Saturday, December 31, 2011

U.S. Collusion To Kidnap Children & Spielberg

The United States kidnapped my son.

The United States thought I had married them and they thought they had joint custody of my son Oliver.

In all legal documents I had proven I was the sole legal guardian.

But my Ex, The United States, was a jealous and vengeful lover.

My Ex had abandoned my son and wasn't providing for him in any way. In fact, my Ex was trying to put us on the streets. My Ex had been abusing me for years and I had grown used to it. I had never married my Ex but my Ex, the U.S., thought I was married to them.

I had a relationship with the U.S. and loyalty, but I didn't marry him. I didn't give them joint custody of my child. They were not the guardians.

My Ex became abusive to the point that it was impossible for me live safely. It was dangerous for my son as well.

My Ex acknowledged in all legal documents that I was the guardian. The State had no rights to my son at all. My Ex, the U.S., or State if you will, knew this.

When I left my Ex and took my son with me, they went into a rage.

They tried to say I was mentally ill, and claimed I had abducted my child, and claimed I was endangering my son by leaving THEM, the Abuser.

They lied.

My Ex is very powerful.

He gets whatever he asks for, with no one ever checking into his affairs. I know he was never faithful to me, because while he required loyalty from me, he slept around with other countries. My Ex has the largest indentured servitude program in the world. He is so powerful he receives money from every person that is able to work. He runs the legal department for justice, the department for transportation, the investigative agencies and intelligence communities, and he allows them to designate to the state and local government.

My Ex didn't want me to escape. He was busy creating a grandiose story about how mentally ill I was so he could continue abusing me. He tried to keep me from working so I didn't have any money and he hired people to force me out of lawsuits that I was forced to file to protect my name. Then he got really mad when I didn't want to be forced to attach his number to my son's name. So he tried to take my son from me. I didn't let that happen.

However, because of his power and resources, he had hired people to harass me daily. Police even. And he hired others to promote a story that I was mentally ill so no one would believe me if I ever started to share what was going on.

I finally tried to talk to the media. I was put in jail the night before my interview. I found out my Ex had something to do with that and the people who put me jail worked for him. My Ex was so hateful he stopped providing for medical coverage for both me and my son. I found out that my Ex had even plotted to kill me once or twice and then abandoned the idea or it didn't work out. After this, he started calling me crazy. And then he decided to torture me and my son instead.

After he had his employees put me in jail and held me hostage there, he tried to force me to plead guilty too. I refused and the only reason I didn't end up in jail was because I was pregnant and someone else wanted me to eat properly so the baby was healthy when they tried to take him away from me.

My Ex was so hateful that he had hired people to vandalize my property and ruin my car so I couldn't drive anywhere. I had rights to an agency that was supposed to investigate but all they ever said was to "move". Keep moving? I had already moved. How many times should I move? This agency wanted me to just run all over the nation, moving myself and my son from one spot to the next because they were too lazy to investigate who stalked me and vandalized everything I owned?

My Ex was obligated to provide protection but he was too busy with other lovers and protecting them instead.

My son and I had nothing.

So when my Ex didn't provide the protection he was supposed to provide in return for my loyalty and as a right of my birth, I knew I had to escape with my son.

He began hiring people to torture us. I had thought someone else was responsible for years and then I realized, it's him. He has been doing this to me for a decade and it's him. I confronted him with this and he told the people who work for him to make it worse. He looked away, out the window, and didn't want to watch when they tortured my son, the child he claimed he cared about.

I had a relationship with the most powerful man in the world. But he was unfaithful to me and my son and I never married him. My child was never his child. My child was my child and belonged to no one else. He had an obligated to provide protection and that was it. And instead of fulfilling his obligation, he tortured my son. He didn't torture the other children, but he tortured my son.

I guess this is how someone who really loves you, shows it.

When I fled from this Ex with my son, he hunted us down.

He didn't have any legal right to my son. But since he is the most powerful man in the world, he doesn't have to obey any laws.

I left his house where he had tried to keep me confined. He even stole documents for indentity that would be required if we wanted to go to another house that didn't torture us. That was the first or second time he tried to hold me hostage and keep me from leaving.

Then we escaped and he lied to the people in the other house. Some of those people worked for him too and I didn't know it. Since I was the only legal guardian for my son and we left, the only way my Ex thought the other house would send him back was if they agreed to arrest me. He told them my son didn't belong to them and was raised with him. He said that I was trying to abduct my child but they all knew I was the only guardian. Since I had asked for political asylum, he had his lawyers write me up as mentally ill and endangering a child. My Ex tortured me but he didn't want anyone to believe me.

So he planned and plotted how to kidnap my son from me when I left him.

After he decided to have me arrested, he took my son and then held this over my head like a trophy. He petitioned the court to give HIM, the Abuser, "temporary guardianship" until there were further hearings. Then he hired people and the employees already on his payroll were instructed to make me lose.

My Ex is so powerful, he has people who were even doing mail service for the country who chose to hold back mail from getting to me in time. He had lawyers agree not to file evidence that supported me. He had psychologists who were willing to say I was mentally ill.

He then took my child and tortured my son.

While he did this, he tried to pressure me to do favors for him again. He was using me all along. He quit torturing me for a short time when he thought I might do him some favors. I didn't think I could trust him though and felt anyone I came into contact with was possibly connected to my Ex's motive of destroying my life. When I decided not to put myself or my son at risk and try to prove what the truth was, he put out an order to have everyone restrict everything I did and he sold me and my son.

When he got me back to see my son, he made sure he showed me how he was torturing my son and all of his employees were going to lie for him. I don't know why my Ex would do this unless it was out of sheer hate for both me and my son.

I found out my parents were being tortured by my Ex too but they were too afraid to tell me.

My Ex has held me hostage ever since and continues to torture my family.

My Ex is the United States of America.

After my Ex tortured my son, he plotted how to kidnap him and then force me back to him. He colluded to have me arrested and I was arrested. He then made himself the "guardian" of my son. Finally, he allowed another family he controlled to adopt my son as long as they had proven they would obey his orders and do whatever he wanted.

I keep trying to find someone who is employed by my Ex who will investigate or speak up for me, but none of them do. I try to believe there are good people working for my Ex but I don't think there are very many. If they work for him, it's because he hired them. They would rather go along with crime than do the job they're supposed to do.

Does light have fellowship with darkness? If my Ex is evil can any of his employees be good? If it's just his employees that are evil, then why haven't the good ones triumphed and why are they silent.

If the salt has lost its flavor it's worth nothing. If my Ex has a good name but he and most of his employees have no moral code, how do they expect to survive.

His name is on all the documents for kidnapping my son. It's not very often that anyone keeps documents on the kind of technology used to torture us with. He has so reassured everyone that I am mentally ill, he does whatever he wants with my entire family.

By the way, can we ask Steven Spielberg why he used a dream I told my Dad about in his movie War Horse? My Dad remembered the dream because I saw his reaction when he saw it come up in the movie. It was exactly what I told my Dad I dreamed about and then Spielberg used it for his movie. And then my Dad reminded me what Spielberg decided of the fate of the girl. She dies.

I told my Dad, after I sold my house in 1997, that I had a dream that this oriental rug I had was folded up and stored inside a trapdoor that was in the floor and I dreamed my Dad had put it there for me in safekeeping.

And no, Steven Spielberg is not prophetic.

So here is this scene in the movie where the French man goes to the trapdoor just like I told my Dad about over the phone, in my dream, and he takes out what? My rug. It was the same color and pattern and kind of rug as the rug I owned which I had in my house in 1996-1997. Pretty much exact.

So here's this scene where the man goes to the trapdoor and pulls out MY rug, just as I told my Dad I had a dream about, and he puts it on the table for his daughter, this French girl who is sick and has to take "medicine" and who dies in the movie. She sees this on the table and inside of it is an English riding saddle.


The same kind of riding saddle that my Mom had all along. It was even the same color and everything.

I said nothing to my parents about this after seeing the movie. I told them which parts I liked and didn't like and then they said there was a lot of violence and maybe the violence scenes were too long and could have been cut out. And then they said they liked some of the story of the French girl but thought maybe it was going to continue with her meeting the boy with the horse or something. They said, "Yeah, she dies." I said, "I thought he wanted to take the horse to her" and they said no, he said the horse was all he had left because she died.

So what I didn't LIKE about the movie, was cheap shots like stealing a personal dream I had which I told my Dad about over the phone and then watching a re-enactment of it in a movie by Spielberg. What's the POINT.

I'm about to die? is that the point? because both me and my Dad noticed the rug scene with the whole English riding saddle thing. I think my dream was even that it was an English riding saddle inside of the rug. And I described everything to him. I know my Dad wasn't there advising on what my rug looked like.

Or is to mock a dream I told my Dad about and just have it look like all it was, was a premonition about Spielberg's creative idea?

No, I don't get premonition dreams about Spielbergs films. And I don't appreciate seeing MY DREAM being used in his movie anymore than I appreciate MY SKIRT being worn by the fucking Kate Middleton and her gangster Jew Crew.

I can only imagine what kind of point they were trying to make to my Dad.

I knew right away that my Dad remembered my dream because we were sitting there in the theater and when the man goes to the trap door it was the same kind that I described but then when he lifts it and there is the rug, both me and my Dad knew at the exact same time and my Dad sort of flinched. It was my rug from my house in St. Johns which the Jewish woman bought from me before I had moved my rug out. What did she do? go in there and photograph my things? or someone just followed my rug and used it later to pass onto Spielberg when I told him a couple of years later about my dream?

So my Dad flinched when he saw the rug inside there because we knew it was from my dream. Then he takes it out and presents a gift to the girl of a riding saddle under this rug and then in the end she dies.

Great theme.

What is "War Horse" about anyway? it's okay to use people?

"I have need of you?"

I'm really tired of the Catholic and Jewish bullshit and the Ex is an arm and a leg of each.

I want my son returned.


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I hope the U.S.A. at least cuddled with you and smoked a cigarette. The U.S.A. sounds like a terrible lover.