Thursday, December 29, 2011

Legal Entry To Canada With Proof Of Legal Guardianship

See my last post about Torture NOW and Catholic Canadians.

I wanted to add, when I went into Canada, I not only had birth certificates for both me and my son, when someone had recently stolen the other copies from my house, which would have prevented me from entering Canada legally when we were being tortured, I also took my social security card. I don't think I took anything else for my son but possibly. All that was required was his birth certificate.

However, the other form of proof that I took, was paperwork from Wenatchee's Department of Social and Health Services which proved the guardianship of the child was not in dispute.

I was aware that someone might wonder where the father was so I took with me paperwork from social services which had asked me about the father and showed what steps were taken to try to collect child support and that the father was unknown and I was legally the only guardian.

It proved the State of Washington had already settled the matter, showed I was the only legal guardian of my son, and proved I was not "on the run" from a father or trying to kidnap a child.

However, even though I had this documentation with me when I entered Canada, the U.S. lied through the Attorney General offices and CPS. They lied and told Canada that I was possibly on the run from a father and that there was a kidnapping issue.

They lied.

Not only did they lie, they knew they were lying when they did it.

So when I entered Canada, I had every form of proof I needed to establish citizenship of both me and my son, identity, and the fact that there was no dispute or investigation about who the legal guardian was.

It was me.

They knew.

They defamed me and knew they had defamed me so then all they were motivated to do was lie and say I was mentally ill while they got away with breaking domestic and international laws.

THEY kidnapped my son from his legal guardian.

Whoever was responsible for stealing the birth certificates from my house, thought that since they were stolen, and they knew they were stolen because they had them in their own possession...they thought I had gotten into Canada "illegally" and without the right paperwork.

What was interesting, was that the Canadian immigration officer said the same thing, that I got into Canada illegally, without documents. I said "No we didn't." He said "You didn't have birth certificates and the correct documents" or something and I said, "Yes we did and I have that with me." So then he was shocked and changed his story to "You had insufficient funds" and that was also not true. I had sufficient funds for the amount of time I stated we would be staying there, and then I had asked for political asylum right from the start.

Once I asked for political asylum, the issue of "funds" was not an issue.

At that point, they were required, by international and their own domestic laws, to allow my son and I to prove a case for political asylum and we were supposed to have a hearing.

It is against the law to return any person requesting political asylum back to their country without first having a hearing, and when it is known that harm is likely to befall them.

I was always legally there.

100% of the time.

What THEY did, was illegal.

So I'd like to know why CANADIANS thought I didn't have my birth certificates. How should they have known? or why would they have thought this? Who told THEM that "Cameo didn't enter legally because she didn't have birth certificates."

The woman at the gate knows I had all the proper documentation.

The man at Penticton immigration was saying all kinds of things like, "That woman didn't check documents or do her job right." But she did. She asked for everything that she was supposed to ask for.

So, tell me something.

Does that guy, you know, who lied about me and my son from Penticton immigration offices, and who jailed me on false arrest...Does he work for CANADA or the United States?

He didn't care what song I was singing in jail until I sang "God Bless America" and then after ignoring me for days, he decided to soften his tone for a moment.

So was he CIA, in on the whole torture gig? pretending to be a Canadian border patrol guy? or was he just another member of the Catholic church who was in on the religious hate crime spree against my family?

God Bless America.

Yeah. I still remember THAT moment.

"How did you get into Canada???!!!"
"You got into Canada illegally and didn't have the documents you're supposed to show."
"That woman at the gate didn't do her job and ask for the ID she was supposed to ask for."

Um, Mr. Immigration Tighty-Whities, do you mind explaining to an international court that reviews complaints about torture, why you assumed I did not enter Canada with legal documentation and birth certificates? Which one of your friends, Tighty, was holding onto those other copies to try to keep me and my son in place to be tortured in the U.S.?

How long was I expected to be tortured with my son before they tried to call me mentally ill and sent me to a psych ward and placed my son out to a foster family of their own choosing?

God Bless America. Amber waves of grain and everything. Oh! and purple mountain majesties.

Canadian citizens paid for a private jet that took me to the detention center in Vancouver. It was real nice. And then they put me in a dog crate in the back of a van.

I wonder if the Penticton immigration guy knows Michael Middleton.

Do you know what Tighty told me? I declared political asylum and instead of doing this and providing for a hearing, he told me "You can either GO TO JAIL and we'll take your son, or you can go to the U.S. with your son." The entire time he knew they were going to try to take my son from me if I crossed over the border and I had already asked for political asylum and proved I had legal guardianship.

I hate this country. I hate the people who were involved in this that ruined my entire life, my son's life, my parent's and brother's lives, and got away with all of this and then ask ME to pay dues to their corrupt Catholic Judges to get my son back.

The U.S. kidnapped my son while knowing who the legal guardian was.

And Canada assisted.

THEN, my DAD got a passport and he was blocked from traveling anywhere.

Like we're not hostages or anything.


Anonymous said...

It sounds to me like you ran to Canada to escape a welfare investigation of your child. And that you entered Canada under false pretenses. You have no grounds for political asylum. Asylum cannot be based on mental illness. Face it, you have no grounds for any type of lawsuit against anyone. All you do is ramble on about conspiracies and threatening legal action when in fact you have no proof of anything. No grounds for any lawsuit. You lost your son because you refuse to accept that you are insane. Your son is fortunately better off without you. GET SOME HELP!

Anonymous said...

Political asylum? Maybe insane asylum is what you were looking for.

Anonymous said...

Where would you live if the conspiracy did not prevent you from traveling? What country would you want to live in?

Anonymous said...

Hi Cameo, I don't think you can ask for political asylum in Canada when you enter Canada via the CA/US border because that would fall under the Safe Third Country Agreement exclusion. The IRB won't consider a refugee request under your facts so it seems that Canada had every right to send you back to the U.S.?

Mama said...

I explain everything in my post titled "Torture NOW and Canadian Catholics".

No, I didn't run to escape a welfare investigation. There WAS no investigation. They made it up after we left.

They had already determined no one ever had a "founded complaint" against me and the only thing they did, was after I sent them an email, to Pam, telling them they could visit us and observe us at our house anytime, they said they would take me up on the offer. That was Pam Couffel. I sent my email to her and to Judge John Bridges wife Mary.

So they did call and say sometime they would like to visit us at my house. I said okay.

They did NOT have an investigation pending. I called up Olympia CPS (headquarters) before I ever went to Canada and asked if it was okay to leave state or country if someone had wanted to visit from CPS but there was no legal stuff.

CPS headquarters said a parent is always free to leave state or country no matter what CPS is doing, as long as there is NO PROTECTIVE order on the child and the parent isn't doing a parental kidnapping.

I had ZERO documentation from anyone and any clinic that I was mentally ill. They made it up.

In fact, I had 2 different mental health professionals evaluate me immediately prior to our leaving who both concurred ZERO mental illness and that was in addition to NORMAL mental health records from counseling with a woman named Brett McDonald.

I have evidence that proved I was NOT "mentally ill".

So when CPS and the State lied about me, they knew they were in big trouble because they defamed me so badly and it created gross damages. Then their entire motive was to generate anything to make me sound nuts so they didn't get into trouble.

Canada had nothing from the U.S. that showed evidence or proof of mental illness.

And regardless, if there is no legal court process going, and no protective order, a country is required to give refugees a hearing for political asylum if they ask for it.

So when I asked for political asylum, it wasn't up to Canada to agree or disagree with the U.S. false claims about mental illness. There was no mental health record for objective support of opinions and in a situation where one is asking for political asylum, of course that country will claim the refugee is crazy.

They were required to give a hearing and they didn't.

Catholic Canadians and Catholic U.S. colluded to cause severe damages and cover up torture.