Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Catholics in U.S. Department of Education Obstructing

The federal employees are still deliberately creating problems.

They just ruined something again, and the only point is to stall further.

I am dealing only with federal employees right now, both from the U.S. Department of Education: Direct Consolidated Services (DCS) and Direct Loan Consolidation (DLC).

Last time, DCS lied and stalled for months claiming finally they got "underpaid". They said they needed $300 some dollars still, and oh, oops, after Dec. 1, they realized it was more like $400 some dollars. Then they said this amount would be "locked" even though it was with collections bc they're the ones who transfered it to collections wrongly, after I had already informed them of my consolidation.

So I asked DLC to please pay DCS the check for the additional amount and DLC verified this amount with DCS once again and DLC told me today that they sent the check on the 16th, last Thursday and it was all done. Then they tell me the amount they paid them was $300 some dollars.

I said DCS told me it was more, that the number had "changed" as of Dec. 1st, and it was now $400 some because they were including cost for a fee for something.

So basically, the federal employees just told me they went ahead and lied to get short-changed and then be able to say later they still need more more to the other federal employee group that already knows what is going on.

I specifically said I did NOT want a member of the Catholic church to have anything to do with my account in any way and this was ignored and this is what happened, again.

So now, DCS is going to lie and wanted to sit on it again and then say they are "underpaid" to DLC and ask for a 3rd check.

I told DCS they need to eat the cost themselves because they've already "verified" amounts twice and there is no excuse for getting it wrong repeatedly as an excuse to keep my loans from being consolidated and getting me out of default status.

The only reason they would do this is to try to cinch out any possibility of my attempting to go to college this Winter term.

They're doing this to Obstruct Justice because the same Catholics that know I have legal matters right now to attend which will cost some money, know if their friends in other U.S. departments stall, they can make sure I have no money at all, and try to force me into allowing all of their crap to keep sliding.

They're basically attempting to use personal religious hate crime to freeze my assets or any potential incoming assets or income.

It's obstructing justice by first deliberatly obstructing normal processing of my consolidation.

This is exactly what the Catholic church members have been doing to me since 2001. They have repeatedly used government-held positions to abuse their authority for purposes of helping their religious group and friends and attacking me, not in a civil sense, but in a criminal sense. They have perverted the law. In the U.S. it's called "obstruction of justice" and in Canada it's called "perversion of justice".

It's basically taking the law and making a mockery of the system by corrupting it. So it's "corruption of justice".

If I ever file a case against these people, it's a criminal case, not a civil case and I can use RICO against them.

If I file for a RICO lawsuit, I'm taking my time and doing it right.

Because when I file for RICO against these groups, it's going to hold up in court as long as it needs to, if the UN doesn't get them first.

I definitely have grounds for a civil case. Sure. But I have enough to go off of for a criminal case and I would prefer to go straight to RICO than mess around with civil.

Treble damages. Special interest groups tried to prevent people from asking for punitive damages when someone or some group knowingly and aggregiously violates the law knowing it causes severe harm. But you can still sue for punitive damages in a RICO case, which is better than the "caps" they've put on punitive awards and it sends a message as well, that the behavior was pretty much unforgiveable. And if you don't have a Catholic Judge or corrupt Judge siding with you on a RICO case, you're not getting out of it by paying "indulgences".

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