Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Torture NOW & Canadian Catholics

.I have U.S. military using extreme torture on me this exact moment. And my parents are not even coming to their door and I know things haven't been good for them. My Mom had tears in her eyes earlier, after getting a phone call from my Dad around 3 p.m.

I can confirm that for the last THREE nights, the U.S. has used technology on me the entire night, making it impossible for me to sleep for three full nights. It wasn't off-and-on, it was the entire night without a break and then they amped it up right in the morning when I get they hoped to get me out of bed so they could use me for whatever their games are again.

They've been using the technology that causes severe pain to my teeth and neck (where my metal is) and they've had it going sort of lower-grade all night. Not off and on, but continuously so that it has been impossible for me to sleep at all. They haven't used the technology that causes my muscles to heat and twitch but they've used laser and triggered things with my heart at my place and my parent's house, and they've had the other technology going every single night and then they turn it up hard in the morning, forcing me out of bed. And just now I started writing about it because they cranked it up really hard to create extreme pain in my teeth and neck.

I cannot even smell things like normal right now either. My parents say my clothes absolutely reek of something and that my place smells but I've been a frog in a pot. Today my Dad came over and I said "Dad, there is nothing that I cook that should make some awful smell. It's chemicals they've used against me to fumigate this place." He said "No, you're cooking something. It smells like Belinda's." I've been to Belindas and there is no strange smell although I guess something started at their cabin before my Grandpa Garrett had repeated heart attacks triggered. My Dad says it's the same smell. So I said to him today, when he pointed out my ginko drying, "It's probably that" and I said, "No, smell it." So he did and it wasn't that. I said, "Dad, the weirdest smelling things I have are astragalus, spirulina, and kelp and I don't cook with them and they wouldn't stink this place up either. See?" So I showed him how I kept these things sealed up and stored them in the fridge, and let him smell the bags. I said, "They smell sort of different but they don't fill the air and I don't cook with them either. I sometimes put a tsp in a glass of water and drink it and then clean the cup. This is the weirdest smelling stuff I have and it's not this." So he nodded. We all know. It's not my "spices."

It's the U.S., trying to poison and kill a U.S. family while they are actually even living on U.S. soil. For no good reason at all. Why they did this to my Grandpa Garrett was probably because he was so smart and had unique gifts. Why they do this to me, can only be an attempt to use me, and then to try to dispose of me after committing religious hate crimes out of jealousy.

And I mean, what they did to me and my brother recently? to our HEADS and brains? Is this a good country? Or is this a good country with very, very bad people running it on behalf of The Vatican. The Vatican or Holy See is starting to look more like a hub for the mafia and organized crime than a church anymore. Since when have they been using U.S. satellites to employ religious acts of revenge and torture?

I stopped bleeding but I figured out I wasn't bleeding because of eating onions and garlic I don't think. I was bleeding after the U.S. targeted my head and created an enormous swelling on the back of my head. And I would not even be able to drag it out of my brother what the effects have been to him, for what they did to his forehead. All I know is that he said he was tired. For me, I began bleeding after the results of being targeted in the head repeatedly showed up as gross swelling. It started the same time these men came into the library while I was first working on my OIG complaint and poofed some kind of chemical where I was sitting. The bleeding then got worse, affecting my nose to a nosebleed and I bled vaginally every single day after the swelling on my head appeared. It didn't quit until a few days ago. So then I tried to see if I ate a lot of onions and garlic again, if I would start bleeding again and no, I'm not bleeding. So it's starting to look like damages from the U.S. military. I am still going to attempt to recreate the bleeding again, and see if it happens from what I eat, and I haven't worked really hard at it, but in general, it's looking like the U.S. has a huge, huge problem on their hands. And the thing is, it's not 'research'. No one targets the heads of a brother and sister, front to back, and laughs about it, for research. It's religious hate crime.

For the last 3 days or so I have also been working on the OIG complaint, which is mainly about people who happen to be (coincidentally or not...I think not) members of the Catholic church.

Canada was no help to me.

The reason I got nowhere with Canada when I tried to flee there with my son, was because the same religious hate crime that started here was already notifying people from the same church over there, in B.C., that I might be crossing over.

So while there seemed to be a lot of good people at the Vancouver, B.C. immigration center behind the glass and while I ran into some decent people, a great majority of the Canadians I personally was rounded up by, were all Roman Catholic. Seriously.

So I could go to the Canadian embassy and run into some really great people there, and they would be about to assist, and every single time, a Catholic Canadian would show up and tell them to abandon me. Don't talk to her. We have this covered. And so on.

It is the Eastern side (Toronto area) that has more of the Protestants, though now it's much more cosmopolitan and diverse. But the B.C. side that I was in, at least all of the Canadians who already knew about me, and expected me, and tried to head me off from getting to safety with my son, were Catholics.

Even when I tried to get records from Canada, instead of finding people helpful, the same people who were in place to even "generate" records in Canada about me, were Catholic. So when I was attempting to even request records from their side, they were not helpful. I kept running into members of the same church.

And their church has been the biggest mafia I have ever known.

It was literally never a Protestant Canadian that tried to do harm, arrest me, entrap me, or generate nasty materials against me. It also wasn't Protestant Canadian immigration attorneys that I was given last minute either.

Which was then why it was no surprise that when I was there on legitimate grounds, legally, for good cause, they started trying to defame me even in the Canadian intelligence files.

Yes, I've known some raised "Catholics" who are just normal people and not particularly zealous or hateful. I think of a former roommate "Terry" for example, who was the one to start crying when I told my housemates I'd been raped by the Jewish guy, when they all knew I was a virgin. My Protestant housemates were shocked and believed me but were not even as upset as she was. And she knew me well enough to know I wasn't lying and wouldn't make it up. But Terry was also a kind of hippie and went to naturalistic "rites" with the solstice, and enjoyed feng shui, yoga and meditation, making beer in the bathtub, and things the Catholic church wouldn't and doesn't approve of.

The meanest people I've ever known have been Catholic, in general. For all of the claims about being "pro-life" they certaintly didn't care about my life or my son's life, and some of their "religious" people are downright cruel and wicked. As cruel as Hitler himself.

Canadian intelligence worked against me and my child. The problem was that the wrong ones anticipated our arrival. And those wrong ones were Catholics.

Others there, I really liked. But they had people from the same church there trying to derail me and make me sound crazy even in Canadian files and then they went so far as to try to figure out ways to prevent me from even going there to visit or live at all. Seriously. I think the Catholics there in B.C. decided no way did they want me to end up in any part of their country where I might have a normal life and support from just regular or Protestant Canadians. I don't think they ever wanted me to get so far as Toronto. So basically, they started generating crazy stuff about me and false claims about my even trying to re-enter illegally, at the border.

I thought it was the U.S. border guy and then I thought it was the Canada border guy. Do you know who it was? Both of them, playing "good" and "bad" cop while they were trying to accomplish the same thing.

I was literally forced to sign a statement at the Canadian border, by a Catholic Canadian. It was a false statement and I was threatened with jail if I did not sign a false statement. Basically, they forced me to sign a false confession.

It was not, in any way, voluntary.

I was told, on the spot, "If you don't sign this right now, I am taking you to prison and then you'll NEVER have a chance to go back to your son."

So basically, after these Catholic Canadians tried to set me up there, they couldn't get anything on me so they created a false claim that I was there illegally when I wasn't. After they did this, they told me it was a strike against me and they booted me back to the U.S. Then, I was told the only way to get my car back was to go to the border and made a request to the Canadians about it, to inquire. So I did as I was told, and they leveled the 2nd strike against me, telling me that since I had walked under the Peace Arch, I was trying to "sneak back into Canada illegally" and that's when this Catholic border patrol took out a form and told me to sign a statement that confessed to "attempting to illegally enter Canada again after being ordered not to." I said, "But I WASN'T trying to enter Canada! I'm just on the neutral ground and I was told to walk over here to ask about my car! And I'm not sneaking or trying to go back in at all!"

He ignored me and yelled at me, telling me he was going to call to have me thrown back into jail.

And then right there, at the border place where the U.S. border guy told me to go and where he knew and the Canada guys already knew I was going, they set up me again, to make me out to look like a criminal person.

Some "Peace Arch"

How funny that I named my son, who has been tortured, Oliver, which means "peace."

That Peace Arch should be torn down or blown up. Just demolition it or something, because I saw NOTHING of "peace" there. All that I have witnessed is corruption, on both sides, and among members of a church that claims some special privilege to being "peacekeepers" and "the keys to the kingdom".

So right then and there, after getting the 1st strike against me, on false grounds, by a false arrest, I was then forced to take a 2nd strike against me, on false grounds, by being forced to sign a false confession.

If you notice, the entire idea to falsely arrest me at all, originated in the U.S. with members of the Catholic church including a Catholic Judge and Catholic police.

So what they did to me on U.S. soil, they carried over and did the EXACT same thing on Canadian soil.


Anonymous said...

Didn't you get deported from Canada? Canada has the right to deport illegal immigrants and nothing in your post indicates you had legal status or standing to claim legal status in Canada. And why would Canada want to absorb the liability of keeping you in their country? With your crazy rants, no country would want to keep you. Unfortunately we are stuck with you and your craziness in the U.S.

Anonymous said...

You entered Canada illegally and they deported you as an illegal alien. Catholics had nothing to do with it. I would venture your insanity had a lot to do with it. What country in its right mind would want to be saddled with your insanity? You are crazy. No ifs ands or buts about it. And until you get adequate treatment, you will continue to rant about your conspiracies and delusions. Get help.

Mama said...

You're incorrect. I entered Canada legally, as a visitor and gave all of the honest information to the Canadian woman at the border, including full proof of ID for both me and my son, plans for the visit and what kind of cargo or materials we had with us.

I entered Canada legally. Period. I entered to visit, and then to decide whether to ask for political asylum.

So then I did this.

I requested political asylum. Again, legally.

I entered legally as a guest, and then requested political asylum and it is against international law and regulations to deport anyone making a request for asylum.

What Canada did to me and MY son was ILLEGAL.

THEN, after I asked for political asylum, they tried to deport me still, against international law. I was also given some excuse about how if I had entered Canada with so little money, it was "insufficient funds."

How funny. I didn't know it required millions to ask for political asylum.

See more...

Mama said...

Then, after I made my plain and clear statement that I was THERE, in CANADA, asking for political asylum for me and my son, it was then that Canada violated international rules and law regarding treatment of anyone making this request.

They colluded then with the U.S., to send me and my son back no matter what my request was.

So their excuse was "insufficient funds" even though they knew I was asking for political asylum.

They illegally attempted to deport a person making a lawful request for asylum.

How? by making up a false claim for something to put into their files making it look like I was doing something wrong, and not them and not their friends in the U.S.

So after they chose to violate international law and deport a mother who was the legal guardian of a child and not on the run and without any warrants for arrest or protective orders against her son, these Canadians knowingly sent a mother and child back to a place where they expected harm to occur and the separation of a mother and child, before they ever had a hearing for political asylum in their own country.

It is against the LAW, international law, to refuse to give political asylum and send anyone back to the country they are fleeing from, esp. if they can expect or know harm will befall them.

They already knew what the U.S. had planned. So they knew...


Mama said...

I was distraught, driving back torwards the border, as a prisoner between two countries acting outside the scope of their duty, authority, and outside of all parameters of international law which both Canada and the United States have signed to obey...

Mama said... that point, as I had been told by Canadian immigration authorities they were throwing me back for "insufficient funds" because I was required to "have a friend" or be "staying with Canadians and then the insufficient fund problem is lifted" I was then offered a place to stay, in Canada, for both me and my son.

I wonder WHY Canada has been so "helpful" with my obtaining records from their country after THEY knowingly violated international law and conspired with the United States to put an innocent mother and child in harm's way and into false arrest as well?

At the point I was given a place to stay in Canada, with "friends", we were then "legal" to stay as "guests" again even though I had asked for political asylum and that was the issue and Canada knew it and therefore they KNEW that my son I were legally there.

So then I took this offer to "be a guest" again, and continue to stay in legal status within Canada. I knew that this would give me a little more time to prepare my political asylum declaration and to obtain a lawyer and other solution.

I then visited a lawyer who had 20 year experience with immigration and guest status and political asylum and he confirmed that I was NOT EVER illegally in Canada.

He said as long as I was supported by Canadian citizens who acted as friends and provided housing and support, we were legally there as guests. And that's aside from the whole issue of political asylum.

I claimed political asylum at the ER in Penticton and again made my claim at immigration offices in Penticton.

I was 100% legal and lawful the entire time I was in Canada, though I CANNOT say the same for certain Canadian authorities who colluded with U.S. authorities like criminals.

While I stayed with this family, the man attempted to entrap me in some illegal activity. I later realized he was connected to RCMP, the Canadian police.

I think Canada may have been concerned about how they were knowingly breaking international law regarding treatment of persons asking for political asylum. And not only that, there was NO treaty with the U.S. that was signed, which ever allowed for the transportation of a child and mother from one country to the next. The U.S. knew they had no legal right to defame me to Canada and demand our return and Canada knew they had no legal right to refuse a request for political asylum from a refugee.

The "illegal alien" claim was a scam. It was a lie as much as they lied and forced me to sign a false confession at the border later.

In my opinion, they should all be viewed as criminals in an international court.

Mama said...

...Therefore, I guess their idea was to try to shift away from the political asylum request and attempt to entrap me in something else, to give them all an excuse for sending me back to the U.S. or putting me in jail.

So they tried, and I didn't take bait on anything. In fact, I ended up finding a different place to stay where we were provided housing and support as "guests" and which would continue to give me guest status while I looked for a political asylum attorney to make my case.

I followed the law. I stated my request for political asylum and Canadians broke their own laws.

Nice. To then blame an innocent mother and a BABY that had been TORTURED.

Mama said...

However, when I left the one place to go to the next, I had continual coverage as a legal guest in Canada the entire time.

I did look at employment opportunities while a guest, and explored options, but I was a political asylum refugee as stated in the beginning.

So what happened, is that Canada just provided "housing" while they waited for the U.S. criminals to get their lawyers together and think fast and start drafting up some paperwork to make it look like they had good cause to request me and my son being returned. And while the U.S. got their court matters falsified and trumped up, Canada waited until the U.S. was "ready" for them to put me under false arrest.

So they then arrested me at Walmart when I was waiting to go with my son to stay with guests. And Bruce and Karin, the RCMP people who first provided housing and tried to entrap me on something, called up their buddies and let them know I was killing time at the Walmart until going to our new friends' place.

Then I was arrested. This time, Canada lied and said I was arrested for refusing to leave their country and being there with insufficient funds still. So they knew they were WRONGfully arresting me but they did it anyway just to have an excuse to STEAL and KIDNAP my own son from me now that their U.S. criminal friends who like to sign international treaties and then ignore them, had a "protective order" ready.

They didn't have that before. So now they had paperwork drummed up and a protective order for the other side of the border, but they still had no legal grounds to have MY son sent to the U.S.

Even if I was jailed on false arrest in Canada, MY SON was to stay in the same jurisdiction that his mother, his legal guardian was in, and that was Canada. So he should have gone to Canadian social services if at all, NOT the U.S.

You don't FUCKING kidnap children and toss them around. FUCKERS

Mama said...

While they held me in jail, they ignored the fact that they knew I was there for political asylum and they had tried to illegally force us to leave without having a hearing first.

So they arrested me, and tried to say this was a good excuse to send my son back to the U.S. when it was against the law.

The U.S. and Canada broke every single law in the international book and they are both guilty of colluding to falsely arrest an innocent mother and deprive her of civil rights, international rights, and sanctuary from TORTURE.

They sent my son back to be assaulted, molested, cut, tortured with military technology, hypnotized, and traumatized by separation from his mother and then his mother has been TORTURED and used for RESEARCH ever since.


Mama said...


Mama said...

May God Damn You for what you have done to me and my son.

God DAMN you and your families and governments.

Mama said...

Then, they knew that if they sent my son back to the U.S., I wouldn't stay in Canada to keep asking for political asylum without him there with me.

And that is how they forced me back to the United States.


Mama said...

What you have done to my son is unforgiveable and I will NEVER forgive those responsible for commmmiting these atrocitities against an innocent mother and BABY and then putting on a "clean" show-face to the entire world as civilized countries.

You both deserve to be sanctioned by the international community. Hard. You should both have your fucking criminals in JAIL where they belong and OUT of government seats and citizen-paid positions.

How much did this little "international incident" COST both Canadian and U.S. citizens for the COVER-UP??!

Mama said...

So finally, then after they illegally took my child from me, by conspiring with other state actors to commit crimes and pervert justice, I was told, "Go ahead. You want political asylum now? Sure. But your son is in the U.S. so what are you going to do? Are you going to stay here without him? You can walk around Canada as crazy as you want to be and no one will bother you but you won't get your son back if you don't go back to Wenatchee. So if you still want to ask for political asylum, it's up to you."

THAT is almost verbatim the GARBAGE I was told by Ross with Immigration in Penticton.

Then I was thrown into a hearing where the Judge and my own "lawyers" argued the matter was about "trying to be an illegal alien" when that wasn't the issue at all and they knew it. They refused to allow me to contact the lawyer I had talked to who confirmed I was legally there all along and gave me a horrible attorney at the last minute who wasn't even sharing the information they were using against me with his own client.

They tried to refuse to allow me to even speak for myself, claiming I needed "assistance" because the U.S. told THEM I was "paranoid schitzophrenic" when the U.S. had NO BUSINESS LYING and defaming me to another COUNTRY.

I had never been diagnosed with such a thing but look at what big lies the little monsters have to cover for when I come back to the U.S. side.

I was told then, in a grand lie for Canada's foreskin and the U.S. foreskin, that I had entered Canada illegally trying to be an "citizen" and work there and that for this I was being sent back with a criminal immigration charge against me in Canadian records and files.

I was then dumped across the border without my son, without my belongings, and without my car, and told not to return for 1 full year. Then I was told, go to the border office there and ask them how to get your car back and what they require and they then took the opportunity to have me SIGN a FALSE CONFESSION or go to jail.

And people wonder why I am a "big deal."

God damn the Canadian criminals responsible for this and the U.S. criminals they colluded with and GOD BLESS those who investigate and charge them with the sanctions and crimes they should be charged with.

After this, the U.S. and Canadian criminals both were determined to make me sound crazy because then they really needed some kind of documentation to back them up.

Oh! but if I marry this Catholic man I am not crazy!!!



Anonymous said...

Obviously your son is better off without you. You are not right in the head. Your U.S. / Canada conspiracy makes no sense at all. None of your conspiracy theories make any sense. Face it. You lost your son because you are sadly insane and unwilling to get any help. And if your son were still with you, he would be exposed to the daily rantings of an insane mother. I hope he is in a loving home and I further hope some day you will accept the psychiatric help you so desperately need.

Mama said...

Clearly, you are an idiot. You are the same person who makes multiple posts all about the same thing, with hardly a word changed in your sentences.

If what I claim is true, and it is, there is more than enough motive for parties with 2 countries to try to defame me and even allow torture of me and my son. And it's true.

No, you are wrong. I entered Canada legally and the woman at the gate could tell you as much. We had two forms of ID each, both me and my son, of birth certificate and social security card for me and my infant. I was the sole legal guardian and this had been determined several months earlier. There was no warrant, protective order, or "investigation" pending against me. I was free to leave this country and when I did, I did so legally.

I stated honestly what my intentions were and how long I planned to be there and with what funds and she saw what I had in the vehicle.

So you're wrong. Records prove that I entered legally. And no, they did not deport me as an "illegal alien" because I did go to Canada to try to become a citizen. I went to look around for a day or two, and if I thought it was a good idea, I was then claiming POLITICAL ASYLUM.

Which I did claim. I asked for political asylum within 2 days or so of entry into Canada. That is also legal.

What was ILLEGAL was Canada's attempt to turn away a mother and child back to harm, which they knew ahead of time was waiting, without first giving us a hearing for the matter of political asylum.

THEIR actions were illegal and because it was illegal, they lied and changed the entire matter, claiming it was about "trying to be a resident in Canada" (i.e., illegal alien).

Then, they lied and forced me to sign a false confession.

I lost everything including my son and everything I owned.

Thanks to criminals in Canada and idiots like you shouldn't speak when you haven't seen the documentation and weren't there.

My son's life has been permanently ruined because of govt. criminals who were Catholic, in both Canada and the United States.

Deal with it. And stop writing unless you have something to actually contribute.

Mama said...

I should ad, I find it fascinating how some of my enemies have persisted in the idea that I "entered Canada illegally".

Do you know who would assume such a thing? Only criminals who tortured me and tried to trap me and my son from getting to safety.

I say this because before I left, there were several entries into my house without my permission and my birth certificate and my son's birth certificate were stolen.

These items were stolen during the most extreme violence and torture and anyone would know that without them, I couldn't go to Canada.

Do you know who believed I didn't have these documents? The Catholic Canadian immigration man in Penticton. He said I entered illegally and I said no I didn't. Then I gave my documents and he said HOW DID YOU GET THESE? Why should he be shocked I had them? unless he already was aware that they had been stolen from me in E. Wenatchee?

The fact is that I had two copies of birth certificates for both me and my son. So when they were stolen, I reported them stolen or talked about it and the people who took them really knew they were gone.

But I had extra copies and therefore entered legally into Canada right from the start.

We might ask what kind of hideous people torture an innocent mother and child and then try to trap them from being able to leave. And then we might wonder why Catholic Canadian officer for immigration was so interested in my case, HE believed I didn't have birth certificates and entered illegally, and then he refused to give me a hearing for political asylum as is required.

Sounds like CRIME to me. Sounds like something a lot of people might want to cover up and call me crazy over.

And yes, it was political asylum I asked for, and I could call dozens of witnesses from Canada who knew this and were present when I stated my claim.

However, when the real issue is religious hate crime, I guess that interferes with obeying international laws about not returning a requestor for political asylum back without first giving them a hearing.

So religious hate crime can be documented from the U.S. to Canada and it is also most likely that this immigration officer was very well aware of crimes of torture and not just the harm of child-parent separation without first hearing my political asylum case.

Since he believed I didn't have birth certificates, maybe that's why he wanted to call it an "illegal entry" right from the start and then changed his tune to "insufficient funds".

Irregardless of insufficient funds, that is not the issue. Political asylum IS.

They are guilty and then tried to defame me in Canadian intelligence and to other Canadian officials to cover for their own hate crimes.

Mama said...

So who do you think would steal my birth certificate and my son's birth certificate from my house?

If we were right in the middle of being severely tortured, we might try to leave right?

On the other hand, if we weren't tortured at all, why would I leave? when I had refused to leave to go to Utah when CPS offered to pay for us to leave WA?

What do you think happened inbetween the CPS bribe to leave for Utah and my refusal to leave and determination to stay in WA to file a medical malpractice lawsuit and to go on SSI for temporary physical disability...and then someone thought I might be desperate enough to leave all of a sudden?

What might change someone's mind and make them want to leave?

So again, let's ask these criminals who stole our birth certificates and why the corrupt Catholic Canadians assumed therefore that I entered their country illegally, without this documentation?

Sounds like full-blown Catholic religious hate crime to me. And it sounds like there are a bunch of criminals in both Canada and the U.S. who should be serving prison terms for the torture of a child and his mother and for "perverting the course of justice".

So when the normal Canadians wonder what's going on, they might look into how much money was spent on covering up their own criminal ends and who was supplying the money and ideas.

It is really looking like a criminal case the FBI should be investigating, isn't it? unless it was the FBI that was in my house stealing my birth certificates and that of my son.

I didn't tell anyone I was thinkig of going to Canada at all.

But hmmm...if someone knows they are torturing people, wouldn't they think those people might try to run somewhere?

EVERYTHING has been a lie.

Mama said...

The people who witnessed my request for political asylum were witnesses at the ER in Penticton, the officer there who first received my request, the immigration officer and attendants, and social workers who observed my son and I while first seen in Penticton before we were told to leave without first having a hearing for asylum.

I was told that I could go to jail and have my son taken from me or I could leave on my own.

What he asked of me was against the law and he knew it.

He also knew who our torturers were and thought I didn't have proper documentation for a "legal entry" into Canada. When I did, he called it insufficient funds.

So let it be known that if you're asking for political asylum in Canada, if they hate you and the motive is religious and to keep torturing you and your kid, they want at least 1 million dollars up-front so you can pay for your own keep while you wait for the political asylum claim to be processed.

By the way, there was no protective order for my son at the time we were asked to leave either. Which is why the U.S. bought time to draft up a bunch of papers to falsify facts and claim I had left while under "investigation" which was a lie. Even if I had been investigated by CPS, a parent is allowed to leave the country or state or leave the investigation as long as there is no Protective Order for the child in place and there wasn't.

When they got the order, it was a reflex action. They didn't have facts or grounds to support one. They lied just to come up with an excuse to drag us back. However, that was against the law too because there is no treaty or law that allowed the U.S. to ask for a child that was in legal guardianship of a parent if they were out of the country.

They couldn't extradite us either, because I had no criminal charges.

So instead, they lied and obstructed justice and perverted the course of justice and then worked at discrediting me so they could later try to dig up dirt against me to buffer their schemes.

Which is why some Canadians were obstructed from talking to me at their embassy in D.C. The criminals and religious crime groups already knew they were guilty and that their friends were guilty and they were liable for extreme damages that were incurred because of their criminal actions.

Guess who got my car and all the contents? Catholics. And then they changed the entire name of the tow company and ownership too, just to get to it, and destroyed prior records. Why would Catholics want it? Um, because I had said I had a lot of tapes with stuff on it that I'd recorded and they knew all about my litigation and were worried I might have something on them. I had also done 3rd party taping of some conversations with Donna Ciaramella proving she was a criminal, with Farmers', and they knew this.

Who was then determined to drag me through the mud and keep my son from me, and continue to torture? mainly the Catholics. The same ones who were guilty of religious hate crime from the U.S. to Canada.

So then who might be motivated to call me crazy or try to entrap me or set me up on more false arrests? Oh lets think real hard.

Mama said...

So when the FBI screws up and the U.S. State Department screws up, they might want to shoot someone like me up with Haldol and put a bunch of Catholic govt. psychics on me to make sure they know what my next move is.

Oh help.

This is why it requires a criminal investigation and has no right being some kind of "appeal" that I'm having to fight for in any kind of federal or state court. How does one "appeal" the criminal actions of government workers that lied and tortured and fabricated an entire case? He was illegally taken from the start. So instead of telling me to prove myself, what is supposed to happen, is a criminal investigation into religious hate crime and kidnapping for religiously motivated reasons, obstruction of justice, collusion, conspiracy, you name it. All the elements for a criminal case are there.

But they torture me and steal everything from me, and you notice, keep me out of money for years so I can't fight it, and then obstruct my college to again keep me out of money and then they tell me to make a response to the Catholic Judge in Spokane?

They already know I don't have the money, time, resources, or ability to do it and esp. not while being tortured still as well.

This kind of crime is what motivates people to cut up little kids in front of their own parents and then get a Judge to block taking of photos for evidence.

And if I only married their Catholic man, maybe what? maybe I wouldn't sue? or maybe they'd try to entrap me and take my child anyway?

How about that. No torture if I'm with the Catholic guy. Canada Catholics feel better. WA Catholics feel better. Some of the Jewish feel better, who colluded with the Catholics.

The man who forced me to sign a false confession at the border for Canada, after I was falsely accused of being an illegal alien, was Irish Catholic.

I'll bet he said hello to O'Sullivan over at the CIA after he got my forced signature.