Friday, December 16, 2011

OIG Complaint: Deborah M. Waller

I have been making OIG complaints since 2006 and not once did anyone respond in writing, except through an email and just now, a letter from records about my FOIA request.

I looked up the OIG and they've been headed by Roman Catholics, members of the Catholic church. All the way through and through 2 different hiring periods.

They never sent me something about who received my complaint, or what they were doing with it, and I never got a name of anyone who was handling it. They didn't refuse to investigate and they didn't start an investigation as requested. They just ignored me.

Since that time, after I first asked the FBI to investigate misconduct by their agents and religious hate crime, after blocking me from reporting religious hate crime, they then must have defamed me and then I couldn't even get records from them.

I asked the OIG to look into it because I was then a victim of WORSE religious hate crime by law enforcement and other parties, including Judges, and my entire family was subjected to retaliation and revenge.

Not only that, we were tortured, my son and I, after I started asking the OIG to investigate.

I don't think "ignoring victims" who make complaints in writing is what the OIG is supposed to do.

Yet every director they've hired has been Roman Catholic and has apparently blocked anyone from even responding to my request.

So now they're telling me I can get FOIA on records if I give them so much money, but they still have not even addressed my multiple requests for investigation.

Now, I have written to Deborah M. Waller, and explained that I am still waiting for an investigation by OIG and that it cannot be handled or touched by a member of the Catholic church because most of the complaint involves religious hate crime by this group.

The FBI was blocking me, in 2004, from making a valid report of Catholic religious hate crime, and then after that, the Catholic members within their agencies were blocking me from reporting acts of violence against me and my son.

In the meantime, I was ignored by the OIG.

Things just got worse. My son was still with me before I asked the OIG to investigate and he was tortured along with me and then illegally taken from me, after I asked them to investigate the FBI because, I told them, I believe I have been defamed and it's affecting the way I'm treated by other law enforcement and persons. I also wanted to explain how FBI employees have obstructed me from making religious hate crime report and then blocked me from reporting assault and poisonings by more persons they are connected to.

The Directors for OIG, and their immediate subordinates, have been, in the last 5 years or so, completely Roman Catholic. I found out because I looked up their sworn stuff to Congress before their appointments and also by finding information about their church attendance online.

They've been protecting eachother while continuing to exact revenge against my family.

So I repeated, by post mail and by email today, I am asking for an investigation and why have I been completely ignored?

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Anonymous said...

OIG unfortunately doesn't offer psychiatric services. If OIG did ... they would be able to help you.