Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Kids #1: My Cousins

I played so much with my baby cousin Brandon that his father said he thought there was something wrong with me. I was in grade school. I remember thinking there must be something wrong with HIM to think that if I spent all my attention playing with his son, this was abnormal. He said to my mother it wasn't typical or usual of girls my age, to have such an interest in kids.

"She's obsessed with kids," he said my Mom.

Maybe that was because I wasn't like my other cousins who all sort of got sick of babysitting eachother. I liked taking care of the younger kids. The kids went to me like they'd known me their whole lives.

Even though the entire time his son had fun with me, my Uncle just thought it was unusual and wasn't used to it.

This was the first noted interest I had in caring for children, before my cousin Gardenia was even born I think. I later then devoted all my time to Gardenia when we visited and spent time with other kids too, and older ones especially, but I had Garcie doting on me.

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