Friday, December 16, 2011

Further Obstruction by Catholics in Dept. of Education

The reason I am not going to college is because of further religious hate crime and obstruction of justice by the Dept. of Education.

I can prove they deliberately created a problem and went into my account to put up a default tag when they knew there was a problem, when they are not even supposed to put up a default tag at all.

They were supposed to notify the other federal group that they verified a check incorrectly, cashed the check, and then decided they were "underpaid" by $400.

They were NOT supposed to put up a default tag. That's not even part of the procedure. They were supposed to let the other department know they were underpaid and get a check for the rest of the amount.

They didn't do this and sat on it for 1 1/2 months, knowing it kept me from consolidating and kept me out of college.

Then they gave me over to some customer rep. named "Mary" out of Montgomery, Alabama who has continued to stall.

She called on Tuesday to say she went ahead and sent out the form to have things "verified" and DCS verified the amount. Then all that had to happen is a check gets written.

That should have been done on Tuesday or Wednesday. I called Mary on Wednesday and she was telling me it had gone to "funding" and no one could do anything until maybe Monday but she'd let me know. I said why does it take that long to write a check, and this should be put at the top of the list because of their errors which put me at the back of the list.

She said they were "busy" and said "Jackie" was the one in funding who would be writing the check.

Then I called on Thursday, yesterday, and I got Kentucky offices and they told me they didn't know how to transfer me to the Alabama offices.

Then today, I called again and spoke to Mary and she sat there arguing. I told her I wanted to speak to the Jackie she was going to transfer me to on Wednesday and she said today she couldn't do that. What she had said Wednesday was she couldn't give me her email, not that she couldn't transfer me. Mary's supervisor is "Issac Shaw" and is out of the office, they said until the 20th.

I asked Mary to please check with Jackie and let me know and she kept saying she wasn't at her desk, and was taking a break, and MY how many breaks this Jackie takes for being so "very busy". In fact, she allegedly wasn't at her desk and was taking a "break" for the entire hour I was on the phone with Direct Consolidated Loans.

I asked Mary to please call me back today when she talked to Jackie and she said, "Have a good weekend" and hung up. Have a good weekend? So it's Friday and she basically just told me she is NOT calling me back today and to "have a good weekend".

So I called Direct Loans again and was told her supervisor was out of the office and all other managers or who filled in for him at this time was out.

I finally said, "I am asking at this time that no employee who is a member of the Roman Catholic church have ANYTHING to do with my account. If Mary or her supervisors or "Jackie", any of them are Catholic, I want them removed. I have investigations of religious hate crime pending and it is a conflict of interest..."

and this guy tried to argue with me but I reiterated, "They have been obstructing me from justice and obstructing me from educational goals, and it's gone all the way to D.C. and federal offices there where they let eachother know and then act as the "first responders" with anything to do with me and then screw me over."

They should have had that check mailed out on Wednesday at the latest and there is no excuse for not doing this, and putting it off until the next week.

Now they are stalling and delaying on a few days to put me past the time when financial aid is dispersed.

They've done it deliberately.

I can prove, that what DCS (Direct Collection Services) and DCL (Direct Consolidated Loans) have done was deliberate. DCS "customer service" is based out of Chicago, Illinois and DCL "customer service" is based out of centers in Alabama and Kentucky, but both of these departments are managed and funded in Washington D.C.

This guy tried to say they had no information about my religious hate crime information and would have no way of knowing what the problem is with members of the Roman Catholic church and I said yes, these members would know and that's why they pass information to eachother and designate one another to handle anything to do with me.

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Anonymous said...

You are not going to college because you are unmedicated and insane. Get some meds, get some college. Simple as that. I can't imagine anyone that has direct contact with you, by telephone or otherwise, that wouldn't pick up on the fact that you are functioning on a level of insanity that is mind boggling. I think you are in college and that college is Psychotic State.