Saturday, December 31, 2011

Torture To Head Again

I thought I should add that the military started targeting my head again. It started while I was writing about how the U.S. didn't even have a CPS investigation against me at all when they lied and told Canada they did. And then I wrote about how there was no record of mental illness either but instead, I had 3 records from different psychologists, all saying I was NOT mentally ill.

So basically, when the U.S. tortures people they of course want to claim they're mentally ill if they're running to another country for political asylum.


Anonymous said...

The military needs a better targeting system because you are obviously still typing!

Mama said...

I was still typing when they were stealing my ID to keep me from leaving the site of their torture and I was still typing when all the hair on my body quit growing, my head hair fell out, my son and I got laser marks, and we were subjected to microwave, radiowave, and ultrasound.

Why? to try to draw attention of someone who could help, to help.

Funny how marrying a Catholic was the military's solution.