Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Obama's War Isn't Over

Well "the war" hasn't been the excuse for our being tortured.

For the U.S.'s assault upon its own civilians. Today it happened to me, and to my Mom, and to my Dad.

My Dad didn't seem too bad until after I wrote about hemophilia and in the last hour, it's now 4:44 p.m., he was assaulted. Most specifically in the last 20 minutes.

He came home stumbling around like he was totally disoriented, as if he was drunk and he's not been drinking. He is being tortured. I saw him just an hour ago and his eyes weren't puffy like they are now and it's not from tears, it's like he's been wearing googles around his eyes that were too tight and now there is an imprint around them. Like when you swim laps, and you put on the speedo or whatever goggles and you're making sure you have a good seal and after a workout, sometimes you take them off and there are rings and your eyes sometimes are super puffy.

He said he took the dog for a walk. If that was a "walk", I'd like to know why he can't talk or think straight now. And I know from personal experience what the U.S. has allowed and that they are using horrific forms of hate crime by using military technology that is harmful and extremely dangerous.

I had a bad feeling. I knew something bad was happening.

And I asked for someone to check on my son.

Then, I called my Mom and someone was listening in to our conversation because I heard the click.

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