Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Diagnosed My Dad (doctors couldn't do it, so I did)

I found out, last night, what contributes to my Dad's hand condition (aside from assault).

I know he's had someone "working" on them in a bad way, trying to ruin his hands, and having him dab his knees in paint and toxins, and I know he's getting beat up by someone. Someone has been hitting my Dad for awhile but I am not sure who is responsible yet. And that's aside from technology and torture and the feeling I have that he and my Mom have been doped up on something before.

However, I am positive my family has hemophilia. And based on my family history, that's how I diagnosed my Dad.

He's had arthritis of his hands and the doctors have never given anything to him for it, nothing to help, and said they didn't know what caused it either.

On my mother's side there is family history of hemmorhage. I never thought about it with me but when I must have some kind of small form of hemophilia. And I read about how, with women, it can only be passed on if both the mother and father are also that way.

It causes swelling in joints upon harm and then the swelling will go down after trauma, because there is internal bleeding. It mainly affects joints like hands, elbows and knees. And you can't see the bleeding because it's on the inside which can be worse. Then, when this repeats, it causes what is called "hemophiliac arthritis" which is specific to this disorder.


Diagnosis for free.

And I'm positive my mom has chromium sores from toxic exposure. And her doctors didn't diagnose her accurately either.
well, that was random.

I just finished this post about hemophilia and then I was in the middle of making something to eat for lunch and grabbed my parsley and decided to freshen it up by putting the stalks in a container of water in the fridge instead of just cut, and as I considered whether to remove the tie around it or not I looked at it and it says "Queen Victoria".

Queen Victoria?

I looked again. I was just writing about hemophilia and now I'm noticing the parsley I'm holding in my left hand says "Queen Victoria" on it.

I only thought of it bc first of all, for parsley? and then secondly, she was a hemophiliac.

I didn't notice at the store--I just grabbed it bc I love cilantro but cilantro with garlic is too much. I needed parsley.

Anyway, asparagus is a good stopper. I found out even the ginko biloba I drink is a blood thinner so I am thinking more about how to balance my diet.

I know my son must be the same as me because the doctor got mad at the circumscision and said he couldn't see a thing because he was bleeding way more than normal. Over and over the doctor complained about how much he bled. I got K2 supplements in TN but K1 is the one that's supposed to be the best.

To me, it's not that big of a deal. It's not life-threatening and not a major issue. It's just like something to think about, like when the Dr. says "don't take aspirin before surgery bc it will thin your blood."

That's good advice for everyone. Some people are prone to high cholesterol, others are prone to minor clotting factor issues. Not a big deal to me.

The only thing I'm watching is the effect of the military targeting my head.

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