dark,and bigger brown eyes and the only person I could think of, who he SORT of reminded me of, was someone who looked like Philip! It was very weird. For me to get that face at that moment seemed strange to me but that's what I got. I sort of think Philip would look older now though, so maybe it was a younger guy who resembled him. I don't know. If it wasn't him when he was younger or something, I don't know who the kid was. He looked sort of half Italian almost and sort of tan maybe but light skinned too. Hard to describe. He had more of a Philip look than a Dave Clark look. I mean, dark hair and eyes, but I don't know to describe it. I don't know why he would come to mind unless someone was sending it to me.

What I cared about, was my family and my Dad, because of what my Dad has been through too, and I know he's tried to help out and with my son and it's been almost impossible.

We were driving and a few guys went by who looked like they were crying and I hate that because I know weird things are going on and I always wonder who is being affected. Some looked like fakers but a few looked real.

Th is one guy said, "What made you stop at our house?" and I said, "I don't know. It looked like someone was home and had all this weird stuff everywhere, like a big balloon and an ice-cream truck and stuff.

I actually crossed the street, not seeing this huge weird balloon and when I saw the BALLOON I almost changed my mind. It made me wonder what the hell kind of thing was going on there. Did I want to knock on the door of the house with the big ice cream machine and the huge hot air balloon place? Kind of weird. But I did anyway because there were more vehicles there than anywhere else. Hot air balloon, ice cream truck, cars, trucks, and all in close proximity to eachother. I DID take a step back though and think "What the hell" and "I don't know about that." But maybe I figured it was so weird, maybe THEY wouldn't call the cops on me at least and think I was the one who was weird.

But I feel badly because someone not very good happened today.

I didn't get to hear testimony against me by this one monitor, and I know if she was under oath, I could have gotten the truth out of her. Anne, I don't think so. But the other one, even as much as she LIED, I know I could have gotten truth from her if I tried.

We also passed someone who was biking up a long hill with heavy bags and the guy said he felt sorry for him, "8 more miles" and I didn't know what I thought about that. I said, "Maybe that guy is very noble and willing to carry a lot of heavy things for someone." I said that that guy might be the one who was like Jesus, and how did I know? and the other guy said no, it was probably the opposite but I said I didn't know.

I mean, some people have it easy in a good car and other people walk and bike long distances for someone or something they love. It made me think of this.

The guy who gave me a ride was funny, in general. We cracked a few jokes and for some reason I referred to some wanting me to be a "Banshee on the Benches" as a homeless woman. I kept coming up with all these creative sayings and ideas. It was the Tilt.

Anyway, I have a headache that I think is almost going migraine and I need some Valium.

Waterville Historic Hotel and The Asshole That Owns It

It looks nice on the outside, just like a great roasted turkey, but then you can't see the inside until you put your hand in and get a closer look at the stuffing.

Dave Lundgren. I think that's who I met.

I am not a fan.

This weirdo was standing outside at the same place every time I went by to wait for the bus. The man knew who I was and was a total asshole, and HE'S the reason I got out of the cop car, when I saw HIM smirking at HER.

I went to the door, because yeah, it's a hotel, and then he comes around to the side. I was wondering why there have been no buses. So I was going to find out if this "wonderful hotel resort in Waterville" had some guide materials.

This fucker was just a fucker. Fick a fack a fucker, how many fuckers can you fick a fack a fuck? He started totally insulting me for no reason and got OFF on it and said he was going to call the cops, when I was on the fucking sidewalk.

I said, "You GO AHEAD and call the COPS. I haven't done AnYTHING WRONG."

When he came around I just asked him about the buses out here, like a normal person. He said, "I don't know. I don't have a WATCH."

This asshole was an asshole without an ass. Just a dark damned hole.

He made this HUGE deal about how smirk, smirk, he didn't have a watch when I was trying to be polite to him and he called me a "loser" and a bunch of shit. Unprovoked.

I asked him if he was the one who actually owned the place, or if he was the garden boy. I already knew he was the owner and he didn't like being called garden boy.

Strapping ugly all over-6 feet of his assless asshole. That's a hole like the size of the Great Canyon and I do not want to be on muddy ground if I'm next to that kind of National Historic inventory.

For an owner of a historic hotel, he had very little business. I told him to stick to dealing in grass. Ass.

He had this blue car parked there and a white car right next to it and some stupid machine he was hovering over ALL fucking DAY named the "snorkel machine" because I guess he's one of those who wants me to be 'swimming'. What a fucking fucker. A feckless fucking fucker.

He was a serious prick. Wait. Doesn't have one. He is just an asshole and that's just like a fucking Black Hole that we do not need in the Universe.

He had some newsletter in his box that starts out: "Wow! Waterville!" by Hollis Palmer in Seattle.

I am here to give the REAL review on Mr. Feckless Fucker. Feckless Fucker stands next to machinery all day trying to harass women who are trying to be polite, and waving off at police. Who IS this Feckless Fucker really?

Is he an escapee from the East or is he born and bred West dirt?

Harrassment by Officer L. White

It never ends.

I guess this was Douglas County police but I was walking out of the library after making my post, on the way to the bus stop, and this officer pulls over and yells out "Cameo!"

So I turned and it's this Officer and I am thinking "not again". She told me did I want a ride back to Wenatchee because she's on her way back and she acted friendly and nonchalant.

The horrible thing is, is she had an ulterior motive and changed her tune very quickly.

I asked if I was in trouble and she said no and so I tried to take her at face value, but no, it's not possible. I got into the car and she walked around the front, did her little 1-2 "cough-cough" and there was a Catholic medallion from the mirror. I didn't care about the Catholic medallion because I saw it hanging there before I got in the car. So I did not judge her by this or feel threatened about it but when she did her little cough and I saw the look of this guy as we went by, I knew something wasn't right.

What's horrible, is that I was right. She was deceitful.

Here I am, trying to be open-minded about even police approaching and trying to give others a fair chance, and it's the same thing.

It seemed fine until I said I thought I just wanted to take the bus. She had called in that she was giving me a ride and I think to myself, "Since when is getting a ride with an officer, in the back seat, a good thing?"

Um, I will tell you one thing. She's not Thuh Rainbouw Pounie.

So I said nicely I would just walk and she didn't want to stop at the bus stop where I asked her to stop. She wanted to drop me off at the Shell station. I said, there is no bus there and I was taking the bus.

So she takes me to the bus station and THEN I said thank you nicely and was just walking out and she says, "I got a few calls about you and we just wanted to make sure you got to the hospital." I had ASKED her if I was in trouble for something (bc I'd done nothing wrong) and she was saying no until I got out and then she said people had called her about my using a phone here or there (when I had to call to find out where the clinic was bc of panic attack from...harassment).

She started threatening me! It was like everything was fine if I took a ride and if I didn't, and got out on my own, she had to make a point of making some issue out of me and saying she was attending "calls" about me and THEN she even said to be on the next bus. So I walked back when she threatened me to get a better look at her badge. I saw that and "Master Pistol" next to it. I walked away and then she yelled at me that if I wasn't on the NEXT bus, she was taking me to jail.

To jail? for what? She'd already admitted that I hadn't done anything wrong and I hadn't.

Here's the other thing--if she was so into me getting on a bus, why was she going to drop me off at the Shell station, out of the way and a distance, where there WAS no bus stop?

So I went back to the library to document further harassment by police. She kept talking and yelling and threatening and I didn't say a word. I looked at her badge and left. Then, she threatened me with JAIL. ME.

For nothing.

So I wrote down the plate number of the car and the side number and said, "See ya"--a phrase I'm sure she's accustomed to. She was in car 70798C, side number 25. something tells me she knows someone I used to know.
Another person who was older and drove on really harassing was in 532 VYK.

I don't know what the guy in the red truck was doing at the doctor's office, B27803K. That's the one who stayed until I left and it was sort of weird, I don't know.
I met some people who were nice here but sort of tucked in here and there.
The other day I saw a lot of harassing people and I thought, "What is their problem?" and this one woman with crazy poofy gray hair drove by and this terrible look and I said, and thought to her, "You are going to LOVE me." And it lifted my mood to think these thoughts out to people who were so horrible.

It works. I forget to use it to advantage, but it really works. In the sense at least, that ones own spirits are up and it becomes sort of funny.

(thank you God) Computers Down & Refused Treatment

This is sort of weird.

I prayed, in the bathroom, when I was crying, that God would cause computers to malfunction and I found out they did.

I was being harassed or badgered by the Judge and AG and just made to feel I was losing my son and would need anti-depressants and they just gloated over how I didn't have any evidence to refer to because no one has helped me this entire time.

When the Judge made a comment about anti-depressants, to me, I got an impression of HIM currently on anti-depressants.

I got an impression about rats again, a lot more of them, when the psychologist was talking in the beginning. I didn't know if it was part of her lab rat training or what.

And then after being harassed I went to the bathroom and I prayed to God, and told Him they were not changing and had hard hearts and I started to cry and I prayed that their computers would malfunction so she couldn't take dictation, because they had refused me a Continuance.

I don't know if their computers malfunctioned, but after this guy at a medical clinic in Waterville was obstructive and not good to me, I guess the Waterville 911 system they ran, their computers went down. She said, "You'll have to write that down because our computers are down."
I said, "I'm not surprised" and she said, "What do you mean you're not surprised--you have some knowledge about this?"

I tried to call about Valium here and the guy told me to call 911. I said, "Why? isn't it just a couple blocks away? I don't want to call 911 unless it's necessary" and he told me he couldn't treat me unless I called 911. I said, "Can't you treat me if I just come in?" and he said okay he would and then I got there and he was acting really strange and so was the nurse. He started saying he couldn't treat me again. Just refusal of treatment and then said he called the guy who originally prescribed and that guy, Karl Lambert, told HIM to have me go BACK to Wenatchee to the ER, when I am in a totally different town.

I left the hearing because of anxiety and again asked them to continue things and I was forced to miss some testimony against me by persons I would want and need to cross-examine. Sue Just was quickly put on the stand and she lied so much about me, I know I neededt to be there.

This doctor seemed fine and then, oh my dear God, I turned around and caught his look and what he really thought about me and it was NOT good and I saw right through him. I do not think he is a good person. His name was Eldon L. Leinweber, PA-C.

I couldn't believe the look I caught on his face. So then I left and then called 911 like HE wanted me to, just to announce THIS doctor had asked me to do this and then refused treatment for a normal walk-in. He also runs the 911 center he told me, and it's his computers that went down.

Who I really wanted to call, was someone GOOD from the FBI or a different country and have them get their asses over here for investigation of public corruption. I cannot believe what has happened with this whole case and what's been going on.

They should be ASHAMED of themselves.

I prayed about the psychologist, that her heart would be softened, like Pharoahs, and others too and then she was actually saying a lot of things in my favor. But when I heard she was "missing" things from her case file, I wondered what the hell and then I find out about Oregon and Mt.Angel Abbey and Insurance connections. She kept bringing up Mt. Angel and I was the one bringing up things about doctors and I asked her why she kept bringing up other stuff. maybe because the Mt. Angel chief was BORN and RAISED in THIS TOWN? of Waterville?

Anne, for the AG, handed me a law book for law in WA, which no one gave me before, and she had a tag in it, which I opened to and it was for "Civil Law". I said, "Why do you have a tag for Civil law" (when she doesn't practice civil law and was just handing this to me).

They gloated over ER 290 or whatever it was, about admissable evidence, which this court has prevented me from entering from Day One.

It was like an "in-your-face" move by them, when I had used these books to sue the Abbey and Archdiocese and now I was being handed one, at the last minute, by Anne McIntosh, with a tag for civil law and the Judge said I was going to have to appeal before he'd even heard this hearing and he refused to continue as I asked, and then he implied I might go on anti-depressants, and they would work in a few weeks, just hinting the whole time that I wasn't getting my son.

He and Anne just laughed and smirked back and forth at each other the whole time, objecting to every single question I made, really out of order and harassing, and then making a point to let me know I did't have any evidence in my case to refer to, because they know they've blocked me from putting anything in.

I don't know why they have their jobs.

There was some guy handing off something to the doctor at the Waterville place, which was weird, and the computer wasn't working when I was making mention.

I left, in tears, with the continued harassment and how they've obstructed everything and told them I couldn't believe they called themselves "Catholics and Christians" and that they were corrupt. They already know this.

I don't think God will soften their hearts, even if computers go down.

Nothing God does, to try to smack them around and quit the charade, works. God has done a LOT of things in my favor, and they just mock God. They don't care and they DO NOT care about my son. They are self-interested and do not even know God.

If they change, it would be a miracle.

It would be a huge miracle. But they are like the self-righteous scribes and pharisees who know that what they're doing, and what they've done, is wrong, and yet they still think they are on the moral high horse.

When this woman said the computers for 911 were down I thought, if that asshole doctor is running them, maybe that's why, because he doesn't want documentation on HIM and what HE TOLD me to do. But then I thought, "Hmm. Maybe they really ARE down! and I didn't tell anybody anything, no one except God."

The Hearing (Insurance Company Bad Word)

This is just getting exciting. I feel like I'm in the middle of John Grisham movie. "Insurance companies" was a dirty word and it hit the floor like bricks on ice, with legal minds running like crazy to get out of the way.

I couldn't believe it. I'm just trying to get my son back. I'm trying to be nice and logical too and a couple of times, there were good things passed my way--like, she said she didn't know if I would be able to parent or not. Then someone made her clarify and she changed it to "No, I don't believe she could."

But I don't have time right now, but I didn't even expect the unexpected. I really feel like I'm suddenly in the middle of "A Civil Action"...or this other book by John Grisham that's all about insurance companies, but I can't remember what it is.

Oh my dear, dear, God, I love you GOD!

I tried to get Continuance and I can't believe I was forced to go on. I do not want to be pro se and not ready and don't even have medication. Then it was made clear I would have to go to a civil case.

I found this toy helicopter from my bag that my son was trying to scratch me with at last visit, like he was in distress and it says "Photo Shots" or something like that. I just put it on the table to think of my son.

The AG made a couple of objections (so I think I'm doing okay then) and then the Judge said, when the psychologist dropped the "insurance company" bomb, it was instantly time for lunch. Judge said, "YOU picked her." I said, "No I didn't!"

But the thing is, SHE was actually doing a couple of things which HELPED me and my son so I felt she was really getting pressured somewhere. She came off as polite and nice but that's how she was at our meeting, and then behind my back mocking me about how I wanted to get a cup of coffee (so I didn't leave like I was going to and stayed and did the MMPI).

She talked about things missing from her records and chart and denies receiving a fax.

But SHE dropped the "Insurance company" bomb.


I was asking whether she got most of her money from private clients or the state, to find out main source of income (it's relevant). She ended up confessing she had worked for the state in private practice and then with this other group...I said, "So who do you get most of your money and clients from? The state or private?" and she said, "Insurance companies."

She didn't even know.

But I knew, and the Judge knew, and the AG knew.

Not only that, her organization is based in Portland, Oregon. 5 out of 6 offices. And she works for Insurance Companies...

Is anyone else making the same connections I'm making?

I Was Right (psychic) about Woman & Court

I just found out I WAS right about all the psychic stuff, about cancer and the drowning and everything.

I just ran into her daughter and boyfriend and they were not lying. I really got things right about their lives.

I called the court to find out what time and they said 9 and I said I didn't have any medication for anxiety and should I take care of that first because it was wiped out (when I have a prescription) or should I go without any medication and he said to go.

So I am going to go, and I have a right to continuance.

To force otherwise would be, I think, evidence of malice.

Copied Email to all other listed Douglas County employees

FW: Time of Hearing Today, Transportation, and Medication‏
From: cam huegenot (
Sent: Tue 6/29/10 8:02 AM

Please forward this to Chambers of Judge Hotchkiss as his secretary's mail is down and not receiving this and it's urgent and regarding a hearing today.

I will also telephone but I don't know whether it's better to show up without my regular medication or to take care of this and then come in a little bit late.


Subject: Time of Hearing Today, Transportation, and Medication
Date: Tue, 29 Jun 2010 07:44:58 -0700

Please file this as well as the Motion for Continuance as I do not have means to mail or fax, as you have denied me the basics of public representation: I am writing to say I am coming to the hearing today. I want Continuance as I have a legal right to representation and haven't had enough time to secure this. I have also been the victim of several recent crimes, which are documented but the police departments have not yet released their records to me so I am unable to include them, even though I made my request more than 30 days ago. Finally, I had someone mistakenly throw out some medication I have been prescribed for anxiety which I need and I have to get this addressed this morning before the hearing and will come in after this. I would expect to arrive sometime around 10 a.m. and if it must begin without me, please go ahead, because I have nothing to say as a pro se person and have asked for continuance and possibly change of venue to protect my rights and those of my son. I have several pages of email contacts showing my efforts to secure representation and I just received the letter from this court, refusing me public representation, sometime in May. I have been calling CLEAR and public defenders from other counties in the meantime. I have not been in a position to represent myself pro se at anytime. I am coming to the hearing to establish I am not giving up my rights to my son by default and that I am asking for Continuance. I do have a doctor's prescription for anxiety, and the housekeeper wiped out pills yesterday when she cleaned the hotel room and I am going in for this, which should not take long and will take the first bus over to the courthouse. Please do what you have to do as you wait for me, or go ahead and continue this case as requested. Thanks, Cameo Garrett

Sent From:

Sample of Efforts to Get Public Defender

Hi Mardy,

I tried the CLEAR line and they won't help me. They said they talked to local people in my town and no one wants to help. However, I have, by law,, the right to a public defender for a termination trial and case and the Judge is refusing me this.

So I found out awhile ago that it's possible to obtain a public defender through another county. I wonder if you might be interested or know someone who handles dependencies that would be interested.

My case is not hard, nor would it be difficult to reverse. I just have not had any normal representation. I tried to get change of venue in the very beginning, bc of prejudice and inabiltiy to get fair trial here or a fair public defender and so far, this has proven true.

My son is 4 years old and he wants to be with his mother.

It is illegal or improper to refuse a lawyer but this Judge has done a LOT of things like this and isn't worried bc he can't be sued bc of immunity.

Please help. CLEAR is doing no good. My trial is the 29th of June and I have had NO lawyer and am in NO position to represent myself.



> Date: Tue, 22 Jun 2010 17:06:48 -0700
> From:
> To:
> Subject: Public Defender
> Sorry I didn't get your name this morning, but I did get a number for
> you to call. It is the Civil Legal Education and Referral Line. The
> number is 1-888-201-1014. You can call this line every weekday from
> 9:15 to Noon.
> Good Luck.....
> Mardy

Douglas County Sends "Out of Office" Reply

I tried to send my continuance stuff and notice I would be arriving later, to the court and got "out of office".

So now I have to send it out to everyone else who is there, and publish this, and try to find a way to fax something over as well.

Hearing Today

The hearing is scheduled for today. I got up the willpower to look at the first couple of pages and it's today.

I have to go in later to get medication first bc I tried last night and was intimidated by "Ally" and Dr. Marion being there. Ally even came out of the ER room when it was unncessary.

Then I find out, SHE is most likely THE Alison I was reporting to the Nurses' Board, for really going out of her way to smear me to the other nurses. If true, later, she was lying and not giving me medication properly even though Dr. Eichler did his job and wrote a practical and objective report.

I also remembered, just today, as I flipped over a page from a phonebook, one of Jeanne Wellbaums' "conflicts of interest".

Not only was she possibly romantically connected to someone I knew, the main thing was that she had just quit working for the law firm that represents the doctors I was going to sue. So she was getting discovery on my medical records for people she was still tied to, AND there is a "Joe Wellbaum" who is either a father or husband, and a Dentist at the same place that diagnosed my son with enamel dysplasia, and those records have been ALTERED and some of them are missing.

I could line up a whole list of the conflicts of interest of people who were my public defenders.

I am trying again to go in for Valium prior to the hearing bc I can't even go there without it.

I am filing for Continuance.

I read only the first page of some memorandum by the Dept., delivered to me last minute, today, when they had written it last week. I have never received documents from them in a timely manner, allowing me time to respond to any of it.

It says "...she fled to Canada to avoid Dept. intervention."

I saw that and tried not to laugh.

If I had been "fleeing CPS" or "intervention", I would not have first called CPS in OLYMPIA to ask if it was okay and legal for a mother to leave the state or country if there were a series of unfounded complaints which were so constant as to be harassment. I was told, as long as they was no protective order, a mother had the right to take her child wherever she wanted.

I "fled" after my son and I were terrorized, refused normal medical care, assaulted by gangs or corporates working for medical physicians, and after 5 complaints had been made by medical persons and then were thrown out for being absolutely baseless.

I went to the police to try to have some people held accountable for making false reports, because there is a statute which makes it against the law, and the police refused to do anything.

Maybe that's because some of the "Dept." workers were too tied in with Police, along with medical professionals. I know that I was being constantly harassed by police at that time too, and told to "move."

I was "fleeing department intervention?" Really. They had said they were coming to pay a house visit.

This is after FIVE complaints that were unfounded and we were being harassed. I was FLEEING to CANADA because I was concerned I might have to offer TEA and COOKIEs to state workers, and entertain at my home. The idea was so ghastly, of having a couple of workers come to my house, and it was SUCH a THREAT of "intervention" that I panicked and ran off to Canada where I immediately sought to get medical care for my son.

Medical care was a priority, because I was fleeing to get away from unwelcome housecalls.

There was no "threat" of intervention because there was NO LEGAL CAUSE TO INTERVENE. Nothing had risen to any kind of level of being a threat.

But how strange.

First CPS tells me to leave the state, and go to Utah, and offers me that one-way bus ticket, and all the police are harassing me and telling me to leave, and then when I DO, they put out a whole United States swat team on my ass, to make it look like I was running from something really big.

That was after I had been mercilessly harassed, without any basis, on 5 previous occasions.

You know what? When I went to Wenatchee police and they refused to hold people accountable for making false reports against me, and when people were covering up medical damages done to me and my son...When I called Olympia to be sure I wasn't doing anything wrong or illegal, it was not to flee from "intervention"--it was fleeing from fucking


But I have the right to representation today and I wonder if I even have the right to Change of Venue for a termination trial, if it's separate from Dependency.

Monday, June 28, 2010


Well, I was thinking about a couple of things. One was that maybe my comment about how I smell like a Russian woman was misconstrued. It was an insider comment, because I met this woman who was Russian and from Moscow and she had almost the same kind of B.O that I did and I have never noted such a thing. It wasn't bad at all, it was just familiar, so it was strange to me, and then I was wearing this shirt and it was hot all day and I thought, "This reminds me of..." and I thought about her.

So it wasn't like an offensive thing like if I had B.O. that was a Russian thing.

The other thing, is that it's strange to hear about this latest news. About the agents.

It made me think about invasion and rats in new terms, if someone sent something to me or it was symbolic of something one way or the other. I don't know. But anyway, I think the rat thing was very literal, because I literally saw a rat trying to push it's nose against a box or wall or something.

Then I thought, if people are good senders and receivers, they could communicate by sending cryptic things like a film clip of an invasion and then sending "invasion" and then rat, literally, for "rat". Started thinking about how mind stuff could work potentially, if it's not random. I hope the defs get a fair trial. I am still looking for peace and equity for my son.

Sad Discovery

Sad discovery tonight. Tried with Valium and made the...gasp...horrific discovery that the same "Ally" that showed up, snapping her pen, who was the one giving me only a third of what I was supposed to have been given for Vicodin for migraine....well, the doc wasn't bad, I had discovered, it was HER< and I blogged about my weird vibe and then, oh no, I think I made a discovery. Her last name is Moore? I said....IF so, this is ringing a bell. She may be the Allison Moore that was causing problems for me in the distant past and isn't there an Officer Moore? I don't know. Need more info. Sad though. I had to turn around and walk out when I found out she was coming out eagerly, and then Matthew Marion was there (the doc who saw how my laptop was tampered with and then belittled me in records as if I were nuts).

My Medication Thrown Out & Confusion Over Dates

I think I maybe got set up again. By state workers, but I don't know for sure.

I left the room and went back to get my pills and they weren't there. I only had a couple left but they were out on the counter and even though I had a "do not disturb" sign on the door, the manager said they thought I was leaving today but I wasn't and left my things to stay at least another night.

So I went back and everything was in my room but in a black bag and my advil was there but not my Valium pills, and I had a couple outside of the bottle on the counter.

So this happened today and then I was also upset about the theft of my son's necklace, which he reported to me, and his dead tooth, which is new and how terrible he looked, and how sad when he left, like someone told him he's not going to see me and he looked worried.

So I called police and about the harassment in the offices, and then what is strange is that the visitation monitor saw me writing my name and date on books I gave my son and I wrote it down June 27, 2010.

I thought today was the 27th and wasn't thinking because of distress from hearing about his necklace and seeing his tooth. I wrote "To Oliver, Love Mama" and the date on some, not all of the books, which the monitor saw.

So then, after they were in the offices, then this guy Tony comes out and says this is discovery for the hearing "Tomorrow" and that my visit for Wednesday was terminated. So he was sitting there saying the hearing was tomorrow, and I thought, "Oh yeah, because that's the 28th" and then I find out later, today is not the 27th, TODAY is the 28th.

So I just realized it was the 28th today, right now as I was asking the manager of the hotel for a paper he would sign to confirm housekeeping was done (to explain what happened to my Valium). And I was writing the date, and thought, to be sure, I would ask because in my room I was thinking, "I don't remember this 'trial' starting on a Tuesday."

So I don't know, because I haven't loooked at papers because of my trauma issues over this whole thing, but I don't know if maybe the hearing was TODAY?

I don't know. If it started after my visit, today, I didn't know. And yet then it would be bad because if it DID start on the 28th, then Tony would have seen that I thought it was the 27th and tried to mislead me by saying it was tomorrow, the 28th.

So I'm not sure. If he DID this, he did it with the cooperation of the visitation monitor Anne because he wouldn't think I was behind a day unless he looked at the date I wrote in the books. I entered it into "The Little Engine That Could" book.

If I'm mistaken, and it all starts on the 29th, then I just remember wrong, but I thought it started the 28th and that would have been today. I don't know.

I am mixed up on dates because my computer was mixed up and I had that disaster happen, and that's how I get my dates and times. In addition to this, I had to see what my son was going through, and then also had my Valium cleaned out. Oh, and I was reporting a crime when this Tony tried to call the police on ME, which was obviously upsetting. And all of that is documented. I also left a message with the FBI and called them today, because of my son's tooth and knowing he is not okay and that they need to investigate public corruption and collusion because I'm being refused every basic right and my son suffers because of it.

So I realized this and guess I have grounds to explain things if this is the case.

However, now I have no Valium and I am nervous about even going to any of the hospitals because I have to go to ER and the doctors lately have been very mean, rude, and flat out abusive.

I gave my laptop to the computer man and I usually have that with me to document things if anything goes wrong. And I don't have it right now so I'm nervous about going to ER but I have to have something for today (tonight) and tomorrow and then I'll have to refill the prescription. I made them stretch out and last a long time, but I wasn't out. I had been using them sparingly. So I only had like 2 left or a little less because a small piece was chewed off on one, because I take them in 1/4 or 1/2 or whatever.

But I don't even know which hospital to go to for this. They're mean wherever I go.

I called Wenatchee Valley first and talked to the nurse Chelsea and told her what had happened and she said I could go down there but she didn't know what the doctor would say. And I wanted to know what doctors were on bc I might have an idea of the level of severity or abuse I might encounter, but she said she couldn't say.

I guess I am writing this down NOW, before I try to go anywhere, because I won't be able to back myself up and document once I'm there. I need like 2 Valium, one for today and some tomorrow and I could parce it out, but I do need this. The thing is, it shouldn't be difficult, but I am worried about it, so I am writing this out first, for my own protection and to demonstrate what happened and what kind of access I'm trying to get for assistance with this.

Anyway, I think my distress today was well documented. I called Rivercom, 911, and then the FBI.

I need to just get a decent doctor tonight or someone to have a head's up to have them be decent to me.

Motion For Continuance for Termination Trial

This is a coy of the motion I will submit by email and file in court tomorrow. However, I do not have the law books or resources necessary to fill in with statutes.
If I am not granted continuance, I am filing a formal public corruption complaint in writing and following through on my my claim of human rights violations to the UN, and yes, I found out this can be done by an individual. So UN it is I think. My son has been kidnapped in my own country and then I held hostage with me as we have been refused every means of proving I am innocent and that this was corrupt and political and wrong. I will probably make my UN claim first.


Re. Custody of Oliver Garrett

This is a motion regarding the right to public defense for any case involving a child taken by the State. It is also a right mandated by law, for a Termination Trial.

I requested a public defender in writing, and was given a response in May, which denied my request. The rationale was that I didn’t “like” the other defenders and yet I have been discriminated against and there were multiple conflicts of interest and prejudice which is exactly why, at the outset of this case, I requested Change of Venue.

I requested Change of Venue because of my belief that it would be impossible to have a fair hearing in this general area, or even obtain a fair public defender. Both proved to be true.

Not only have I had incredible things happen such as being hung up on for a major hearing and then losing my son to the State by default, I was refused a public defender for one year and also then blamed for the prejudice and bias against ME, by the few public defenders I was given. If I had been granted Change of Venue to begin with, this never would have happened and there would have been no cause for conflict of interest.

When I was hung up on at a major hearing, which basically gave my son away to the State, this was done after I had asked, for over one full month, who my public defender was, or was I pro se. I was not given a response by either the Judge, or Paul Cassel, or Jeanne Wellbaum. I was refused an answer and appeared by teleconference and THEN it was announced, “You’re pro se.” I objected, stating I did not even have discovery and I had no notice of having to be pro se. I was then disconnected intentionally and protested and when I called back I asked the secretary, Jo Jackson, if I could be allowed back in. She said she typed an email to the Judge and he responded with, “No, the hearing is proceeding without her.”

This is how the State obtained my son.

After this, I left the State, in desperation and hoping to find someone who would help me or to get work so I could then prove I was not “severely mentally ill” which was the entire basis for taking my son.

I tried to get the “psychological evaluation” on the East Coast, where it would be more objective and I was ignored by CPS workers for over 3 months, when I left messages on the answering machine and in person. I was going to get a psych eval to clear my name, but because CPS knew this would happen, they refused to even respond until I was back in Wenatchee, where I had countless individuals discriminate against me and steal evidence from me, and where I was jailed on false charges by Wenatchee police (which charges were later thrown out).

I was going to jump through hoops of at least an evaluation until I got more medical records to prove what had happened to me and my son, as the entire “hearing” revolved around whether or not my son and I had injuries from childbirth and since we “didn’t” (according to those who were lying and fearful of being sued), I was therefore “crazy”. I also experienced a tremendous amount of harassment by both police and gangs at this time and nothing that I reported, and no medical facility I tried, would take this seriously.

I had even the psychological evaluation stalled for several months, over 8 months of my trying to get one, and in the meantime, I had others who were giving me medicine and other things without my consent or knowledge, which affected my ability to get anything done.

I repeatedly tried to get a psychological evaluation completed and the people CPS were choosing, were prejudiced and all from Washington state, and had contacts which interfered with fair treatment. I was never told they were canceling until a week to one day before a trial, or before our scheduled appointment, and then was told I had to start looking all over again. I notified all of them about my blog so they had an opportunity to back out then and did not.

I went for over 8 months trying to get fair treatment and in the meantime, I had people lying about me, stealing from me, and denying me adequate housing. I also had people tampering with my computer, changing my password for FAFSA so I couldn’t get federal aid college money, and also stalling and dropping the ball on my unemployment claim which has now been pending for over 11 months, when the workers for Washington State Unemployment knew what my situation was and that wages and hours had to be combined from 2 different states, in the very beginning.

All of these things, including several incidences of crime against my person, of poisoning attempts, harassment, and obstruction of justice, have affected my ability to get anything done and the theft of medical records and even alterations to my medical records (which I have discovered) kept me from clearing my name.

This, again, is why I asked for Change of Venue.

Finally, I had a lawyer and law firm that took my case for over 7 months and during that time promised me they would file Motions on my behalf and they did NOTHING. In fact, they told me they were NOT going to help me or even allow me to obtain my evidence and records through their resources, as had been promised me from the start. I kept asking, politely, where the Motions were, to protect my sons and my rights, and no one did a thing. I told them if you are not going to help me then you are obligated to withdraw yourselves for ethical reasons. They refused, right after directly telling me to my face that they were not going to help. They told me I would have to fire THEM, knowing if I tried, Your Honor would claim I was just “picky” and had again fired good lawyers.

I have the right to public representation and do not have means to represent myself pro se.
I also have the right to reasonable representation, according to Washington law.
I should have been given Change of Venue at the outset because the manner in which this case has been handled has been obstructive, corrupt, and filled with conflicts of interest.

My son was illegally taken from me and must be returned and I must be allowed the opportunity to prove my claim.

I was told I would not be given a public defender and that I would have to hire a private defender for the Termination Trial. I have not found someone yet. Therefore, I am asking for continuance. I have contacted lawyers who are public defenders from other counties who are able to do an exchange and there may be someone willing to take this case pro bono. In the meantime, I’ve not had resources for handling this case on my own, and while I could work a normal job, I am not in a position emotionally, to defend my case on such a personal matter, which has TRAUMATIZED my son, Oliver Garrett.

I have had all of my legal records stolen once again and have not had a safe place for storage and my new lawyer will need to obtain these things and keep them in a safe place.

You do NOT, and the State of Washington DID NOT have ANY right to remove Oliver Garrett from his mother’s care, when they did not even offer the most remedial solutions or investigation first, and did not exhaust other alternatives first. There was zero documentation of “severe mental illness” which was the entire basis for removal and even for mental illness, a baby is not taken from the mother when there is no indication of harm, which there was not. It is well documented that my son was happy, and in the public eye, and healthy aside from problems we had later, which were incurred due to the corruption of those involved in this matter, who continue to try to tamper with my right and my son’s right to equity and the right to live without harassment.

Therefore, I request Continuance on this Trial for Termination, based on the fact that I have the right to a lawyer, and if this court will be so bold as to deny me the right to public representation, there are other counties with public defenders who may be able to help, and regardless, I would have the right to a private lawyer, and your letter from May, giving me ONE month to find such a lawyer, does not leave sufficient time. Especially not when I have been the victim of multiple crimes and theft in the meantime, and housing discrimination, for which I have obtained a separate attorney who is not versed in custody law.

I have not had time to obtain a lawyer or records for this case and request Continuance.

I believe the following matters may be considered as part of Dependency while I am obtaining representation and records, and this will give ME the opportunity to prove what the truth is:

I request visitation with my son to be increased, as the State has shown no effort at mother-child reuinfication and has never increased visits above 4 hours a week. During this time, they have cut down my visits from 4 hours a week to 2 hours or less than 2 by multiple last-minute cancellations with no make-ups.There have been weeks my son has not seen me at all. 4 hours is not enough time and does not demonstrate good faith. I request increased visitation from 4 hours a week to 12 hours a week and then for this to be gradually increased and play time may occur in public parks and other locations. There has never been a need for a guard and the excuse of not increasing time because they have to pay for a guard is bogus. There is zero documentation of harassment by me at these offices and because I am not allowed to audio tape, I am prejudiced from even proving this is the case.

Finally, I again ask for the right to audio tape and to take photos of my son as it is the only way I am able to provide sound evidence of lying by visitation monitors and protect my rights. Those who are honest and telling the truth are those who know it does not harm my son to be audio-taped, and they know the only people who would NOT want this documentation, are those who are lying and want to conceal their lies.

And again, I will need a copy of the audio recordings from each and every one of these hearings before this court, as I was refused them, and then charged more than I could pay (and then they were stolen after paid for), and then lied to by my last attorneys who said they obtained new copies and they didn't. They lied. I have the right to be able to refer to information from the hearings in these recordings.

Thank You,

Cameo L. Garrett

Images Last Night: Invasion

Here's a red alarm alert for the U.S.

I don't know what "code" it might be, but I was sitting there, thinking about how I and my son are being terrorized and what do other countries even THINK about the U.S. when they allow this kind of thing to happen to innocent kids and mothers in their own country. I figured if it is happening to me and my son, imagine how bad it is for people who are being terrorized outside of this country, and the innocent kids they are frying somewhere else and experimenting on, who cannot even defend themselves.

And all of a sudden, I saw an invasion.

I didn't see which country or where it would come from, but I saw a military invasion of the U.S. and I asked God if whoever did it, if it happened in my lifetime, if my own son and I would be spared.

It is the only time I have had any flash or insight of any kind of invasion. I have prayed for justice and then once or twice, for an earthquake in Washington state, and instead what I got was the image of an invasion.

And the way this country and State are going and heading, I do not know anymore if God's blessing will be here much longer and if it would not even be deserved.

God's blessing is upon a country that abides by it's laws and where the patriotism and writings are not a mockery of equality and justice. The blessing and protection will be lost and this country opens itself up to bad things, and justification by enemies, when it abuses and terrorizes its own citizens. If this State and these people in charge on a state and national level cannot even take care of things like the kidnapping of my son and this hideous situation, there is very little hope left.

The second thing I saw was a rat. I literally saw a rat, pushing it's nose up against something, a real live rat, not as a symbol, and I wondered if there is going to be some other kind of rat-induced explosion or fire or something, the way it was pushing around.

If people here locally, and on a state and national level, cannot effectively and lawfully administer justice, this country will no longer have the covering and blessing of God and giving in to corruption NOW that is stemming from other countries possibly, to begin with, is not wise.

And yes, I absolutely believe God cares about my son and I and that as long as he and I are apart and targeted, bad things will happen.

It doesn't matter that bad things happen to me and my son. There are far worse things happening on a much grander and larger scale, and I do believe God hears my prayers and sees my son and cares.

If God would grant Hagar and Ishmael their own nation, by seeing them and having pity on them in the wilderness, exiled and left to die, God will certainly hear my prayer.

People like "Charlie 6" at the Seattle FBI are not very high on God's totem pole. I would say, probably, bottom 3rd.

Evidence of Neglect of my Son BY STATE & FBI mockery

My son came to the visit today with a dead tooth--one of his top front teeth is grey.

It is one of the very top front teeth, and one is discolored and not from a dye or food.

I have asked the vistation monitor, several times, over the last TWO or THREE months, to document how my son said his teeth are hurting him when he eats and how I could see with my own eyes, cavities in the back of his mouth--a brown spot that is not something you brush away.

I asked that this be documented and that the state have my son go to a dentist but the State tells my aunt and uncle what to do and has told them NOT to take my son to the dentist or doctor, without their permission.

In the meantime, I've had horrible people in the community making mention of teeth problems, around me, just striking up conversation about it.

I do not believe my son has BEEN to a dentist since I made complaints and my son has been complaining.

He also showed up with very dark circles and extremely hot and not hungry and with other marks (not from aunt or uncle) and he was showing signs of brainwashing again, but not my aunt or uncle's doing.

When I told police that came out, they smirked about it and one officer, the same one who tried to keep me from finding out that a kid harassing me had been sent after me by his COP father, from East Wenatchee, that guy looked happy about it.

I also found out my son had his necklace stolen from him, that I gave him which he cared about so much. The one with the "M" for mama and it wasn't done by my aunt and uncle he said, a different grown up took it from him.

When he first saw me he clawed me like someone had told HIM to do this or done this to him. Then he quit and the rest of the visit he was very affectionate and very happy to be with me. But he was not being cared for, and I have SPECIFICALLY asked the STATE to have him go to the dentist and they REFUSED and NOW

My son not only has cavities, he has a grey tooth. Which someone just happened between our last visit, last week, and today, in the span of 4 days.

My son didn't feel like eating and he was burning up. He was also very thin and he always remembers the names of the cars from the CARS movie and today he didn't remember the name for "Sally". He knows all of these things.

Not only that, I walked into the visit and state workers had set out a calendar I made for my son, in MAY, in the middle of the room, with a rescue tower on top of it.

I sent that calendar out to my son in MAY and it left the offices with him in his bag and no one would have had access to it except the visitation monitor driving him back and forth. And it showed up in the offices and she was there as she always is, and no one does a thing about any of this.

I went to the bathroom with my son and some woman came in smirking over at Anne and saying, "He wants it CLEAN, because it's DIRTY." and said this a few times to the monitor, after asking my son, "Are you cleaning that because it's dirty?" some blond tall white woman wearing green and yellow. And then my son nodded and said yes and she left looking at Anne with a grin.

I said to the woman, "I was wondering if you're from the South?" and she said "No..." and I said, "Oh, really? how strange. I thought you had some kind of slang or something, like an accent but more of a slang." She said no, she wasn't from the South and I said, "Oh, (haha) you must have been raised in Wenatchee then."

I like the Southern accent actually but this grown woman, who looked put together and was making a weird issue about my son playing in the sink, she had a twang or slang to her voice and I thought, how funny that she feels she is even my son's equal.

Of all things, I don't make comments or innuendos with children. Never, and some of the women who do, must be married to men who have turned a blind eye or are totally blind and deaf, or as despicable, or they just have their affairs and keep a woman around like that to pop out a couple of decent looking kids and wash their underwear.

That's when I noticed his teeth because when she was around him he then grinned into the mirror and I saw one of his teeth was dead. And that's when I told Anne, AGAIN, that I wanted this documented.

When has the state ever vouched for my son EVER?

Then I called the FBI to make a report of continued collusion with state officials and obstruction of justice, which is something THEY are required to investigate, and I asked the man for his ID number and he didn't want to give it to me. Then he said, already knowing who I was, "It's CHARLIE 6". I said, "No it's not. I have never heard of any FBI member with the ID number of a name with one digit."

I called at about 1 p.m. so it was whoever the man was taking calls at that time.

Usually, it is a 4 digit number or so. He said, "Charlie is just a term for the letter 'C'".

I have never heard of an FBI personnel giving out their ID with "Charlie" and I also don't believe they have IDs that comprise one letter and one digit alone. If they do, it's new.

I said I wanted to speak with a duty officer and got a recording so I left a message for documentation that I have tried, repeately, to get someone to protect me and my son and these people are corrupt and have done nothing.

I tried to make a report of theft of my son's necklace, which means so much to him, at the courtesy phone in the state office and I took photos of the way the State left my visitation calendar for May with my son. They put all this green stuff out and were wearing green and then had a pink pen at the top of a shelf in a basket and none of that has to mean anything. I would say more that it was that they put a calendar there and thought my computer was down so I couldn't even take photos. I had the security guard see how it was and the visitation monitor was there the whole time.

So after the visit with my son, my son looked worried and sad, and didn't want to leave and had these sad eyes looking at me, and this guy "Tony" came in and said he was "serving" me with papers to show up for the Termination Trial and said "Your visit for Wednesday is terminated and all of your visits are terminated from now on, unless the Judge decides otherwise."

These fuckers left a visitation calendar from MAY in the room and then waited until the end of the visit to tell me my sons visits were all terminated. That is intentional infliction of emotional distress, and it is also harassment.

I have tried several times, to get an officer to take a report of the kind of creepy things they do in these visits with my son and how they set up the rooms and the police here refuse to do anything and Judge Hotchkiss has blocked me from photographing or audiotaping so I have evidence.

So I was on the phone to Rivercom, to the police about the theft and about harassment again, and right after I mentioned Tony's name, he must have been listening in, because he came around the corner and told me to get off the phone. He is a state worker for DSHS. I told him I was on the phone with police and couldn't and he still tried to force me off. He then said, "If you don't get off, I'm calling the police." I said, "I'm already talking to the police." (about YOU asshole, and you know it.)

So then he tells Glenda, I think, or whatever secretary was there (maybe it wasn't Glenda), "Call the police" so HE tried to illegally FORCE me off of a phone call to police and then tried to make it look like I was the problem. Any Rivercom record will show clearly what happened bc it's documented on audio.

So then they said they'd send someone out for me and I waited outside and decided to take this one FBI persons advice to double document what I'm calling about and use 911. I normally wouldn't, but when I have state people affecting my son's life, and threatening me, and when I've been falsely arrested twice, with my evidence destroyed by THEM, I think it is a good idea to be sure the information goes out to state police outside of the area because if it doesn't, for all I know, those officers would come out and try to falsely arrest me for disorderly conduct or something, when there was none.

I noticed Tony did some very fast backtracking on what he said to me, when he was repeating his account to the police. He totally changed his story and said he had only tried to tell me the visit was cancelled for Wednesday and that was it. That's not what he said. He told me our visits were terminated completely unless maybe, depending on what happened at the hearing tomorrow, for which I have for representation and been refused.

Every lawyer I've talked to has said this is illegal. All of them say it's illegal.

Why am I being forced to go to a termination trial when I have repeatedly asked for an attorney? and when my rights are in jeopardy and either this judge will try to have me admitted to a mental place to make up something about me, or will try to terminate my rights illegally. Either way, I have the right to representation for this hearing.

So 3 officers came out. The first being the one who tried for the nasty East Wenatchee cops' kids. He came out and smirked when I said my son didn't look okay and had been stolen from but mainly, he started smiling, like he was happy, when I said my son didn't look good today. The man is sick in the head. And to think that I actually gave HIM a tip about not leaving his gun out in the open where anyone could grab it.

Then came the woman Smith, and then Miller. I wonder if Miller is any relation to the other numerous Millers who have recently attempted to obstruct justice. What I know is that Smith, the woman, kept telling me "It's time to go."

I think you had to be there to get what was really going on. Yeah, she was telling me to go, like, leave the premise or whatever, but more than that, it was, in tone and implication, about trying to have me leave altogether and forcing me out of the area. These cops have come right out and told me to move and refused to take reports a number of times.

I seriously, yesterday, when I got the image of an invasion, it wasn't huge and it was smaller in scale, but I did get that invasion. And then I kept asking for an earthquake in Washington state and never get a thing when that's what I really think God would do if He were sending a message.

I really don't think it's a good idea to tell me my time is up.

I think time is getting short with God and that a lot of people need to shape up or ship out, on their own, to save others from going down on account of them. It was people at the top who brought the economy down and people at the top are not taking care of the justice system, not in Washington State.

Dreams Last Night

I had a TON but I don't remember any of them. I kept waking up after them too and if I'd had a pen I could have written them down but I sometimes think if they don't feel so impacting, that maybe it's not such a big deal what the dream is.

I saw footage of the horse and Harry. I had wanted to see it in motion to see if it really looked like it was the horse or not but it sort of did. If not, that was a really good fake.

I guess I'll add, with the dog yesterday, when it listened to me, I didn't use any hand motions at all. I kept my hands to the side and didn't point to the door of the car. I only used words. So I was thinking, to some people that makes a difference bc animals usually respond to a signal like pointing, they know this. But I think they know language too or tone of voice or are a little bit intuitive sometimes.

I have my visit with my son today.

I've only had 2 changes of clothes on me and the same jeans for over a month. But I'm happy to visit and then have to see if my lawyer can help with the housing matter since he's back from vacation.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Strange Dog Obeys My Commands & My Son

I saw this guy and started talking to him and this other woman came out with her little shitzu dog and the dog walked over and peed on his doorframe.

Then, she was in the car and said, "Come on!" and told the dog to get in the car and the dog just looked at me.

I looked at the dog and said, "Go on doggie! Walk over to the car!" and it did. It immediately turned and walked to her SUV door.

It stood there and she told it to hop in. It just looked. Then I said, "Hop in the car now doggie!" and it instantly hopped into her car.

Witnesses. I had witnesses.

I said, "I guess I'm like a dog whisperer, but not all the time."

He said, "You should work with animals."

I told him it was just like the time I coaxed a wild baby racoon into a cage, just by talking to it nicely. This dog did the same thing.

It doesn't always happen like that, but it did.

Then I told him how when I was little, I used to sing and it was like Cinderella or Snow White because all of these birds would fly over nearby and sing along.

He said I'd be a good vet assistant and I said, "I only want to work with my son."

I am good with animals and kids but I just want my son and do a great job with him and I feel someone should be able to step in and correct the whole thing by calling it as it is: an illegal kidnapping of my son. There were no grounds for taking him and they have obstructed any way for me to prove this and done illegal things to keep us apart.

I feel someone at the top, instead of thinking keeping us apart will free me up, should be able to correct and remedy the situation.

I went back to my room and checked my laptop and there are no more porn pop-ups, but it still won't run.

I told him I think some people might think I am some kind of impulsive person who is just going to hop on a semi or into a van and take off, but I am not that way. What I did, in leaving over a year ago, was out of desperate measures, and it made sense then, because there were no other alternatives and I had time on my side. If I could make it somewhere else and come back to get him, I could do it. But now, I don't have time and I've been screwed over and hopping into some van or truck or leaving is not a "strategy"--it would be stupidity, and what I have done, always, even if it seems incredible, is based on sound consideration and logic and the best game plan I can think of, with little to go off of.

I cannot now "leave" and have time to find a solution and then go back. I am in a situation where someone at the top should intervene and where I should be given a FAIR chance to just have my son and move forward somewhere else.

What I have done in the past, for my son, was never on erratic "impulse"--it was based on emergency and strategy and the best thing I could think of, considering all of the possibilities. What I do now is the same. I don't have the same options.

Taking my son from me is not going to do the world any good. It is not going to do my son any good either.

I have more childhood developmental education and hands-on experience than probably 80% of the people who work for the state with kids. I am an excellent mother.

I may not square well with all of the adults, but as a mother, I am very good and in fact, one of the best.

I wouldn't dare say this about any of my skills--not singing, research, art, or psychic ability, but I can say this about parenting my son. I am the best there is and he needs me because no one else understands him and gets him like I do and no one will put their entire life and attention into him in the way I have done and would do.

I feel this is an illegal kidnapping of my son and that my son has literally been held hostage and myself as well--and deliberately preventing from getting documentation and showing what the "truth" really is.

If the U.S. wants to do research, they can hire me on a contract basis and pay me. And if they choose not to take this option, their guys will not be the better for it.

There never should have even been any idea that a "hostage negotiation" had to be MADE for the return of my son to me. It was illegal to take him and the U.S. is responsible for investigating any kind of illegal kidnapping and I am the one who should have a fucking AMBER alert out until he is returned to me.

If my own country does this to me and my son, what has to happen? Another country comes in to rescue us? through a military ambush and rescue operation?

Is this fucking America? where am I fucking living?

Porno & Other & HARRY? fell? & rainbow?

I wouldn't feel so smug.

This is just bizarre. I sit on a bench bc it is the most logical thing to do while waiting for a computer, and that simple action, which is a natural thing anyone would do, becomes the epitome of "fulfilled prophecy" and blown up into a grand national enquirer event.

Who gives a fuck if I sit on a bench where someone put a cinnamon roll that faces a bunch of boxes with "W" all over? SO WHAT. I had a ton of cars drive by looking at me and then the boxes and acting like total giddy idiots, as if " and so said she would and then she DID."

Yeah, and I like to sit on the fucking toilet seat when I take a (****) too. Don't you do that? Or is it really special if it happens not just 2 times a day but 8 times a day? because someone just "knew" I would have "to go" and would put the toilet seat down every time?

This is ridiculous.

I AM a celebrity. I'm just not rich and I have to put up with way more shit than most people do too.

Today I decided, as I was walking down the sidewalk and not looking at the cars passing, I saw so many people going out of their way to do childish things and make faces, seriously, and all kinds of expressions, at ME, not to the left or right or others, but intentionally for ME and instead of thinking "What a bunch of idiots" and "fuckers" and that sort of thing, I changed it.

I started walking by and if I noticed someone, no matter what their expression was, I said in my mind, to that person, "You are going to want to work for me" and "you are not going to burn my bridges, you want to build them," and "you like me" and "you are going to like me whether you want to or not" and I had my own power again, and no one was taking it from me and I wasn't getting upset over it either. If I have to beat you to make you my slaves, I will! (just kidding. sort of) But that actually changed everything. I just started thinking out loud and directing it to each person who passed and my mood improved considerably.

Then, I was sitting on the bench and moved the cinnamon roll away from me, and I was watching people pass and thinking, "Don't you have anything better to do? and Don't you think this is silly?" and then decided I didn't need my long distance vision so I put my glasses on top of my head like sunglasses, which I have been doing, only using them when I need them and I thought, "What am I? Queen Elizabeth?" I started thinking, "All I need is a string around my neck and then I let my glasses drop around my neck instead of putting them up on top of my head."

And then it crossed my mind today that it is a good idea to be ambidextrous, for Harry and William, if they have to shake a lot of hands because then they can give the other hand a break and not end up like Philip with carpal tunnel surgery.
SO I got to my hotel room and had oatmeal for dinner because I didn't have it for breakfast. Then I checked my laptop and there was noise coming from it AND something was on the screen. On the screen was "PORNO.COM" and all these places to "click" for gay sex and porn and stuff.

I have never once surfed over to any porn site and I haven't even accidentally opened a porn site or page on this laptop, so there is no way it is a virus from that.

So nothing else would show except this porn site and I've never once even opened a page online, so I don't think it's typical. However, the sound coming from the computer wasn't porn.

It was of a group of people having dinner. It sounded like they were having dinner to me because there was all this clinking of silverware and talking in normal tones and nothing porney or horney at all. It was like I was getting an inside audio into someone's house.

It was NOT connected to the porn site. But I tried to listen more carefully and I couldn't hear it really well, not enough to make out everything but no, it wasn't even porn stars sitting down for tea or anything. It was an audio clip of a family eating and I could hear it. It didn't sound at all like a movie clip either. I don't know WHAT someone is doing with my laptop, but I DO know it's not normal. If it wasn't family it was of a group of people and they all sounded very relaxed. I have no idea whose house or place it could be, but I do know it had nothing to do with porn or the porn site at all. There were adults and kids and clinking of silverware and then a thud of some type but I don't kow what but no, it wasn't a thud for any kind of movie at all.

I am wondering who put that on my laptop, and what it's of, and why. I might try to figure it out and write more later.
I listened to it again. It was definitely of someone having dinner and it sounded like good china and silverware or glasses, by the way they clinked but I don't know for sure. And then it sort of sounded like either someone was watching t.v. while eating dinner, or there was some child in the background, while there was dinner.

I clicked one by one through the porn tabs bc I thought it has nothing to do with this but to be I checked and absolutely not. It was something else. When I closed out all the tabs though, then the audio clip was gone too. I don't know if it will come back if I try to get online again and it comes back.

Okay I checked again and I think it's sound from a Viagra ad but background noise that's not related to the photo displayed. There is a man and woman at a table and you can't hear them talking but you can hear some other table talking and dining and in another language. So that's probably it but the way it's played sounds strange bc it doesn't fit the photo.
I am really tired today. I walked all the way to the library to get books for my son and then realized they're closed Sundays and I had forgotten. I walked a couple of miles just for books, but at least I got the exercise because I'm getting chubby.
OH NO! I just read, and it's just now after a long day, Harry supposedly fell from his HORSE. I hope he didn't do it on my account. Or that someone didn't bump him on purpose. I read only the first two lines and then blogged this. I have to go back and read.

I read the first article. I don't know what to think. Did he genuinely fall off of his horse? or did he just do it for fun?

It sort of made me laugh though.

Hmmm...It looks a little bit staged perhaps. I just saw this photo with people with their cameras already out to prepare. Hmmm. But then I saw that THING in his hand. It looks sort of like the stupid thing I saw when I was trying to pray one day. My hands went up and that thing came down, but I still think it was a slightly different shape. Nah, I'm just kidding. I don't get it though. The horse doesn't look that spooked. But how in the world could he get himself to catapult that far? I might have to at least take this to the psychiatrist as a proof of psychic ability, joke or not, hey...I need my kid back! I almost dressed like a bumblebee today too. I put on my black stretch pants and my yellow and white striped shirt and was about to walk out like that and then felt too self-conscious because it was tight and my stomach is chubbier and I don't like my legs right now either so I put a green tee over the yellow one and then jeans over the stretch pants. But, had I not first caught a full ...

This is getting weirder. There is a really weird rainbow outside my window right now. And then this dude just skateboarded by with a rainbow headband on. I"M NOT KIDDING. I wish I had a camera. Alright, someone is up to SOMETHING. Can the CIA do that or is this Sam Clark guy working with the weather people?

I am NOT frickin' kidding. I thought it was a trick window for a minute. What the HELL is going on? It's like a rectangular spray from the clouds oh but it has a little bit of other width and all the colors. I swear someone is up to something. I need to make sure this isn't a weird window. why did that other GUY skate by at the same time I looked over and noticed, just as I was writing about this pony and bee outfit thing? THere are witnesses. people are driving by and staring too. Where is my cam thing...I have to get a photo if I can.

It's gone. It was like when the sun is streaming through the clouds in a broad band, but the band was rainbow colored. I swear to God. But now it's gone and clouds are over it.

So I was saying, I almost wore the same colors that matched Harry and his horse today. But then I had a look at myself in the full-length mirror, at how clingy it was and thought, "Mmm...nope." But I put on my shoes and almost walked out like that. It would have been black leggings, and a yellow and white striped shirt. Harry was wearing black and white and his horse had yellow and black.

I wonder if Harry is really psychic or something or if West Point people are helping him. What is going on?

He looks like William in this photo.

Umm. And what is this design on his shirt from baseball? I just got a closer larger photo. Is that what I think it is? Don't tell me that's a raft. I need a better photo. A RAFT? after I was thinking about rafts all week and then write about a raft (but I didn't see this shirt design at all yesterday). It's something like "Walking With The __________" and I can't read the rest but it looks like a guy pulling a river raft behind him.

I'm getting suspicious, now that the rainbow headband man went by at the same time there was a rainbow in the sky. Either Harry is super psychic and I am connected to something there, unconsciously, or it's the military! en force.

I don't know what to think. All fun and games if I get my son back. If not, Big TIME Hell to pay. At that point I would question use of military in games and not putting proceeds towards, umm, normal things like compensation for my being an amusement or guinea pig. This is sheer MK-ULTRA if you ask me. And it's interesting and funny, but not when my son wants to be with his mother, so we'll see guys.

I saw he went running and the other weird thing is that I thought about running today. When I had on the first outfit, I thought, "I could go running in this" and then decided not to.

The other thing I didn't mention but I got yesterday, or last night in a dream or something, was a woman's private part so I'm wondering who was looking at that or if the porn theme on my laptop is to follow whatever I picked up on last night. No hair there on that young woman. And I NEVER have any dreams ever, or images of direct stuff like that, but I sure saw HER. There she was, poor woman, in all her naked glory. She didn't even have a small strip or anything, it was a full wax job. AND it wasn't a "lesbian" dream either. It had nothing to do with me. It more like an image but it was in a dream and I saw her standing there. All I could really see was from her waist to her thighs. I think I saw the rest of her but I don't remember what she looked like, I just remember then it was THAT in close up.

So now I'm wondering what either Harry, or William, or some military guy, was doing last night. Or maybe someone was intentionally trying to project one porn item to me and then this whole porno thing the next day was to psych me out. What I saw though, was sort of natural. It didn't come across like sexy porn or with emotions of lust or anything. It was just...there. It was pretty close up. Like, maybe a foot away or something, she walked forward or moved forward. She had a pretty flat stomach. I wonder what that is exactly because it is like having eyes that belong to someone else but I don't know who. I would like to know.

After having a dream involving Pierce Brosnan (which may be symbolic connection to one of those guys or maybe was a symbol for someone else I know or who knows me, that's not even British), and all those military guys around, how do I know.

Not only that, I just read about this Sam Brosnan or David Clark guy or whatever, in some kind of space job and I've got the lovely "Astronaut" camper parked outside my hotel room.
Um, so anyway, what do I get out this?

How about...listen up about my son? I mean, I offered myself up for research but with some compensation. And I'm not joining the military. I want my son!
I just looked up Prince Charles to see if he'd gone sailing. I have no idea. I keep wondering who was maybe tying knots or around that, and sailing and masts. I guess Harry was in a white tent for polo so it's possible knots had to be tied to erect that and it could have come across as a mast, but I saw splicing of something and then really thought the knots were with rope (they were) and assumed next, with canvas, perhaps sailing. So I was looking.

I found a photo of Charles with a Bernice McCabe and she actually has a face that is very similiar to the one I had in my dream. I think it's different somehow, but the hair is sort of the same, and the shape of face and I can't completely tell by this photo bc it's just one expression. But I would have to see what her nose is like from the side. I sort of saw someone CLOSE to her appearance in face at least but I was thinking possibly younger and maybe more angular nose, but not sure. She is a lot like that face though, but it might be for someone local. I saw her at a desk, and thinking, in my dream. I'm only adding it bc it gives a better idea of hair, face shape and everything in general.
I also had some kind of idea of the name "Deborah".

Come to think of it, I think I got something close to this woman's last name yesterday though. I had something about cormick and mckane I thought. Mccabe is close to mckane.
I will have to go back and look at what it was that came to mind again.

I just checked and there is also something close called cormick and lehane and it's for surgeries and doctors and nurses use them and their patients. it's classified thus: The Cormack–Lehane (CL) classification is broadly used to describe laryngeal view during direct laryngoscopy.

Then of course, there's McCain as in the senator. I have no idea.

The other thing I thought about was what I was wearing the day I met the Norwegian people here in the hotel, but that's all, and how when I was trying for orange juice at one point it quit when they were there and I got water instead.

I thought, "Good luck or bad?" lemonade from water and then water from orange juice? cool, if it's going the grail direction. not so cool if it's "you's some water instead of juice." Mechanical issues abound.
The woman I saw almost seemed to be, at first, the woman from the desk. Not saying McCabe but woman resembling her but maybe younger, I don't know. But it might be mixed up and could be two separate things. Whoever it was I saw her dressed first and then without clothing.

When without, it was flat stomach, no hair, and yet not skinny or scrawny at all, and there was a curve at the waist and sort of slim but rounded hips. More rounded than mine, or slightly more of an hourglass shape. Not teeny tiny there either, but with a width in a way so not super small, from appearance on outside, where there would or would not be other "coverage" dependent upon wax or not. I could draw her but umm....i think not. The only reason I even describe is bc it's probably real, and someone that another person was with and for some reason I got insight into it in my dream, so I would want to be accurate, regardless of who it was.