Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Crime From The Private Property:233251 Oregon

I have had military torturing me this morning with heating and then the extremely painful technology to my teeth.

This is the man responsible for helping out: 233251 Oregon plates, truck. Short dark brown hair and he's the same guy coming out of the private property driveway where I already reported they have some kind of weird torture stuff set up.

What was done was military and encompassed a specific radius around my trailer.

But there were several persons called upon to coordinate and act as outliers. They all know eachother.

The technology that affects the metal in my teeth became so excruciating I had to leave my place, literally, and I grabbed my phone on the way out and as I walked out of my trailer, it was less and less and then I could walk back to it and it was stronger.

There was a target zone on and around my specific trailer.

I knew because I left my place with the phone and checked it. However, at the same time the DOD decided to torture citizens again, they had their pals who work in city and private business pull up.

So the technology started just as this extremely loud truck started and could be heard up the driveway. Construction style loud.

I knew as soon as I heard it that it was only there to make me "think" that this had something to do with it and mask what was really going on.

So I went out and checked the circumference of my place and you could walk right in and out of the hot zone. I walk out, my teeth with mercury on the left side don't hurt at all. I walk in, they hurt instantly.

That's satellite.

No "construction truck" parks across the property and is able to not direct something to the entire property but just focus on a radius around my trailer. However, I still wanted to go check that truck out because he and someone else coordinated what they were doing.

So I walked over and it was a huge green "AquaTech" truck doing service for a house across the street at approximately 12 noon or a little before. I'll mention which house in a minute. I don't think I got the plate right. It was commercial plates 750759 or something like that. But I can ID that one simply by the name of the company and which house they serviced at what time.

I'm positive about the other plates.


And then I went up and asked this group of 5 guys standing around, which one of them owned the truck and he came forward and I asked him if he was with the military or knew anyone who was. He lied to me. He might have a "day job" but the guy was military.

And then I got the plate number, just looked at it (didn't take paper and pen with me) and then this other huge truck with a rolling barrel thing like a cement mixer comes past it, around the corner, a red and white truck and I didn't see which company it was with but the plates were commercial and red-crimson and white and they were YSCF 194. There was absolutely no reason for that truck to even be in the neighborhood.

And as I was looking at those plates I noticed I was being watched up the road by a man in a truck who was parked about 1-2 blocks worth down and he pulled out and drove by sneering, and he's the one who is up to no good. He has Oregon plates 233251.

Hey, and you know what would be even more fun?

Having someone prove they all know eachother and that they are connected to the perp who used technology on my house to the extreme that it drove me out--the Department of Defense and U.S. Military.

This guy in the truck who was parked up ahead to spy on my reaction--TOTAL ASSHOLE.

And while I have never seen his truck parked at a house down that private drive where they are doing illegal things, I have seen him and a woman about his age coming back and forth from there. I've seen them twice, together, and they look like brother and sister.

Different vehicles though.

The dark brown hair guy is in his 30s I would guess, and he's decent looking. I didn't see the guy in the red and white mixer and as soon as I saw the guy from the green truck I thought military.

I approached and these 5 guys at the house were just staring at me and then at eachother and mocking. Then I was talking to them and they still looked down on me and I turned to leave and looked back and they were giving eachother looks over me, until I swore at them and asked if they all live together. They one of them looked like he cared. Why care?

You don't bother to care when you all stand around waiting for me to come out to mistakenly attribute (you hope) torture to a commercial "water truck". You give looks to eachother and make fun of me privately between yourselves, so why even bother to care what I say?

Nice to meet you, by the way. Great way to say hello to your neighbors.

When I have seen the other guy, 30s guy in the truck, he has been coming down the private drive with a woman who looks like him and about the same age, and she usually wears a bb hat. And then, like I said, they have a "scout" who watched the entrance from townhouses at least a 1/2 mile away.

I don't know how they're connected except that at least one of them has a line to the military because it was military that targeted my house just now, and they just all happened to be along for the joke and to act as outliers.

I want to say a maroon-red plate with yellow lettering on it, on a red and white commercial truck, is from....? out of state? or do they come in that color here? What I know is he knew the guy in the green truck and the guys standing outside to have this water service.

Then this other man follows after and smirks at me and rubs his nose. He was parked up the road stalking me before I even came out of my driveway. He was already positioned, so he knew I had just been tortured and would probably come out to look.

I hate them and the people they work with. It's not hard to know already that they're no good.

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