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Pamela Coffell Is Going To Be Sued

Does Randy Coffell ring a bell? For those who don't know, Omak is just up the road from Wenatchee and is also where Tina Thornton knows some people. Randy Coffell is the Human Resource Director for the hospital up the road.

Okay, for those who don't know...Because there was no investigation from CPS when I went to Canada, they had to make something up. Literally. So when I got back to Wenatchee I wanted to see what in the world was created against me when they had nothing. I read Pamela Coffell's report and it sounded just like Mt. Angel Abbey attorney work.

And she completely lied. With CPS, there is no such thing as a "never-ending investigation". If someone makes a report, CPS is obligated to look into it and then they either take it to court if there are grounds for investigation and court process, OR they have to write it off.

Write it off. Like expenses Pammy.

So basically, once something is written off, it's gone. They check the report and decide whether or not it even warrants an "investigation". If it does, and they get evidence of harm, they take it to court. If it does and there is no evidence, or if there is nothing right from the start, they are required by law to close the matter.

You can't go back to a closed matter where the determination was that nothing was there. So if someone has 10 reports made against them, some of these reports might turn into an investigation and other don't even make investigation. It's like police reports. Police write reports and listen, but they don't have to open an investigation for every single thing if they can tell right from the start there is nothing there. And once it's closed, that's it. If an officer takes a report, he might make an incident number but that's it. So someone could be targeted and bullied and have a lot of people calling to try to make "reports" and all of these things can get written off.

That's what happened to me. A lot of people were mad at me so they called to make "reports" and every single one of those reports was written off.

After I tried to go to police to get people charged with making false reports, which is a misdemeanor, Pam and another woman came out to see me. There was no new report even, they just decided to come out and see me because the doctors wanted them to since no mental health professional would agree I was mentally ill. The doctors knew I was planning to sue them so they were angry. So Pam comes out and it was no big deal, and not an investigation either. Then I wrote a letter by email and said I was tired of being harassed and anytime they wanted to observe me and my son out in public let me know and I could make arrangments and they were also free to visit me at my house.

So they decided to take me up on my offer, to visit me at my house.

That is not an "investigation". And there was also no "ongoing investigation" because that's not allowed. Each report is either open or closed, period. Every previous complaint was ruled "unfounded" and checked.

If they had come out to my house and been inside and found something wrong, like dangerous machinery around, or if I had offered Pammy a mimosa, they might try to say I was negligent. If I had a couple of dishes in the sink, they might use THAT to start an investigation and say they were concerned about sanitation.

But they had to be in my house first. Which is why they wanted to come over, because there was no investigation and they hoped they might find something to start one over.

And, there was no ongoing investigation and her lie about that is a lie.

So when they told Canada I fled from them, they lied.

They literally created an entire report, investigation, and tried to back it up and claim it was all part of an ongoing investigation for months.

They falsified an entire "investigation" and report.

Not only that, they came up with everything after my son and I had already left the country.

It would be like this:

1. Man calls up police to say, "I hear some shouting and I hope the lady next door is okay because I think maybe her husband is abusive."

2. Police arrive at the house where there was shouting. They ask to speak to the people and they say everything is fine.

3. The police write an incidence report and do not investigate further.

4. Man thought by neighbor to be "abusing his wife" decides that after a few too many times of harassment and for whatever personal reason, he leaves the country with his daughter who he has sole legal custody over. There is no mother and no other legal guardian.

5. Man reported as "maybe abusive" is in Canada, with his kid.

6. Police race to Canadians and say, "This man just left our country and he's a big-time wife beater!" They continue, "He is so crazy and potentially dangerous we are really worried that his daughter might be endangered."

7. Canadians to police, "He just asked us for political asylum because he says he's being beat up in town and police don't do anything and people make reports all the time. He was being forced out of town but he needed to file a lawsuit for his daughter so he decided to stay until it got pretty bad. That's what he says." Other Canadian, who knows the police the man is going to sue, "No, this guy is a huge wife-beater. Huge. And he's paranoid because he thinks all these people are out to get him and there's this big conspiracy or something."

So there is no warrant for the alleged "wife-beater". No court case, nothing. The police in the U.S. tell Canada, "We have an ongoing investigation against him and he ran."

So they lie. There is no investigation. There were reports, but all reports were noted and closed because there was not even enough evidence to investigate. Since they have no investigation, they try to lump together a bunch of reports they already closed and said were groundless, and then claim this has been going on for months. No one mentions the fact that the reports were made by people this man was trying to sue. And no one mentions how the CPS workers and social workers with the most interest are connected to the people he would be suing.

So tell me. Was there an ongoing investigation of the "wife-beater"?

No, there was not.

And if there wasn't, it was because each report or incident was closed. So if there is no investigation pending, did the man really run? If he says to the cops, "Hey, stop by anytime if you have questions okay?" and if they say can we stop over to ask you a few things, is that an investigation? No. Police can ask people all kinds of questions, and check stories, and call people up on the phone. That doesn't make it an investigation. You could have an officer who has made countless reports against the "wife beater" one day just decide out of curiosity to go over and ask the guy why everyone is making complaints about him. That's not an investigation.

If, while visiting the man at his house, he notices abusive treatment of the woman, aha, maybe he has grounds for investigation. And if later there are marks of abuse, even evidence.

You cannot run investigations on "nothingness". You also cannot legally harass a citizen and have nothing on them and then chase them down to another country and lie and claim the person is mentally ill, dangerous, and a wife beater under ongoing investigation when the last time you saw that person, you had closed another false report as unfounded.

You do not harass citizens and DEFAME them and lie to other countries because you are worried about not controlling them. No one in their right mind approaches Canadian officials and says, "We need that girl back because the father ran off with her while under investigation and he's crazy." He's under investigation? show me. Show me dates and where it says he was under "investigation". It looks to me like you have a bunch of closed reports from malicious neighbors and people he was about to sue.

So that's how you prosecute people? or take their kid?

Not to mention the fact that not only was there NO investigation from CPS on me or my son, IF they open an investigation they are required by law to offer services to remedy whatever problem they think might be there.

They cannot take children away from parents unless they are about to die, i.e, imminent harm. And you can't do that without evidence from a psychologist and if that person just saw 2 psychologists who say Cameo is not mentally ill, you don't have a case. You also just lied and defamed someone by claiming, against the mental health professionals, that Cameo is paranoid schitzophrenic. Diagnosis and everything! Wow.

They did not offer any services as required by law. They didn't offer services because there was no investigation. You have to have an investigation first, and come up with a reason to offer services, before you can offer them.

They had not ever offered me services because there were no grounds for providing me with anything. Services such as "drug and alcohol counseling" (or testing first), "counseling", "rehabilitation for injuries", whatever.

The reason they wanted to see my house was to see if they could find anything inside that would give them a good reason to open an investigation. Why? because they had nothing.

So chasing me down to Canada, lying about me, traumatizing my son beyond repair, even having me arrested just to get what you want and obstruct political asylum, is illegal.

You broke the law.

And Pam knows she broke the law. She lied throughout an entire report.

Why didn't I contest it? I tried, but like I said, they were all in on it and worked against me, including my own public defenders. And the first one I got was Paul Cassel, who is Catholic and used to work with the Judge who was assigned to my case, Hotchkiss. Funny how Cassel likes to drink so much too, just like Pam.

I wonder if Pam likes to go to those swinging parties, or if she settles for the drinks. I know she's not a christian like she claims. That's a fact. If she likes drinking so much, does she also abuse other substances and enjoy them as hobbies?

She claims to like tubing down the river with beer and wine and her second hobby (according to her facebook profile, listed below as found) is hot tubbing with champagne. That just sounds like drinking. And for someone who is investigating safety precautions for children, she should know getting drunk down a river and in a hot tub isn't smart.

But Pam's not smart. She's getting sued for being stupid and malicious. Might be time to sell the hot tub Pam. Maybe you could recycle some of your beer bottles to bring in a little extra cash for your baby too.

The other thing I will be checking is that her daughter featured in the photo looks like the woman I saw at Pam Lewises when I first showed up in Oregon. The blond one with glasses like that who made a snide and mean comment to me. Who had just been married (5 months ago). Same expression. Rosemary and Gordon West's daughter-in-law...their son had gotten married.

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Torture To Head Again

I thought I should add that the military started targeting my head again. It started while I was writing about how the U.S. didn't even have a CPS investigation against me at all when they lied and told Canada they did. And then I wrote about how there was no record of mental illness either but instead, I had 3 records from different psychologists, all saying I was NOT mentally ill.

So basically, when the U.S. tortures people they of course want to claim they're mentally ill if they're running to another country for political asylum.

CPS "Investigation" A Lie (leave state but not country)

I just answered someone's comment to my post about legal documentation I took to Canada for me and my son. He said it sounded like I was running from CPS investigation. So I corrected him on that and responded.

I thought I might make the point again here, since not everyone knows this part.

There was NO "CPS investigation" when I left the U.S. for Canada. Everyone has tried to say I left in the middle of an investigation and it's a lie. First of all, if someone IS in investigation by CPS, I found out a parent who has legal guardianship can still leave the state or country.

The only time a legal guardian cannot leave the State or country, is if the court has ordered a "Protective Order" for the child.

Possibly too, if the State had started filing legal documents in court people would wonder, but you still have to have that Protective Order.

However, in my case, there was no Protective Order AND there was no "investigation" at all.

I had already been "investigated" and they had thrown out the complaints against me as "unfounded" (meaning no evidence).

The reason they wanted to come out to my house was not because I was under any investigation.

I had sent them an email from my own email account, in the form of a letter, inviting both Pam Cauffel and the Judge John Bridges wife, Mary, to come to my house and observe me and my son there anytime they like, or, if they wanted they could come along while my son and I were in public on a play date.

I specifically made the invitation to them, on my own, to come out to my house as an open invitation, without any requisite of investigation.

So one day they took me up on my offer.

It was not required or mandatory and I was not being investigated. Some people argue that if CPS shows up at your door and wants to come in to talk, it means something, but that in itself is not an investigation. They cannot even HAVE an investigation until they have grounds for one.

Therefore, some people argue against letting CPS into your house because if they come in, they look for dirty dishes in the sink or anything to START an investigation with.

They had not even been to my house so there was no investigation pending.

And the invitation was one I offered, not something they required.

After I left, they created a huge elaborate lie claiming I was on the run from them when I wasn't.

To this day, the State has withheld this crucial evidence from my lawyers and from the record. They know that if I show the court my letter, I can prove my invitation was not part of any investigation (as if it even mattered when they didn't have a Protective Order).

Pam Couffel did a LOT of lying to drum something up really fast. I was completely shocked to see what she had written. And yeah, a Judge's wife was in on it. The same one who tried to get me to take an offer to leave the State.

So they ask me to leave the State but then I can't leave the country?

How does that work?

Here's the other part...they also lied about me and said I was mentally ill. They had no evidence to give Canada of mental illness. Nothing.

The only mental health records I had affirmed I was normal, not mentally ill. Immediately prior to leaving for Canada, I was seen by 2 different mental health professionals who both concurred I was not mentally ill.

In addition to this, I had counseling records from a woman in the town, named Brett McDonald, which also affirmed I was normal and not mentally ill.

I had 3 separate mental health records from Wenatchee alone that all confirmed I was not mentally ill and they were all made within a couple of weeks of my departure to Canada. The one with McDonald was a record created months earlier and was in place when CPS asked me to leave the State and go to Utah.

All 3 mental health records agreed I was not mentally ill.

There was not one mental health record that stated otherwise.

So what evidence did they have of mental illness? None. In fact, they had 3 records working AGAINST them.

Of course a country is going to lie and call someone "mentally ill" if they are fleeing and asking for political asylum. That's usually what corrupt countries do with those who are trying to escape torture and oppression.

So CPS and the U.S. had NOTHING to use. And the corrupt people in Canada had nothing.

No mental illness. No CPS investigation or court order. No record of mental illness. Records proving no mental illness available.

What do you DO when the entire record is working against you?

What did they do? They lied. They lied and colluded together as, in the absence of any evidence, how to force us back to a terrorist nation. What the U.S. allowed to me and my son fits the definition for terrorism and simply because these people were Catholic, they think it doesn't apply.

They knew that they caused damages when they broke the law and defamed me. So then, instead of dismissing the whole thing and throwing it out as they first considered and should have done, they piled on count after count after count of criminal conspiracy to conceal crimes, falsify records, endanger and abuse a child, and obstruct justice, in addition to colluding to create a false arrest.

The entire motive of the State has since been to create evidence to support their lies because they broke the law and they needed something to justify their allegations.

So they did horrible things to try to get that "evidence" they needed and they made sure my public defenders didn't work on my behalf or my son's behalf. They hid my mental health records to this day, and they hid the letter I sent to Cauffel and Bridges by email, inviting them to my house.
If someone shows up asking for political asylum and there is no objective evidence of mental illness and just opinions from the country where the person is fleeing from, the country that receives the refugee is not supposed to return the person to the country without a hearing.

If someone really IS being tortured in the U.S., of course those who are in on it are going to say the person is crazy. I had plenty of documentation about problems with the FBI at that point and was able to show need for political asylum.

But they broke the law and didn't give me the chance. And they had no evidence which allowed them to break the laws.

After they refused to honor my request for political asylum, they knew what they had done was wrong and unlawful. So they tried to arrest me and claim it was for something else to avoid the pertinent question of why they ignored a request for political asylum in the first place.
Then, we might ask why the U.S. was so anxious to demand our return. They refused to protect me and my son and were torturing us. They first told us to move out of state to Utah and if we didn't, I guess if I was planning to file another lawsuit they torture us???

So yeah. Thanks Mary Bridges, for pressuring me to leave to Utah but then acting like it was a problem to be out of the country.

I think what they wanted, all the way through, was ultimate control.

They wanted to control whether I sued or not and tried to force me and my son to another State. If they couldn't control that, they were going to torture us both. And then, if we tried to leave and planned to expose what was going on, well, that was out of their control so they needed to feel a sense of control again.

They only quit torturing me when I escaped and got somewhere else and then when I was with this Catholic man. Then they started up the same old thing when I separated from him.


Maybe control issues again. Maybe they thought their Catholic man could control me so they felt in control again and if I wasn't with him they got worried about what I might do next and lost their feeling of controlling me.

They control my parents. They control my brother. They control my son and the family he is with. They have controlled me.

They torture, murder, and lie.

I do NOT want to raise my son in the United States of America. It's not the United States anymore. It's The Holy See.

And they torture people who do not convert to Roman Catholicism. They kidnap children from their parents as well.

I'm not going to leave my parents behind, and I don't appreciate having people try to force me out either. But should I be raising my son to respect this country?

My son should be spitting on this country. This country should be under the soles of his shoes for what they have done to him.

This classical station decided to play something called "Let Her Go". I need my own classical music.

What is disgusting is how long this has been going on. The crime against me and my family.

My own mother and father tried to escape. I think they want to live here, safely, and without problems, but when people are torturing you and using high offices to do it, there is a problem.

They have had people controlling them and telling them whether or not they can even see me.

They have tortured my parents in Coquille, Oregon since they were forced to move there. And they have tortured me and my brother.

I hate Laurie McLaughlin. That woman and imposters like Rick Baken for Mt. Angel Abbey monks are a big reason there has been a problem getting the FBI's attention to begin with. Rick and Claudia Baken moved in on my family after I met the monks of Mt. Angel Abbey. They moved right behind Granny's house. They say they converted to become evangelical christians and it's a lie. They are both born and raised Catholics. They didn't even think about having an orchard or moving in behind my grandparents until after I was having problems with clergy in Mt. Angel and the Department of Justice attorney's family popped up at my church. Christa Schneider's entire family was also Roman Catholic but supposedly converted to evangelical christianity. The Schneiders and the Bakens have this "Catholicism conversion to evangelical christianity" story that isn't true. Both of these families are connected to the FBI and Department of Justice. And both of these families suddenly appeared and wanted to get close to my family and the people I was closest to, after I'd been talking to the monks of Mt. Angel for over a year. They got their lawyers for their church involved and suddenly, Christa's family shows up and suddenly, the Bakens know where to find Granny who I talked about to the Fr. Joachim McCann all the time.

I think the DJ on right now is this Bill McLaughlin again. The one who I think has something to do with Laurie McLaughlin.

I know for a fact that Christa Schneider was used as a spy against me for the Abbey lawyers. I didn't jump to that took a long time and a lot of testing and observation to be convinced. I did not want to believe it. But it's true. And the Bakens are imposters as well. Baken tried to make it sound like he sided with me but he was in with Laurie McLaughlin and Washington FBI and his church friends all along.

The Bakens never looked touched by torture. That's for sure. I can't say the same about my grandparents. They looked tortured and then warmed over and then some. Not so! for the Bakens.

Claudia. Sending over her 6 little cookies on a plate (6, for silence) and Rick playing around with feathers at his house.

I can't remember what ethnicity Claudia is (just know she's Catholic), but I know Rick Baken is Italian-Catholic, wait, maybe that was his cover, and he's actually something else. German? Nordic? I don't know.

Nothing like watching Granny complain about military torture affecting her hearing, or heart, and eyes. And nothing like hearing about Grandpa get a big knife stuck in his butt.

Let's seeee....Grandpa just accidentally "sits" on an upright knife? what? the same month someone cut my mother's cheek?

How is it that Rick Baken is FBI and my son and I were tortured and blocked from accessing the FBI? I mean what kind of angle is that? Then I've got Irish-Catholics downtown Wenatchee at the St. Joseph's church standing there with a big CIA shirt on. They really want me to think it's all about the CIA and has nothing to do with the FBI.

U.S. Collusion To Kidnap Children & Spielberg

The United States kidnapped my son.

The United States thought I had married them and they thought they had joint custody of my son Oliver.

In all legal documents I had proven I was the sole legal guardian.

But my Ex, The United States, was a jealous and vengeful lover.

My Ex had abandoned my son and wasn't providing for him in any way. In fact, my Ex was trying to put us on the streets. My Ex had been abusing me for years and I had grown used to it. I had never married my Ex but my Ex, the U.S., thought I was married to them.

I had a relationship with the U.S. and loyalty, but I didn't marry him. I didn't give them joint custody of my child. They were not the guardians.

My Ex became abusive to the point that it was impossible for me live safely. It was dangerous for my son as well.

My Ex acknowledged in all legal documents that I was the guardian. The State had no rights to my son at all. My Ex, the U.S., or State if you will, knew this.

When I left my Ex and took my son with me, they went into a rage.

They tried to say I was mentally ill, and claimed I had abducted my child, and claimed I was endangering my son by leaving THEM, the Abuser.

They lied.

My Ex is very powerful.

He gets whatever he asks for, with no one ever checking into his affairs. I know he was never faithful to me, because while he required loyalty from me, he slept around with other countries. My Ex has the largest indentured servitude program in the world. He is so powerful he receives money from every person that is able to work. He runs the legal department for justice, the department for transportation, the investigative agencies and intelligence communities, and he allows them to designate to the state and local government.

My Ex didn't want me to escape. He was busy creating a grandiose story about how mentally ill I was so he could continue abusing me. He tried to keep me from working so I didn't have any money and he hired people to force me out of lawsuits that I was forced to file to protect my name. Then he got really mad when I didn't want to be forced to attach his number to my son's name. So he tried to take my son from me. I didn't let that happen.

However, because of his power and resources, he had hired people to harass me daily. Police even. And he hired others to promote a story that I was mentally ill so no one would believe me if I ever started to share what was going on.

I finally tried to talk to the media. I was put in jail the night before my interview. I found out my Ex had something to do with that and the people who put me jail worked for him. My Ex was so hateful he stopped providing for medical coverage for both me and my son. I found out that my Ex had even plotted to kill me once or twice and then abandoned the idea or it didn't work out. After this, he started calling me crazy. And then he decided to torture me and my son instead.

After he had his employees put me in jail and held me hostage there, he tried to force me to plead guilty too. I refused and the only reason I didn't end up in jail was because I was pregnant and someone else wanted me to eat properly so the baby was healthy when they tried to take him away from me.

My Ex was so hateful that he had hired people to vandalize my property and ruin my car so I couldn't drive anywhere. I had rights to an agency that was supposed to investigate but all they ever said was to "move". Keep moving? I had already moved. How many times should I move? This agency wanted me to just run all over the nation, moving myself and my son from one spot to the next because they were too lazy to investigate who stalked me and vandalized everything I owned?

My Ex was obligated to provide protection but he was too busy with other lovers and protecting them instead.

My son and I had nothing.

So when my Ex didn't provide the protection he was supposed to provide in return for my loyalty and as a right of my birth, I knew I had to escape with my son.

He began hiring people to torture us. I had thought someone else was responsible for years and then I realized, it's him. He has been doing this to me for a decade and it's him. I confronted him with this and he told the people who work for him to make it worse. He looked away, out the window, and didn't want to watch when they tortured my son, the child he claimed he cared about.

I had a relationship with the most powerful man in the world. But he was unfaithful to me and my son and I never married him. My child was never his child. My child was my child and belonged to no one else. He had an obligated to provide protection and that was it. And instead of fulfilling his obligation, he tortured my son. He didn't torture the other children, but he tortured my son.

I guess this is how someone who really loves you, shows it.

When I fled from this Ex with my son, he hunted us down.

He didn't have any legal right to my son. But since he is the most powerful man in the world, he doesn't have to obey any laws.

I left his house where he had tried to keep me confined. He even stole documents for indentity that would be required if we wanted to go to another house that didn't torture us. That was the first or second time he tried to hold me hostage and keep me from leaving.

Then we escaped and he lied to the people in the other house. Some of those people worked for him too and I didn't know it. Since I was the only legal guardian for my son and we left, the only way my Ex thought the other house would send him back was if they agreed to arrest me. He told them my son didn't belong to them and was raised with him. He said that I was trying to abduct my child but they all knew I was the only guardian. Since I had asked for political asylum, he had his lawyers write me up as mentally ill and endangering a child. My Ex tortured me but he didn't want anyone to believe me.

So he planned and plotted how to kidnap my son from me when I left him.

After he decided to have me arrested, he took my son and then held this over my head like a trophy. He petitioned the court to give HIM, the Abuser, "temporary guardianship" until there were further hearings. Then he hired people and the employees already on his payroll were instructed to make me lose.

My Ex is so powerful, he has people who were even doing mail service for the country who chose to hold back mail from getting to me in time. He had lawyers agree not to file evidence that supported me. He had psychologists who were willing to say I was mentally ill.

He then took my child and tortured my son.

While he did this, he tried to pressure me to do favors for him again. He was using me all along. He quit torturing me for a short time when he thought I might do him some favors. I didn't think I could trust him though and felt anyone I came into contact with was possibly connected to my Ex's motive of destroying my life. When I decided not to put myself or my son at risk and try to prove what the truth was, he put out an order to have everyone restrict everything I did and he sold me and my son.

When he got me back to see my son, he made sure he showed me how he was torturing my son and all of his employees were going to lie for him. I don't know why my Ex would do this unless it was out of sheer hate for both me and my son.

I found out my parents were being tortured by my Ex too but they were too afraid to tell me.

My Ex has held me hostage ever since and continues to torture my family.

My Ex is the United States of America.

After my Ex tortured my son, he plotted how to kidnap him and then force me back to him. He colluded to have me arrested and I was arrested. He then made himself the "guardian" of my son. Finally, he allowed another family he controlled to adopt my son as long as they had proven they would obey his orders and do whatever he wanted.

I keep trying to find someone who is employed by my Ex who will investigate or speak up for me, but none of them do. I try to believe there are good people working for my Ex but I don't think there are very many. If they work for him, it's because he hired them. They would rather go along with crime than do the job they're supposed to do.

Does light have fellowship with darkness? If my Ex is evil can any of his employees be good? If it's just his employees that are evil, then why haven't the good ones triumphed and why are they silent.

If the salt has lost its flavor it's worth nothing. If my Ex has a good name but he and most of his employees have no moral code, how do they expect to survive.

His name is on all the documents for kidnapping my son. It's not very often that anyone keeps documents on the kind of technology used to torture us with. He has so reassured everyone that I am mentally ill, he does whatever he wants with my entire family.

By the way, can we ask Steven Spielberg why he used a dream I told my Dad about in his movie War Horse? My Dad remembered the dream because I saw his reaction when he saw it come up in the movie. It was exactly what I told my Dad I dreamed about and then Spielberg used it for his movie. And then my Dad reminded me what Spielberg decided of the fate of the girl. She dies.

I told my Dad, after I sold my house in 1997, that I had a dream that this oriental rug I had was folded up and stored inside a trapdoor that was in the floor and I dreamed my Dad had put it there for me in safekeeping.

And no, Steven Spielberg is not prophetic.

So here is this scene in the movie where the French man goes to the trapdoor just like I told my Dad about over the phone, in my dream, and he takes out what? My rug. It was the same color and pattern and kind of rug as the rug I owned which I had in my house in 1996-1997. Pretty much exact.

So here's this scene where the man goes to the trapdoor and pulls out MY rug, just as I told my Dad I had a dream about, and he puts it on the table for his daughter, this French girl who is sick and has to take "medicine" and who dies in the movie. She sees this on the table and inside of it is an English riding saddle.


The same kind of riding saddle that my Mom had all along. It was even the same color and everything.

I said nothing to my parents about this after seeing the movie. I told them which parts I liked and didn't like and then they said there was a lot of violence and maybe the violence scenes were too long and could have been cut out. And then they said they liked some of the story of the French girl but thought maybe it was going to continue with her meeting the boy with the horse or something. They said, "Yeah, she dies." I said, "I thought he wanted to take the horse to her" and they said no, he said the horse was all he had left because she died.

So what I didn't LIKE about the movie, was cheap shots like stealing a personal dream I had which I told my Dad about over the phone and then watching a re-enactment of it in a movie by Spielberg. What's the POINT.

I'm about to die? is that the point? because both me and my Dad noticed the rug scene with the whole English riding saddle thing. I think my dream was even that it was an English riding saddle inside of the rug. And I described everything to him. I know my Dad wasn't there advising on what my rug looked like.

Or is to mock a dream I told my Dad about and just have it look like all it was, was a premonition about Spielberg's creative idea?

No, I don't get premonition dreams about Spielbergs films. And I don't appreciate seeing MY DREAM being used in his movie anymore than I appreciate MY SKIRT being worn by the fucking Kate Middleton and her gangster Jew Crew.

I can only imagine what kind of point they were trying to make to my Dad.

I knew right away that my Dad remembered my dream because we were sitting there in the theater and when the man goes to the trap door it was the same kind that I described but then when he lifts it and there is the rug, both me and my Dad knew at the exact same time and my Dad sort of flinched. It was my rug from my house in St. Johns which the Jewish woman bought from me before I had moved my rug out. What did she do? go in there and photograph my things? or someone just followed my rug and used it later to pass onto Spielberg when I told him a couple of years later about my dream?

So my Dad flinched when he saw the rug inside there because we knew it was from my dream. Then he takes it out and presents a gift to the girl of a riding saddle under this rug and then in the end she dies.

Great theme.

What is "War Horse" about anyway? it's okay to use people?

"I have need of you?"

I'm really tired of the Catholic and Jewish bullshit and the Ex is an arm and a leg of each.

I want my son returned.

U.S. Collusion To Kidnap Children

The United States kidnapped my son.

Torture Of My Mother (Evidence Military or FBI)

I left the house for less than 20 minutes total and when I did, someone drove in and tortured my Mom while I ran to drop something off at the post office.

I asked my Mom who was here and she said no one but it wasn't true and her face is ruined and eyes all black.

So I came outside and took photos of the tire tracks that were fresh and showed someone pulled up here just minutes ago and tore out so fast mud spattered everywhere.

It's FBI connected because then I was trying to photograph shoe prints and someone kept deleting my camera.

I took photos with a regular camera and with my laptop but then Microsoft wasn't allowing me to further photograph.

Here's a plate for someone too: DBS 719
I got 2 different shoe prints besides my own and 1 of them is possibly my own from a different shoe.

The other one is recent and it's not my shoe, and it's not my Mom or Dad's shoe either.

We wear tennis shoes. We don't wear dress shoes or boots like that. Especially not on our own property, walking down a muddy road.

The sole of the shoeprint is not from a shoe from my Mom or Dad's foot.

It's facing the direction of my house. It's not going forward in the direction of my parent's house, but is walking towards my house and I found it in the middle of the road next to mud.

It looks like a nice FBI or cop sole. You know, like those nice dress shoes that double for church and FBI offices too. Or the office cop shoe that's not a sneaker made for running but for standing and looking nice. Or a business dress shoe sole that has little to zero traction at all. It's the heel. Nice smooth heel.

It's too big to be my foot or my mom's foot, no matter what kind of shoe we wore, it would be huge on us. It's not the handyman's shoe because he didn't walk over here when I was here and he wore sneakers.

The tire tracks are possibly from my Mom's car because I looked at the tread but not positive.

The one shoe print, which is when my camera disappeared from my computer when I tried to take the photo, does not belong to my family.

Which means someone was on this property, headed in the direction of my house. And I have been here all day except for running to the post office to drop something off.

Yesterday I was at the house all day and no one was here. The day before yesterday I was at the house all day and no one was here. And last night, dears, it rained.

It rained enough that even if someone had made a mark one or two days ago, the rain would have washed it away.

So that footprint is from this morning when I left my house at 2:45 p.m. to run to the post office and be back by 3:15 p.m.

During this time, someone was on this property and it wasn't my Mom or Dad and when I asked my Mom who was here she didn't look happy and she didn't look well either.

Additionally, I had 2 different cops driving around me the entire time I walked to the post office. One police officer passed me when I was walking to the post office when I was to the high school and then a little while later, the same cop passed by me driving the other direction.

Then, another cop was parked where I have to cross to get to the post office.

And finally, I left the post office and one of the ones who had been driving back and forth was watching where I was at from a distance.

So the cops here in town are dirty.

And whoever was on ths property when I wasn't here, is bad enough that the police are keeping a look-out for them, and it may be that it was one of their guys or women that was here to begin with. And when there is a shoe print right there in the middle of the road, there is no possible way someone walked onto this property and my mother didn't see who it was. And if someone walked onto this property and my mother felt she had to lie and say no one was here, while looking like she just got beat up, then the cops are in on it and they're dirty and the reason she can't say anything is because of them and the FBI and/or mafia that they are protecting. FBI/military, mafia, whatever. The local police are dirty.

Which is most likely why my parents were so afraid for me and hoped I might be able to not be tortured anymore in this country and maybe get my son back.
Also, when I stood on the back porch after getting back from putting my letter to the court in the mail, I could feel the technology that was targeted there and it was severe enough that I could stand there and feel it vibrating. It was the "ink-bursts-out-of-pen" technology that affects your heart.

And someone had this targeted hardcore on my parents house.

At night, I've gone to check but not every single night because at some point I realized someone was still using torture but refining it to be more localized where I couldn't tell from the outside.

However, the fact that I could feel this while standing on their back porch means that there is still a group using something which is not localized and which is noticeable.

It's criminal torture and conspiracy to commit acts of terror and torture and get away with it.

I want my son out of this country.

I know there are a lot of good people here and I wouldn't just go anywhere and honestly, I resent how the bad Americans have been trying to drive me out of this country.

But no, this country is responsible for kidnapping my son. And let's say it was the Russians in Wenatchee that did it. Let's just say. Even if it was some interntional group that wasn't really representing America, the U.S. still has a responsibility to investigate crimes.

And what lawyers were starting to tell ME was that the reason no one was investigating was because it was the U.S. that was responsible. Supposedly, this is why U.S. federal and state officials have gone together to protect eachother, when really, they're protecting people of certain religious groups and that's it.

Even if there are bad or corrupt people in the U.S., the good ones have a duty to override them or investigate on their own. We were TORTURED. I was always counting torture as beginning in 2004 or 2005 but that's just when they amped it up and decided to go full-speed with it. I guess they figured, well, she discovered we've been illegally using our friends in the military and CIA to obstruct her from work, college, and most obviously, court hearings. At that point, knowing I knew they were triggering my migraines to coincide with court dates and when they "thought" my period was, this group KNEW they were in, potentially, HUGE HUGE trouble.

How does ANY group explain that to Congress? "Yeah, we used military resources against Ms. Garrett. For what purpose? Oh, well, we just used it so she'd have migraines that interferred with work a little and then we didn't want her to get a college education and wanted to keep her down and looking dumb so we gave her a good dose of migraines for that and then decided not to, and then, well, we didn't have a reason to trigger her migraines for an objective until she had lawsuits we didn't like. So we scheduled someone to trigger migraines on the court dates and coordinated with some of the Judges and lawyers on when to make the court dates so they could look like it was just part of her menstrual cycle and the hearings just accidentally always landed on those dates. So yeah, we used military and CIA resources to obstruct justice. For The Willamette Week people and the Roman Catholic church. It worked too! Especially when we convinced some of our friends that were doctors to refuse to give her painkillers. Then, she was a goner."

EXPLAIN to anyone, how the U.S. government would justify interferring with a private citizens lawsuits by using military to trigger migraines?

So basically, when I figured this out, these people FLIPPED out and worried they were going to get in trouble. It was not a small thing. They could be found guilty of using torture to keep someone out of court. And then colluding with doctors to even keep someone out of painkillers for the torture they triggered.

There is no military or U.S. government excuse to justify this.

So if I've figured it out, what do they do? Full speed ahead then. This time, they tortured me and my son so badly we almost died. And all the more reason to come up with the excuse that it's not happening and I am mentally ill. I wasn't mentally ill.

NOW they want to say oh it's just research.


And any FBI or government employee that repeats this line is trying to find justification for hate crime and an attempt to obstruct competition.

If that is not sufficient grounds for RICO I don't know what is.

So no, I feel that to stay here in this country and have my son raised here is obstruction of my freedom to leave. Which I tried to do. And the U.S. didn't know how to take "No" for an answer and wanted to keep raping and torturing us. They literally used extraordinary rendition on my son and kidnapped him from his legal guardian.

They colluded with Canadians to kidnap my son from me. So instead of sending in a helicopter with an FBI counter-terrorism man from D.C. to swoop down and pick up my son and take him back to the black hole of Wenatchee, they colluded with Canadians and agreed the only way to make it appear semi-legal would be to arrest me for something, giving them an excuse to separate my son from me first in Canada.

No, I do not want to be a citizen of Canada. Not after what these Catholic Canadians did to me and my son. And no, I do not want to raise my son in the United States of America.

I would like to live here without being tortured, definitely. But on principle, why would I ever want my son to think this is a good country? This country tortured his brains out. And SO far, the decent people in this country haven't been bold enough to hold the people who did this accountable for anything.

Habaneros & Snorting Capasain (yesterday)

I would treat this post with caution and do not recommend anyone follow me without talking to a doctor or knowing your own body well.

But I thought I would tout the benefits of habaneros again as I've been grinding one up and drinking it once a day with good results. In TN I had no blender so I was having to try to chew off tiny bits to swallow and that was horrible.

If you puree it and slurp it really fast, it's not bad.

The other thing I tried which I thought was okay was snorting capascain. I haven't been able to smell a thing, my sinuses were so clogged. Everyone kept saying I smelled or my place smelled and I know it's true because at times I've smelled this very odd chemical smell and it's not my "chinese spices".

But since habaneros are good for you (I would say adults not children unless it's for a child remedy that is careful and specific and they're older), I decided to see how different things cross the blood brain barrier.

I actually came upon the idea randomly because on one hand I knew about benefits of habeneros. Secondly, I couldn't smell anything and had foggy brain so I wondered, separately, which foods cross blood-brain barrier and are good for you (like cold-pressed oils and things).

I had never heard of anyone snorting capascain before. Capsacain is just chili powder. It's what makes chilis hot. The habaneros have a ton more capsacain than jalepenos for example. It's not a drug.

I wondered though, since scientists are experimenting with capsacain for medical treatments of pain, arthritis, cancer, and other things, if anyone ever snorts it to cross the blood-brain barrier faster.

So I looked it up first online and it said it was good for sinus so I did it. I used cayenne pepper powder and snorted and followed by snorting water and it went right to the head and made my ears pop, sort of like opening them up.

The weird thing though is that while I teared a tiny bit or had a little runny nose, not what I would expect from such hot stuff. Then it sort of burned so I pinched and rubbed my nose and then blew my nose a lot. And I started sneezing and sneezing.

I think it was a good thing to try, for me, because the first time I did it, a tiny bit of black-grey residue came with it, like maybe my silia (nosehairs) had trapped in a little bit of cigarette smoke from a long time ago.

For comfort, I had a towel to rub my eyes with, and tissue for blowing my nose, and then I kept my hands in warm water because I had a little chill and I washed my face.

I haven't done it today but I did it yesterday and the night before, once. I wasn't sure how to do it so I made two tiny lines on the counter of chili powder and snorted and then I realized I was just getting a little bit of it and didn't need to make a line or anything. Just needed a dab to sniff up.

I hardly used any at all and it worked pretty well. Later, last night, I was able to smell my bathroom again. I'm still clogged up or something, but it was better.

I have my roasted garlic with a habanero puree chaser sometimes and then I have my spirulina, kelp, astragalus mixture with a little water and then a small chaser of apple cider vinger.

I made a hot sauce with vinegar and habaneros and onion, so since it has vinegar I use it for a chaser after my green mix.

I don't have it all the time either. More recently. And then I have my bee pollen which I think is good.

I think the Silk soy milk is good simply for the b12 vitamin in it but that's bc I'm not taking supplements of any kind and vegan food doesn't have b12 in it naturally. The ginko is good for my circulation and I like to follow strong ginko tea with black coffee. I don't know if it's true, but I feel the ginko gets the circulation going and opens up a channel for the coffee to then give a good effect.

My tinctures with milk thistle are looking really good. I was pretty scientific and careful about it.

The only thing I forgot was that the seeds expand a little when wet and I could have used less seeds and more of the liquid but it's still fine. I turn them over once a day and they've been sealed with the parafin wax at the top. Two seals sort of bubbled up a little so I have to put another layer over it.

My essential oils are also coming along. I have rose petals-strawberry leaves, eucalyptus, hydrangea, and vanilla. Could do more but just used what was available. The vanilla one smells really good and I used real extract and then topped it with coconut oil and it smells so good it's like a popouri so I left it like that but I might make it into a cream. The eucalyptus blend smells very good. It's not pungent at all...and the hydrangea I can't really smell and the petal-leaves are sort of fruity. Since coconut oil stays solid at certain temps, I keep them in front of a heater so they can stay liquid and absorb and then I'm thinking of how to blend with olive oil.

I tried to use lecithin as a fat emusifier for the coconut oil but it didn't work. I mean, it didn't prevent the coconut oil from solifying. I thought if maybe the coconut oil is liquid and then you add the concentrate to olive oil or switch and start steeping with a mixture, the one oil will keep the other one from turning to a solid. I'm just playing it by ear right now.

I am not very good at math and science, but my interest in organic things and tinctures really gets me thinking about learning my chemistry table again. It's really not my gift or forte--science or hard sciences. I'm more of a biology person, and light biology (no labs). But when I'm reading about how to do gemmotherapy or oils and mixtures for medicinal benefit, and when I'm figuring out which of my foods to blend for optimal impact, or trying to understand a drug so I can counter its effects (like haldol), then I sometimes interested in knowing about a few principles.

But I like it more as a hobby I think.

I bought Gray's Anatomy (the big big of anatomical diagrams) in 1997 or earlier, because after 1995 (the car crash) I wanted to understand my broken neck better. So I read about the brain and the neck and was most interested in the brain and neuro stuff. But, like I said, it's more of a creative hobby. I like painting and reading, writing, and making potions, lotions and medicinal tinctures. I tried to make my own wine sometime between 1999-2002 after seeing my housemate make bathtub beer in 1998. So I bought a bunch of organic grapes and crushed them and everything and I read you need yeast but I thought maybe I could get it to ferment without yeast. But I think my temperatures were wrong because it worked at first and then it started to get slightly moldy and I had to throw it out. I sort of got halfway there with it. Then I think I tried to make it in Wenatchee again, when I lived there but decided not to or something, or maybe it molded again. I can't remember. I just know I wanted it to work the old-fashioned way without the quick-start helps.

I am sure I'll do it succesfully one day.

I've also made some good flat breads lately. Can't have bread, so I've made a variety of flatbreads that are non-gluten and yeast-free. Some of them turned out just like pita bread, with pockets puffing up while cooking. Which then had me thinking, I could make pop tarts and put a filling on the inside! but I can't have fruit right now so no filling. I put my flat bread in the toaster and it makes a good toast or cracker. I've made flatbread with a number of different ingredients including flaxseed (which I make my own meal from), oat bran, rice flour (which I make myself by grinding up hard uncooked brown rice in the blender), pumpkin seeds, walnuts, squash seeds, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, pumpkin puree, zucchini puree, soy milk, and using different combinations.

I also made a tomato-free salsa with jalepenos, onion, and habanero, using slightly cooked zucchini instead of tomatoes as something sort of moist which will help blend flavors. Something like 1 lg onion, 4 jalapenos, 2 habaneros, 1 zucchini, stir.

I've also made a lot of refried beans and bean dip. I made the refried beans from scratch, old-style and they're very good and then I wanted something fat-free so I cooked up the pintos and then mashed them or pureed in the blender for a thick bean dip or fat-free refried (which really isn't fried at all).

My falafel fell apart because I think it needed flour and I wasn't using any, but it had good flavor.

Anyway, it doesn't take hardly any time to make these things. Most of it has to sit and soak or bake while you're working on other stuff.

Russia Foreign Ministry & Extraordinary Rendition of Infants

I tried to find the 90 page report from the Russian Foreign Ministry but no one has a link to it anywhere.

This is what I don't like: Media expecting a citizen to just "take their word for it" without allowing anyone to read the actual document for themself or referring to it with a link or address.

It's like being in the Middle Ages with a Bible chained to the podium and only a Roman Catholic priest gets to read what is there.

Everyone else is supposed to "take my word for it."

I don't want to take someone else's word for it because I know how the journalists here in the U.S. get away with murder and worse.

I want to read the document for myself, and then decide on my own what I think of it.

And since it mentions the U.S. and Canada, and I've had experience with both, I'd like to read it.

So I then went to the Russia Foreign Ministry site and it was the U.S. one and I couldn't find a thing. There was a section for position about diplomacy and mission and for statements and comments but nothing for reports. So then I went to the Russian site that is in Russian and I liked the organization a little bit better but I still couldn't find any documents because it's all Russian and I can't read a thing.

I guess I can go to the White House site and see if they have it posted somewhere.

I have to file a letter I guess, asking for an extension to "amend my complaint" and explain to this Judge as well that I was not filing a complaint but a request for injunction.

It's different. I still want to maintain my ability to file a lawsuit. I was trying to go back to my original request for injunction, which they illegally blocked.

So one thing I glanced at, in an article by USA Today, was that there is reference to the bad judicial system here in the U.S., and how the U.S. is a "far cry" from what Washington D.C. claims it is, and that is true.

It is absolutely true.

It's impossible to kidnap children from mothers unless a country is corrupt and unless their judiciary is corrupt. Some comment about intrusion into private lives is also true because that is partly how my legal opponents even started to gain an edge in their lawsuits over me.

They had their police and FBI friends giving them illegal surveillance that was made "legal" by the Patriot Act. So everytime I was on the telephone with someone saying I was planning to file on a certain date, or talking about my case, or on my computer working on something, they were getting an illegal edge. Not that it wasn't also some of the company I was keeping. But they used The Patriot Act for their own personal lawsuit leverage.

And with Canada, well, they're not all bad just like the U.S. is not all bad, but the people who obstructed me and lied about me there, committed crimes of collusion with their friends in the U.S.

They were not supposed to force a refugee back to a country where they knew harm awaited. They were required to provide a hearing for political asylum. Instead, they lied and waited to let the U.S. try to generate more lies about me so they felt better about the paperwork which still didn't hold up.

To even take my son they knew they had to arrest me for something. Anything. So they created a false arrest just for the occasion and then violated their own laws and sent the child away from the legal guardian when he was required to remain in the same country, wherever that was, that the mother was detained.

Then, they said, yeah, go ahead if you want political asylum, you can walk around crazy as a loon and we won't bother you and you won't have your son either. If you want your son back, go back to Wenatchee.

They tried to tell me, when I first asked for political asylum the first time I showed up after asking for asylum, that they can't give this to a mother and child and that if they gave me hearings for political asylum my son couldn't stay with me. That's what they said. We can't give you process for political asylum if your son is with you.

Then they tried to force me back to the U.S. without any hearings. Then jail for me with their lies and false arrest. Then they colluded to allow the U.S. to kidnap my son and take him out of the country that his only legal guardian had him in.

Then, their little grand finale was to claim I tried to be an "illegal alien".


So they then literally cited me for something that didn't even fit which they knew was wrong but gave them their excuse for why they supposedly jailed me. After that, they double-whammied me, forcing me to sign a false confession or go to jail again.

So yeah, REAL NICE guys in Canada there.

It's not all of the Canadians right? So why don't we start looking at the religious affiliation of those who colluded to deprive me and my son of justice.

As for the REST of the U.S. and Canada, if you guys find out some of your employees did something wrong, you just let them walk away with it?

Ever since, my mother has refused to sign anything that allows me to gain access to legal records and documents.

So either she and my father work for the United States government and have been part of the program to prevent me from getting my son back so they can use him as a guinea pig, or she and my father are being illegally forced to work for the U.S.

Yesterday was yet another incident where she said she would agree to sign something for court for my getting my son back and then she refused again. Not only that, she followed whatever the Catholics told her to do when we were shopping in Coos Bay because I told her I needed to stop at the Social Services department there and apply for medical insurance because I had been bleeding non-stop.

She refused.

I started to cry and said I had been bleeding every single day and I told her ahead of our trip to Coos Bay that I needed to go in and sign up so why was she refusing to take me there so I could at least apply for insurance?


Maybe because the Catholics and those working as criminals for the U.S. government didn't want me to then have something to take to the Catholic Judge Quackenbush, who is also U.S. military. Maybe they didn't want me to be able to show the court that I attempted to at least get medical insurance.

We had enough time to go there too, and she refused. She said instead that she had to pick something up from J.C. Penny's and I said, "They are open until 9 p.m. and the social services office is only open until 5 and it's 4 right now."

I told my mother that I had been having vaginal bleeding every single day and she refused to take me to apply for free health insurance.

I guess that's because the U.S. military thinks their chemicals work better.

Then, for the 11th or so time since I've been here, she refused to sign any document that would help me in court for getting my son back. She has refused repeatedly to let me print from their printer when I need to, and has refused to sign things, and refused to pay for my transcript for college after having the pen out to write for it so I could get into college, and then again, last night, I showed up with a hand-written statement because the printer broke down. This time she said I could print out 5 pages and that's it, days ago but I had more than that and wasn't ready so then the next thing was that the printer broke down. So I wrote out a hand-written declaration and read it to my Mom and asked her if she'd sign it. All it said was that yes, she knew I had told her I had been bleeding (therefore health issue) and yes, the printer broke down. Above this I had written, "I, Dicksie-dael Garrett, am over the age of 18..." the standard thing for an opening legal declaration, and then I added the required closing statement of "I swear the above statements are true..." and that was it. So she claimed she would sign it and then she told me to change it. Instead of signing it, and agreeing with me that this was true, which she knows is true, she said, take out the legal stuff about "I, dicksie garrett" and "swear that this is for court". And she said if they needed to talk to her to call her. I said, "The Judge is not going to 'call you'" to confirm the truth of my request for an extension on this. And I said, "and I can't take that other stuff out, you have to have it there for a declaration or it's not a sworn declaration." So she just came up with all these excuses to exasperate me and provoke me again and basically, she then refused to sign it.

I said, "You just said you'd sign to confirm yes I told you I was bleeding and yes the printer broke down". She said, "You're just making excuses." Every single thing she did to me is what the Catholics have been doing to me for years and now, apparently, they coach my mother to do this to me so they don't have to take the blame.

I said, "You know I'm not making excuses and you just said yes, you agreed this was true and all I'm asking is for you to sign this, so they can see, whether you think it's an excuse or not, that it's true."

And she said, "Take out the part about bleeding every day and when the printer broke down. Just make it 2 lines."

I said, "I can't just have you sign that I was "bleeding" because if you sign to that, what it means is that I could then make a motion claiming I was lying in the middle of the street bleeding and you saw me and here is the declaration. I have to be more specific so it's clear you understood what you were signing to."

Basically, being specific is for anyone's own protection. It shows too, good faith in not just getting my mother to sign whatever and then having me go in and use it for other ingenuous purposes and it keeps anyone else from challenging the quality of the declaration that was made.

So I explained this and it was all on half of a page of paper. It was short and it included the required elements and she refused to sign it.

She even agreed, standing there, that it was true. But instead of signing, she provoked me and made excuses not to sign it and to have me change it so it wasn't going to hold up in court.

So why would my own mother do this unless she works for the U.S. government and they force her to do this, or the Catholics who always come up with the same excuses and lies have been the ones to demand her to do certain things to benefit their interests, and put the blame onto her.

Why would my own mother refuse to take me to get health insurance when the building was across the street from the parking lot of the Wal-mart we were just pulling out of? It was 1 block away.

She took me on her psychic work shopping spree and then the users that force us to work for them, and at least I am not consenting to any of it, dictate whether I get medical insurance or not, or documentation that will help me for court.

My parents never started up this kind of treatment of me until after I had met the Mt. Angel Abbey monks and clergy and their lawyers instructed others on how to treat me. And since the same government they've had to work for has Catholics in charge, I guess they continue to dictate, under threat of torture, that my parents pressure me to take guilty pleas when I'm innocent, torture them to say I'm mentally ill when I'm not, and force them and coach them to provoke me and refuse to help me and in fact do whatever they can to ruin my chances of getting my son liberated from SHIT.

My parents literally never did this to me. They did some things I wondered about, but no, they never treated me the way the Catholic church treated me until after the Catholic church lawyers and members saw how much it bothered me and decided to force my parents to use this tactic against their own daughter.

They were the ones telling my parents, to tell me from Coquille, Oregon, to drop my lawsuits against them.

When I didn't, their friends in the FBI and judiciary forced me out.

Now they control my parents so that my mother is repeatedly refusing to sign statements she knows are true and which she knows will help me in my case as she is the only witness.

Who else do I call as witness to the fact that I was bleeding and that the printer broke down.

I told her today fine, I'll supeona her then.

Supposedly they are helping me get on my feet and into college and then it's been one huge excuse after the other, following my UN complaint and request to the FBI for FOIA.

So the FBI wants me to have sex with their men, but they don't want to give me my son back because they're using him. Just as they use my Mom and Dad and tried to use me too.

I have a really great Judge now. Oh yeah, by the way, he's a double-whammy: Catholic and Military too.

He gave me a couple of weeks to make an ammendment over the holidays when half the days the library and post office are closed down. It's standard to give 1 full month for making such changes to motions, not a couple of weeks around Christmas and New Years.

I tried to go to the Russia Foreign Ministry site on the U.S. side and instead of getting the document about human rights, a search on their engines pulled up, on #15, an article about adoption. (adoption of Russian children, who were tortured and killed but which can apply to anyone wondering about the U.S. sysem). Which is no secret because everyone knows the U.S. watches what I look up and write.

Adoption of children.

This country tortured us and kidnapped my son from me when I left this country to ask for political asylum.

I had no idea the United States practices extraordinary rendition of infants.

That's what it was. They had zero legal grounds to take him or to even go to Canada and attempt to defame me. I was the only legal guardian and there was no legal document that prevented me from leaving the U.S. They kidnapped my son from me when I left them, like a spurned woman.


"Hell hath no fury like a woman spurned." Should Panetta grow his hair long and curl it on occasion? or would he prefer to wear a kilt in the Pope's plaid.

I asked for my mother to return the hand-written document I drafted on the spot on the kitchen counter and she refuses to give it to me. She said why and I said I wanted to mail it with my request for an extension. Even if she didn't sign it, I can still prove I drafted it and that this is what she refused to sign, even while she admitted she agreed it was the truth.

What do these people do? they steal from me. They probably told my Dad to grab it and bring it to them so they could look at it, or my mother is expected to give it to someone else so they can see if they had a good psychic guess about what I would write and how much I would write.

Win win for the U.S. Catholics.

Russia is right. The U.S. is NOT the same country it claims to be. It's not even the U.S. at all anymore. It may as well be called The Holy See. I would like to know how much the U.S. got blackmailed for by The Holy See.

Aside from putting their spies in office and their members of a church and country that pledges allegiance to another country above the U.S. (The Holy See), I wonder how much they blackmailed all the non-Catholics for, on behalf of the Holy See.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Torture While Writing OIG Complaint

I need to report the fact that several times tonight while trying to work on my OIG report I have had all the electricity in my house shut off and laptop shut down, and I'm being tortured with extreme pain as well.

Every time I sat down and was about to write in my report, and add to it, all the electricity in my place went off and my laptop shut down too. I had to leave my house and go to another building to flip a breaker, more than once. And this place wasn't using enough electricity for it to do that.

I am able to run many things at the same time without a problem and I had my electricity and complaint-writing shut down when the only things I had running were one heater and my laptop and 2 lights. I am able to run 2 heaters, a hot plate, a coffee maker and lights and laptop all at the same time, usually, without a problem.

So someone was deliberately trying to obstruct my writing process.

The other thing they did several times, was use military technology to surge the metal in my neck and teeth and create extremely severe pain especially in my neck.

Just now, they wouldn't stop. I had just added to my complaint and was writing about the incident where one of the Mt. Angel Abbey priests assaulted me, and the military then assaulted me several times with technology targeting my neck.

I don't need further obstruction of justice.

You guys are already in huge trouble, despite whatever protective privilege you think you have and despite the success you finally had in defaming me.

By the time this is read by the correct persons, it's over for you.

So when someone starts poking around and finds out who is responsible, I wouldn't continue to add to the mistakes you've already made.

Think of your family. Think of your families.

I'm going to get off-line again and work and I don't want any further problems. I also want someone to be watching and taking notes about who is doing this, for the future.


Drugged Again (and Stolen From): State

Not only did someone give me something at the library, I've been drugged again or had something added to my food or drink in the last few days.

I have the droopy eye and it's not from a natural reason. I didn't have it at all last month and I was careful about what I ate or drank.

I hate this fucking country.

Even more, I hate those who are corrupt enough to dare drug me, assault me, and who have repeatedly obstructed me from justice.

Who tortured my son in the name of the United States of America.

Even the decent people can't make up for what wrongs all the corrupt government parties have done.

I haven't even been out of the house in the last week almost.

I noticed it after I had some of this green tea I get at the healthfood store usually and I think there might be something wrong with this batch, and then after I ate some veganaise from a jar that was already opened, which I've only left unattended at night if over at my parent's house.

Since someone has a key to my place, they can go in and out whenever they want and do whatever they want.

The only other thing I've even had was Christmas cookies my mother baked, and popcorn sealed in plastic wrap that my Dad gave me.

There was the poofing of chemicals of some kind by the middle-aged men in the library as I described, and I had no odd sensation like I was drugged until this morning when I had a large pot of green tea which I've not been drinking much of, and Veganaise from last night with vegetables.

All I know, is that I am still being drugged. The patches on my body that showed up when I took photos came back too. Not as bad, but they're there.

I took cookies from a plate of cookies that were sent to us by someone my Dad works with but I haven't had even one of them. Several days ago I took 2 really small bites from a chocolate chip cookie but that was it. I have a whole stack with me and haven't eaten even one of them.

The only time I had the weird sensation in my head, which happened in Nashville TN when I was drugged a few times, was after I ate from my already opened Veganaise.

Also, I know for a fact that someone was in my trailer within the last week because I had 6 water bottles at one end of cupboards that you couldn't get to unless you took time to get past the huge tree branch across it from a giant branch of myrtle I took into the house.

I had pulled all my water bottles to the opposite end of the long cupboard so I could reach them and they were all on the left side and then I saw there were a few more so I counted how many were tucked in at the other end still and there were 6 exactly.

I left them there, even though I couldn't reach them and knew I would just remember they are there and take them when I am out of the other ones. So it was just a few days ago because I decided to check them again and instead of there being 6 water bottles as I had counted and checked on more than once, someone stole one of them and there were only 5 left.

They also came in on one occastion and put their hands on pumpkin seeds I was drying. I had them out on a plate in front of the heater and the seeds were arranged differently and I noticed.

But mainly, there was no mistake that they stole a water bottle (full of water) from me.

The point is that someone is continually stealing from me and drugging me.

The only time I was wrong about something I thought was stolen and it wasn't--I'd misplaced it, was my red scarf being stolen. I couldn't find it at the same time my underwear was stolen so I thought someone stole my underwear and the scarf too but I then remembered I had the scarf in my bag. The underwear was right out in the open and had been laundered and was next to a laundered kitchen towel and socks and other things. I knew exactly where it was and it was right out in the open and someone came into my house and stole them.

And that is on top of torturing me and my son and obstructing justice.

Every single time I go to Coos Bay with my parents, or left for church, and sometimes if I went to the library or into town, local police and military used it as an opportunity to go through all of my things. Sometimes I've had someone going through my house if I just go over to my parents at night to watch news for awhile. They come onto my property and enter my house because I don't usually tie it with string then. But even when I've used string to help me know when someone breaks in, they've just gone ahead and cut the string, or retied it in a way that let me know they were in my house.

Every single month. Almost every single week as well.

They cut the strings and entered anyway so much I started to give up and quit tying it with string everytime. Because what is the point?

This country is going nowhere good and it's run over by criminals that have no respect for human rights or even for human life.

If I find out who is responsible, I will kill them myself, given the chance. I have no tolerance for people in this country who torture citizens of their own country. And it will be self-defense, and I will kill them. I don't even like violence, or the idea of killing.

But give me the group, and I will kill them. Since I will probably never know who is making the orders, I hope someone else beats me to it. I don't care what their name is, or what country they are from, they tortured me and they tortured my son and have not had the brains to quit.

So if someone knows something, feel free to kill them.

I wouldn't even mess around with torturing them, because I'm not a sadist like they are. I would just take them out for good, every single one of them.

And to clarify, I found it really disgusting to have this U.S. government psychic worker from Logan's in Nashville, TN, joking around, for whatever reason, and calling me "Cam Killer". She said it so much I started to wonder if the reason my passport was constantly delayed and obstructed was because someone thought I'd killed someone even. I figured it must be a big deal. And I didn't know why she was always saying this, laughing and looking at me knowing I wouldn't hurt a flea and then calling me "Cam Killer."

But Guess What.

I'm not like the criminals running this country anymore. I have no desire to torture anyone, for fun, or revenge, or for sport, or even for justice. When I know what the law is about self-defense and the right to defend oneself against torture and attempted murder I know I am within my rights to say I want them dead.

So again, please, feel free to kill them. And I wish I knew exactly who they are, because if I knew, it would be my personal pleasure to get rid of every single person that is guilty of committing these crimes against U.S. citizens on U.S. soil.

No excuses.

I don't mess with sadistic wackos that try to claim government privilege for torturing people. I would never torture them. I don't have any bone in my violence that enjoys seeing other people suffer, nor do I take any satisfaction at an idea of "revenge" because revenge has never been on my list.

Justice is on my list. And since they refused to listen to reason, and pleas, and refused to obey the laws in their own country, they must be killed.

It's not an optional matter. It's a necessary means and it's also not one of those crappy ideas of "means to an end". It is more like an end to the means.

I hope you feel comfortable about having a shorter life than originally planned--and that is directed only to those who are responsible for committing torture or trying to force innocent persons to commit torture.

So if someone did something but they didn't want to and they were being tortured themselves, that doesn't count to me. If someone was forced to do it under threat, coercion and whatever, just so the real perp gets away with seeming 'clean hands', that's not the group that's dead.

Kill every single person who is directly responsible for ordering torture against citizens, and I guess I think of my own family, but there are probably a few others. And, I would say it's justifiable to kill anyone who carried out that order without being under pressure to do so. And finally, some consideration would be made about those who didn't order the torture, and didn't carry it out, but who stood by and allowed it to happen when it was within their power to intervene.

That is justice.

As for whether I think this is people in gangs or people in government, maybe it's a little of both, but I would especially reserve the highest priority for those in government positions. Anyone abusing the name of the U.S. by torturing their own citizens through their own office, position, or authority in me they are the worst criminals and the most dangerous.

I don't care about slow death and torture because I don't want revenge. I don't care to "make them suffer" like these whacked out people have wanted with me and my family.

I care about being left alone. It is the LEAST that this country can do, to protect citizens from being tortured and if THEY have their own guys responsible for torturing, they have violated all moral and judicial right to life.


100% Self-Defense.

As for those who torture others and think they are just "defending" themselves from lawsuits or getting into trouble for things they've done that are pretty bad, that's not "self-defense", that's "self-serving". There is no moral or legal right to harm others so one can be "self-serving" and protect self-serving interests.

As to the right to protect one's own life, and freedom from torture, that's self-defense.

Just because torture doesn't result in immediate death doesn't mean it's not about the same thing.

I know the law in the U.S. allows for self-defense if someone is in your house when you're there and has trespassed, and I know that if you are about to be killed by someone or are in imminent harm, I think you can outright kill the person in order to defend yourself. So with torture, which is outright harm and injury, I think you can kill them to defend yourself. Especially when there is no other alternative and all remedies were exhausted about 7 years ago. If the FBI or White House doesn't intervene when citizens are being tortured, I think anyone who knows it's going on falls into the same category as the person who stands by and does nothing to speak up or prevent it. Some of these people clearly work within U.S. military parameters and if they think they can carry out such orders against their own citizens and not get killed over it themselves, they're wrong. They should be killed. Just because they work for the U.S. government doesn't give them a right to torture and break the law. And if they break the law in this regard, the law still stands true for the right to self-defense.

I respect the President, for example. But if the President himself came into my house and started torturing my family, I would be shocked but I would kill him out of self-defense. If Leon Panetta is giving orders to repeatedly and systematically torture citizens in the U.S. and no one is holding him accountable, I think someone somewhere should put a bounty on HIS head. Would that be self-defense? probably not. But if the person who killed him knew he planned to try to kill them first or used a lot of people to repeatedly torture his family, it might be very close to self-defense.

It's really interesting when a country like the U.S. acquires satellites and lasers and people to do crappy things, and then knows the citizens they torture can't fight back or defend themselves with the same technology.

How does one defend oneself then? How do you kill the persons in charge of employing sophisticated technology against you? Some of the people are local and they can be killed.

If this country had been founded today instead of in the 1700s, the Founding Fathers would have made sure the government never got too big for its britches. That is the entire reason people were given the right to bear arms. The U.S. government could have their guns and so could the people. And as long as the government didn't terrorize their own people, there was peace, and if government terrorized citizens, the citizens were given an equal opportunity to assemble themselves and fight back.

They didn't have "satellites" then. They didn't have "long range missiles" and "lasers" and "ultrasound" and nuclear bombs and biological weapons.

Where is the power of the people then?

Back in the 1700s the government thought, okay, they can have their guns just like we do. The right to form militias if the government got out of hand. The U.S. didn't say, "We'll have our guns but THEY can't have equal weapons of equal caliber because the people are stupid and can't be trusted."

Instead, the government got bigger and bigger and more and more powerful and acquired weapons they can and DO use against their own citizens. They expect very little damages or injury to themselves. What? Someone being targeted with satellite, biochemicals, and lasers is going to fight back with a gun?

So once the U.S. became exceedingly more powerful than the Founding Fathers ever expected was possible, the government began acquiring a lot of criminals into their ranks who wanted their own special little groups to be the ones controlling the nukes, the lasers, the weapons of mass destruction, and the less-than-lethal weapons.

And right now, those at the top and controlling these things are Roman Catholic and they are still trying to take more control, because if they weren't trying to do this, the FBI, for example, wouldn't be pulling out all their new recruits from private Catholic colleges.

So we have U.S. civilians who have nothing to protect themselves with except shotguns. I'm not necessarily arguing every civilian should have a nuclear bomb, but they should definitely have more than shotguns. Why? because if the government becomes corrupt, and it has, then who challenges those in control? They're not scared of me. They don't trust the people at all, but expect us to trust them while they use threats of clean torture and military technology to become religious dictators.

The FBI isn't even pursuing methods available to citizens to allow a citizen to prove they are being tortured. Where are the tests and traps that will help a citizen prove they are being targeted by the newer forms of violence--technology that is invisible?

Which U.S. government department has made that a priority? None of them. And I don't know of any scientists working to develop methods of detection either, because if they're any good, they seem to be working for the government, or forced to work for the government and not in the interests of the people.

Then even if citizens have methods of detection for clean torture and technology, where are the laws they can use? Do they go with "assault" or "torture" and how does one start accounting for the various forms of tortue and battery and assault that are being committed?

Take that to court now. Oh oops. It's impossible to take it to court. Why? Because the FBI is refusing to investigate crimes of this nature. Local police refuse to press charges or investigate crimes of this nature too.

If no one is investigating crimes of this kind, or pressing charges against others, what are they saying, "File a civil suit"??? Right. A civil suit for systematic torture and collusion to obstruct justice.

Try getting a lawyer for that. Even if you're Britney Spears they might call you crazy. It is impossible to get a lawyer for that because the lawyers already know the only people with power to torture and assault in this capacity are employees of the federal government. Like they want to be the next victim of the Religious Dictator Whose Britches Are Too Big.

Look around at the lawyers you could even choose from. Almost all of them belong to the same church. If you take any random sample of lawyers and find out what their religious background is, I would estimate over 70% are Roman Catholic and I would love to be proven wrong. Having a lawyer in the family is apparently as "traditional" to Roman Catholics as having a "doctor" (loosely held generalism or stereotype) in the family is to a Jew. Then look at who is presiding in all of the courthouses.

In Wenatchee alone, 9 out of 10 of the Judges are Roman Catholic.

Which is really great if you happen to be Roman Catholic but since you are already, you are probably not being tortured by Roman Catholic leadership in the U.S. government are you?

At the highest level of court in the nation, The Supreme Court, all of the Judges are Catholic or Jewish. It is almost the same thing in the circuit courts and lower courts.

Law enforcement is another profession that draws in a lot of Roman Catholics for whatever reason. I would guess with regular police, not FBI, but local or state police, it's probably about 50% Protestant and 50% Catholic. Give or take a few of the other religious groups. But then go up a notch to the FBI and it's not 50/50 anymore. The higher you go on the food chain, the more Catholics are pulling up more of their own fellow members into position with them.

Mormons sort of do the same, a little, like any group, but the Catholic church is notorious for it and Jewish to some degree too. Protestants have become this lukewarm flimsy group that doesn't know what they stand for, doesn't remember their religious history, and assumes everyone is friends. Some of them are more agnostic than anything, sort of having a church or belief, but too preoccupied with politics or the here-and-now than realizing what strategies are in place and affect them now and will affect them even more in the next generations. It's like the Catholic church has their very "country" even, the only church in the entire world that has a country all on their own. Then they organize all the feelers into their central hub. Protestants are all over the place. They have no central hub. They believe in the trinity as a hub, or share things in common and try to do good and better themselves, but it's not like we have, sitting at the Supreme Court table: Baptist, Baptist, Baptist, Baptist, Jew, Baptist, Baptist, Jew.

If someone saw that many Baptists all in the Supreme Court, people would talk.

Especially if each of the Baptists pledges allegiance to Country of Baptists. Instead of The Holy See, The Holy B.

Believe me, it would make news. Fox news would be all over the issue, and everyone would wonder, "What church is this? Is this the one that Pastor _______ leads?"

It is more than a little ODD and yet no one is thinking about it because they're just used to the way things are and how they've become.

This is a completely different country than was envisioned hundreds of years ago.

I'm not suggesting every citizen have the right to pack around cherry bombs, or have a fair supply of biochemical weapons in little baggies at their own disposal. I'm not suggesting every citizen be given a market share in each missile that's made, or in the right to carry around ultrasound machines for torturing their neighbors if they don't get along. I'm not suggesting each citizen is only matching the government's power if they are given an equitable amount of power and control over their own stash of weapons.

However, essentially, that's what the Founding Fathers did.

They didn't allow every man and woman to own a canonball machine. Probably not. But canonballs? For every handful of canons, there were thousands of people carrying guns who were matched eye to eye in strength and power, except for the canonball machine.

So maybe citizens today don't need to have the right to own their own nuclear bomb, i.e., canonball machine, but I'm sorry because the peanuts ain't working.

The right to own a gun, in today's climate, is like owning a bag of peanuts to throw at the back of someone who is torturing you with use of military technology and then employing their friends in law enforcement, their church, and justice department, to cover for their crimes.

The balance of power has totally shifted. Citizens have no method of detection for proving crimes are committed against them and therefore cannot protect themselves from being thrown into psych wards if they try to expose what is being done. Then they have no one on their side, if they're not Catholic, to investigate or be fair with the distribution of justice. No lawyers to take their cases, and no Judges to hear their cause.

Which is fine if you just do your job and don't say anything and don't draw attention to yourself in some way, or "offend" the church. But the minute the Ugly Beast is challenged, is when the Ugly Beast rears its head. That's when it becomes clear who is running and controlling this country.

The country is, in fact, in a worse state now than when it was in the 1700s and later. At least then, if you were tortured, it was means that showed up and could be proven. And it was gun for gun when it came to weapons. And aside from a few pacifists, every single house had a gun. Gun for gun. Tortured? you have proof and take it to court.

Now, there is no "gun for gun" that keeps a bad government or richer or more powerful criminal groups from assaulting and torturing others. There is also no method of detection of the kind of torture being committed. It is the equivelent of being shot at every single day and no one sees the wound. Not only are there no weapons adequate for self-defense as intended by the Founding Fathers, there is nothing for even proving the assault and torture is even happening at all.

So try to work and have a normal life in this country, if you lived in the 1700s, while they all have guns and take yours from you. Put those carrying guns around your house to encircle your property. Have the ones carrying guns point out that all their friends are in goverment and police. And then watch as they steal from you daily, force you to work for them, and beat you up every single day but make sure your clothing covers the evidence. When they beat you daily know their friends in government are holding up your passports and ability to even leave.

That scenario is not even CLOSE to what my family has been through and is going through now.

Then those who committed the torture clink their wine glasses together, give eachother a knowing look, and sit back feeling satisfied and say "Merry Christmas" to eachother.

So kill them.

Kill anyone who is found to order torture against U.S. citizens on their own soil. The FBI even blocks people who try to report these crimes out of their offices. They are enablers of torture.

If I had the power and knew myself who is responsible, I would gladly do it myself. One year torturing me, I might want you in jail and I'd like to hear why you're doing this. Two years of torturing me, I might think jail is still a good idea. Three years...I might plead with you. Even beg on behalf of my children. Four years, I might try to leave the country but then find it impossible...

It gets to the point where there is no more forgiveness or redemption for you. Those who are U.S. employed and have been responsible are guilty of years of torture and I don't even want you in jail anymore. How will having you in jail accomplish anything? You will never be in jail anyway, when you proved you're controlling the FBI.

So I want you dead.

You don't break into my house, and torture me, and then break into my house again and torture me, and break into my house again and torture me, and break into my house again and steal from me and torture me, and break into my house and kidnap my son and torture both of us, and break into my house and steal my medical records and torture me, and pull me over and throw me into jail on false charges, and mock me and stare at me naked and torture me, and inject me with poisons and tamper with my food, and then torture my son being sure that I witnesse the evidence of his torture and how you have government workers covering it up for you...

And then think I want "revenge".

I have never wanted revenge. Ever. I wanted to be left alone to live my own life and if you screw up my reputaion, I will try to take back what's mine.

So no, there is no motive for revenge.

I want you out. Dead. Killed.

I'm not like you. I'm not a "party girl" that enjoys watching suffering.

I don't want to deal with you anymore and I shouldn't have to either.

By the way, no, I don't feel "impulsive" and no, I'm not a "killer" and yes, I am sure this is exactly what these people wanted to drive me to or they wouldn't have first been making jokes about it.

But like I said, I'm not like you. I don't feel a desire for revenge at all. I'm not jealous of you and never have been, so the idea of seeing you suffer gives me no reward sensation or feeling of satisfaction. I don't want to humiliate you or find a grand scheme for destroying future generations. I don't want to kill because I think the idea of killing is good or that I will feel power. I don't feel violent at all.

I feel your death is a fact.

That's what I feel.

You torture and you torture and you didn't quit. You sheltered yourself in this country and you even got support from the FBI.

I don't feel you need to die because it will give me power, or make me "happy", or because I think I can then take something that belongs to you.

I only wanted what was mine to begin with and you took that and you are still living. So when you take something like "liberty" or my health and torture me every day, and when I see it's done to other family members, for years I prayed for you.

I, prayed for YOU.

I then thought there should be an investigation and that you should go to jail. If you live and survive to tell about it, if someone is normal in the FBI, I still think there should be an investigation.

But in the meantime, you're past your grace period.

All you've proven is that you want to be immune from any kind of penalty for the most aggregious crimes. You prove you will not stop, even when pleaded with, prayed for, and given a chance to stop. And when I say "you" I mean "you" collectively, who are responsible.

I would never join the military because I don't like the idea of killing people and I don't feel a need to do it either. So again, I am not like you at all and you haven't created a different person than I was before either. I am the exact same person, with the same good heart, and who, after giving you continuance after continuance after continuance to reform, you chose to use your postition for personal gain and hate crime. You have made this country weak.

I can count the illegal triggering of my migraines to go all the way back to at least 1997. If I go back to 1992 I can count triggering of seizure and an assassination attempt in running me off the road. Some torture never began until 2004. But I realized it goes back to 1997 for repeatedly inducing migraines to interfere with my work and then to interfere with college and most dramatically, coordinated to fall on hearing dates.

That is 14 years that you have used government resources for your hate crimes. You become more and more bold and increased in your power as you continued to degrade me and discredit me.

Your time is up.

So that is how I "feel" and it's really not a feeling at all, like I said, but a fact.

You must be killed and you will be killed but I won't be the one to do it. And the ONLY reason I won't be the one to do it, is because so far, I don't know the name of the person ultimately responsible.

Someone else knows your name though, and they know what you've done.

And everyone you colluded with should receive the same fate, if they qualify as I stated above, as those who directed and ordered this torture, the accomplices, those who carried out the crime, and those who knew and stood by and did nothing.

Exemptions are only for those who were coerced or tortured themselves in some way to do these things.

Those who had free will and did these things, must die.