Saturday, December 31, 2011

CPS "Investigation" A Lie (leave state but not country)

I just answered someone's comment to my post about legal documentation I took to Canada for me and my son. He said it sounded like I was running from CPS investigation. So I corrected him on that and responded.

I thought I might make the point again here, since not everyone knows this part.

There was NO "CPS investigation" when I left the U.S. for Canada. Everyone has tried to say I left in the middle of an investigation and it's a lie. First of all, if someone IS in investigation by CPS, I found out a parent who has legal guardianship can still leave the state or country.

The only time a legal guardian cannot leave the State or country, is if the court has ordered a "Protective Order" for the child.

Possibly too, if the State had started filing legal documents in court people would wonder, but you still have to have that Protective Order.

However, in my case, there was no Protective Order AND there was no "investigation" at all.

I had already been "investigated" and they had thrown out the complaints against me as "unfounded" (meaning no evidence).

The reason they wanted to come out to my house was not because I was under any investigation.

I had sent them an email from my own email account, in the form of a letter, inviting both Pam Cauffel and the Judge John Bridges wife, Mary, to come to my house and observe me and my son there anytime they like, or, if they wanted they could come along while my son and I were in public on a play date.

I specifically made the invitation to them, on my own, to come out to my house as an open invitation, without any requisite of investigation.

So one day they took me up on my offer.

It was not required or mandatory and I was not being investigated. Some people argue that if CPS shows up at your door and wants to come in to talk, it means something, but that in itself is not an investigation. They cannot even HAVE an investigation until they have grounds for one.

Therefore, some people argue against letting CPS into your house because if they come in, they look for dirty dishes in the sink or anything to START an investigation with.

They had not even been to my house so there was no investigation pending.

And the invitation was one I offered, not something they required.

After I left, they created a huge elaborate lie claiming I was on the run from them when I wasn't.

To this day, the State has withheld this crucial evidence from my lawyers and from the record. They know that if I show the court my letter, I can prove my invitation was not part of any investigation (as if it even mattered when they didn't have a Protective Order).

Pam Couffel did a LOT of lying to drum something up really fast. I was completely shocked to see what she had written. And yeah, a Judge's wife was in on it. The same one who tried to get me to take an offer to leave the State.

So they ask me to leave the State but then I can't leave the country?

How does that work?

Here's the other part...they also lied about me and said I was mentally ill. They had no evidence to give Canada of mental illness. Nothing.

The only mental health records I had affirmed I was normal, not mentally ill. Immediately prior to leaving for Canada, I was seen by 2 different mental health professionals who both concurred I was not mentally ill.

In addition to this, I had counseling records from a woman in the town, named Brett McDonald, which also affirmed I was normal and not mentally ill.

I had 3 separate mental health records from Wenatchee alone that all confirmed I was not mentally ill and they were all made within a couple of weeks of my departure to Canada. The one with McDonald was a record created months earlier and was in place when CPS asked me to leave the State and go to Utah.

All 3 mental health records agreed I was not mentally ill.

There was not one mental health record that stated otherwise.

So what evidence did they have of mental illness? None. In fact, they had 3 records working AGAINST them.

Of course a country is going to lie and call someone "mentally ill" if they are fleeing and asking for political asylum. That's usually what corrupt countries do with those who are trying to escape torture and oppression.

So CPS and the U.S. had NOTHING to use. And the corrupt people in Canada had nothing.

No mental illness. No CPS investigation or court order. No record of mental illness. Records proving no mental illness available.

What do you DO when the entire record is working against you?

What did they do? They lied. They lied and colluded together as, in the absence of any evidence, how to force us back to a terrorist nation. What the U.S. allowed to me and my son fits the definition for terrorism and simply because these people were Catholic, they think it doesn't apply.

They knew that they caused damages when they broke the law and defamed me. So then, instead of dismissing the whole thing and throwing it out as they first considered and should have done, they piled on count after count after count of criminal conspiracy to conceal crimes, falsify records, endanger and abuse a child, and obstruct justice, in addition to colluding to create a false arrest.

The entire motive of the State has since been to create evidence to support their lies because they broke the law and they needed something to justify their allegations.

So they did horrible things to try to get that "evidence" they needed and they made sure my public defenders didn't work on my behalf or my son's behalf. They hid my mental health records to this day, and they hid the letter I sent to Cauffel and Bridges by email, inviting them to my house.
If someone shows up asking for political asylum and there is no objective evidence of mental illness and just opinions from the country where the person is fleeing from, the country that receives the refugee is not supposed to return the person to the country without a hearing.

If someone really IS being tortured in the U.S., of course those who are in on it are going to say the person is crazy. I had plenty of documentation about problems with the FBI at that point and was able to show need for political asylum.

But they broke the law and didn't give me the chance. And they had no evidence which allowed them to break the laws.

After they refused to honor my request for political asylum, they knew what they had done was wrong and unlawful. So they tried to arrest me and claim it was for something else to avoid the pertinent question of why they ignored a request for political asylum in the first place.
Then, we might ask why the U.S. was so anxious to demand our return. They refused to protect me and my son and were torturing us. They first told us to move out of state to Utah and if we didn't, I guess if I was planning to file another lawsuit they torture us???

So yeah. Thanks Mary Bridges, for pressuring me to leave to Utah but then acting like it was a problem to be out of the country.

I think what they wanted, all the way through, was ultimate control.

They wanted to control whether I sued or not and tried to force me and my son to another State. If they couldn't control that, they were going to torture us both. And then, if we tried to leave and planned to expose what was going on, well, that was out of their control so they needed to feel a sense of control again.

They only quit torturing me when I escaped and got somewhere else and then when I was with this Catholic man. Then they started up the same old thing when I separated from him.


Maybe control issues again. Maybe they thought their Catholic man could control me so they felt in control again and if I wasn't with him they got worried about what I might do next and lost their feeling of controlling me.

They control my parents. They control my brother. They control my son and the family he is with. They have controlled me.

They torture, murder, and lie.

I do NOT want to raise my son in the United States of America. It's not the United States anymore. It's The Holy See.

And they torture people who do not convert to Roman Catholicism. They kidnap children from their parents as well.

I'm not going to leave my parents behind, and I don't appreciate having people try to force me out either. But should I be raising my son to respect this country?

My son should be spitting on this country. This country should be under the soles of his shoes for what they have done to him.

This classical station decided to play something called "Let Her Go". I need my own classical music.

What is disgusting is how long this has been going on. The crime against me and my family.

My own mother and father tried to escape. I think they want to live here, safely, and without problems, but when people are torturing you and using high offices to do it, there is a problem.

They have had people controlling them and telling them whether or not they can even see me.

They have tortured my parents in Coquille, Oregon since they were forced to move there. And they have tortured me and my brother.

I hate Laurie McLaughlin. That woman and imposters like Rick Baken for Mt. Angel Abbey monks are a big reason there has been a problem getting the FBI's attention to begin with. Rick and Claudia Baken moved in on my family after I met the monks of Mt. Angel Abbey. They moved right behind Granny's house. They say they converted to become evangelical christians and it's a lie. They are both born and raised Catholics. They didn't even think about having an orchard or moving in behind my grandparents until after I was having problems with clergy in Mt. Angel and the Department of Justice attorney's family popped up at my church. Christa Schneider's entire family was also Roman Catholic but supposedly converted to evangelical christianity. The Schneiders and the Bakens have this "Catholicism conversion to evangelical christianity" story that isn't true. Both of these families are connected to the FBI and Department of Justice. And both of these families suddenly appeared and wanted to get close to my family and the people I was closest to, after I'd been talking to the monks of Mt. Angel for over a year. They got their lawyers for their church involved and suddenly, Christa's family shows up and suddenly, the Bakens know where to find Granny who I talked about to the Fr. Joachim McCann all the time.

I think the DJ on right now is this Bill McLaughlin again. The one who I think has something to do with Laurie McLaughlin.

I know for a fact that Christa Schneider was used as a spy against me for the Abbey lawyers. I didn't jump to that took a long time and a lot of testing and observation to be convinced. I did not want to believe it. But it's true. And the Bakens are imposters as well. Baken tried to make it sound like he sided with me but he was in with Laurie McLaughlin and Washington FBI and his church friends all along.

The Bakens never looked touched by torture. That's for sure. I can't say the same about my grandparents. They looked tortured and then warmed over and then some. Not so! for the Bakens.

Claudia. Sending over her 6 little cookies on a plate (6, for silence) and Rick playing around with feathers at his house.

I can't remember what ethnicity Claudia is (just know she's Catholic), but I know Rick Baken is Italian-Catholic, wait, maybe that was his cover, and he's actually something else. German? Nordic? I don't know.

Nothing like watching Granny complain about military torture affecting her hearing, or heart, and eyes. And nothing like hearing about Grandpa get a big knife stuck in his butt.

Let's seeee....Grandpa just accidentally "sits" on an upright knife? what? the same month someone cut my mother's cheek?

How is it that Rick Baken is FBI and my son and I were tortured and blocked from accessing the FBI? I mean what kind of angle is that? Then I've got Irish-Catholics downtown Wenatchee at the St. Joseph's church standing there with a big CIA shirt on. They really want me to think it's all about the CIA and has nothing to do with the FBI.


Anonymous said...

Your blog manifests flight of thought, a clear sign of mental illness. You can't even control your thoughts while you type and that is why your blog is basically an interesting rambling about random events that you then organize to fit your paranoia. I mean, Cameo, you rant about everything and everyone. I hope you have a good year in 2012. You need it don't you think?

Anonymous said...

Face it. You took off. You "escaped" from "conspirators" and all of it was a figment of your imagination and the fact that you are nuts. And while CPS had your child ... you split and basically abandoned him. You need to accept that you were a terrible mother and that your former son is so much better off without you and your craziness. Growing up with a crazy mom is NOT the way to go. You are clearly beyond help but your son was not and I am relieved that he is no longer under your paranoid control.

In twenty years, you will be living off state welfare and writing your crazy blog and your former son will be happy and well-adjusted.

Mama said...

And with whom do I have the honor of addressing? CPS?

"...manifests flight of thought, a clear sign of mental illness."

Are you serious? It is true that I have what is called "freewrite" on many of my posts. If you were artistic, creative, or a writer, or had even gone to college and had a decent writing professor you might know what that is.

I know how to organize ideas into separate posts just as well as the next person.

Organizing by topic. Sounds very administrative.

I did this throughout my lawsuits, I do this for papers for college, and I do it for my blog too. And sometimes, I don't put the separate ideas to separate posts just like sometimes I put my toilet paper on the roller and other times I leave it on the counter.

Or sometimes I put my dishes in the cupboard and other times I leave them and they dry and I end up using them again before they're put away.

Or, I create tinctures and have them halfway done with various ingredients about.

What you want to say I don't have is "organization of thought" not that I have "flight of ideas".

You are talking about organization, period. If you were addressing "flight of ideas" you might find yourself in an art museum, a creative writer's workshop, or a culture that has circular patterns of thought, and not "linear" as we find in hard-context societies like the U.S. and Germany.

Even Germany has a good spin now and then. What I'm tired of, is boring people who never dare to be different in the smallest way, who have never created anything worthwhile, or been inventive, telling me to paint by numbers when I want a fucking picasso.

Go blow your horn in a cemetary if you want to see organization. You want to see how organized soldiers live and die lined up with identical plaques on a hill?

Stop asking me to be a soldier then, and to walk in time to orderly footsteps and trying to make eccentricity or artistic endeavor a swap for mental illness to satisfy egos of imbeciles.

Mama said...

Thanks for the smut. Next time try charging for others to have a look.

The Chilcuautla Conspiracy said...

I agree you can clearly see mental illness with due to her thought patterns(tangent-Rants) in her writings but CPS is EVIL. The mentally ill have rights. As long as they care for the child and do not endanger them. Sometimes CPS can trigger a vicious Paranoia Cycle. Meaning the Paranoia may be minimum but when CPS shows up this causes the paranoia to increase simply from the threat of their presence and this would be even if CPS really was there to help. Put on the fact CPS are Evil Bastards that like provoke such cases. I can Imagine how this vicious cycle ends!!