Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Torture, Higgs Boson, & "Rusty": England & U.S.

As soon as I turned on my laptop, they started up the torture by burning. The infrared or laser torture.

Nothing at all until the minute I turned on my laptop.

I'm not sure if anyone caught the part about the United States military using technology to torture me and my family.

I am not sure why it's even possible to have these things happen to me and then I go on about my day and "life" (if that's what you call it) as if nothing happened and nothing is being done that is criminal.

I measured with a line, around my head yesterday and felt where my head was still sore from the huge growth by swelling, and it's exactly in line with a headband. If I were putting on a headband around my forehead, and it came across the middle part of my forehead and stayed around to the back, level, it hits about middle of the back of my head.

The bump and pain from it, or soreness, was shaped like a chestnut or oval. It wasn't perfectly round but it was more oval shaped and it went from the exact middle of my head, if I were parting my hair down the middle, top to bottom, and then it went out about an inch to 1 1/2 inches vertically from the center part to the right.

It was at least 1 inch high, from the rest of my head.

It wasn't like, oh, little bump, or "is this a bump?" It was an enormous huge growth and I almost went to ER but then I realized that's what they want.

The U.S. documented my head with CT and now MRI and now after the CIA dumped me off like a piece of shit, they let the military and their other guys do whatever they want, for torture and now with an excuse of "research".

Let me say something.

I never agreed to work for the CIA.

They used me.

I am not kidding. And I can prove it.

Umm, yeah, if Brad Pitt ever wanted to meet the woman from the movie he did, I come pretty close. It's about what happens when the CIA scratches their little plans and turns people over to hate crime. They don't care what happens to you. They even have some groups or people they contract with, that they love to put blame off onto.

I had problems with the FBI, but the CIA used that problem for their personal protection. As soon as I was at odds with FBI, that's all they needed, and all they needed in the military.

And no, I don't blame normal good U.S. military guys who are trying to do their jobs. There are a ton of veterans who SERVED their country who have major complaints against their country.

All you need is a change of hands or a redesignation by someone who is in with the religious hate groups and when their people are heading all the various govt. agencies, they can literally do whatever they want. That's why this is possible.

They STOLE my son from me. Not only that, they never had any plan to return my son to me. EVER. I had people in Washington D.C. when I was working just fine and everyone saw, at highest levels in govt., and among various embassies, there was nothing wrong with me.

These people, those people in Washington D.C. and in some foreign countries, if they have no hate motive against me, they KNOW that I am not mentally ill and that there was nothing wrong with me.

And do you know what they were saying to me? There should have been no reason to promptly return my son after I had a psych eval there, but that was blocked. Everything was lie and pretense.

They said to me, several people, "You have to think about what you are doing with your life without your son."

"They're not giving you your son back."

"What are you going to do? You need to be making plans of how to move on because you're not going to get him back."

This was when there was plenty of time and I still could have, SHOULD have reasonably had him returned.

"There are some things you can't do if you have kids. It's better if you don't have your son with you."

"They don't want you to be with a kid. There are some things you can't do with kids around, it's too dangerous."

"The government wants you to do something else and there can't be kids involved."

Then always from my Dad, "What do you think GOD wants you to do? I know you want Oliver but is that really God's plan for your life?" and then if I say yes, he says, "Was it God's plan for you to have a child outside of marriage?"

Then from Chris Rozollo, "Your son is FINE. What I'M worried about is YOOOOO." (said triumphantly and with sarcasm and disdain)

Then my fiance, oh yeah, the slim chance for me to get my son, as long as I'm having sex with someone the CIA wants in this country.

So he says to me, after "spec'ing" out Wenatchee, that it is going to be impossible unless there is a miracle.

And then he is saying to me, in D.C. and in the Pac NW, "You have to THINK what you are going to do without your son. You can do all kinds of things. Some things are more difficult if there are kids around."

And here was there FUCKING "twist" on things--

"You can try, TRY to get your son back and if you don't, what are you going to do? You can come to be with me."

None of them ever thought I was getting my son back because they all knew the U.S. wanted him and that the Avilas wanted him and would do whatever they were told, regardless of hate crime.

"If you don't get your son back, you can come back to Washington D.C. and start over."


Start over at 37. My entire life, the entire last 10 years has been destroyed because of the refusal of the FBI to protect as they swear to do. And because of religious hate crime groups getting away with defamation. NONE of this would have been possible if I had not first been DEFAMED.

It's kind of like maybe some man wondered if it was HIS kid, and helped out short-term and then figured out it wasn't HIS, and had a secret DNA done, and then opted out. Like, saw my kid or something and thought, "that looks like me" and helped out just long enough to screw us all over.

So now the FBI and all these other groups think they can call me "mentally ill" and crazy. Why?

Because THEY are in on it. Here's the deal. The U.S. thought marriage blanc was great if it worked out for THEM. My blog statement was "...and if it goes bad, you can call me crazy and mentally ill..."

So someone really "seized the day" on that one didn't they?

It was clearly a "marriage blanc" because all of a sudden, I wasn't being treated as I had been prior to religious hate crime and U.S. govt. involvement. Right to the point that my Ex left. And it was a dirty deal the U.S. was involved in, religious hate crime groups were in on, and they worked everything to their advantage the entire time. Marry the Catholic man and everyone will back off. Don't marry him, you get whatever THEY, with their hate, think you deserve. And then after they steal your child, what are you going to do? Oh, she's not going back to him. And she's refusing anyone else to be involved with, and she refuses to be exploited into giving other people her own genetic material--her EGGS. So lets make her look her ugly, torture her, steal all of her known talents to punish her, and make sure our U.S. govt. friends give us a good cover. And, well, we gave her some time, and she's not hooking up with another man and it's not looking like she will, and we know she wants more kids so let's knock out her fertility. We can kill 2 birds with 1 stone: she loses her fertility and it's no use to us if she's not hooking up with OUR men to breed for us or to give us her eggs so we can control things. So her fertility is useless to us. Not only that, she has talked about the Department of Justice and FBI and shady dealings, including Christa Schneider talking about "hot flashes" and how she must be in menopause, so we'd better do something to get that menopause started NOW so it backs us up. If menopause doesn't get started now, it won't be until her late 40s like she said, and then how do we explain things? Also, we are jealous. And some of us, like scientists who write clever articles about "Higgs Boson" work on behalf of the Middletons and their mafia that wants to punish me.

Do you know what seeing that article said to me? It's scary. It means there is an extremely evil side to some of the people in England (probably some of their own citizens know this already or they wouldn't be having riots). And it indicates coordination with a group in the U.S.

I had not been looking up news on bbc, fox news, or cnn on my laptop for almost weeks. I had also not seen t.v. I was working on other things. It had been at least one full week since I looked up even one news or media story. I had totally randomly, for no reason, happened to, on the same day that I was sent this email from my brother showing the bump on his head that matched mine, happened to check news online. I only looked up a couple of articles and I randomly looked up the one from bbc about "Higg's Boson".

Given what had just happened to me and my brother, and then the results and evidence of what was done to us, the wording of that article is extremely disturbing.

They know. They knew what was done to me and my son. The writer of that article knew and his contacts are in the scientific community which is always, at that level, connected to military and intelligence. I just looked it up again. It's from December 13, 2011 and it's written by Paul Rincon, the Scientific Editor for BBC, out of Geneva, Switzerland. Let me guess...hmmm...he's Catholic? Let's find out kids!

Oh, it's not showing anything. I found a lot of "Rincon's" that are high level in Roman Catholic clergy and his position, Paul Rincon's position, within Geneva, Switzerland is really interesting. I mean, Swiss guards after-all, protect the Vatican and I just have a feeling, based on how this man wrote this article, that he is a born and baptised Roman Catholic.

This is an extremely serious question and shocked me when I saw it. I was so stunned I didn't even want to write immediately about what had happened to me and my brother. For one thing, it was too humiliating and degrading. I was being made fun of, by that writer, and having the horrific sadistic joke masked by an article about Higg's Boson. There was no mistake about it and I knew it when I read it and I also confirmed it intuitively. So this proves there is a criminal group working in England, with the U.S., to torture us.

Which, by the way, could explain why our dog Scooter is terrified of a specific style or dialect of British accents.

Marriage blanc...Oh it fails? it's "her fault" when nothing was my fault from the very start. Then they think they can enforce some kind of agreement to just call me crazy and poison me, ruin my singing voice, and steal from me.

When did the U.S. government get into the business of human trafficking?

And selling people, like their own citizens.

And then joking about torture from here to the other side of the Atlantic and trying to stir up hatred or excuses for doing this to a family. Even if Paul Rincon were not Catholic, and I would strongly "guess" he is, he is then still connected to military and intelligence by the kind of coverage he has on the major scientific events.

"So. Are we still saying the Garrett family is not a big deal?"

How about the biggest pain in your ass that you ever unexpected to come creeping up from the soil.

Since I was a KID you assholes have been keeping me down and telling my parents what to do. It wasn't my mother's idea to discourage me from studying high levels of math when I was in grade school. It was THEIR idea. They were already afraid of me because I was smarter than they wanted me to be and doing better than they wanted. I was the top student in math. It was me and maybe 2 other kids. In a large school. I was winning the math awards as well as excelling in creative writing. All the way up to the point that these people wanted to discourage me from acheivement. My mother would never say this on her own, and I see how this same group has continued to manipulate and control my family and keep us down for decades. Hate crime definitely started later. But they were working against my family for decades.

I was thinking, while fasting, something happened to me maybe when I was younger, sure, possibly, but I know something happened to me that changed me sometime inbetween 1st grade and 2nd grade. I don't know what it was, but these photos of me from this time, show one girl prior to 2nd grade and another girl after 2nd grade. My countenance and eyes and everything...something traumatic occured that changed me and maybe it was bullying, maybe it was something else, I don't know. I just know the photos of me from kindergarten look so bright-eyed and trusting and then 1st grade still, and then something happened in 2nd grade. All I know is that I didn't know that I am intuitive sometimes about photos until I was older. And I looked back on them and something keeps standing out. I know that I ran away from school in 2nd grade and that I broke my arm in 2nd grade, and that was 1982. I don't know if something was done while I was in surgery or what. I don't know if it was a teacher harassing me around the playground or trying to introduce me to kids that they knew weren't great to be around. I don't know.

I know that I started being discouraged from doing things I naturally did well after 1st grade. I was very gifted at soccer and loved it and I was suddenly discouraged from playing soccer. I was the only girl on the boys team but I was very good and got picked to be on teams among the first, even with the boys. Then, when I showed talent in math, getting awards at a top student, I was discouraged from an interest in math. Not only that, people dropping me, deliberately, when I tried to take gymnastics and was talented at it naturally, teaching other kids how to do flips from the bars on my own. No matter what my parents even tried to encourage me in, there was someone else trying to obstruct success. The only thing they couldn't obstruct by blocking lessons was my singing voice. So if I coached myself and practiced for hours at my house, later in life, there was no one who could get in my way.

Maybe it was Mossad. Maybe it was the CIA or another group. I know positively, there is no way my parents were not "unnoticed" back then. They were/are highly unique and this might be how, somehow, inadvertently, they knew Diana. I have also wondered about Charles' comment when Harry was born, about having "rusty" hair. Is "rusty" how people in England describe hair? Because I'm not sure, but I think the kid I knew from the bus, "Rusty", killed himself that same year. My parents went to his funeral. It was a huge deal. I didn't go but sent a handmade card to his parents. I will bet Harry was born after this happened or the same year. Money maybe, but I'd have to check. "Oh, he has rusty hair..." and walks away. I read one or two accounts where he supposedly says "ginger" but from Diana's mouth, it's "rusty". At least from what I remember reading. I have no idea what I'm saying or thinking, I've just been thinking. After I recognized, yeah, she knew my parents somehow, I have been thinking back about other things.

How is destroying my son's mind any different? These people have been after my family for decades. They have been afraid of us starting with at least my grandparents on BOTH sides. And they kept their eyes on me.

It wasn't my parents' idea to suggest I date a guy with a major head injury or be a dental hygenist.

Here's the other thing. My parents are somehow connected to Princess Diana and I'm positive now but I don't know how. All I know is that it got very, very bad for them after she died. And why I'm not sure, and how I ended up on this track late in life having never heard them even talk about her, I don't know. All I know, is that there is a connection. I'm positive.

My parents are highly talented. Diana is the type of person if, had she heard about them or known about them, would have wanted to know more because she was interested in that kind of thing.

By the way, what was on the CD's in the car when it crashed? Just music? Did that disappoint someone who thought someone had written over them with something else to document? Nah. Probably not. Yeah, she's writing dossiers against governments and of course no one is worried she saving information from various sources or sharing things by writing over CDs, then a form of recording information.

I thought about this after I found out my son had been adopted out from under me because of this criminal government. Or, sorry. Criminals within this government. So I was extremely distraught and had these CDs, 4 of them, of different songs and things recorded from the computer and from a sermon. I broke them in half and shattered them because they had people on them that were sort of hypocrites or rubbed me raw, considering what's going on. And then right after I did, I realized, as I was about to work on my complaint against religious hate crime in the government...

I realized I could have written over them and used them and had them under a different title and name. Instead of destroying them, or breaking them because I didn't want to be reminded of things, I could have written over them. And Diana came to mind, with the CDs in the car. That's how people recorded information then. I don't think they had those fancy zip drives or thumbdrives. They used CDs.

How many people tortured and murdered to cover one crime?

Just as the mafia and CIA work together, they work well together because they blackmail eachother. It's the perfect alliance and arrangment. It first sounds too shocking, because we grow up thinking everything is about the law and following the rules and we have police and the justice system to enforce that. Then you have people in the CIA, who are paid to BREAK laws, not keep them. They work with mafia because it's more people to use and pass blame off onto. If the CIA needs someone to move around arms and transport their drugs for them, call up the mafia. Need someone to do a hit? maybe go military, or maybe, if there's someone good, go mafia. Every country does this, not just the CIA. England does this, Mossad does this, other countries as well. Then how it works is that the CIA blackmails the mafia and the mafia blackmails the CIA. Which one of them is going to tell on the other? They just assured eachother security by being able to blackmail eachother into silence. On anything as highly sensitive in nature as moving around arms and drugs for arms or blackmarket work, you have to have a pretty good assurance.

Whoever has the most power and money, is the one that, if someone isn't getting along, is able to control media and start using torture tactics.

FBI can do the same thing, but it's higher stakes for them even, if they break laws. They don't have a license to break the law like the CIA. They sometimes get a temporary license to break laws in stings or counter-espionage. But it's much stickier for them if they start admitting to mafia ties.

Sure. I'll sign a confidentiality agreement.

Give my son back to me.

How are you going to ensure my cooperation and silence on everything else that was done to me? Could have used a form of blackmail against me personally, butcha didn't get THAT, DIDJA?

Problem is, I have SHIT on YOU.

So the U.S. people involved, if that happens, go after everyone else they know or think might be connected and use blackmail they already have one them to punish with and try to keep people, "escapees like me", repressed and uh, uh, uh, uh, um, uh, "mentally ill".



Those who decided to make it "impossible" had better start moving around more fucking "miracles" than drugs and illegal arms.

Guess what? I loved. I'm completely immune to any form of prosecution. You don't have that going for ya PAL. Oh wait, wait, wai...I guess you guys threw me in jail and arrested me and tortured me for good measure anyway didn't you?

Hmm, in that case what do we need here?

I can't even believe that I have to call returning an illegal kidnapping of my son "payback".

I, I, I, I'm stayin' tortured! stayin' tortured! is that what they sing at CIA parties with the FBI?

By the way, if something happens to my fertility at this point, after I already know what's going on, you have some HUGE problems on your hands. I guess my yelling is sort of like a little ant standing up at the top of a huge anthill and yelling to the anteaters, but I really am of the opinion that "national security" includes keeping the faith and trust of the American people and good negotiating terms with other countries, don't you think? Or are you so OBSESSED with your revenge and retaliation that you're dragging everyone down with your sinking ship.

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