Friday, December 23, 2011

Parents Today & Other

They've still done some things. I wasn't able to see much but yeah.

The other day, yesterday, right after I had cut my bangs again, with a kitchen knife again, it made my bangs clump together and stick straight up at one point and I'm not sure if it was for that day or the next, but my Mom showed up with her bangs straight up. Like mine had been when I cut them. And weirdly, last night I slept with a hat on my head and I took it off and smoothed my bangs off my forehead and they parted in the middle and stood straight up, exactly like my mom's had been. More exact even than the day I cut them.

Then, I saw this white rectangular band of cloth by the door, next to a yellow tag and I wore my yellow, tan, and grey with cream sweater today and with blue jeans and stitched a quick strip of material as a temporary patch, on one leg. What I had wanted, was white leggings instead of black under my jeans today, just like what I saw at the back door today.

My brother wrote to me just to remind me of my Mom making me a cookie on V-day, as I was in the middle of making cookies for my parents. And then I got to the house tonight and she had just made a plate full of those same cookies with the same color frosting as I remember from that day in high school. Myself, I was making macaroons from scratch, with raw coconut. Vegan ones.

So basically, I picked up on what my brother emailed, and thought about what my mother was making and walked in and that's what it was. Even the color I remember, bc she didn't do them in red and green, but pink and it was pink.

Then, my Dad had been shopping and they had stuffed mushrooms, stuffed with sausage (4 of them) tonight and then she put cheese on one of hers and tonight I was looking up complements to habaneros and found Yucatan recipes and other things for stuffed Edam cheese balls and other things, a plate of 4 falafel balls, etc. I was making balls of macaroons about the time they were shopping.

Then I picked up this vanilla that was given to me and it was facing this lemon pudding ring and then I got to my place and just set it down so I could cook but it was near but out of the way and then I realized, it was facing a ring shaped container like the one that it had been facing on my parent's counter. The one on my counter says "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter!" I had been using it to mix gelatinous flax seed with water for making egg substitute. First I set it down on the counter and remembered my vanilla (ice cream) candle and needed to burn the rest of it and then I moved it and then realized it was behind this plastic container. So I kept burning my candle (which sort of looks like a donut bc it was melted into a hole in the middle).

So it was the same thing as on the counter.

I made several batches of macaroons. Some turned out and others didn't.

I also strained my rose oil from one amber jar to the next one. I'm using them for going back and forth. I'm making an essential oil and strained the first batch of rose petals and poured them over strawberry leaves which I packed into the other jar. So now they'll steep and then you have to do this many times.

I also found out about something called "gemmotherapy" the other day after I cut a fresh branch of sequoia. It's extracting medicinal properties from tree buds. So I'm going to try it sometime.

I'm still getting my hobby tincture and essential oil thing going.

I think the best surprise thing I made tonight was a cracker. I am not eating bread so I made a really good cracker, sort of a thick swedish style of cracker.

I blended up organic brown rice with sunflower and pumpkin seeds and then I made a flaxseed egg substitute and set it to the side. I added a couple tbsps of organic pie pumpkin puree and about a tsp of the omega-3 added silk soy milk. Then I stirred with the flax "egg" and it was thicker than bread like carrot cake mix or zucchini bread dough. Then I oiled a pan with coconut oil and sprinkled sesame seeds across the bottom. I then spread out and patted the mixture over this, about a 1/4 inch thick and put in the toaster oven on 400 degrees and then after it felt risen a tiny bit, or not liquid in the center but had a slight give to the top, I switched it to broil to crisp the top and then took it out. It was a great cracker. It came right off the pan too, because of the base of sesame seeds.

I had nothing prepared for the top, haven't made my hummus or any other spreads yet so I just put a little veganaise over the top and then added artichoke hearts. Something raw would be good. I am still on this "diet" or whatever, so don't have what I would normally use, but it's not bad.

I am also thinking a sunflower seed butter could be a good substitute for peanut butter.

I also made a risotto textured brown rice for adding mushrooms to later, and other things. And I'm soaking pinto and garbanzo beans and I have my wheat berries and alfalfa seeds for sprouting.

One thing I did last night, after I ate a whole sauteed onion, and about 10 garlic cloves...was prevent bleeding. I went one day without hardly any onion and garlic and quit bleeding. So then last night I had a whole onion and 10 garlic cloves and then I was in bed and got a weird feeling in my thigh.

I had been eating brocolli & collards (I like the collards and greens) and already had one raw asparagus spear that day but after the onions and garlic, I was lying there and for the first time, maybe bc I'm more read-up now or paying attention, I had this weird "bubbly" feeling in my thigh. And something weird with my heart. The part that was strangest was the sensation in my thigh. It wasn't technology at all. It felt exactly like how I'd read sometimes people feel a bubbly feeling before internal spontanous muscular bleeding of some kind. I had thought, I wonder what that's like or what that's supposed to mean and then it happened to me but maybe it's happened before and I just haven't paid attention before. It was in a specific spot in the muscle of one thigh, this weird under-the-skin bubbling sensation. So I got out of bed and went to the fridge and grabbed a couple more spears and ate them.

I used to eat it raw from the hillsides at Granny's house all the time as a little girl.

Anyway, I had no further bleeding.

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