Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Obstruction of Justice by Coburg Police Department

RE: Emergency Request for Police Records‏
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From: cam huegenot (
Sent: Wed 12/28/11 2:57 PM

Your police department received my request the same day your courthouse received my request and I kept a receipt of the zip code and addresses the mail was sent to, confirming this fact.

I am not required to fill out a special "form" in order to obtain records. Making a request in compliance with the law and citing statutes is all that is required, along with filling out necessary information. You must be aware that my payment by money order was made to the City of Coburg Municipal court.

Your delay is costing my family and has jeopardized our safety. I recommend you restrain your own thugs from interferring with justice.

Emergency request for information means emergency and I have a petition against several corrupt officers and Judges pending. I would regret to include you in my complaint.

Thank You.


Subject: RE: Emergency Request for Police Records
Date: Wed, 28 Dec 2011 13:32:25 -0800


I am attaching the public records request form you need to fill out for the Coburg Police Department. Once that is returned with the proper fee we will search to see what information is available to you.

In you email you said you mailed us a letter through U.S. mail. To date we have not received anything from you through the mail.

Again, fill out the public records request and we will gladly give you what information is available regarding your request.


Larry Larson

Chief of Police


From: cam huegenot []
Sent: Friday, December 23, 2011 11:38 PM
To: LARSON Larry L; LAVERS Jeannine C
Subject: Emergency Request for Police Records
Importance: High

I sent mail to both the courthouse and your police station for records.

I got a response from the courthouse, asking for $15 for the courthouse record. However, I think this record is only for the citation itself and does not include the Coburg police report and specifics. The Coburg police offices also took a video tape of the incident, which was recorded from the officer's car.

I need the police records with the write-up by the officer and a copy of the video of the incident.

I just got the form from the courthouse yesterday and then I was going to send $15 to the courthouse, but again, I don't think this includes the police report and video. As far as I know, they would only have a record of the citation itself and how much I owe.

What is the Coburg Police Department response to my request for FOIA?

I sent the requests on the same day, same Post Office receipt.


Cameo L. Garrett

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