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U.S. State Department's Hypocrisy Over Iran

I don't think this woman should be killed, but I cannot believe the hypocrisy. I have been sitting here all night, while my NECK has been targeted for HOURS while I've been sitting at my laptop. Not only has the metal in my neck been targeted, non-stop, for hours, but earlier it was the metal on one side of my mouth, next to my neck. And I am sitting here, describing the torture this country allows to occur to me and my family and they are issuing self-righteous statements about how IRAN is "violating" the convention about TORTURE. And THIS is coming from the same U.S. State Department that is well aware of the facts of the case concerning me and my own son.

In the news, we have articles about China not respecting the U.S., and Iran thinks the U.S. is full of hypocrisy, and Russia has issued a 90 page statement of some kind about civil rights abuses in the U.S. and some IDIOT still has..what? an official U.S. order to torture ME while I am trying to write a complaint and instead end up going OFF about the hypocrisy instead, because I'm being tortured so severely?

This is not small. It's not like China, Iran, and Russia are best buddies of the U.S., but they have had every RIGHT to point a finger at what kinds of crazy things are being allowed in this country right now. Which is actually very frightening. Since when is some group so laissez-faire about torturing their citizens and thinking it has no impact on all of the citizens of this entire nation? it's like this nazi group that is paranoid about ME and my OIG complaint about religious hate crime, has put their own private interests above and beyond ANY kind of national concern for the welfare of the entire country.

I mean, like they don't know I'm going to write about systematic and continual torture against us? HOW is this benefitting anyone? This is so some Catholics that are corrupt and some state workers or federal workers can come up with a way to punish us by torture and get away with it and try to keep calling me crazy rather than give my son back or be accountable?

I find it incredible that anyone who has authority in this country, would even risk the stability of a country, by doing this kind of thing. I mean, someone needs to pull out these people and who is responsible and tell them to go "take it outside". I'm sorry, but this kind of thing is making a mockery of everything this country stands for and they're getting away with doing this under official cover too. And it is NOT in this country's best interests and is only benefitting those who have a vendetta and want nothing more than revenge. They torture us. And then I pull up this article to read about the poor Iranian woman and feel shocked to the core to see official statements being made about HER, and chastising IRAN, while they conceal their own torture of U.S. citizens here! It is the most unbelievable and incredible thing and I never thought, in my wildest dreams, that I would be a victim like this and that anyone who is in power in this country would be SO stupid.

It's like having Hillary Clinton handcuff people to trees in their yard for not mowing their lawn and then when she sees some middle eastern neighbor doing this to their household help, having her call up the media, the White House, her personal office, and staff and standing on her own lawn with all these people handcuffed to trees in violation of every normal law there is and pointing a finger at her neighbors saying, as if she is shocked at all, "You are breaking the law." The contrast is so striking to me it makes me feel like standing with my mouth open. I cannot believe it. Why don't you issue your U.S. State Department letters while you're munching through a box of Whoppers or something?

Not only that, but this guy Chavez is expressing ideas that maybe the U.S. is behind some of the cancers affecting South American leaders and honestly I am not surprised. I've wondered myself about some of the cancers that have "sprung up", even in the U.S., among seeming competitors in business even. I mean, it makes you wonder, and I certaintly do when I see my parents come down with odd viruses and then have someone "poofing" stuff my way, injecting me in detention centers with unknown substances, and fumigating my house so it smells like some kind of weird chemical. Oh yeah. And BLASTING me and my brothers HEADS? with military technology???

I am sorry, but that sentiment or idea by Chavez is one more "lack of respect and trust" in U.S. leadership right now.

I don't think they are even just targeting Obama specifically, but the people in charge of various departments in general that make up the whole.

It's not like I'm unpatriotic either. When was I ever political? I've never been. I only started blogging when my son and I started being TORTURED in our own country and if it's wrong to speak up about this, or if I'm punished for it, that is totally backwards. You assault me and my son and what? you expect me to stay silent? for what? to allow the assault to continue? So I talk and write and then what good does that do? it's good for U.S. morale? it's like all these people want is what's best for their own little group and screw the rest of America and world perception.

It's also shocking to go from a report that gives permission to assault and harm little kids, which is "torture", while I am being tortured and then reading some suave slow-moving and purposed reprimand about obeying treaties regarding human rights, international law, and torture stuff.

Ummm. HELLO! Guess who violated international law to kidnap my son from me? who broke laws to torture all of us? Who didn't even HAVE a treaty for taking my child from me but later decided to add this to the platter and signed for something ON MY BIRTHDAY? The U.S. State Department used MY BIRTHDAY to sign a treaty that was not in place when they took my child from his legal guardian, which they knew they had to have in place to do anything at all.

The U.S. State Department broke every rule in the book with regard to me and my son, and law enforcement and federal persons did too, and even went as far as to collude with people in Canada. For what? oh, we find out why. They wanted to torture me and my son more and use us for further experimentation and research after they figured out how to defame and discredit me for good first.

But let's point a finger at IRAN.

How about that saying that when you point 1 finger at another person there are 4 fingers pointing back at yourself. You're standing on your own lawn with people in the stockholds and handcuffed to trees over a mowed lawn issue, something trivial which you've turned into a monumental Ruby Ridge disaster, and then with the entire world GAWKING at what is going on, you're trying to look professional and like you're the leaders of the free world?

How it THAT NOT an "embarressment" to the U.S.

You're yelling about a woman in IRAN who might be hanged for having an affair or whatever while you torture me unless I'm having sex with your Catholic man.

Wow are YOU a country to look up to. "They hang women in Iran who have affairs!" What does the U.S. do? "Ah, not too bad. They just torture women and children who aren't Catholic but if you go along or get married, no problem. You don't have to be tortured. In America we have choices."

This is literally what they have DONE to us. It is CRAZY. Is that what the world thinks of the U.S. now? CRAZY.

The United States is Mentally Ill with Mentally Ill leaders. Crazy people who are sociopaths and self-absorbed running the country, telling everyone the normal people are the crazy ones while they torture and mutilate them and their children.

Any leader that does this, and has such a narrow idea and focus, and concentration on punishing a single family to the exclusion of all kinds of other important things, might very well be called completely crazy. That person is no longer thinking clearly or is able to put the concerns of a country, objectively, in proper place. Instead, they've become narrowly focused like a deer caught in the headlight, of punishing and controlling one small group to the exclusion of all other national security concerns. Someone who tries to make innocent citizens the Don Quixote is starting to look like the Don Quixote themself.

Get it! Go get that windmill! While the nations of the world notice in shock and begin to advance.

Who is the CRAZY group of people that is DOING this? I feel like this is something one would be writing about a 3rd world country.

This is an excerpt from Fox News:

"The U.S. State Department has also showed concern over the ruling calling for Iran to “live up to its international commitments to prevent cruel and inhuman treatment.”

“We remain deeply troubled by this case. The Iranian government has previously stated that Ms. Ashtiani would not face execution by stoning, but her fate remains unclear,” a State Department spokeperson told "We continue to have serious concerns regarding the judicial proceedings that led to her conviction. We once again call on the Iranian government to conduct her case with the transparency and due process written in Iran’s own constitution as well as in the International Convention on Civil and Political Rights, to which Iran is a signatory.”

According to Article 7 of the ICCPR convention, “no one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.” Article 6ix states that a death sentence should only be imposed for the most serious of crimes.

“Adultery, by all international standards, does not qualify as one of the ‘most serious crimes,’” Barrans said.

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