Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Pie That Took 6 Hours To Make

I made the pie! But I think....hmm, I did something wrong? I used the Silk Soy Milk recipe and it's supposed to take 1 hour but my pie took 6 hours to make. It baked from 11 a.m. until sometime before 5 p.m. It's a good thing I was at home anyway, peeling many bulbs of garlic, refried beans from scratch, and coming up with inventive crusts.

I think the problem was 2-fold. First of all, I used a toaster oven and the other appliances were sucking heat from it. I am in a trailer where even a heater can take heat from the toaster oven so it was cold and I had to have that on but anyway. Forgot about that. The other thing is that I tried the vegan egg substitute and well, maybe it works if the oven is working. It literally took 6 hours. I kept checking, checking, checking and it was full of dents and fork holes by the time it was. And it looked like a wrinkled snickerdoodle. My walnut crust was good but you know, fell apart. Oh, and it was a "pie pumpkin" instead of a regular pumpkin and I pureed it too thin.

Anyway, I still ate it.

So I decided to try another one and improvised a crust with what I had on hand. I have to use weird ingredients sometimes.

I'll write more later...

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