Friday, December 23, 2011

Religious-Govt. Retaliation In Town Today

They decided to retaliate and cut off my ability to get my complaint to the OIG and UN out today.

I put up information on my blog showing what kind of shitty business the Catholic church members and people in govt. have been up to and all of a sudden, they knew I was going to finish my complaint and mail it out so I walk all the way over and the librarian lied and said they only knew as of yesterday afternoon.

That was when I said, "With no notice the library is shut down today?" and she said she only knew as of yesterday afternoon. That was a lie.

I found out from another building worker, someone who helps operate the entire building, that the City Manager didn't call them up to close it down until a couple of hours into the morning today. So no one knew ahead of his calling.

And I got there and they used me for research again, and no I'm not kidding, and there are a TON of horrible people in town trying to exact revenge and intimidate my family.

I got home and my Mom had clearly had someone or a group over again and the dog was acting panicky.

And then it was more of the same, with my mother acting like she couldn't do anything to pay for my transcript that was supposed to be paid.

Debbie Sweetwater is responsible.

Debbie is the one who is threatening my mother and telling her not to pay that transcript. There is also a woman named Rosemary and Patty and Kathy (Kathy, the one who poisons).

But Debbie Sweetwater is the person responsible for threatening my Mom and using her own business to tell my mother what to do. My Mom goes to work, and comes back with directions and instructions on how to screw me over. It has happened enough times that there isn't a mistake. Patty's office is right next door, and both Patty and Debbie work together, but it's Debbie.

Debbie is also the one who I believe launders money in some form. I think she takes more from my mother's pay than appears on the surface and uses it as a form of money laundering.

Every single time my Mom comes back with bad news, she's been with Debbie or Patty. Most often, she's coming back from her own office.

Patty is the one who controls how much she and my family are tortured and I believe strongly she is FBI. FBI and mafia both, whatever. She's FBI and not a good person.

So this is partly why all of a sudden my plans to go to college and my parents writing out a check to get my transcript came to a halt when I filed for FOIA with the FBI again.

These women are in on corruption within the FBI and they tell my Mom what to do and do favors for corrupt persons in the justice system and FBI.

I don't think Rosemary is FBI. Rosemary West. Her husband is a town cop. I think Rosemary is connected to CIA. As are the Lewis's. And the McGhees.

There is a ton of military here but they just coordinate things with CIA and the FBI uses it all to their own advantage.

Which is why my ability to go to college came to a grinding halt when I started looking up FOIA again, because that also leads to OIG again and the minute they and their mafia saw that I had not lost my drive to correct the defamation to my name, which means some of them would be found out for what they are--criminals--they used torture and govt. connections to block me from going to colllege and having any kind of money whatever for living expenses or to file documents with.

They are criminals and this is a continued pattern of Obstruction of Justice that began in 2000.

It began in 2000. It didn't just "start up" out of nowhere in 2004 when I made a complaint to the FBI. It only got incredibly worse at that point. But the religious hate crime and pattern of Obstruction of Justice started in 2000.

It was to cover for the actions of those who were worried about being naturally defamaed for what they were doing.

After they got some of their friends on their side in 2004 and tested the response of the FBI, making sure people they knew were the ones controlling anything to do with me, then they progressed to torture.

From torture, they then progressed to conceal illegal torture for purposes of retaliation and revenge, to "research".

They made a nice fat cover for themselves in that regard.

Debbie Sweetwater calls up my Mom all the time, at our house, to tell her what to do and in the middle of family times at night when we're talking. It's like she or her pals overhear what we're talking about and then we get a call.

She also has someone informing on what we do around the house and our property and I don't know if it's neighbors or hidden camera. I wanted to see what was going on one day when I thought my Mom might be in danger, and Debbie knew all about it and I heard her making comments about it, which proved someone was watching and reporting the information about my family to HER.

Why are people reporting about my family to Debbie, may I ask?

She's also the one who claimed her printer wasn't working for about 5 days when she and Judge Wasson and WA people knew I was trying to print out important information for my case and didn't have money for the library costs. This was right after I reported my mother had a knife scar across her cheek and how did her coworkers not know.

Right after I reported and blogged about that knife scar, all Hell broke loose.

That's when Patty took my mother out for a joyride to Roseburg and brought her back in shock and with evidence of having been tortured.

After all the religious hate crime, then they decided they wanted an advantage over me if I wasn't marrying their Catholic man. They couldn't control me through marriage into their group, then they wanted to control me by using their shitty psychics, only the Catholic ones, to figure me out.

They also exposed me, in TN, to a bunch of England-connected people. But it was almost 100% Catholics that I was forced to work around and all they did is try to figure out a way to keep tabs on me.

There is also a bad Jewish group and I already know that. Which is why they worked together, because they different objectives and motives for harming me or my family and reasons for keeping us oppressed or tortured and wanting to make themselves look "good".


Anonymous said...

Gordon West is not a cop... He is a process server. I think you need to do some fact checking.

Mama said...

I think my fact checking is fine.

If he isn't a cop anymore or working for the police station, it's because he was thinking of getting into being a P.I. (personal investigator).

But what about Rosemary? Is she not with the CIA?

Let me know after you do your fact checking.

Anonymous said...

Rosemary is a mean spirited lady. Gordon gets paid to serve court papers.

Anonymous said...

Fact checking? Try REALITY checking. As in check in with reality because, Cameo, you are out in LALALAND. The more you write, the more I am convinced that you are a paranoid schizophrenic with delusions of persecution. I think on Axis II, I might go with at a minimum narcissistic features. You are very bright but very very crazy.