Saturday, December 31, 2011

Russia Foreign Ministry & Extraordinary Rendition of Infants

I tried to find the 90 page report from the Russian Foreign Ministry but no one has a link to it anywhere.

This is what I don't like: Media expecting a citizen to just "take their word for it" without allowing anyone to read the actual document for themself or referring to it with a link or address.

It's like being in the Middle Ages with a Bible chained to the podium and only a Roman Catholic priest gets to read what is there.

Everyone else is supposed to "take my word for it."

I don't want to take someone else's word for it because I know how the journalists here in the U.S. get away with murder and worse.

I want to read the document for myself, and then decide on my own what I think of it.

And since it mentions the U.S. and Canada, and I've had experience with both, I'd like to read it.

So I then went to the Russia Foreign Ministry site and it was the U.S. one and I couldn't find a thing. There was a section for position about diplomacy and mission and for statements and comments but nothing for reports. So then I went to the Russian site that is in Russian and I liked the organization a little bit better but I still couldn't find any documents because it's all Russian and I can't read a thing.

I guess I can go to the White House site and see if they have it posted somewhere.

I have to file a letter I guess, asking for an extension to "amend my complaint" and explain to this Judge as well that I was not filing a complaint but a request for injunction.

It's different. I still want to maintain my ability to file a lawsuit. I was trying to go back to my original request for injunction, which they illegally blocked.

So one thing I glanced at, in an article by USA Today, was that there is reference to the bad judicial system here in the U.S., and how the U.S. is a "far cry" from what Washington D.C. claims it is, and that is true.

It is absolutely true.

It's impossible to kidnap children from mothers unless a country is corrupt and unless their judiciary is corrupt. Some comment about intrusion into private lives is also true because that is partly how my legal opponents even started to gain an edge in their lawsuits over me.

They had their police and FBI friends giving them illegal surveillance that was made "legal" by the Patriot Act. So everytime I was on the telephone with someone saying I was planning to file on a certain date, or talking about my case, or on my computer working on something, they were getting an illegal edge. Not that it wasn't also some of the company I was keeping. But they used The Patriot Act for their own personal lawsuit leverage.

And with Canada, well, they're not all bad just like the U.S. is not all bad, but the people who obstructed me and lied about me there, committed crimes of collusion with their friends in the U.S.

They were not supposed to force a refugee back to a country where they knew harm awaited. They were required to provide a hearing for political asylum. Instead, they lied and waited to let the U.S. try to generate more lies about me so they felt better about the paperwork which still didn't hold up.

To even take my son they knew they had to arrest me for something. Anything. So they created a false arrest just for the occasion and then violated their own laws and sent the child away from the legal guardian when he was required to remain in the same country, wherever that was, that the mother was detained.

Then, they said, yeah, go ahead if you want political asylum, you can walk around crazy as a loon and we won't bother you and you won't have your son either. If you want your son back, go back to Wenatchee.

They tried to tell me, when I first asked for political asylum the first time I showed up after asking for asylum, that they can't give this to a mother and child and that if they gave me hearings for political asylum my son couldn't stay with me. That's what they said. We can't give you process for political asylum if your son is with you.

Then they tried to force me back to the U.S. without any hearings. Then jail for me with their lies and false arrest. Then they colluded to allow the U.S. to kidnap my son and take him out of the country that his only legal guardian had him in.

Then, their little grand finale was to claim I tried to be an "illegal alien".


So they then literally cited me for something that didn't even fit which they knew was wrong but gave them their excuse for why they supposedly jailed me. After that, they double-whammied me, forcing me to sign a false confession or go to jail again.

So yeah, REAL NICE guys in Canada there.

It's not all of the Canadians right? So why don't we start looking at the religious affiliation of those who colluded to deprive me and my son of justice.

As for the REST of the U.S. and Canada, if you guys find out some of your employees did something wrong, you just let them walk away with it?

Ever since, my mother has refused to sign anything that allows me to gain access to legal records and documents.

So either she and my father work for the United States government and have been part of the program to prevent me from getting my son back so they can use him as a guinea pig, or she and my father are being illegally forced to work for the U.S.

Yesterday was yet another incident where she said she would agree to sign something for court for my getting my son back and then she refused again. Not only that, she followed whatever the Catholics told her to do when we were shopping in Coos Bay because I told her I needed to stop at the Social Services department there and apply for medical insurance because I had been bleeding non-stop.

She refused.

I started to cry and said I had been bleeding every single day and I told her ahead of our trip to Coos Bay that I needed to go in and sign up so why was she refusing to take me there so I could at least apply for insurance?


Maybe because the Catholics and those working as criminals for the U.S. government didn't want me to then have something to take to the Catholic Judge Quackenbush, who is also U.S. military. Maybe they didn't want me to be able to show the court that I attempted to at least get medical insurance.

We had enough time to go there too, and she refused. She said instead that she had to pick something up from J.C. Penny's and I said, "They are open until 9 p.m. and the social services office is only open until 5 and it's 4 right now."

I told my mother that I had been having vaginal bleeding every single day and she refused to take me to apply for free health insurance.

I guess that's because the U.S. military thinks their chemicals work better.

Then, for the 11th or so time since I've been here, she refused to sign any document that would help me in court for getting my son back. She has refused repeatedly to let me print from their printer when I need to, and has refused to sign things, and refused to pay for my transcript for college after having the pen out to write for it so I could get into college, and then again, last night, I showed up with a hand-written statement because the printer broke down. This time she said I could print out 5 pages and that's it, days ago but I had more than that and wasn't ready so then the next thing was that the printer broke down. So I wrote out a hand-written declaration and read it to my Mom and asked her if she'd sign it. All it said was that yes, she knew I had told her I had been bleeding (therefore health issue) and yes, the printer broke down. Above this I had written, "I, Dicksie-dael Garrett, am over the age of 18..." the standard thing for an opening legal declaration, and then I added the required closing statement of "I swear the above statements are true..." and that was it. So she claimed she would sign it and then she told me to change it. Instead of signing it, and agreeing with me that this was true, which she knows is true, she said, take out the legal stuff about "I, dicksie garrett" and "swear that this is for court". And she said if they needed to talk to her to call her. I said, "The Judge is not going to 'call you'" to confirm the truth of my request for an extension on this. And I said, "and I can't take that other stuff out, you have to have it there for a declaration or it's not a sworn declaration." So she just came up with all these excuses to exasperate me and provoke me again and basically, she then refused to sign it.

I said, "You just said you'd sign to confirm yes I told you I was bleeding and yes the printer broke down". She said, "You're just making excuses." Every single thing she did to me is what the Catholics have been doing to me for years and now, apparently, they coach my mother to do this to me so they don't have to take the blame.

I said, "You know I'm not making excuses and you just said yes, you agreed this was true and all I'm asking is for you to sign this, so they can see, whether you think it's an excuse or not, that it's true."

And she said, "Take out the part about bleeding every day and when the printer broke down. Just make it 2 lines."

I said, "I can't just have you sign that I was "bleeding" because if you sign to that, what it means is that I could then make a motion claiming I was lying in the middle of the street bleeding and you saw me and here is the declaration. I have to be more specific so it's clear you understood what you were signing to."

Basically, being specific is for anyone's own protection. It shows too, good faith in not just getting my mother to sign whatever and then having me go in and use it for other ingenuous purposes and it keeps anyone else from challenging the quality of the declaration that was made.

So I explained this and it was all on half of a page of paper. It was short and it included the required elements and she refused to sign it.

She even agreed, standing there, that it was true. But instead of signing, she provoked me and made excuses not to sign it and to have me change it so it wasn't going to hold up in court.

So why would my own mother do this unless she works for the U.S. government and they force her to do this, or the Catholics who always come up with the same excuses and lies have been the ones to demand her to do certain things to benefit their interests, and put the blame onto her.

Why would my own mother refuse to take me to get health insurance when the building was across the street from the parking lot of the Wal-mart we were just pulling out of? It was 1 block away.

She took me on her psychic work shopping spree and then the users that force us to work for them, and at least I am not consenting to any of it, dictate whether I get medical insurance or not, or documentation that will help me for court.

My parents never started up this kind of treatment of me until after I had met the Mt. Angel Abbey monks and clergy and their lawyers instructed others on how to treat me. And since the same government they've had to work for has Catholics in charge, I guess they continue to dictate, under threat of torture, that my parents pressure me to take guilty pleas when I'm innocent, torture them to say I'm mentally ill when I'm not, and force them and coach them to provoke me and refuse to help me and in fact do whatever they can to ruin my chances of getting my son liberated from SHIT.

My parents literally never did this to me. They did some things I wondered about, but no, they never treated me the way the Catholic church treated me until after the Catholic church lawyers and members saw how much it bothered me and decided to force my parents to use this tactic against their own daughter.

They were the ones telling my parents, to tell me from Coquille, Oregon, to drop my lawsuits against them.

When I didn't, their friends in the FBI and judiciary forced me out.

Now they control my parents so that my mother is repeatedly refusing to sign statements she knows are true and which she knows will help me in my case as she is the only witness.

Who else do I call as witness to the fact that I was bleeding and that the printer broke down.

I told her today fine, I'll supeona her then.

Supposedly they are helping me get on my feet and into college and then it's been one huge excuse after the other, following my UN complaint and request to the FBI for FOIA.

So the FBI wants me to have sex with their men, but they don't want to give me my son back because they're using him. Just as they use my Mom and Dad and tried to use me too.

I have a really great Judge now. Oh yeah, by the way, he's a double-whammy: Catholic and Military too.

He gave me a couple of weeks to make an ammendment over the holidays when half the days the library and post office are closed down. It's standard to give 1 full month for making such changes to motions, not a couple of weeks around Christmas and New Years.

I tried to go to the Russia Foreign Ministry site on the U.S. side and instead of getting the document about human rights, a search on their engines pulled up, on #15, an article about adoption. (adoption of Russian children, who were tortured and killed but which can apply to anyone wondering about the U.S. sysem). Which is no secret because everyone knows the U.S. watches what I look up and write.

Adoption of children.

This country tortured us and kidnapped my son from me when I left this country to ask for political asylum.

I had no idea the United States practices extraordinary rendition of infants.

That's what it was. They had zero legal grounds to take him or to even go to Canada and attempt to defame me. I was the only legal guardian and there was no legal document that prevented me from leaving the U.S. They kidnapped my son from me when I left them, like a spurned woman.


"Hell hath no fury like a woman spurned." Should Panetta grow his hair long and curl it on occasion? or would he prefer to wear a kilt in the Pope's plaid.

I asked for my mother to return the hand-written document I drafted on the spot on the kitchen counter and she refuses to give it to me. She said why and I said I wanted to mail it with my request for an extension. Even if she didn't sign it, I can still prove I drafted it and that this is what she refused to sign, even while she admitted she agreed it was the truth.

What do these people do? they steal from me. They probably told my Dad to grab it and bring it to them so they could look at it, or my mother is expected to give it to someone else so they can see if they had a good psychic guess about what I would write and how much I would write.

Win win for the U.S. Catholics.

Russia is right. The U.S. is NOT the same country it claims to be. It's not even the U.S. at all anymore. It may as well be called The Holy See. I would like to know how much the U.S. got blackmailed for by The Holy See.

Aside from putting their spies in office and their members of a church and country that pledges allegiance to another country above the U.S. (The Holy See), I wonder how much they blackmailed all the non-Catholics for, on behalf of the Holy See.

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