Monday, December 19, 2011

Torture of My Family & My Fast

I ended my fast late in the day yesterday. It was a 5-day water-only fast for spiritual reasons but I was so occupied I didn't pray as much as I wanted to anyway so I decided to bring it to a close.

I will probably do a 10 day water-only fast for health reasons and also do a 3-5 day fast more often.

I had wanted to continue, actually, I was ready to go for 10 days no problem, and felt there would be other things that I could gain from it, spiritually, but on Day 5 I felt great mentally, but physically I was weak. I walked and everything but I need energy to accomplish a few things before the New Year.

So I may start again after that.

During this time, and before I even fasted, my parents were being tortured. A lot of Catholic members have coordinated to use various forms of technolgy that they can use from their cars and home, and then there has been military technology too.

It has been extreme.

The targeting of my head repeatedly, by use of military technology, and then seeing they did this to my brother as well, is one of the most shocking things they've done.

I developed an enormous bump on the mid-back side of one head, which is where they repeatedly zapped me that Sunday and then a few times afterwards.

I thought it was some kind of sick joke with them, because they did this to my brother too, but on the reverse side of his head. But I am wondering if they wanted to make it look like it was just a sick joke among them while they really were targeting something in specific. Because I had wondered why they went after that specific section of my head, repeatedly.

It wasn't where I get migraines.

The swelling on my brothers head, a massive bump on his forehead, was not even as large as the swelling that occured on my head. Mine was very bad but too difficult to photograph bc it was the back of my head and I have so much hair.

His swelling occured on the front part of his forehead, above his left eye.

They targeted me on the right side, if my brother's left eye corresponds to the left side of his head, they targeted his left side and above his eye.

For me they targeted the right side of my head and not my forehead, but halfway down the head in the back. I could point out the exact spot.

The swelling was extreme. There was no bruise, and it was like a growth under my head, not a boil, but hard, and swollen and painful, about the size of a brazil nut that hasn't been shelled. But a jumbo brazil nut.

Why they did this to my brother, there, I have no idea. I figured it was their sick way to make a joke among themselves--those who are corrupt and use their religion to run the DOD and DOJ. Like, I was blogging about all this inverse relationship stuff, and they thought it would be hilarious to do this to me and my brother, through use of torture. Like haha, look now. There's an inverse relationship for you--you're brother's going to have a bump on the left front part of his head and you're going to have one on the right back part of your head. Think about THAT. This is the kind of mentality we're dealing with.

I think they targeted this specific part of my head, to that degree, for a reason. It was to damage and knowingly damage some part of my brain, and a specific part that controls certain functions. Sure, I'm still walking and talking. They went after something specific. As for my brother, I don't know. I'm the one they hate the most.

It's terrorism. Literally. One thing I knew to do was work on my timeline about religious hate crime and prove that it's nothing more than terrorism.

There are others here, who post a look-out while they use more local forms of torture through technology, to assault my Dad and Mom. They watch me too, to see if I'm going to go where he is or my mom is, and keep track of when to move out so I don't see them or know what's going on. They come into the library if I'm there and sit and I know intuitively that THEY know something bad is being done to my Dad. And I sit there and try to work anyway and they just watch like scouts for their terrorists. And the ones I've known are doing this, ARE members of the Catholic church.

In the last 4-5 days I didn't stake a post at my parents at night because I already knew they were doing things and I felt weak and left it to God to control during my fast. But during the day, in the evenings, and other times I've gone to the porch, I have felt proof of all kinds of things being done to them, at their house.

And I know the torture that's been inflicted most recently has not been at night, but while they were out somewhere.

I also know Patty Otterbach & Kathy & Debbie have had some kind of hostage, stockholm syndrome thing worked against my mom. I know for sure that they do and aside from my belief that Kathy gave my mom something poisonous or toxic to drink or eat, and Debbie manipulates my mother for friends in OR and WA and seems to control what some of these Catholics do or don't do, I know Patty Otterbach has had a damaging effect on my mother psychologically. My mom was FINE when she and I went for a walk and we talked and chatted about things and then she brought up something that bothered me and we argued a little and then I said (about the effects of my being repeatedly defamed and the damages from this), "YOU have never been jailed as far as I know. No one in my family has, but I've been repeatedly arrested on false arrest and thrown in jail. It's only because I've TALKED about what they're doing." And after I said something about jail and started to walk slightly ahead bc I was upset, and then slowed to stay pace with my Mom, I saw her face and the way she reacted to this and it is the exact same way she is with PATTY.

My mother literally had a psychological response that corresponded with this one woman whom I have suspected for some time as being like a stockholm syndrome "friend" who made my mother hostage and then forged a bond despite what she and her friends have done. And the way my mother was walking and how she looked after that, spelled it out for me: Patty Otterbach. Patty has threatened my mother with jail and belittled my mom. How she would think she could do that, I don't know, but they've blackmailed, used, and harmed my mother.

My mother goes on this weird auto-pilot with Patty because of it. Patty is a controlling, manipulative woman just like Debbie and Kathy and they are all, in my opinion, criminals. The other woman who has had a lot of access to my mom I won't mention at this time.

As for my Dad, they're torturing him with technology when he goes to work and out to do other things. I saw him last night and he was BLASTED and I don't mean with liquor.

As for some of the "protestant christians" out there, they're not really christians when they don't stand up against torture against people in their own country.

The part they targeted was the right side and if you took a string or finger and lined it up above my eyebrow and then went around to the back of my head keeping the line straight, that is where they targeted.

Multiple times.

So basically, about the same height as where they targeted my brother, except mine seems lower down bc it's the back of my head and hair is over.

I would have to look closer later, but I think it's the lateral ventricle area and the pineal gland or some kind of hormone gland area, and it was done about that height but closer to the middle of my head. If I parted my hair down the middle, it was just slightly to the right side instead of directly in the middle.

This is terrorism in the United States, from Catholic religious hate crimes.

It went from one thing to the next and after they destroyed my credibility, they did whatever they want.

They plotted and planned how to defame me and did, and arrested me, and by the time I was so defamed, they got away with torture and then stole my son.

So yeah, while I was on my fast, I started working on a few things that I would have finished up a long time ago if I hadn't been hit by assassins, falsely arrested, drugged, and tortured to make it impossible for me to have any time to even breathe.

And yes, I and my family have been, and ARE being, tortured here.

This must be corrected because if nothing is done at the highest levels of government, it then goes to the UN and will be the first-ever complaint of terrorism and literal torture against U.S. citizens within the U.S.

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