Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Torture of My Dad Prior To Larry Larson's Email

My Dad came home after being "at work", at the trailer park, an hour before I got an email from the corrupt Chief of Police for Coburg: Larry Larson.

My Dad's entire side of his face was tinted greenish and demarcated with a clear line from a pattern from some kind of either laser mark that was done to the entire side of his face, or some kind of restraint that was impressed upon his face.

It was obvious and there was no mistake about it.

An hour later, I get an email from Larry Larson, the cop who is responsible for sending out one of his officers to tow my car in 2005, thereby obstructing my freedom of travel because of what they claimed was "an alert" to find me and pull me over and take my car.

They didn't just take my car. They searched it, and they pulled out the panels in the interior to search it, and it was all done on an illegal basis as my license was never "suspended" as the corrupt Catholic hate crime Judge Warren already knew.

Not only is this corrupt police officer claiming he didn't receive my written and mailed request for records to his department, when I have proof it was sent, today I found out The Deparment of Education still has obstructive Catholics practicin their hate and claiming they never received my mail that I sent on Dec. 14, 2011, for deferment of paying bills towards my loans. Today, 2 different customer representatives, "Paulyn" and "Katie" tried to get me to sign up for forbearance when this acquires interest and I already made an application for default and then this hideous woman named "Christin" (all out of Greenville, Texas) interrupted and talked all over me. They then transfered me to a man who went by "Justin" with Direct Consolidated Loans who did the same thing as Chrisin, interrupting and talking over me and refusing to transfer me to his supervisor.

Basically, not only are Catholics in the federal government still tampering with my mail and college education, claiming they never got my letter when they did, I found out they are billing me improperly when my loans were not even consolidated. They had not even consolidated my loans, and deliberately prevented me from getting out of default and into college and then at the same time, while they held up the consolidation, they began BILLING me.

They were billing me for a consolidation that hadn't even processed or completed because THEY screwed it up on purpose.

So I said I'll fax over proof I mailed the deferment request and I also wanted to speak to someone about the billing and they gave me the "ombudsman" in D.C. who was a nasty woman, Catholic, answering the phone. 100% she was Roman Catholic. I said, "I need the address for where to write regarding an improper billing date" and she gave it to me and I said, "Is this also the legal department?" and she said it was the ombudsman and I said, then in a statement instead of a question, "Yeah, the legal department. Thanks." I then hung up.

Then I found out my Mom's printer is down again and not working.

While my Dad is being tortured and no one is looking out for him, and I've been busy writing my Complaint to the OIG, the Roman Catholics are shit-crazy. Last night, I was even listening to classical radio, from Portland, Oregon, and as I was writing my complaint on my laptop, and listening, this man who was DJing, whose name was "Bill McLaughlin" started referring to MY FAMILY.

I thought, "How crazy is this? I have crazy-man Bill "McLaughlin" referring to my family with inuendoes about gathering together all the religious hate criminals in a 'grand finale' against my family". Any relation to "Laurie McLaughlin"?

I mean seriously. Is Bill McLaughlin related to the FBI head Laurie McLaughlin?
Because that would be something else, to catch one of her relatives trying to incite criminal activity against my family, wouldn't it?

Then the next day my Dad shows up with clear evidence of being tortured on his face. I think the finger needs to be pointed squarely at Laurie McLaughlin, former head of the Portland FBI. In fact, I think I'll add her relative to my OIG complaint and then we'll steer it past the Roman Catholics that head the AG and OIG and over into Obama's hands as originally intended, and the UN. Or at least some Protestants that must be decent out there somewhere. It's a flat-out conflict of interest for any member of the Roman Catholic church to be involved when they are immediately implicated in high crimes and misdemeanors.

And yes, once again, my mom's printer is down and not working, and this happens every single time I am working on something important and need access to print something else without paying a large sum of money for it.

Supposedly, the printer broke down a couple of days ago. Not the day before yesterday, but as of yesterday it wasn't working. Which is when I was working on my OIG complaint all day. I was told I could print out 5 pages and I said "I have 17 pages". And um, now, I have about 33 pages and that's before I add all the footnotes and a timeline. And I'm not even done with the snow yet.

It's going out with names, dates, facts, times, and when I add my footnotes, that's just to show which records I still need to back up the facts with, which are available records, but which I've requested in the past and never received, or which I received and then had stolen from me repeatedly.

In fact, since so much of it can be proven Roman Catholic religious hate crime, I might even add church directories as well.

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