Sunday, December 25, 2011

Parents Tortured: Generational Torture by U.S.

They're still being tortured. Even on Christmas Day we were. All of us.

Ironically, we saw the movie "War Horse" at the theater.

I think my Dad is getting the worst of it. He is not in very good shape right now and I know it's from torture and being beat up.

My Mom was targeted while in the theater and her eyes turned black around the inside. I was targeted too, even while in the theater, not a lot, but it was done. And I'm sure that if it was done to me and my Mom it also happened to my Dad.

Also, this fumigation smell in my place...that's happened a few times, I guess it happened at my Grandpa Garrett's house too. My parents called it "Belinda's spices" smell, but I think it's looking like something else. They call the chemical smell in my place "chinese spices smell" too and yet we all know it's not that. So if my place smells like Grandpa Garrett's cabin did torwards the end of his life, then it's looking like torture and systemic assassination.

It's really starting to look like, along with religious hate crime, my family has been targeted by the U.S. for decades and generations.

It's starting to look like they figured out we had some unusual gifts and decided to find a way to trap and control us from generation to generation. I guess since I didn't have any kind of unique gift in this area, they didn't care about me until religious hate crime began and then that group just used people who have been involved in the generational torture and forced labor and kidnappings.

So the picture I've been able to gather so far, is that aside from my very distinct religious hate crime problem, my entire family has, for generations, been forced to work for the U.S. government and in every case, it's been forced.

Then after they're done using us and forcing us to work for them, by entrapping us and coercion, threats of jail, and torture, then they dump us. So they get all they can out of using us, and then they start using us for plain medical and chemical and military technology research to shut us up and intimidate us to keep us from talking.

I told my parents last night, no one believes us, or it's hard to believe, because it's unbelievable. It's so horrific, it is literally almost impossible to believe.

Then, they try to kill us. And they do kill us.

They blackmail us and kidnap our children and take eggs and sperm by force. They use us for creating more kids like us, but ones they can control. And if we have kids on our own, of our own accord, they have systematically kidnapped them from us.

They kidnapped my Dad, Aunt Charlotte, and Uncle Howard. The U.S. did.

We always wondered what happened with my Dad's biological mother. It was always this code of silence and different explanations but what really happened, is that first the U.S. was using my Grandpa Garrett and his brother in World War II and they noticed they were not "ordinary". For all I know, it went back to Lebius Garrett, the musical genious who may have had other talents as well.

(I can relate to talents being stolen)

What we know is that my Grandpa Garrett had secret work he never talked about, with the military.

Then they trapped him.

The U.S. experimented on my Great-Uncle Howard and then they killed him in Seattle, WA. He did some work in Virginia or out of Virginia I've heard, but he was killed in Seattle, WA.

My Grandpa Garrett left the military to find out what had happened. Some group didn't appreciate his investigation. So they trapped him. They were afraid of him because they already knew he was gifted in psychic-remote viewing abilities (just a natural gift God gave him, bear with me on that word "psychic" and insert prophetic or word of knowledge or a christian term wherever needed). So they already knew he was amazing and they didn't want him poking around and finding out who was responsible.

They also knew my Grandpa Garrett had kids. The little guinea children. And the U.S. government wanted those kids. They wanted to OWN those kids.

So they trapped my Grandpa and said that for his leaving service without permission, he was going to jail. Prison. Unless...what?

The U.S. didn't say, "Hey, go back to the military or you're going to jail and forget about your brother."

No, all of a sudden, my Nana was flying down and trying to plead with the U.S. to not put my Grandpa in jail. The U.S. was responsible for killing my Uncle and my Grandpa must have known.

So the timeframe is such that my Grandpa didn't go back to the East Coast and get back into the military.

No, the U.S. demanded his children as payment. The United States has been buying and selling my family like property for themselves.

So the next thing we see, is the same thing that happened to me and my son Oliver. The U.S. kidnapped children. And they kidnapped them from the people they knew would "get in the way" to protect those children and went with those who they had already blackmailed on something.

So get this. The United States has a little "talk" with my Grandpa Garrett, and he doesn't go to jail. Instead, he is told to relocate across the country and away from their mother.

It was technically child kidnapping. But the U.S. was the guilty party.

Then, guess who the only person was who was a link between my Grandpa Garrett and my biological Grandma? My Nana. The same Nana who had to plead with the U.S. military and government not to put my Grandpa in jail for leaving when his brother died, and flying over to find out what happened. Nana was "in" on the talks with the U.S.

And she wouldn't tell my biological Grandma where the kids were. But they had no reason to keep them from her. It was all about the U.S. entrapping a family so they could have access to the kids.

They used them for research and began experimentation in New Mexico. Our great Area 51 place. Back then, it wasn't just Area 51. It was a huge state renowned for military and government research.

All the kids (3) were age 6 or so and younger. And all of them were used by the U.S.

At the time they were forced to relocate, after threats of jail to my Grandpa, it was the same year the CIA and military were starting up their MK-Ultra programs which used children without their consent and purposefully traumatized them.

Mother-child separation is one of their key components. They deliberately traumatize children while they're young and one of their favorite ways to do this is to force an unwanted separation.

Any attempt to escape the government would lead to trying to secure help from another country or a mafia and the U.S. knows this and uses this. If someone tries to escape and get out, they already know who they will be forced to turn to and then they use this for reinforcement blackmail. Then they get them locked in to be tortured, beat up, you name it. And forced labor for the U.S. is a cinch.

Think about it. My Grandpa had just been told he was going to prison.

Do you reeeaaally think he's going to abduct his children then and just think he'll be unnoticed? No. He was thinking about prison. He'd just been threatened with prison.

So this relocation was a forced relocation and kidnapping by the U.S. so they could use my Dad, Aunt Charlotte, and Uncle Howard for their own reasons. Then when they're done, or if they ever got worried about these psychic kids talking about what's going on, they just call them crazy or kill them.

What's worse, is when hate crime enters the picture.

If hate crime of any kind begins, if those responsible know people in those confidential upper echelons of government, then they use them.

They have the edge because they already know there is something secret and difficult to prove going on, and if they want to use this as a cover for illegal hate crime, they can do it and know the victims are unable to speak about it.

It's Government Classified Hate Crime.

As if it wasn't enough to trap people and coerce them to work for the government. As if it's not bad enough to abduct and steal children, on a generational level.

They did it to my Grandpa Garrett. Then they did it to my Mom and Dad and they were forced to allow us to be used for the U.S. as well. Then I was the one who refused to give up my child and they stole him from me after first torturing us with the help of the CIA, military, and DOE (Department of Energy).

With me, I can look back and recognize I've been used since I was a kid, by the U.S. But in a lot of ways, they left me alone because maybe I didn't make the cut. I mean, I wasn't the kid who was asked, "Do you know what's inside this present?" and I was guessing right. I was the kid who was a little more intuitive but not the one reading minds like some of these kids.

Yes. Children can read minds. How long did I know? Um, I didn't know about my parents at ALL until I was allowed to leave TN and come back to stay with them. So that's about 5 months.

Never in my life, entire life, did I ever suspect anything different about them. All I knew was that "Other kids do bad things and never get caught, but I GET CAUGHT." Well. Yeah. I didn't have four eyes of my parents looking after me. They had double-sight. I had eight eyes on me at all times.

So NOW, it is easier for me to see how it has been possible for extreme levels of religious hate crime to occur for other reasons.

Now I know. And for the Canada guys that were wondering what the "big deal" was when I left for Canada with my son, umm, yeah, now we know.

The problem was that there was religious hate crime expecting us over the border in Canada because I'd already suggested I might go that direction (I had no money to travel farther). It comes down to the U.S. treating people like property, like their own cache of goodies. And probably there are a few perks or it's not too bad as long as some group doesn't get jealous and try to destroy the family.

On my Mom's side, I think it's the same thing. Someone blackmailed my Grandpa Baird and got him cinched in. How else did my mother end up in such a program? Wenatchee and Cashmere are literally crawling with retired military and CIA and it's one of the biggest "blackmail quota high" towns I've ever been in. The people there have relied on dirty trade with the CIA and government for decades and generations (illegal workers working in orchards and the owners getting a free pass from the U.S. as long as our apple economy was the world's highest and made the country rich and as long as they got other favors too). As a result, the level of blackmail is very high and the people look so nice and churchy and their coming after you with their own brand of "gang". It is a CRAZY place. And then they bring in more criminals and they control people because someone has something on everyone.

How about this theory? How about my Grandpa Baird and his brothers are extremeley smart men, brilliant even, and have done service in the military. My Granny and her father were renowned as well. Someone in the U.S. sees an opportunity for blackmail--maybe, "We won't prosecute you for hiring illegal immigrants if you allow us to use your daughter Dicksie for our program called MK-Ultra."

I mean, my Grandpa is better than most, and immigrant issues have not been high in importance there, in the past. Even now it's very lax. But it wasn't a problem. It was "technically" illegal, but everyone did it. So the only person who could suddenly get a surprise visit would be someone who had something the U.S. wanted. Like smart kids or talented kids for government research.

Or if someone finds out about talents and gets jealous again, they can go in and blackmail and take things. And the worst part is that if they want friends in government to help them, at that point, the family is already vulnerable.

They are vulnerable because secrets are used against them and they are held hostage to this, and by this from people who are worse enemies than any foreign country. And if they have friends who are in seniority, in these positions, they can and will use them against the family for hate crimes.

If they throw in something that "looks like" research it sort of works as a cover and the excuse is that, oh it's just "political" and this family has been in this kind of work (or forced to work or used for that work without consent). In reality, the hate crimes are worse and more excessive than any other kind of crime in the U.S. and it is the only form of hate crime that is virtually impossible to prove. If the hate crime originates or is supported by people within government, they have "the cards". They may hold them for religious hate crime friends. But they're holding them. Meanwhile, the old excuses come up, about end means, and distraction to other topics of national interest.

They will go ahead and use others from their church and their friends, and give them great cushy spots in the U.S., sometimes to work right up against the other psychics they hate and want to destroy.

They bring in a bunch from their own "team" and have them psycho-analyzing and working to get inside someone else's head, and find out what they think and do. Which is important to religious hate crime if people are filing lawsuits against them.

It's fear and wanting to have the upper hand and edge. Just as some in the U.S. feared my Grandpa Garrett would figure out who was responsible for his brother's death, the religoius hate crime groups are afraid of prosecution and litigation.

So believe me, if they can bring in all their Catholic and some Jewish friends up against someone, to pick apart how their former opponent "is thinking" they don't have to worry about themselves and can anticipate the next move.

Then they try to pass it off as research when really, their motive is to obstruct justice for personal and religious reasons and they just spent taxpayer money to formulate a pre-litigation defense for themselves.

If they didn't kill first, or ruin someone's mind and reputation to make them powerless.

Once they get their own "guys" in there, to do "work for the government" they start trying to edge out the other talent and destroy families.

The goal with people who have these unique gifts, is to control them.

Use them and control them.

While watching this movie, "War Horse", my mother jerked all the way forward twice. First, when the horse Joey first runs into the barbed wire fence. Then she fell forward again, like from whiplash, the second time the horse ran into barbed wire. The third time, she didn't move.

My mother never does this. Ever. So since she did, and her eyes were blackened on the inside, I don't know if something happened while she was watching and they did it at those specific times, or if it was emotional.

Do you know what happened when I was first here? After being in TN? I said to my Mom, "Mom, you've been tortured long enough." And she started to cry.

What did these people over here who control her do? Try to hook her up with a psychologist that has a HUGE conflict of interest and I'm not sure if she was also medicated.

Anything "real" is blocked. Any form of real emotion because if one of the guinea pigs doesn't seem happy no problem, but if they're crying in response to "They've tortured you long enough," they worry.

If someone "breaks" to the point of crying, maybe they'll be "talking" next. It's also a validation or confirmation that indeed, there is torture occuring.

Torturing me and my son and then kidnapping him is illegal.

It's not a "court matter". It's a criminal series of actions that should be prosecuted for the crimes they are. I mean, it's civil, yeah, but the underlying matter is criminal. Those who are corrupt in the U.S. just don't want anyone (their coworkers) prosecuting THEM.

Not only is the U.S. guilty of generational kidnapping and coercion and entrapment forcing family members to be used, they are guilty of harboring criminals whose motive is not national or state interest but personal and religious.


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