Saturday, December 17, 2011

My Pork Dream (UPDATED)

I had a really weird dream last night, in vivid detail. It was all about food. But I had been thinking of how to make different kinds of vegan pizza the night before, and read scripture, so all the pastries and things in my dream wasn't what I would think I'd dream about. I was really craving pizza last night. But I was thinking of how to make it and then thinking how do I make a yeast-free pizza crust since I'm trying to go gluten-yeast free in general.

I don't remember all of it but first I was in some kind of soire in a hotel. I was wearing a long floor-length black dress and a black jacket over it. It was solid black and I couldn't see the top because of the jacket, but I saw myself in the dream. All these people talking and laughing and I joked around with them and then I was getting a hotel room for some reason, alone, and it was a very expensive hotel. I wondered later how much it cost because I hadn't even asked. I looked at all these lotions and shampoos and things and the room was like a room in a mansion, not a hotel. Then all of a sudden, I was getting changed and had this shirt to my chest and the blinds kept going up. They moved to the side and then they kept rolling up, showing me a skyline and skyscrapers (nice ones) and other apartments with windows where anyone could see me.

I kept drawing the blinds but they kept rolling to the side and rolling up. Then I put something on and was going to let someone know but I suddenly realized my room was open on one side, where people in the lobby could even see me. And I was humiliated thinking why did they put me in a room where I am on display when it should be private? There were musicians or something on a balcony above in front of me and it wasn't like the general public was passing by, but I didn't have my privacy. Then a man noticed and I didn't see him or know who he was but a hotel person came over to me and said I was being moved to a different room, and she didn't say so but I knew it was because this man was paying for it for me.

Then as I walked by I passed an Italian man, white Italian, blond Italian, in a pale or cream or beige suit, sort of larger and pronounced nose, sitting on a bench and with his head down and appearing distraught and thought, I wonder if he is upset because of what I said about Catholics, and I was going to go to him to see if he was okay but I thought, no, maybe he just wants sympathy and doesn't really care and I passed by and sure enough, he quit the crying act.

So this woman said to another person, "I'm going to give her Honey." For some reason, at this hotel, the rooms had names and the room she was putting me in was called "Honey". So she gave me "Honey" and I just walked in without thinking and it was the same kind of very nice and extravagant room, but with complete privacy.

Then for some reason, I ventured out to have a look around and I walked down the halls and peeked into a couple of rooms and they were empty rooms but decorated and large, and then someone said to me, "You don't want to go in there, Katie's there."

She meant Kate Middleton.

So I was curious to know why she had said this to me and thought maybe she said it because she thinks I'll avoid it if I know she's there...and then I thought, so what are they hiding, or what IS there?

With my curiosity aroused I went in but it was like this huge garage door was halfway closing and I had to lean over to get in. It wasn't a garage but it was a door, very large, that shut from top-down, not side to side. Once in, I saw it was this room filled with pastries and desserts. Table after table lined up and all kinds of desserts and pastries and it was for anyone at the hotel to take, if they knew about it. So I was looking at the pastries and wanted an eclair or something with cream filling. I looked all around for something that had custard or cream filling and asked this woman if there was anything there and she said no. I saw part of a donut with some kind of purple lavender filling, part of it taken--not chewed off, someone just wanted the half of it, and pies, and cakes and pastries. But there were no eclairs or cream puffs or cream filled donuts so I didn't take anything.

Then, this man, a butler or chef, came out and he was tall and thin and he set this enormous roasted pig on the table. Right in the middle of the pastries. This huge roasted pig and the whole body except for the legs and head. Everything else. For whatever reason, there was also an enormous piece of garlic bread resting on it. It was thick thick, very flavorful garlic bread and I thought, "It's touching the pork, but it should be okay." In my dream, thinking about my veganism. So I reached out and cut one large slice of bread and it was bread and then decided to take less so I cut it again and then all of a sudden the bread was revealed to be pork and I didn't take it. I left it there. My cut bread was slabs or slices of pork, and slightly on the med. rare side.

So I made a joke to people there and it was just a funny joke making fun of myslef and saying I had no idea it was pork! And then the chef got mad and he and this other woman told me I had to leave for insulting people. I said what??! and they made it sound like I'd been a distraction and insult and I said, "I haven't insulted anyone except maybe if I hurt the chefs feelings for joking about the pig and I'm sorry about that." So they were better but still wanted me to leave quickly so I looked at what to take and I found an eclair, one, that was on a different table, and took it and then...Oh yeah, and before I saw the pig, I was getting some salad. I didn't see desserts I liked so I got salad and some of the lettuce was half frozen but I took it anyway but didn't eat it there. And then there was the pig scene. I got my eclair and then saw these tiny madeleine cookies. One was a butterfly and one was a grasshopper style lady bug cookie, with mint and chocolate over madeline wafers. I was walking out and oh, wait, I didn't have the eclair yet. I saw the cookies. I just had my salad and then chose a cookie and I chose the ladybug instead of the butterfly.

I was walking out and when I did, the cookie slipped out and it turned into a butterfly. The ladybug cookie wafted down and was a real butterfly.

And then that's when I saw some at another table on the way out and I looked, and there was an eclair and I took it. It was a long shaped puffed donut, not a maple bar, but eclair style, with chocolate on the top and I knew there was cream filling inside and I took it on the way out as my ladybug-grasshopper cookie had turned to a butterfly. It was like a madeline on one side with mint frosting inside and then had the madeline on the other side and on the top it was decorated in chocolate and mint in a ladybug design. They had plastic around them too but mine got out of the plastic and turned into a butterfly when it was wafting down.

Then I was walking out and back to my room and I noticed the number on the door and a sign on it that said "Honey" and that was supposed to be my room. But I stood there confused because the woman had said she was giving me Honey, and the room she put me in wasn't Honey, it was the one next to Honey. It was the one next to Honey and I hadn't approached it next to see what the room name was because I was standing there with my salad and eclair wondering what the mix-up was over. And I woke up.

So that was my pork dream.

I never Katie, or Kate Middleton there, in my dream, they just said that's where she was.

The first thing I thought when I woke up was, ? "if it's touching pork it IS pork?" I wasn't really sure about what the dream meant exactly.

Actually, I think I did take the donut with the lavender filling even though half was gone, because I saw that it was pulled apart and not eaten from. So I think I took the lavender filled donut, and then I was taking some salad and I was going to have garlic bread until it turned to pork and I left it there after cutting off a square piece and then cutting it crossways (it was then that it turned into pork), and then I found a cookie and then the eclair I'd wanted.

I remember I did take the half of the one because I looked and saw it wasn't bitten off and then set down, someone just pulled it apart and then it revealed this very good looking purplish-lavender cream filling. But I still wanted the vanilla-or regular cream filled thing too.

With the salad, there were 2 different bowls of salad. One had lettuce that wasn't frozen and the other had lettuce that was frozen and I didn't know it was frozen at first in the one but rather than take from the other bowl, I decided to be humble for whatever reason and just take the frozen salad as it was still good, just slightly frozen. And then I was looking for dressing and they didn't have any so they said but they had bottles of what looked like dressing so I put a little on and then I was asking if they had any cream filled donuts or eclairs.

I had another dream but don't remember it like this one.

Anyway. I probably won't be vegan or maybe not even vegetarian forever, I really have no idea. I don't think the dream was about that but I don't have an interpretation for my dream really--it was just a dream.

UPDATE (Sunday): I remembered the last part of this dream. It was when I walked down the hall to this room named with a one-digit number and the word "HONEY" and then another one-digit number, in gold, like this: __HONEY__ I heard a woman's voice, American, lilting behind me saying, "Joseph with the coat of many colors...", it was either that or "Joseph come to deliver us" so many syllables and about Joseph from the Bible and I knew because of what she said and it was sort of like she was saying it to her son, I imagined, but it was sort of about me too. And then I was wondering what the room was that was just beyond "HONEY" next to it because I knew the woman said to give me HONEY and I was led to a room, but the room I went to was in a corner, at the end of the hall with a wall going one way and a wall going the other way and I was taken to one tucked in there, and that was a room that was right next to HONEY.

Also, this dream was so detailed...I still remember other parts. When I took salad from the bowl of lettuce (spring greens-a variety of mixed lettuces), I was picking it up with a fork and then saw some of it was stuck together bc it was frozen so there was a bowl to the left of it and that lettuce wasn't frozen and I was about to put my fork in and take this instead and decided not to be picky. The dressing I used was sort of clear and bubbly like a light oil mixed with a light vinegar of some kind but I didn't know what it was.

Then with the huge rectangular piece of garlic bread lying across the pig, it looked so good. It was very thick and the top was crusted over brown with garlic and lots of butter and a little parsley or something sprinkled on the top and looked like a kind of homemade bread, not baguette, and I cut it in half so I had a square and then I decided that was a little large so I cut it crossways, making 2 triangular shapes instead of rectangles and then it turned to pork before my eyes but instead of staying there where I had left them, when I saw them as pork, they were sliced in oval slabs, like the chef had just carved 2 pieces of ham from a side or something. And they were up against eachother and then I saw one of them was cut and it was sort of medium rare--not bleeding, but red juices.

They weren't triangular pieces, they were sort of the oval shape of ham or a side of turkey if you cut it and it comes off in a more oval shape, sort of longer like a rectangular, but oval, (not circular pieces). And I saw 2 pieces of pork lying against eachother that way. They were semi-thin to medium pieces. Not as thin as honey-baked ham pre-cut pieces and not quite as thick as a NY strip steak. Not huge pieces, would fit fine on a regular plate.

I said, "Oh! I thought it was garlic bread!" or "I didn't know it was pig!" and made a joke and people were laughing with me then the chef and another woman started to harass me and say I was offending and insulting people and had to leave and I hadn't been offensive or insulting to anyone. It was like a repeat of the same old thing in defaming me as being offensive or disorderly when I'm not and then humiliating me by trying to "ban" me from places and make me feel bad.

The donut with purple filling was shaped like a maple bar but instead of being a cream filled maple bar (I don't think there was maple on the top) it was a boysenberry colored, purple lavendar cream.

It was a very vivid and detailed dream.

Last night (today is Sunday) I didn't have any dreams that I remember. I had this dream on the 3rd night of my water fast. The next day I started day 4 of my fast and this is going on day 5 today, on Sunday, but I'm not sure if I might quit it today.

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