Thursday, December 22, 2011

Going Forward With UN Complaint

I'm not messing around with the U.S. anymore.

I have enough evidence to prove they will do nothing to stop torture of my family.

It's going to the UN.

I saw my Mom this morning and she's been poisoned and forced to drink things that are corroding her teeth.

Yesterday I tried calling her at work and someone got on the line and was listening in and then as of last night, now tonight, she has a piece of tooth missing from her bottom teeth.

Not only that, she had just gotten out of the shower, as I had, and didn't have make-up on or nail polish or anything and I saw her toenails.

She is being severely, brutally, tortured.

Her feet and toes are completely red and her toenails show positive proof of torture and evidence that it's affecting her heart and system.

Her toenails are almost white, cloudy white and then near the top she has a ridge of bright red and streaks of red crossing through her toenails.

My parents are being tortured and forced to work for the United States.

I am making my individual complaint of U.S. Violations of The Geneva Convention.

I know that they've already been bribed and threatened by some U.S. persons.

However, it is my hope that other countries who are signed-on members will take this seriously.

I'm sure some countries are too locked into their trade deals with the U.S. or greed motives, or, understandably, even fear of the U.S. But I pray with all my heart that those who feel objective and who are already aware of abuses and crimes this country has committed under this leadership, will step to the plate and be ready and willing to bat.

My mother's eyes are rimmed in black from torture, and her toenails prove torture by excessive and severe heating of her body and heart which has affected her toenails enough to turn them into a form of evidence that indicates system failure of some kind.

My brother and I were both just made laughingstocks by our own country, as they targeted our heads enough to stimulate gross swelling. And that is a shocking proof, but the thing is, it's just one very small thing that happened that actually "showed up" because we have these things happening every single day, some days worse than others, and nothing shows up. It's almost entirely "clean" torture or "white torture" and hard to find the evidence.

I put out my requests for FOIA and I'll make my OIG complaint. But they've already ignored me repeatedly and stalled for a decade as they have become worse and more corrupt and bent on torture of their own citizens.

It's out of Obama's hands now, and the leadership in the various federal agencies, because it's going to international legal processes.

As for me this morning, they tortured me with the military technology that targets the metal in my teeth again. I woke up because of it, and it continued for over 2 hours.

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Anonymous said...

I am sure that the UN will get right on it. They will probably assign a team of investigators to work your case in shifts.