Saturday, December 24, 2011

Gissele Ballet with Mikail B. (1977)

I hadn't heard of this ballet or seen it. Not that I remember. But a couple of days ago it came on classical radio station while I was picking dried hydrangea petals from their stems.

I liked the music and paid attention to what it was from and he said "Giselle", and I heard just the last part. So this morning I thought I'd like to see it and hear it and put it on after first listening to 1983 Eurythmics "Who's That Girl."

The one interesting thing is the colors in this ballet.

Because half of the hydrangeas I'd picked had already turned brown and dark tan from the rain and cold weather but I picked them anyway and added them to the dried hydrangeas from the summer which were lighter and carried colors of light purple, pink, and blue.

So I mixed the petals together and was putting the stems into the wastebasket thinking they were like grape stems. How I'd never noticed this before.

So I mixed up the petals in the brown paper bag where I had put them, and took out a handful and put them inside the lid facing up from my skillet and noticed how pretty the colors were: cream, dark tan and brown (sort of sienna), and a delicate blue like the color on this ballerina's skirt.

Anyway. Then I looked up the story of Giselle while listening to it and not watching it and I have no idea why but I started to cry! I hadn't even seen it yet. I put the music on and then switched to read the story and these tears came from my eyes and then I switched back to see where it was and it was just at the entrance of Giselle from her cottage.

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