Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Bleeding, Drugged with Airborne Substance, & My Son Hitting People

I will go back to this other post. But I have more to add.

At least for the main part of the day there was no torture and I sensed good energy from somewhere. For me, the torture with technology was earlier this morning and then after 5 p.m. However, there are still major things to report and add to what I wrote earlier this morning.

1. I have been bleeding every single day since the bump from swelling developed on my head. The bleeding started after the bump and a little when I fasted, but I had a bloody nose instead until I broke my fast with onions and garlic and I started bleeding again. I've been bleeding every day since.

I am not sure if it's from the bump and damage from DOD targeting my head, or if it's from the onions, garlic, and leeks. I was bleeding while I fasted though. Whatever is causing it, it's not normal for me. I had bought some asparagus which has a lot of Vitamin K and helps clot blood and then ate 4 spears raw and the bleeding quit. I have only been eating about 1 onion and a half of a bulb of garlic per day. But I started bleeding a lot after having this with a salad and rice and kidney beans.

The asparagus, for some reason, acted like a tournequet. It quit my bleeding right away. I still think something is wrong with the surgery I had though, if I would bleed at all.

And I believe the DOD did some kind of damage to a hormone part of my brain because that's when it started, after the swelling developed after what they did to me. So even if asparagus is cauterizing my bleeding, the bleeding has been ever since my head swelled up. And I've eaten a couple of sauteed onions and garlic before and not had any bleeding at all.

2. Drugged while writing OIG complaint.I was drugged by use of an airborne substance, seriously, at the library on the second day of my fast while I was typing out my complaint to the Office of the Inspector General. It was two different middle-aged men. They came in together. I had several people come in and check on me while I was writing it and I was emailing sections to myself so I didn't lose it. I think it's fairly damaging. It goes through a chronology of the defamation and damages done to me, in order and starts to form a profile for the religious hate crime. I didn't have a CD with me to save it on, so I was saving it to myself where it wouldn't disappear from "my documents" by emailing parts to myself and then adding to the parts. So I was repeatedly emailing sections and then updating. I was there for hours. I spent almost the entire day at the library working on this complaint, or the entire afternoon until closing.

So it was after I had been working on this complaint and emailing myself parts. It was maybe a couple of hours into my complaint.

And then these middle-aged men came in and I noticed they were discreetly looking over at me. White, in general. I mean, who knows nationality or what they're ancestry, but they appeared "caucasion" in general and they were middle-aged.

It was an airborne substance of some kind and I could smell it and started to cough too and it was odd enough that I then pulled up my black turtleneck over my nose. It is totally different from an "odor" or whatever. It has nothing to do with that. It was a chemical. When I did this, they left. But I had already inhaled something. I was at the very end and no one else was around me.

I knew it had happened when it started and the only people staring at me and observing, that I noticed, were these men. And they got up and left when I put the turtleneck over my nose, which I would never do in public unless I knew it was something chemical or toxic.

And since then, actually, I lost my normal "drive". I normally have a very strong drive that nothing can touch and some people know this so they've drugged me or tortured me. This is the main thing I've noticed, is that I had a nose bleed later that day, or the next day, and I don't usually get nosebleeds. It was the next morning. I inhaled this substance, whatever it was, on the second day of my fast, and it was at something between 2-5 p.m. at the library. I would say around 3-4 or so. After this, I remember I lost my motive to keep writing a little, or was tired, and I was drawing some blanks but I kept working on it anyway. Then, the very next morning, early in the a.m., my nose was bleeding. This was during my fast, so I wasn't eating blood thinning foods. My nose wasn't pouring blood, but I had to blow my nose and it was all blood, especially on one nostril. Mainly my left nostril. So it was within 16 hours that I had a bloody nose from whatever chemical I breathed in. I didn't bleed in other places that day. No wait, I did. Because first it was my nose and then it was the other area, and I thought, "I'm bleeding from two spouts". Spouts. Places, whatever.

It's been every single day. Today all day until I ate raw asparagus and then it stopped.

I also had a weird "hot flash" night the second night of my fast, after I inhaled something. And this has never happened to me before. I have experience with fasts, and having "hot flashes" isn't part of it. I thought maybe my body is just working harder to heal my body instead of using energy for digestion. But I've done fasting and it doesn't do this.

If my heaters worked overtime for some reason, maybe that's it but I've never once had a night like that. I had total insomnia and I was so hot I had to take everything off in the middle of the night. And the next morning my nose bled.

I was already bleeding after the swelling on my head happened.

This was not "burning" from technology. It was a real hot flash, my external body heated, not internal heating from technology, of some kind but I don't know what the cause was, the swelling to my head or whatever someone brought in and exposed me to when I was writing my OIG complaint.

Actually, if that library has videocameras recording, they could track back the 20 minutes prior to my pulling the turtleneck over my nose. It didn't take 20 minutes though. It happened in about 5 minutes or so and there were two separate poofs. At least two. First one exposure to something and I didn't react outwardly but I knew it happened and then it kept happening so I finally thought this is not good and pulled my turtleneck over my nose to keep my inhaling it and these 2 middle aged men got up and left. My turtleneck fell down though because it was a loose cowl neck. I had to hold it up to my face and then it fell down. I was at the computer on the end, not computer #7, but the other end, I think it was #8. #8 is like a "head of the table" spot that isn't right next to the other ones. So it's easier to walk past or be near and it's more isolated as it's not side by side with the other cubicles.

Yeah, I have had this happen at only a couple of places. Logan's, the restaurant I worked at. It happened a couple of times for the first time in my life, in Nashville, TN at my workplace. It was different and I had no bleeding or noticeable effect. Then it happened at this church "life group" where the nurses daughters were. I wrote about that. No bleeding with that. I just knew we'd been exposed to something. This other time that it happened, it was a poof, and then another poof after a small break. It was like something was released 2 or more times and it was happening so much and so strong I then put my turtleneck up.

I think I had my nosebleed before the swelling grew to a huge bump on my head. The swelling was overnight. I noticed nothing the day before and then my brother sent me a photo of himself with the same thing on his head. I am able to track the swelling to the spot where the DOD deliberately targeted that spot on my head.

The OIG complaint is going forward "friends".

And if my fertility is affected by what the DOD did, there is going to be some HUGE accountability for the CIA and FBI. I don't know if that library has cameras or not, but if they do, I can definitely narrow it down to a timeframe of about 10 or so minutes before I pulled the turtleneck over my nose.

I was well into writing my complaint.

Obstruction of Justice anyone?


Then, after this, when my parents got back from the wedding, they got blasted by some group. Both of them.

3. My Son Hitting Kids On The Bus Today and Principal Threatens to "Ban" My Son.

I think this deserves its own separate post. Before Washington State CPS took my son from me, everyone knew, including the people in Canada, my son was the last person to hit anyone. So now, apparently he was being bullied and abused and the bus driver told on him, right? to defend himself, he hit a couple of kids who probably deserved it.

These assaulters and CPS abusers...CPS IS THE ABUSER and that entire community is responsible.

My Dad said, "That's my boy" but I knew that's not what he thought. THAT is what George Bechtold said about his daughter Liza when she was getting in fights with kids. Um, Liza is not petite. Or she wasn't when she was doing this and she took Judo from her Daddy. Georgie...know anyone in the CIA?

If he was just hitting for no reason, it means they have traumatized him into being a problem child. Which is disturbing on its own. And only I can heal that.


And if he hit kids back who targeted him first, he's being singled out now, by the school principal, who told my Aunt that they were going to permanently "BAN" my son from riding the bus if it happened again.

My son is this unhappy looking, stick-skinny 5 year old. He's not boxing. My son is not a bully and I saw the photo of him from the wedding and his face only showed a fake smile and sadness in his eyes. He is rail-thin. I have heard that some of his food is being stolen from him. He looks like he's starving. He's SO happy about being "adopted" instead of seeing his mother and being returned, he's lost weight. Oh wait. He's just following Carol Middleton's cute little wedding diet.

So this principal told him and my aunt that my son would be "banned" if it happened again.

My son needs to be over HERE with ME. Anything is better than there in Wenatchee. Apparently, he doesn't even like school anymore. He only likes the fact that it's Christmas Vacation and he gets to stay at the house.

That is not the boy I know.

That's not his personality and he has very serious issues that will not be remedied unless he is returned to his mother. Possibly too, he's feeling abandonment because Ivory left the house to be married so it's someone leaving again--after CPS traumatized him and created separation anxiety issues. This is also the same time of year that he and I were tortured hardest and he remembers. I am sure this is in his subconscious, and the memory of snow on the ground at an unhappy time in his life when he was taken from the mother he loved before he had yet turned 2.

THIS COUNTRY has allowed religious hate criminals to get away with abuse of a child. And that's how the CIA treats those they use and then dump.

I don't even have the same drive for working on my complaint and tending to legal things right now, when it has nothing to do with my fast. I usually get more energy from fasting and on my worst day, most painful with headache and body ache, I applied myself to working on the OIG complaint.

Every single time I have a court or legal matter anymore, I am not kidding, I have someone attacking me to obstruct justice.

If I'm not being illicitly drugged, I'm thrown into jail on false arrest, into a psych ward, or tortured with consent of the U.S. government and whoever is supporting the persons in charge of this needs to just give them the ax and get rid of them. If they have such poor judgment and personal conflicts with the best interests of the country, they need to go.

Anyway, I have never had bleeding like this since I had my surgery. It's not off and on. It's every single day. I figure if it's a blood thinning issue, I still shouldn't be bleeding "there" every day. I don't think people with clotting issues or mild hemophilia bleed "there" every day, inbetween periods. And it was right after the bump on my head. The bump on my head which matches the one on my brother's head on the same day, and which occured at the exact same spot that was targeted by military on the Sunday that I reported it.

Which, incidentally, was a day Fox News talked about, through Shep, "...EVERYONE gets headaches." And Bill O'Reilly made some snide comment too. I remember it happened once when I was watching that show and then he and his blond female co-host smirked along with this other host at the exact same time military targeted my head. Which sort of points to the New Jersey, Catholic connection to military, once again. How would they even know unless it's through their Catholic friendships? It's religious hate crime.

Anyway, I will be working on that complaint but right now, I'll take a break to work up to it, and write about the kids I was a nanny for.


Anonymous said...

Is there any psychiatrist anywhere that you would trust to help you? Perhaps you can find a non-denominational psychiatrist with absolutely no ties to any of the people that you are paranoid about. I am sure there has to be a psychiatrist in the Portland area that fits the bill? None of this is happening. No one is poisoning you. No one is conspiring against you. You are mentally ill and in need of help. Please seek help.

Mama said...

You're entitled to your opinion.

Thanks for the comment.