Thursday, December 22, 2011

copy of email to OIG (ignored me from 2005-2011)

Dear Sonny,

Please forward this information to Mr. Eric Holder directly.

I need a name of a person.


Subject: RE: FOIA & OIG Complaint of FBI Misconduct
Date: Thu, 22 Dec 2011 14:08:45 -0800

I've contacted your hotline several times.

I have followed every instruction given.

I have contacted your hotline. I have submitted complaints by email and by following instructions. I have submitted complaints in writing, sent by U.S. post.

I have never received any response, from any person within OIG from 2005-2011, the time frame in which I've been contacting your offices and submitting complaints.

Again, I need to know the name of the person who would be receiving my complaint so I may send the next one to their attention, which they will be receiving concurrent with my submission of a complaint to the UN under article 22 of CAT (Convention Against Torture).

I am also asking who has been receiving my complaints in the past.

If you have a supervisor or need to send this to a different person in your department, that is fine. Please forward this to the correct person.

They should recuse themselves from addressing my next complaint if they are a member of the Roman Catholic church.



Subject: RE: FOIA & OIG Complaint of FBI Misconduct
Date: Thu, 22 Dec 2011 16:57:45 -0500

Unfortunately, I am not the correct person. The only other suggestion is to contact our OIG hotline at

From: cam huegenot []
Sent: Thursday, December 22, 2011 4:56 PM
To: Waller, Deborah M. (OIG)
Subject: RE: FOIA & OIG Complaint of FBI Misconduct

I've done this and followed instructions exactly.

I've also submitted complaints, in writing, by U.S. Post, to your offices and have had no reply.

I need the names of those who received these previous submissions to your offices and I also need a name of the person who would now receive anything from me so I am able to send things to their attention.

Because this involves religious hate crimes from dozens of members of the same church, the person with authority in treatment of my complaint should not be a member of that church: The Roman Catholic Church. If such members received my previous complaints, this is why they were ignored and my family has been endangered further.



Subject: RE: FOIA & OIG Complaint of FBI Misconduct
Date: Thu, 22 Dec 2011 16:44:17 -0500

My suggestion is that you go onto our website at and follow the instructions given.

From: cam huegenot []
Sent: Thursday, December 22, 2011 4:42 PM
To: Waller, Deborah M. (OIG)
Subject: FW: FOIA & OIG Complaint of FBI Misconduct
Importance: High

Dear Deborah,

I sent this email to you almost a week ago and have not had a reply.

I asked who is responsible or in charge of receiving complaints to the OIG with requests for investigation.

As I explained, I have made several requests for an investigation with no response, since 2005 or 2006.

I need to know the name of the person who would receive my complaint and the name of who has been responsible for receiving these complaints in the past.

My family has been tortured in violation of Geneva Conventions and U.S. law and forced to work for the U.S.

A significant religious hate crime has been turned into an excuse for torture and in the meantime, and it began after my contact with your offices or in this approximate time frame. It is important that the person(s) who received my complaint in the past are/were not members of the same religious group that has been responsible for these ongoing crimes and I need to know if the reason my complaints have been ignored is because they were, in fact, members of this same church and used their positions to obstruct justice on behalf of religious interests.

Thank You.



Subject: FOIA & OIG Complaint of FBI Misconduct
Date: Fri, 16 Dec 2011 12:42:26 -0800

Hello Deborah,

I've responded to your letter about FOIA by mail and you should receive this today or maybe by Monday.

Another matter that I addressed, is that I have sent out several requests for OIG investigation of FBI misconduct and I have never yet had anyone respond to any one of the requests I made.

And you have acknowledged that there is FOIA available, and any FOIA available is regarding my attempts to have the OIG investigate a serious matter.

I need to know why no one in the OIG has made any response. I've not received a letter from OIG indicating notice that they received my requests, or notice of a denial to investigate with reasons attached, neither have I received notice of what I might need to do to supplement my request. I've been given no contact name and I also have no idea who has handled my requests, as no one responded to them at all.

In the meantime, my life has almost been lost. Instead of being murdered, I have been a repeated victim of assault, torture, defamation within government and law enforcement offices, and my son was both illegally taken from me and then kept by the State and adopted out to other people while persons lied about me and relied on friends in the FBI and other offices to cover their backs.

I still had my son with me when I first reported FBI misconduct to the OIG. We were subsequently both tortured and then he was taken from after I made this report. His placement with another familly has not resulted in less torture for him either.

Not only that, I have had my freedom of travel obstructed, education obstructed, and have multiple counts or examples of criminal obstruction of justice with my attempt to access the courts for remedy.

I made further complaints to the OIG and no one responded at all.

One of the issues at hand is my complaint of FBI agent misconduct in 2004. However, I did not just report FBI misconduct but religious hate crime as well. The FBI refused to address the religious hate crime I attempted to report and restricted me to only telling them about their own agents.

After this, my entire family was retaliated against and every time I turn around, another member of the Roman Catholic church has intercepted or made sure they are the first responder to anything having to do with me. This conflict of interest has GREATLY harmed my ability to have any investigation made or taken seriously.

I am asking at this time, to have my complaint to the OIG forwarded to someone, if that is not you, who is not a member of the Roman Catholic church. From the time I filed litigation against a Roman Catholic Abbey and Archdiocese, I have experienced retaliation by other members, constant vandalism and theft, harassment, misuse of Patriot Act for personal and private means (including leverage against my filed lawsuits), obstruction of travel and multiple counts of false arrest by Catholic members, and worse, leading to torture of almost my entire family.

Given the serious nature of this religious hate crime, which I was blocked from reporting to the FBI in 2004, and which has accellerated, and given the fact I experienced this hate crime by even FBI employees at various field offices, who blocked me from reported subsequent violence against me, I need a non-Catholic person to review my OIG complaint.

After being ignored so long by OIG even, I was even detained on involuntary basis, out of revenge, at a psych ward and federal detention center where I was, in the first case, given an overdose of Haldol (under order from a Catholic member) which I've never recovered from, and subsequent dosings of Haldol while there, and in the next instance, I was injected with an unknown substance while in a "jail" or federal holding facility which I was at on false arrest. The police injected me (under orders from Catholic chief apparently) and I was not told what they gave me but I had a bump on my arm for over a month and then one of them fractured my hands (I have X-rays to prove it). After this, they put me in a solid glass "cage" or room, where they brought in U.S. workers to experiment on me until I yelled out something about this being a violation of the Geneva Convention for cruel and degrading treatment.

I have made several attempts to make an OIG complaint about the FBI and I would like to hear from someone who is without conflict of interest, and given the nature and extent of religious hate crime, they cannot be a member of the Roman Catholic church or baptised as such.

I am asking someone to please let me know who will take my complaint and upon being given a name, I can give further information. I am also told that sometimes a complaint might go before an ethics or supervisory committee which includes an FBI person and I believe it is a conflict of interest to have them deciding whether or not to pursue an investigation when they could be self-protective.

I've looked at the OIG hierarchy and in the past and present, the people in charge are members of the Roman Catholic church. I need to have my complaints reviewed by someone who is NOT Roman Catholic and I am still asking for an INVESTIGATION and response from your offices about this.

Thank You,

Cameo L. Garrett


Anonymous said...

Eric Holder will probably have to put aside the fast and furious situation and handle your request for an investigation. I am sure he will prioritize your situation well ahead of other important issues of national scope.

Anonymous said...

What do you think Holder can do for you? Isn't he part of the conspiracy?